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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ragnarok Trap Hunter Guide

RJaypogi's Trap Hunter guide v2.3
for Ragnarok Online (pRO)

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Updates
III. Stat Builds
IV. Archer Skills
V. Hunter Skills
VI. How Traps Work
VII. Leveling Up
VIII. Equipment
IX. Proper Etiquette
X. Tips
XI. Final Word
XII. Acknowledgment
XIII. Contact

I. Introduction

Welcome to my Trap Hunter guide. Hunters are supposed to use different
traps, but many I've seen doesn't. Instead, they use their bows or
their falcons like crazy! Many Hunters chose to be a quick archer or
a falconer, but i chose to be a trap hunter. Why? Because (a)traps
are cool, and (b)I can kill mobs instantly with one mine ^^. But
being a trap hunter doesn't allow you to MVP much like the falconers
do T_T. But who says traps cannnot MVP? I killed Mistress instantly
with a bunch of Claymores ^^.So if you wanted to be a trap hunter, do
so! It's cool to have so many traps ^^.

This guide will teach you (i hope) on how to be a successful trap hunter.
So sit tight and scroll down to begin the lesson ^^.

Note: you must have the patience and a lag-free connection to fully exploit
the effectiveness of the traps. You also must have lots of money to buy
many 100z traps (quite expensive T_T). I always carry at least 500 traps
with me (50000z! ouch!).

II. Updates

v1.0 Updated the leveling-up section.
v1.2 Changed some descriptions.
v2.0 Many changes ^^
v2.2 Added the how traps work section and some small changes.
v2.3 Made some changes...

III. Stat Builds

DEX/INT/AGI build (recommended):

Start with 9 AGI, 9 DEX, 9 INT

10 STR
20 AGI
30 DEX
20 INT
30 AGI
50 DEX
45 AGI
40 INT
30 LUK
50 INT
70 DEX
the rest is up to you

My word: This is a balanced hunter's build and I recommend this because I
found no irregularities on it^^.Boost up your STR as a novice because you
need that STR to level up easier (unless you had a tank) and to carry more
traps and items (yay!). AGI will help you to dodge hits and attack faster
during your early days as an archer. Then DEX should be maxed out as every
archer knows. Also boost your INT for more sp and, later on, for increased
trap and falcon damage (yay!). Then finally put some LUK so your falcon can
aid you in your battles.

LUK/DEX build:

If you want this build then be a falconer T_T. Just boost your LUK and DEX

AGI/DEX build:

If you want shoot as fast as the German MG42's, and fear being hit by the enemy
then this build is for you! Pure AGI and DEX, max your AGI first then your DEX.

DEX/INT build:

Well... it looks like this build rocks for a trap hunter. Just boost
your DEX and INT alternately (with DEX slightly higher than INT) and you will
find yourself with a ton of SP^^. Your traps will inflict stronger damage as
well. The only drawbacks for this is that you won't have any defense,
literally. Recommended if you are a fully pledged trap hunter. You might as
well add some STR so you can carry more traps. And one more thing, you will
also find your bow awkward to use because of your slow attack speed.

IV. Archer Skills

I love the archer class because (a)there aren't too many skills to choose
from, (b)easier skill point distribution, and (c)you can kick ass from afar^^.

OWL'S EYE (10)
description: Increases DEX at 1 per level.
my word: One of the best skill the archer can have. More DEX means more
accuracy/damage. Max out this skill.

description: Increases attack range and HIT at 1 per level. Requires owl's
eye lvl 3.
my word: An archer cannot kill well without this skill. So max it out! It
also enables you to cliff snipe (nice!).

description: Lets you shoot 2 arrows at once. Damage increases per level.
my word: 2 arrows means double damage(or more)! A cool skill to have. You can
dish out heavy damage at slvl 10 so you might as well max out this skill. One
of the most reliable skill of the archer.

description: Shoots many arrows at an area hitting all enemies in that area
(3x3 cells). Requires double strafe lvl 5.
my word: um... it also knocks enemies back when hit... pretty useless skill
IMO. This skill always sends angry mobs at me... so you might just leave
this skill untouched... blitz beat is better^^.

description: Increases AGI and DEX for a skill duration. Requires vulture's
eye lvl 1.
my word: Good skill to use if you can't hit an enemy much often. The higher
the skill level, the longer it's duration and more increase percentage.
Just invest your remaining skill points here after you mastered owl's eye,
vulture's eye, and double strafe. It also lets you see hidden enemies and
traps upon activation.

description: Knocks back enemies about six cells with an arrow. It is a quest
and requires at least Job lvl 25.
my word: This is probably the most useful skills of the archer. There is no
reason to not acquire this skill.
how to get: Just find the NPC located behind the house in the lower-left side
of Payon (near the wall). He will tell you about this skill and will ask you
to give him certain items so that he can teach you this skill.
items needed: 10 tentacles, 10 bill of birds, 3 yoyo tails, 2 emeralds,
36 banana juices.

description: Allows you to create arrows from almost anything solid in the
game. It is a quest and requires at least Job lvl 30.
my word: A very helpful skill for you won't be needing to buy arrows which
can save you a lot of money. There is also no reason to not get this skill.
how to get: Find the NPC in Morroc. He is located near the left side of the
south Kafra. You will also need to give him certain items so that he can
teach you this skill.
items needed: 41 pointed scales, 20 resins, 13 trunks, 7 mushroom spores,
1 red potion. He said that all of this must come from Payon, but its not true
at all.

V. Hunter Skills

Now to be a trap hunter... Most traps/mines affect 9 cells around it.
MATK, DEX, INT affects trap damage. Most traps are hidden.

description: It makes the enemy slide in the direction you are facing when
you laid the trap.
my word: Well... i guess this trap doesn't suck as much as I thought it was
back then. It is quite fun to see one enemy slide away^^. You can also use
this to send an enemy towards your other traps.

description: A trap that deals damage when the enemy steps on it.
my word: A pretty decent trap that does intense earth damage. Very good
against wind property monsters. This is my most used trap. Only affects a
single enemy. It also stuns enemies. Earth property mine.

description: A trap that prevents one enemy from moving when caught. Requires
skid trap lvl 1.
my word: This trap is very useful! Max this skill asap! Slvl 5 can snare one
enemy for up to 25 secs. Cool! I can take on for up to 4 argiopes at once
with this trap!^^

description: A trap that blinds the enemy that steps on it. Requires skid
trap lvl 1.
my word: Good if you want the enemy to stop attacking you. Also, this
is great for PvP's. Makes others blind ^^.

description: A trap that drains the sp of someone who stepped on it.
Requires ankle snare lvl 1.
my word: Cool! It is very useful for enemies that casts a lot of spells.
It is also very useful against other players in PvP's specially wizards ^^.
Slvl 5 drains sp for up to 80%!

description: A trap that sends enemies to sleep. Requires flasher lvl 1.
my word: It's good to see enemies asleep ^^. I sometimes use it to flee from
mobs ^^. Slvl 1 is sufficient. But why stop at 1?

description: A trap that freezes enemies who step on it. Requires flasher
lvl 1.
my word: A good trap. It damages and freezes enemies at the same time. I
use this to flee from mobs. Max out this trap if you want for increased
damage, duration, and chance-to-freeze rate. Ice property mine.

description: A trap that explodes automatically or when the enemy steps on
it. Requires sandman lvl 1, freezing trap lvl 1, landmine lvl 1.
my word: Now this trap rules! Max this one out. It can deal for up to
1000 damage (or more) against monsters weak from fire. However, the higher
the skill level, the lesser time it takes before it explodes automatically.
Fire property mine. Visible trap.

description: A trap that makes a tremendous explosion when enemies step on
it. Requires shockwave trap lvl 1, blast mine lvl 1.
my word: Want to really kill those pesky mobs? Claymore does that! It does
intense damage at around 25 cells (at least that's what I think, still maybe
its only 9 cells)! I also think that claymore deals multiple damage if more
enemies are in the area of effect. Max this out if you want to be a mob killer.
I killed Mistress and her mob with only 3 lvl5 claymores^^(Well, that was a
long time ago... before Comodo). Uses 2 traps. Earth property mine.
Visible as well.

description: Enables you to remove traps that were laid. Requires landmine
lvl 1.
my word: This skill lets you remove your traps. You can also remove traps
laid by other hunters (you, bad hunter you!)^^, but don't do it. A skill
to have if you can't wait for your traps to be "unset" after its setting
time has expired.

description: Plays a recorded message you set if someone steps on it.
Requires shockwave lvl 1, remove trap lvl 1.
my word: ... a waste of skill points. Leave it. But its fun you know^^.

description: Increases damage done to a brute class monster.
my word: Just put one skill point here if you want to rent a falcon. Maxing
this will make you the "Bane of the Beasts." So it's not bad^^.

description: Allows you to rent a falcon from the hunter's guild. Requires
beast bane lvl 1.
my word: If you really want a falcon have this! A falcon is cool so have one.
You can rent a falcon in the hunter's guild for 2500z.

description: Commands your falcon to attack an enemy. Requires falconry
mastery lvl 1.
my word: The falconer's best skill. Good to have even for trap hunters^^.
Nice skill to have with a falcon. Max it out cause its cool. Your falcon
also attacks automatically depending on your LUK and the number of hits
depends on your job lvl (job lvl 1-10, 1 hit; job lvl 11-20, 2 hits;
job lvl 21-30, 3 hits; job lvl 31-40, 4 hits; job lvl 41-50, 5 hits).
Number of hits depends on skill level. INT increases falcon damage.
This is actually not necessary for trap hunters. It's just cool!

description: Increases the damage of your falcon. Requires blitz beat lvl 5.
my word: If you want to be a falconer, fine max this skill. Otherwise,
leave it.

description: Use falcon to detect hidden enemies and traps. Requires
falconry mastery lvl 1.
my word: If more and more enemies are hiding from you, then you must have this.
Good to have if you're a mine sweeper in PvP's. Improve Concentration
also detects hidden enemies around you.

description: Use falcon to trigger installed trap. Requires remove trap
lvl 1, falconry mastery lvl 1.
my word: Lame! Don't waste a skill point here. Unless you're a mine
sweeper, then have this skill. It's best to just 'Remove Trap' traps.

VI. How Traps Work

Since most traps deal splash damages, you may wonder sometimes why the traps
doesn't cause splash damages. So here's how the traps work.

o = trap                 
x = area of effect
e = enemy
a = enemy affected
i = enemy not affected


All traps will affect cells around the trap and will activate when an enemy
enters the area of effect.

  ee xxx
  ee xox
  ee xxx

Upon entry on the area of effect, all enemies within the area of effect will
get affected by the trap (if it affects multiple enemies, that is).


Enemies outside the trap's area of effect will not get affected by the trap.

So based on the diagrams, out of six enemies that approached the trap, only
three of them get affected by the trap. The same principle also work on ankle
snare and will 'suck' the enemy towards it when the enemy enters it's area of
effect. Well there you have it, that's how the traps work.

Oh, and one more thing, damaging traps deals multiple damages if more enemies
are in its area of effect. That means if three enemies are affected, the
damage each enemy receives will be three times stronger.

VII. Leveling Up

I don't know much about the better places to level up with, but these
were just my suggestions where to level up.

As a novice
Just roam around outside of Payon (assuming you start in Payon) killing
porings, lunatics, fabres, and willows. Avoid the wolves, bigfoots, and
caramels for they will just make a feast out of you. With patience (or
a tank) you will eventually become an archer. Proceed to the archer's guild
at job lvl 10 (collect different trunks along the way).

As an archer
Well, try roaming around Payon forest and kill anything killable until you
have a decent enough range (vulture's eye lvl 4 or so). Then proceed to the
Mandragoras (from Prontera, go north passing the guild agits, then east).
Since your range are now greater than theirs, you won't have problems killing
them. Until you're tired of Mandragoras, try the Hodes (from Morroc, go south,
south). You can safely cliff-snipe them. You can stay here for as long as you
want until you become a hunter or move to the Argiopes. Argiopes give lots of
EXP, expensive loot, slotted boots, and frustrations. They are deadly,
aggressive and can kill you with one hit. You can cliff snipe them safely, but
when an Argiope or an Argos respawns near you, your dead (unless you run
fast). With much patience, you will finally become a hunter. Proceed to the
Hunter's guild (from Payon, go east, east, south; look for a hunter NPC
somewhere at the middle of the map) at job lvl 40 or higher.

Becoming a hunter
Finally, after so many hours of cliff sniping / hit and run tactics, you can
now become a hunter! But wait, you still need to pass the hunter training!
To do it just talk to the lady in the middle of the hunter's guild. She will
give you a Q&A test. This test is quite hard for all answers seems the same.
If you fail, just try again until you get it right (I failed on it a lot).
After you passed her test, talk to a guy with a feathered hat to the left. He
will say you need to get some items first before you can meet the Master
Hunter. After he gave you the list of the items, get it and return to him.
Don't worry, those items are not really hard to get. After you gave him the
items, he will tell you where the Master Hunter is. Go to him. After you have
found the Master, he will send you to a waiting room for the final test. The
test is not that hard if you can read right that is^^. The guy inside the
waiting room will send one character at a time inside the testing room. Once
inside the testing room, he will tell you to hunt/kill 4 enemies with the name
"Monster for a Jobchange" or something similar within 3 minutes. If you killed
a different monster or fall in the water, you will be kicked out of the room.
You have failed! Try again until you get it right. Once you killed the 4
monsters, all enemies will die and a 'switch' will appear in the center of the
map. Go to it to activate the exit portal to the north. Go there. Now you're
back in Payon. But it's not over yet. Go back to the master and he will give
you an item. Give it to the lady who gave you the first test. >POOF< You are
now a hunter! She will also give you a bow after your job change. You will get
a crossbow on job lvl 40. I heard that a better bow will be given to you at
higher job levels.

As a hunter
Try leveling up in places where you can survive. I would recommend the map
east of the hode map (south, south of Morroc) where there are a few people,
lots of open space, and plenty of enemies. Watch out for Sandmen though.
Unless you got ankle snare lvl 5, then you can kill them pesky Sandmen^^
(they're also weak from fire) easily. Argiopes are also good. You can cliff
snipe them or trap them (yeah!) with your ankle snare. From here on, try
adventuring. Hunters are natural adventurers IMO. Experiment with the
different traps to help you determine which traps are good for you.
Go to the different places you haven't been to before. Experience will
teach you better. If you die from very strong monsters, respawn, level-up
more, then try to kill that monster again^^. Persistent ones may prevail.

That's all I can think for the moment. If someone knows more better places
than the ones I mentioned, feel free to e-mail me.

VIII. Equipment

These were my suggested equipments (cause I used or is still using them^^).
You can use other equipments if you want.

Weapon: Composite Bow, Crossbow, Gakkung, Hunter Bow, other bows
    =>buy the composite bow once you become an archer (if you can afford
it). Upgrade it (+7) to increase its damage if you can afford it. Then later
in your mid-archer days, try buying a crossbow then upgrade it (+6). I
suggest you to buy it from players for some archers can sell it at a very
low price (that's nice!). Then buy a Gakkung or a Hunter Bow once you become
a hunter (you can use a Gakkung even when you're still an archer, if you can
buy it, that is). Use a Gakkung if you had some "weapon-slotted" cards you
want to use. Dropped Gakkung from the monsters have two slots. Hunter Bow
don't have a slot but is more powerful than the Gakkung (25 ATK more).

Headgear: Bandana, Cap
    =>well, do whatever you want with your character. This is the only
piece of equipment where you can customize your character's looks. Be

Garment: Hood, Muffler
    =>these are the only garment that archers can wear that can be
bought on NPCs I think. Look for slotted Muffler though (its cool to have
slotted thingies on you^^).

Armor: Adventurer's Suit, Tights
    =>archers/hunters doesn't need defense as much as the swordies/
knights do. I wore my adventurer's suit from my early days as an archer to
my early days as a hunter^^ (I'm quite poor should you ask). You can buy
tights once you're a hunter with a fat wallet.

Footgear: Shoes, Boots
    =>nothing much here. Just wear shoes. Prevents callouses on foot^^. 

IX. Proper Etiquette

We all play RO (pRO for me) because we want to have fun. We play not to be
jerks, so play nice. These are some of my suggestions so others won't detest
the archer/hunter class:

a. Don't Kill Steal!
    Well of course! Specially us archers/hunters. Because of our looong
range, we can easily kill steal from others. So don't do it. Please don't.
Many people hates the archer/hunter class because of kill stealers. But if
you accidentally shot a monster that is already been engaged(this happens a
lot), stop and say sorry immediately.

b. Don't steal from others
    Also known as looting. Don't pick up everything you see in the game.
If something rare was dropped by a monster you didn't kill, don't rush to
pick it up just like a Zenorc or something. You didn't kill that monster, so
the drops isn't yours. Also, don't "Remove Trap" every trap you see in the
game that you didn't set. Some hunters may run back to the trap with an
enemy chasing him.

c. Be kind to people
    You got to remember that this is an online game. Someone with
feelings is behind those walking characters in the game. If someone weaker
than you asks for help, help him if you can and don't fret about him being
weak or something (this is rude!). Remember that you were weak before just
like the rest of us. Be humble. Be gentle. And be nice.

X. Tips

A well-made hunter can always escape from trouble (at least that's what I
think^^). So these are the tips I can think so you can prevent dying^^.

a. Know the Hit-and-Run Tactics
    I suppose you already know this. If not, then just shoot an enemy
once and when the enemy's closing in, run then shoot it again once you get
enough space. It is very hard to hit-and-run a fast monster. So its better
to use ankle snare for a fast one. You can also use this tactics for laying

b. Learn proper trap enplacements
    Always set traps in the path of the enemy. You can place them (while
running) ahead of you or at the gap between you and the enemy. You can be
devastating with well-placed traps.

c. Learn to run
    Yes! Run! Know your enemy and your situation. You can't survive
extra large mobs, specially with strong monsters. So run if you know you
cannot handle the situation. You can use the freezing trap to immobilize mobs.
Or use claymore or blastmine to disperse of them. Being too brave is foolish.
Running isn't cowardice. So learn to run.
d. Don't let the enemy get close
    Because hunters have relatively low defense and vitality, hunters
cannot endure hits. So move away if the enemy is closing in on you. Charged
arrow is very useful if the enemy is getting close. Use ankle snare so you
can hit enemies at a safe distance. Watch out for ranged enemies though,
they are your worst enemies.

XI. Final Word

Well this is the end of my guide. I hope that you had learned something from
me. If not, then I will still thank you for reading my guide. That is all.
Happy hunting! Oh, by the way, if you want to post this guide on your web
site, just get my permission so I can track where it goes.

XII. Acknowledgment

I would like to thank level-up-games for bringing RO to the Phils. More power
to you!
Gravity for making this game.
My friends for accepting me.
My parents for raising me.
Gamefaqs, rocentral, NeoSeeker and other sites for posting my guide.
People who I met online who praised my trapping skills. (They doesn't know
   it was me, I think^^)
And those who e-mailed me.
And if you went to the Philippine World Cyber Games for the Philippine
Ragnarok Launch, then you rule!! (I love the Thieves of Morroc^^)

XIII. Contact

I am playing on pRO only.
You can e-mail me at
Oh, by the way, I don't have a character named jaypogi. I use a different
character name. Don't ask it though, for I won't give it!

end of document... posted since 16 Sep 03