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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Mage/ Wizard/ High Wizard Guide

=================Mage/Wizard/High Wizard FAQ==========================
======================By: SageRyock==================================

Table of Contents
Section I: Version History
Section II: About Myself and the FAQ
Section III: Basic RO Knowledge Every Player Should Know
Section IV: Getting your Mage Started
Section V: The Mage Test
Section VI: Mage Skills and Info
Section VII: The Wizard Test
Section VIII: Wizard Skills and Info
Section IX: Transcending
Section X: High Wizard Skills and Info
Section XI: Stat and Skill Builds
Section XII: Q & A
Section XIII: Contact, Legal Info, Credits
Section I: Version History
Version 1.00(11/06/07): This is the first version of the FAQ and will be
updated if needed.
Version 1.10(11/07/07): Added a new section, "Stat and Skill Builds". Removed
"Where to Level" section. Please see the "Stat and Skill Builds" section to
see where to level. This has been changed to make it easier and quicker to
find the information you need. Changed Section II's information.
Section II: About Myself and the FAQ
Well, I have been playing Ragnarok Online for a pretty long time now, and have
gone through quite a number of things while playing. I've transcended, met
great people, and have gone through A LOT of things while playing. Simply
said, Ragnarok Online is a great game, and continues to be to this day. I got
the idea to make this FAQ simply because there were a lot of FAQs here that
could not help me in my needy times when I was Mage and Wizard. Not to mention,
a lot of people don't like to play Wizards anymore since people keep crying
that we're nerfed and gimped, since MDEF is do much easier to get now, and
we have no way of bypasing or piercing MDEF. So therefore, I had to work
completely on my own and hope I didn't mess up. Thankfully, I think I did a
very good job building my High Wizard, and now I created this FAQ simply to
help others who may be in need with certain Mage and Wizard times.

In this FAQ, I will explain where, when, and how to do certain Mage/Wizard
related quests, as well as how to play them effectively, and other things that
would be helpful, like places to train till 99, etc.

One thing I should note, is that if you're looking for a specific piece of
information in this FAQ, ctrl+F will bring up a search function for this
page, and you can type in whatever you like, and it will find the information
you are looking for. I hope this FAQ helps those in need that read it; enjoy.

Section III: Basic RO Knowledge Every Player Should Know
Well, there's common sense and then there's basic knowledge. You need a little
of both to get to know RO. First of all... KSing is a verrrrrry bad thing. KS,
or Kill Steal, is basically when you attack another person's monster and kill
it. Sometimes even take the item that drops. Below, are a list of basic
symbols, abreviations, and other such things that are necessary to know for
Ragnarok Online.

PVP= Player versus player.
PVM= Player versus monster.
RO= Ragnarok Online, sometimes and i,k, etc is added at the beginning to show
what country of RO it is, like iRO being international RO.
KS= Kill Steal. When you kill someone's monster and sometimes take the item.
Pot= Potion. This is usually used for Merchants selling potions.
Buff= Boosts added to the character to heighten performance of the character
like Blessing, Impositio Manus, etc.
Bot= a third party program that controls a character, usually performing kill
steals, then warping right out the area to another with Fly Wings. Usually,
their names are all jumbled like "hmgujksl" or something like that.
SG= Storm Gust. It is a very necessary Wizard spell that many people who will
party with Wizards will tell them to do if they aren't using the spell already.
LoV= Lord of Vermillion. A very powerful wind type spell that only Wizards
vFW= Vertical Fire Wall. Simply placing a Fire Wall in a position facing
vertically towards your enemy to make a longer use of a Fire Wall. I'll
explain further in the FAQ.
GH= Glast Heim. This will be a very common place to come to later in your
higher levels.
Warp= A warp portal that leads to a different area. Usually, people ask
Priests, Acolytes, and Monks to transport them to places.

Well, that's all for now. If I come up with more, I'll put it up. But
basically, you are NOT supposed to attack a monster that someone else is
already attacking. You can get banned for it if you do it consecutively, so be
careful as to stay on good terms with everyone. It's a good community if
you're just nice to people.

Section IV: Getting your Mage Started
Everyone is also very uptight about exactly how to build their character. And
I can agree with them... to a point. Builds can usually be fixed, if you're
not too far into your levels. If you've hit around Base Level 50, and you feel
you made a critial mistake, it won't entirely be bad if you wish to remake
your character. Actually, it would be advisable to do so. But if you mess up
a single point, and you're upset about that, get over it... it's not gonna
make THAT much of a difference. Below are the stats, and the order of
importance they come in.

INT/DEX: For me, both INT and DEX are equally important. Many found my Wizard
to be either weak, or interesting, because my Wizard was a balanced magic user
who preferred speed over power. Not too many spells were max leveled, however,
my Wizard was a lot faster than all the other Wizards I met for the most part.
Most people will tell you to keep putting up your INT until 70, and nothing
else. I agree for the most part. I say get INT until it's around 60, then
start putting up DEX. Some people will recommend 70 INT first, then some DEX.
That works too. Go with whatever you think might work better. Though, to be
honest, unless you have full INT gear, you will probably wanna go the 70 INT

VIT: A lot of Mages and Wizards think this the third most important stat, and
I agree for the most part. We Mages don't really need VIT as with Fire Wall
and Ice Wall, most of our enemies will never touch us, and even if they do, we
can get back with another, and continue to use Potions or Heal. VIT can be
very valuable to us in PVP and WoE, not really so much in PVM though unless
you're a High Wizard, in which case, cling to it.

AGI: This is interesting to see sometimes. Some people have made some really
fun Wizards with INT/AGI builds. Only problem is that they look a lot of their
casting speed due to low DEX(around 20-40 at most), and are usually very
technical, cause some of them use Fire Pillar tricks with Sight Blaster, as
well as use Quagmire level 5 to take advantage of the DEX lowering effect. This
is fun for PVM, but competitively, it will lose. INT/DEX Wizards are just
much more versatile and powerful.

LUK: Luck... is odd. It helps for some status effect resistance, but no
Wizards have any. It'd take too many points away to actually get use out of
it. Only High Wizards will have leftover points to throw into this stat, and
even then, they'd rather get VIT, which is the smarter choice.

STR: This was once a very heated debate. Not so much anymore though, since
the gym passes came out in the kafra shop. Now everyone can have 2k more weight
limit on their char, which means with 1 STR, we'll have at least 4430 weight
limit, which is freaking amazing for Wizards, and will save us a lot, since
it means basically doubling, or tripling how many potions we can carry. So,
unfortunately, STR is no longer useful to a Wizard.

Okay, being a Novice without any STR or AGI is actually worlds easier than
people make it sound. You can actually kill Poporings immediately after
getting out of the training area. To get the most out of the training grounds
though, follow these steps in order.

1. When you first appear, you should see a woman named Shion. Talk to her once.
After talking to her once, talk to her again, and you should gain one base
2. Keep going east, until you go into a building and see a man there. Talk to
him, and go to the next phase.
3. Walk upwards and you should see a Crusader named Interfaces Tutor. Talk to
him, and you should receive one base level and one job level.
4. Next, walk to the east just a tiny bit, and you should see a maid of a
sort. This is the kafra services. She can explain services of the kafra to you
if you're new. Talk to her, and ask her about kafra services. Then ask her
about save service, and storage service. You should receive one base level
for the save service, and one job level for the storage service explanation.
5. Right about her, you should see a Blacksmith with pigtails scratching her
head. Talk to her, and follow her instructions exactly as she says. You can
still go through your menus and equips while talking to NPCs, so when she
says to equip the Novice Slippers, go to your item menu, and equip them by
double clicking them. Same goes for the Novice Potion when she gives it to you.
If you do it correctly, you should receive two base levels and two job levels.
6. Go all the way over to the left, and you should see a guy with his fists
up, named Skill Tutor. Talk to this guy and you will receive one base level
and two job levels.
7. Go into the portal to the left, and you should appear in a new room. Go to
the right, and talk to the helper. Talk to him and you should get one base
8. Okay, now there should be a person on your right. Talk to her, and he'll
give you some Novice Potions, and send you to the training grounds. Fight a
monster and purposely get killed. When you die, select "Return to Save Point".
You should appear right back where you were before going inside. Talk to the
person who sent you to the training grounds again. He'll give you more
Novice Potions, and give you one base level.
9. Okay, after all this, you should be Base level 9 and Job level 7. If you are
not, then you missed something in this guide. Backtrack and see what you

Alright, so you now have your Novice leveled up a little bit. Throw all the
status points you just got into INT. You won't need DEX until later anyways.
You should have 19 INT now. At this point, you should go back to the training
grounds. When you get there, go north, until you reach a building. Talk to the
person outside to go in.

When you go in, there should be two people. Talk to the person on your left,
first. He'll ask you what job you had in mind. Tell him Swordman. Next, talk
to the guy up at the top. He'll ask if you want to take the test. Tell him
you would like to take the test. Don't bother answering the questions honestly,
just mash the enter button until he finishes. When he DOES finish, he should
tell you that Swordman would be the best choice for you. Go with what he
says, and take the Swordman job. After this, he'll give you some items, and
send you to Izlude.

Now you should be in Izlude, at the Swordman academy. You should have
received 4 Red potions, 2 Yellow Potions, 2 Green Potions, 5 Free Ticket For
Kafra Storage, 5 Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, and a Falchion[3]. The
3 stands for how many slots the weapon has btw, and can later be slotted with
cards you buy and sell; but anyways. Go to the first portal you see, which
should be the southern most one. When you get outside, go across the little
bridge outside, and go down the map until you see a kafra lady, the maid
looking people. Talk to her.

Once you talk to her, ask for transportation. Ask that she send you to
Geffen. Since you have a ticket, it will be free. Now you should be in
Geffen. Okay, now go up and around the round little hedge you see in front of
you. You should see another kafra lady. Ask that she send you to Prontera.
Ignore the one you see on your right. She's for voting privleges, and will not
transport you anywhere. Once you get in Prontera, go to the very bottom of the
map. You should see another kafra lady here. Ask to save here. Once you've
done that, you're pretty safe. If you die, you will be warped back to Prontera.

Okay, now after this, equip your Novice Main Gauche, Novice False Eggshell,
Somber Novice Hood, Novice Guard, Novice Slippers, and your Tattered Novice
Ninja Suit. You're now ready to go fight Poporings. Go outside the portal to
the south of the map. When you get out, you should be outside in a little
field. Go all the way south, and to the red dot on your map. Go into the
portal you find.

Once you go through, you should be in a desert. Go all the way east and to
the red dot, into the next portal. When you get through, you will be on
Poporing Island. This place has tons of slimes, called Porings. Kill only
Poporings. Be careful though. Before you do attack, hotkey your Novice
Potions, and be ready for almost being killed everytime. Everytime the
Poporing gets a successful attack in, you WILL need to use a potion, so be
ready. To make attacking easier, you can hold ctrl, and left click, then
let go of the mouse button and ctrl, and your char constantly keep attacking.
Once you hit job 10, you can finally become a Mage.

Now you're finally ready to become a Mage. However, you need to pass a test.
Unfortunately, there are also four different variations of the test, and you
require to do a set amount of things. Fortunately enough, one of them does not
require you to get a solution, and I was fortunate enough to get that one with
both my Mages.

Section V: The Mage Test
The Mage test is relatively easy and mindless. To get to the Mage's Guild, go
to Geffen, and go into the build at the top left corner of the map. Talk to the
lady wearing almost nothing with pink hair, and ask to turn you into a Mage.
There are four solutions. It is randomly generated which one you will have to
make. They are as follows:

Solution #1: 2 Jellopy, 3 Fluff, 1 Milk. Payon Solution.
Solution #2: 3 Jellopy, 1 Fluff, 1 Milk. No solution.
Solution #3: 6 Jellopy, 1 Fluff. Payon Solution.
Solution #4: 2 Jellopy, 3 Fluff. Morroc Solution.

As for the other things like gemstones, those are provided. As for the
solutions. Take the empty test tube they give you, and go to Payon Archer
Village to get a Payon solution. You can get there by going to Payon, and then
heading to the top red dot at the corner of the map. Once you get here,
follow the path until the fork, and take a right. You should see someone
behind a fruit stand. Talk to him or the guy below him, I forget which, and
he will make you a solution with the tube you brought him.

As for the Morroc solution... go to Morroc. When you get there, head towards
the top left red dot, and go through. When you get to the next map, head to
where you see the blue on the map in the center. There's a woman there. She'll
make you a Morroc solution with the tube.

After you have everything ready, talk to the machine in the center of the
Mage's Guild. Enter everything in exactly, and perfectly, or it will fail,
and you will need to go get items again. After you get the solution from the
machine, give it to the lady who's almost naked, and she'll make you a Mage =D.

Section VI: Mage Skills and Info

Increase SP Recovery--------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Passive
Target: Self
SP Required: None
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Enhance natural SP Recovery. Max SP affects how much SP
restoration is increased by this skill.

Level 1: +3SP/10sec,items +2%
Level 2: +6SP/10sec,items +4%
Level 3: +9SP/10sec,items +6%
Level 4: +12SP/10sec,items +8%
Level 5: +15SP/10sec,items +10%
Level 6: +18SP/10sec,items +12%
Level 7: +21SP/10sec,items +14%
Level 8: +24SP/10sec,items +16%
Level 9: +27SP/10sec,items +18%
Level 10: +30SP/10sec,items +20%

Comments: Not bad, but not good either. This skill isn't nearly as useful as a
person first glancing upon would probably think. It really doesn't help at
all, and our SP recovery is already good enough as it is. Skip this completely
unless you're getting High Wizard skills like Stave Crasher or Gravitational
Field. And only get what is necessary for Stave and Gravity.


Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Supportive, Fire Property
Target: Self
SP Required: 10
Mastered At: Level 1
In-game Info: Detects enemies hidden in the caster's vicinity.

Level 1: Enables the use of Sight in a 7x7 range

Comments: This is only a good skill for those who will hide in WoE and PvP
battles. Even then, Heaven's Drive is usually smarter unless you're using some
Wizard tricks with Ice Wall and Fire Wall. Otherwise, I don't believe you'll
be finding yourself using it too much. It simply allows you to see enemies
that use Hide. Another note btw, is that while using Sight, you cannot Hide
using a Smokie Accessory.

Napalm Beat-----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: Enemy in 3x3 area
SP Required: LV1-3 9 SP, LV4-6 12 SP, LV7-9 15 SP, LV10 18 SP
In-game Info: Attack an enemy from a distance through the use of psychokinetic

Level 1: 80% MATK, 1.0 Second Delay Time, 9 SP
Level 2: 90% MATK, 1.0 Second Delay Time, 9 SP
Level 3: 100% MATK, 1.0 Second Delay Time, 9 SP
Level 4: 110% MATK, 0.9 Second Delay Time, 12 SP
Level 5: 120% MATK, 0.9 Second Delay Time, 12 SP
Level 6: 130% MATK, 0.8 Second Delay Time, 12 SP
Level 7: 140% MATK, 0.8 Second Delay Time, 15 SP
Level 8: 150% MATK, 0.7 Second Delay Time, 15 SP
Level 9: 160% MATK, 0.6 Second Delay Time, 15 SP
Level 10: 170% MATK, 0.5 Second Delay Time, 18 SP

Comments: Okay, this is a very weak, useless spell for the most part. It has
an extremely low cast time, cast delay, and SP cost. But it is not very
powerful at all, and has low range. However, people usually use it for tagging
an enemy.

Soul Strike----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Level 4 Napalm Beat
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 15+3*skill level for odd LVs and 8+3*skill level for even LVs
In-game Info: Summon ancient spirits to attack an enemy. Especially effective
against the Undead monsters.

Level 1: 1 Spirit, 1.2 Second Delay Time, 105% MATK, 18 SP
Level 2: 1 Spirit, 1.0 Second Delay Time, 110% MATK, 14 SP
Level 3: 2 Spirits, 1.4 Second Delay Time, 115% MATK, 24 SP
Level 4: 2 Spirits, 1.2 Second Delay Time, 120% MATK, 20 SP
Level 5: 3 Spirits, 1.6 Second Delay Time, 125% MATK, 30 SP
Level 6: 3 Spirits, 1.4 Second Delay Time, 130% MATK, 26 SP
Level 7: 4 Spirits, 1.8 Second Delay Time, 135% MATK, 36 SP
Level 8: 4 Spirits, 1.6 Second Delay Time, 140% MATK, 32 SP
Level 9: 5 Spirits, 2.0 Second Delay Time, 145% MATK, 42 SP
Level 10: 5 Spirits, 1.8 Second Delay Time, 150% MATK, 38 SP

Comments: A lot of Wizards and Sages like to get this so that they have a
quick spell that can deal decent damage for almost near instant casting time.
This in my opinion is a complete waste of time unless you're getting it for
Safety Wall. Any undead that can be hit by this will sooner be killed by
Fire Wall. However, if you're not getting Saftey Wall and have leftover points,
I suppose I don't see a problem with getting this.

Safety Wall----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Napalm Beat level 7, Soul Strike level 5
Skill Type: Supportive
Target: Ground
SP Required: LV1-3: 30, LV4-6: 35, LV7-10: 40
In-game Info: Create a magic barrier on a targeted spot that will block short
range melee attacks for the duration of the Safety Wall. Each cast requires 1
Blue Gemstone.

Level 1: Blocks 2 attacks
Level 2: Blocks 3 attacks
Level 3: Blocks 4 attacks
Level 4: Blocks 5 attacks
Level 5: Blocks 6 attacks
Level 6: Blocks 7 attacks
Level 7: Blocks 8 attacks
Level 8: Blocks 9 attacks
Level 9: Blocks 10 attacks
Level 10: Blocks 11 attacks

Comments: This is one of the most useful skills a Mage/Wizard can learn.
Although most Mages do not get it at all unless they are becoming a High Wizard
, mostly because it takes too many points. However, if you are going to become
WoE orientated, it is advised you think about getting it.

Cold Bolt------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 10 + 2*skill level
In-game Info: Summon bolts of frigid ice to strike at an enemy. Barring changes
in damage due to elemental properties each bolt inflicts an amount of damage
equal to the caster's Matk.

Level 1: 1 bolt
Level 2: 2 bolts
Level 3: 3 bolts
Level 4: 4 bolts
Level 5: 5 bolts
Level 6: 6 bolts
Level 7: 7 bolts
Level 8: 8 bolts
Level 9: 9 bolts
Level 10: 10 bolts

Comments: Only get it to level 5 for Storm Gust. Anymore levels are completely
and utterly unneccesary.

Frost Diver----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Level 5 Cold Bolt
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 26 - skill level
In-game Info: Freeze an enemy for a set duration.

Level 1: 38% Success / 110% MATK 25 SP
Level 2: 41% Success / 120% MATK 24 SP
Level 3: 44% Success / 130% MATK 23 SP
Level 4: 47% Success / 140% MATK 22 SP
Level 5: 50% Success / 150% MATK 21 SP
Level 6: 53% Success / 160% MATK 20 SP
Level 7: 56% Success / 170% MATK 19 SP
Level 8: 59% Success / 180% MATK 18 SP
Level 9: 62% Success / 190% MATK 17 SP
Level 10: 65% Success / 200% MATK 16 SP

Comments: A very good skill... for monsters anyways. This skill will NOT
freeze boss type monsters, and in WoE, it can sometimes be a waste of time
even trying to use since most people walk in with Unfrozens and Undeads
anyways. There's always a war going on between whether to get this or Stone
Curse. Well, that's easy... this for monsters, Stone Curse for players.

Stone Curse----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Curse
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 26 - skill level
In-game Info: Curse an enemy by turning it into stone. Each cast requires
1 Red Gemstone.

Level 1: 24% Success Chance 25 SP
Level 2: 28% Success Chance 24 SP
Level 3: 32% Success Chance 23 SP
Level 4: 36% Success Chance 22 SP
Level 5: 40% Success Chance 21 SP
Level 6: 44% Success Chance 20 SP
Level 7: 48% Success Chance 19 SP
Level 8: 52% Success Chance 18 SP
Level 9: 56% Success Chance 17 SP
Level 10: 60% Success Chance 16 SP

Comments: This is the perfect immobilizing spell for Wizards to use in WoE.
It is expected to be maxed if you're going to be WoE orientated. This will
basically stop them dead in their tracks unless they're using Undead armor,
which is becoming more and more common in people to use. It's good even if you
can't kill who's cursed, it allows for some Monks to Guillotine a person.

Fire Ball------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Fire Bolt level 4
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy/splash damage 2 cells
SP Required: 25
In-game Info: Summon a fire ball to damage a target and monsters in its
immediate vicinity. Enemies near the target receive 3/4 of damage inflicted
on skill's target. At level 5 and above, Fire Ball's casting and delay time is

Level 1: 80% MATK
Level 2: 90% MATK
Level 3: 100% MATK
Level 4: 110% MATK
Level 5: 120% MATK
Level 6: 130% MATK
Level 7: 140% MATK
Level 8: 150% MATK
Level 9: 160% MATK
Level 10: 170% MATK

Comments: Absolutely and utterly useless. Only get it to level 5 if you plan
on getting Fire Wall.

Fire Wall------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Level 4 Fire Bolt, Level 5 Fire Ball
Skill Type: Defensive
Target: Ground
SP Required: 40
In-game Info: Create a wall of flame that will deter and cause damage to

Level 1: 5 Hits, 5 sec
Level 2: 6 Hits, 6 sec
Level 3: 7 Hits, 7 sec
Level 4: 8 Hits, 8 sec
Level 5: 9 Hits, 9 sec
Level 6: 10 Hits, 10 sec
Level 7: 11 Hits, 11 sec
Level 8: 12 Hits, 12 sec
Level 9: 13 Hits, 13 sec
Level 10: 14 Hits, 14 sec

Comments: You can basically create a wall of fire to stop and deter enemies.
It has slight knockback effect when the enemies run into it as well. There's
a trick that is commonly known to all Mages and Wizards who use this skill,
and that is vertical Fire Wall. It basically makes a bigger use out of your
Fire Wall. This is absolutely essential to learn in order to solo as a Wizard.

Fire Bolt------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 10 + 2*skill level
In-game Info: Summon bolts of pure flame to strike at an enemy. Barring changes
in damage due to elemental properties, each bolt inflicts an amount of damage
equal to the caster's MATK.

Level 1: 1 bolt
Level 2: 2 bolts
Level 3: 3 bolts
Level 4: 4 bolts
Level 5: 5 bolts
Level 6: 6 bolts
Level 7: 7 bolts
Level 8: 8 bolts
Level 9: 9 bolts
Level 10: 10 bolts

Comments: This is definitely a necessary spell unless you're becoming a Sage
or Scholar, sooooo that doesn't matter, does it? Almost every Wizard maxes
this, and quite frankly, I agree. There aren't very many powerful fire spells,
and the only good aoe one is very random and risky, so I would recommend
maxing this spell. Each bolt does 100% MATK damage*skill level. So maxed out,
it would deal out 1000% damage.

Lightening Bolt------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: One Enemy
SP Required: 10 + 2*skill level
In-game Info: Summon bolts of lightning to strike at an enemy. Barring changes
in damage due to elemental properties each bolt inflicts an amount of damage
equal to the caster's Matk.

Level 1: 1 bolt
Level 2: 2 bolts
Level 3: 3 bolts
Level 4: 4 bolts
Level 5: 5 bolts
Level 6: 6 bolts
Level 7: 7 bolts
Level 8: 8 bolts
Level 9: 9 bolts
Level 10: 10 bolts

Comments: Absolutely unneccesary for us Wizards. Get it to level 1 so you
can learn Jupitel Thunder and Storm Gust. That's its only good point I'm
afraid. It just gets outdone by Jupitel Thunder, later. The only reason to
get it higher is level 4 for Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion.


Pre-requisites: Lightening Bolt level 4
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: Multiple enemies/splash damage 5x5 area
SP Required: 24 + 5*skill level
In-game Info: Summon a storm of lightning on a targeted area to damage enemies
within the Thunderstorm range.

Level 1: 1 bolt
Level 2: 2 bolts
Level 3: 3 bolts
Level 4: 4 bolts
Level 5: 5 bolts
Level 6: 6 bolts
Level 7: 7 bolts
Level 8: 8 bolts
Level 9: 9 bolts
Level 10: 10 bolts

Comments: A decent spell, but is outdone by Lord of Vermilion in later levels.
Only get it to level 1 if you're getting Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion.

Energy Coat-----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Job level 35 as a Mage, or just being a Wizard or Sage
Skill Type: Defensive/Supportive
Target: Self
SP Required: 30
In-game Info: Create a barrier of spiritual energy that will buffer attacks
at the caster. The caster's remaining SP affects the amount of damage reduced
by the barrier. More SP is drained as attacks buffered by the barrier

Level 1: Casts Energy Coat

Comments: This is a very good skill, but your SP runs out VERY quickly when
it's active, so use it only if you have to. You WILL lose SP every time you
get hit while this skill is active, but you will reduce damage coming to you,
which includes melee, ranged, magic, etc. Magificat will help protect you from
losing SP though, as will a Scholar if you have one with you in Thanatos
or Biolabs.

Section VII: The Wizard Test

Okay, it may just be me, but the Wizard test doesn't feel so difficult
anymore. However, I remember how difficult it was for me when I was first
changing into a Wizard, and then I realize, "Hey, it's a really damn hard
test!". So, I'm gonna guide you through the test in this part.

First of all, if you're job 40, what's wrong with you!? *smack* Go and get
those other 10 job levels! Now! Wizards need them more than any other class
in the game, since they are completely skill dependant. But in case you don't
wanna listen to me anyways, I'm gonna guide those who change early as well XD.

Okay, so what are you going to need to defeat this test? Well, you'll need
either one of two different sets of items. Hope you get the gemstone one! If
you're job 50, you don't need any items! You can change solely dependant on
skill when you reach the tower. In the case you are not job 50, you will
need either 5 Red Bloods, 5 Crystal Blues, 5 Green Lives, and 5 Winds of
Verdure, OR, 10 of each color of gemstone, which includes red, blue, and
yellow. It's random, so best to collect both sets just in case unless you
have someone helping you. Now, here's how to become a Wizard step by step.

1. First of all, you change at the Wizard tower in Geffen. In case you don't
know where that is, go to Geffen. From where you appear, keep going up until
you see a tower. This is the Geffen Wizard Tower. Go inside.
2. Now comes an annoying part. You'll see stairs on your sides. Keep going
up the stairs until you reach the top. It's a long walk...
3. When you reach the top, talk to the woman behind the counter. She will
request that you get items for her. Like I said, it's going to be one of the
two sets of items.
4. After giving her the items, or being a SMART Mage, and going JOB 50, then
you will reach the next part of the test =). Remember! People who went job
50 don't have to collect the items! =D
5. After that, you will have to take a written test. The questions are
randomly generated, but here are all the questions and answers to them.

1st set
1) Which stat is the most important for a Mage? INT
2) Which attribute does not have a 'bolt' type attack? Earth
3) Choose the one that does not relate to a Mage. Good at selling stuff
4) Which town is the home of Mages? Geffen
5) Which of the following cards has nothing to do with INT? Andre Egg Card
6) What is the Mage good at compared to other classes? Exceptional Magic
7) What is the INT bonus of a Mage at job level 40? 5
8) Which equipment can a Mage not equip? Boy's Cap
9) Which of the following is a catilyst when making the Mage solution test #3?
10) Which card is irrelevant to magic? Magnolia Card

2nd set
1) Which of the following is not necessary to learn Fire Wall? Napalm Beat
level 4.
2) Regardless of the previous attribute, what does the monster attribute
change to when you cast Frost Diver on it? Water.
3) When you completely master Napalm Beat, what is the ratio of the increased
MATK when using that spell? 1.7x.
4) What item do you need when casting Stone Curse? Red Gemstone.
5) Which of the following is not required to learn Safety Wall? Increase SP
Recovery LV6.
6) Without the INT bonus, what amount of SP is recovered every 10 seconds
when you have learned Increase SP Recovery LV7? 21.
7) Using Energy Coat when you have 50% of your SP remaining, how much SP is
used when hit, and what percentage of damage is reduced? 18%, 2.0%.
8) What amount of SP is used, and how many attacks can you avoid when using
Safety Wall LV6? SP 40, 7 hits.
9) How much SP is needed when using LV10 Thunderstorm? 74.
10) Which skill is most useful training in the Byalan Dungeon? Lightening

3rd set
1) Which monster can you obtain a slotted guard from? Pupa.
2) Which of the following monsters is the easiest for a low level Mage to
hunt? Flora.
3) Which monster will not be affected by Stone Curse? Evil Druid.
4) When attacking LV3 water attribute monster with a wind attribute weapon,
what is the damage percentage? 200%.
5) If a Baby Desert Wolf and a Familiar fought, which one would win?
Baby Desert Wolf.
6) Which of the following cannot be a cute pet? Roda Frog.
7) Choose the monster that is weak against a fire attribute attack. Mace
8) Which of the following has the highest defense? Caramel.
9) Choose the monster that's of a different species. Spore.
10) Which of the following is not an undead monster? Deviace.

For those of you that happen to be unlucky, there's four questions in there
somewhere that don't get asked often. The answers are Cornutus, Zerom, Marina,
and Lightening Bolt.
6. Okay, after you've passed the test, there's one last part to this Wizarding
messup. And that would be the battle test! This one is rather difficult too...
7. Some things you should probably have done before this. Your INT should be
around 7x, and your DEX 40 or higher, preferably higher... much higher. If
you're job 50, it should be 6x.
8. Now the rooms. There are three rooms, and each one is difficult, although
they get harder as you progress. I hope you have Fire Wall and level 4
Lightening Bolt! You'll definitely need them. As a little sidenote, you should
bring lots of potions, and should have a Heal Clip by now. If you don't, this
is going to be very difficult. You're timed on each room btw.

Water Room
Info: Kill the Mermaid first. She's aggressive and she'll get annoying very
fast if you don't get rid of her. Fire Wall her, and just Lightening Bolt 4
her. If you don't have that... then use level 1 >.>;. If you don't have Fire
Wall... well, then Safety Wall yourself. But in that case, bring Green Potions
with. After that, you can kill the other ones pretty easily since they're all
passive. For the Cornutus, Vadon, Shellfish, and Phen though, set a Fire Wall
up in between you before you cast, because these monsters have cast sensor,
which means they will attack you if you target them with a spell.

Once you clear the room, Hydras and a Marine Sphere will appear in the center
of the room. Kill the monsters, and then you will be transported to the next

Earth Room
Info: This one's a little annoying, but not too difficult. Watch out for the
Mantis and Orc Warrior. Simply Fire Wall them, and they will die after a
period of time of walking into the Fire Wall. You won't really need to use
level 10 Fire Bolt for any of the enemies except the Giearth, which you will
want to set up a Fire Wall before attempting to kill it with Fire Bolt. If
you don't have Fire Wall, Safety Wall will work okay as well. The Bigfoot,
Caramel, Giearth, Savage, and Vitata all have cast sensor, so be careful with
them as well.

After clearing these monsters, Mandragoras and a Flora will appear. Just use
level 1 Fire Bolt to kill the Mandragoras, and then Fire Bolt 10 the Flora
and you're out of there!

Fire Room
Info: The hardest one of all! Three of the monsters in here are aggressive,
and unfortunately, the goblin is very fast and speedy. The best you can do, is
either cast Safety Wall on yourself, and cast level 2-5 Cold Bolt on the
goblin, or to run and use level 1 Cold Bolt until it dies. Once it does,
get the Zerom next. A level 3-4 Cold Bolt should be enough to kill it. Then
knock out the wolf, and it should be easy from there. Walk around with Sight,
so you can see where the Frilldora is. Level 3-4 Cold Bolt the Scorpion and
do the same to the Frilldora, and you should be able to kill the others with
relative ease.

After all the monsters are cleared, two Horongs and a Greatest General will
appear. The Horongs will die in 1 level 5 Cold Bolt, along with a level 2
Cold Bolt. Then just use your range to kill the general, and spam potions
if you have to, and he should fall. After this room, you will be teleported
outside back in the Wizard Tower.
9. Okay, now that that is all over with, you can finally become a Wizard! Talk
to the lady behind the counter again, and she will turn you into a Wizard.
Good going, I'm sure you definitely earned it.

Section VIII: Wizard Skills and Info


Pre-requisites: Sight, Lightening Bolt level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Enemies surrounding self
SP Required: 33 + SkillLV*2
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Attack enemies by shooting fireballs, which are first summoned
by the Sight skill, in directions that radiate away from the caster.

Level 1: 120% MATK
Level 2: 140% MATK
Level 3: 160% MATK
Level 4: 180% MATK
Level 5: 200% MATK
Level 6: 220% MATK
Level 7: 240% MATK
Level 8: 260% MATK
Level 9: 280% MATK
Level 10: 300% MATK

Comments: This is a crummy skill to be honest. Only good for breaking Ice Walls
and for knocking people away in PVP. Since knockback is disabled in WoE,
there's no good use to this skill in there. This skill has no good purpose
in PVM either. Only get it for Meteor Storm, and only get what's needed.

Fire Pillar-----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Fire Wall level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive/Defensive
Target: Ground/Enemy
SP Required: 75
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: ?

Level 1: 3 Hits / no Gemstone
Level 2: 4 Hits / no Gemstone
Level 3: 5 Hits / no Gemstone
Level 4: 6 Hits / no Gemstone
Level 5: 7 Hits / no Gemstone
Level 6: 8 Hits / Blue Gemstone
Level 7: 9 Hits / Blue Gemstone
Level 8: 10 Hits / Blue Gemstone
Level 9: 11 Hits / Blue Gemstone
Level 10: 12 Hits / Blue Gemstone

Comments: When tripped, the trap delivers Fire property damage equal to
(50 + MATK/5)*(2+SkillLV) on a 3x3 area around the tripped cell. This damage
ignores MDEF and INT. Sounds great, eh? It really isn't. Even with all the
MDEF we have, it HAS to be placed on a ground, so a player has to be stupid
enough to walk into it to get any decent use, and even when it does hit, it
does very little damage, not enough to actually help. You can only have
5 Fire Pillars out at a time, and I personally would NOT recommend getting
this skill, PVP, WoE, or not. The gemstone cost doesn't help, either. Some
people have created interesting tricks though, by knocking the pillars into one
cell to do heavy damage with Sight Blaster. Still... it's not worth it.

Meteor Storm----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Fire Wall level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Ground/Enemies
SP Required: Varies between levels
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: ?

Level 1: 2 Meteor 1 Hit Each 3% StunChance, SP 20
Level 2: 3 Meteor 1 Hit Each 6% StunChance, SP 24
Level 3: 3 Meteors 2 Hit Each 9% StunChance, SP 30
Level 4: 4 Meteors 2 Hit Each 12% StunChance, SP 34
Level 5: 4 Meteors 3 Hit Each 15% StunChance, SP 40
Level 6: 5 Meteors 3 Hit Each 18% StunChance, SP 44
Level 7: 5 Meteors 4 Hit Each 21% StunChance, SP 50
Level 8: 6 Meteors 4 Hit Each 24% StunChance, SP 54
Level 9: 6 Meteors 5 Hit Each 27% StunChance, SP 60
Level 10: 7 Meteors 5 Hit Each 30% StunChance, SP 64

Comments: It has a lot of uses. It's an AoE, so of course it's useful. However,
of the three major Wizard AoEs, it is the least useful, as most of its good
uses are no longer worthwhile, like Juperos. Some people have found it useful
in Rachel Sanctuary, but other than that, its only good use is in WoE on
the precast line with the other Wizards, since it stacks.

Jupitel Thunder-------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Napalm Beat level 1, Lightening Bolt level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Enemy
SP Required: 17 + SkillLV*3
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Fire a ball of crackling lightning that will damage and push
back the targeted enemy.

Level 1: 3 Hits / 2.5 sec Cast Time
Level 2: 4 Hits / 3.0 sec Cast Time
Level 3: 5 Hits / 3.5 sec Cast Time
Level 4: 6 Hits / 2.5 sec Cast Time
Level 5: 7 Hits / 4.5 sec Cast Time
Level 6: 8 Hits / 5.0 sec Cast Time
Level 7: 9 Hits / 5.5 sec Cast Time
Level 8: 10 Hits / 6.0 sec Cast Time
Level 9: 11 Hits / 6.5 sec Cast Time
Level 10: 12 Hits / 7.0 sec Cast Time

Comments: One of our strongest single targeting spells. Unfortunately, just
about everyone knows that, so everyone comes in with wind protection armor
just for us! Oh joy! But it's still a really good spell, PVM and PVP-wise. It's
good when someone actually isn't coming in with that type of armor, and
can be highly damaging in Magic Strings. Should be maxed on any Wizard really.

Lord of Vermilion-----------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Thunderstorm level 1, Jupitel Thunder level 5
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Ground/Enemies
SP Required: 56 + 4*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Summon explosive lightning to strike a targeted area. Amount of
damage and skill level is determined by skill level.

Level 1: 4% Blind Chance, 10% MATK/Bolt
Level 2: 8% Blind Chance, 12% MATK/Bolt
Level 3: 12% Blind Chance, 14% MATK/Bolt
Level 4: 16% Blind Chance, 16% MATK/Bolt
Level 5: 20% Blind Chance, 18% MATK/Bolt
Level 6: 24% Blind Chance, 20% MATK/Bolt
Level 7: 28% Blind Chance, 22% MATK/Bolt
Level 8: 32% Blind Chance, 24% MATK/Bolt
Level 9: 36% Blind Chance, 26% MATK/Bolt
Level 10: 40% Blind Chance, 28% MATK/Bolt

Comments: Eh, not very powerful, but better than Thunderstorm in all ways. Of
the three major AoEs, this one has the most range of them. It's also the
weakest, and has the least useful effect of the three, as well. But by all
means, get it if you want. It still has a lot of uses, more than Meteor Storm
does, that's for sure. It can be good for Byalan dungeon, and Ice dungeon, as
well as a precast spell for WoE with the other Wizards. I don't regret getting
it. It's a fun spell. Another note, it's not useful on frozen enemies unless
you're trying to get the Storm Gust damage of another Wizard to reach its
full effect, cause Lord of Vermilion breaks frozen enemies.

Water Ball------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Cold Bolt level 1, Lightening Bolt level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Enemy
SP Required: 15 + 5*(SkillLV/2 rounded down)
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Hurl spheres of water at high velocity at a targeted enemy.
Caster must be standing in water in order to cast Water Ball.

Level 1: 1 Waterball / 1x1 Grid, 130% MATK
Level 2: 3 Waterball / 3x3 Grid, 160% MATK
Level 3: 8 Waterball / 3x3 Grid, 190% MATK
Level 4: 15 Waterball / 5x5 Grid, 220% MATK
Level 5: 24 Waterball / 5x5 Grid, 250% MATK

Comments: This is an extremely powerful attack o_o. Only problem is you need
water. You can also only summon as many Water Balls depending on how many
cells of water you have around you. One sweet thing is, you can chain them,
meaning that while you're flinging water balls at the enemy, you can cast it
again, then cast again while the water balls from the second cast are going.
Good for WoE, but only if you have a lot of water around, or a Sage/Scholar
with you, which isn't often. It's up to you to decide if it's worth getting.

Ice Wall--------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Frost Diver level 1, Stone Curse level 1
Skill Type: Active/Defensive
Target: Ground
SP Required: 20
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Create a frozen wall of ice that will block enemies.

Level 1: 400 HP / 8 sec
Level 2: 600 HP / 12 sec
Level 3: 800 HP / 16 sec
Level 4: 1000 HP / 20 sec
Level 5: 1200 HP / 24 sec
Level 6: 1400 HP / 28 sec
Level 7: 1600 HP / 32 sec
Level 8: 1800 HP / 36 sec
Level 9: 2000 HP / 40 sec
Level 10: 2200 HP / 44 sec

Comments: This is a good skill, but has some very specific purposes. For one,
it's useful for teleing monsters away. Put up a few Ice Walls, and hit a
monster from behind the wall. If the monster has Teleport, it will tele away
into a different part of the map. Good for getting rid of monsters you can't
or don't want to fight, like MVPs. Speaking of which, most people only get
level 3-5 of this skill for MVPing. It's really all you need. I have level 2,
and that works just fine for me. I may not even get level 3. There's also
a trapping trick you can use to stop enemies in their tracks, and then use
a spell to blow them all up. You can see how it's done, here:

One last thing should be noted. The reason I throw those Ice Walls in the end
up, is to show where the enemies can be trapped. You can only trap monsters
coming at you from those directions. So, you always need to be walking north,
northeast, east.

Frost Nova------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Ice Wall level 1
Skill Type: Active/Defensive/Offensive
Target: Self/Enemies
SP Required: 47 - 2*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Create an aura of ice cold that will simultaneously freeze
enemies around the caster.

Level 1: 6.0 Seconds Cast Time
Level 2: 6.0 Seconds Cast Time
Level 3: 5.5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 4: 5.5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 5: 5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 6: 5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 7: 4.5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 8: 4.5 Seconds Cast Time
Level 9: 4 Seconds Cast Time
Level 10: 4 Seconds Cast Time

Comments: Useless. Period. Don't even think about getting it. Where this spell
would be useful, Frost Diver and Storm Gust would be 10 times better.

Storm Gust------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Frost Diver level 1, Jupitel thunder level 3
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Enemies
SP Required: 78
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Summon a blizzard on a targeted spot to damage enemies within
Storm Gust's range.

Level 1: 140% MATK / 6 sec Cast Time
Level 2: 180% MATK / 7 sec Cast Time
Level 3: 220% MATK / 8 sec Cast Time
Level 4: 260% MATK / 9 sec Cast Time
Level 5: 300% MATK / 10 sec Cast Time
Level 6: 340% MATK / 11 sec Cast Time
Level 7: 380% MATK / 12 sec Cast Time
Level 8: 420% MATK / 13 sec Cast Time
Level 9: 460% MATK / 14 sec Cast Time
Level 10: 500% MATK / 15 sec Cast Time

Comments: This is the Wizard's greatest spell. Hands down. Wherever there's
a time you need to deal great damage, this is usually the spell you will think
of using, unless you're dueling someone in PVP, in which case, it won't be
very useful. In WoE and PVM though, this is your greatest spell. Magma, you
need Storm Gust, Kiel Hyre, you need Storm Gust, Thor's Volcano, Storm Gust,
so on and so forth. You cannot be a good Wizard without it... well, I shouldn't
say that. More like, you won't reach your full potential without it.

Earth Spike-----------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Stone Curse level 1
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Enemy
SP Required: 10 + 2*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Command the ground beneath a targeted enemy to rise into spikes.

Level 1: 0.7 sec cast time, 100% MATK
Level 2: 1.4 sec cast time, 200% MATK
Level 3: 2.1 sec cast time, 300% MATK
Level 4: 2.8 sec cast time, 400% MATK
Level 5: 3.5 sec cast time, 500% MATK

Comments: There's a lot of debates over whether or not this is a good skill now
since everyone walks in with full fire, water, and lightning resistance gear,
so now people are trying to get the upper hand on others with a maxed Earth
Spike. It's failing for the most part though, since a lot of people usually
use Jupitel Thunder, and follow with a Fire Bolt, people usually switch from
lightning resistance to fire resistance, which means that fire also takes
less damage from earth spells. Not as much as earth armor, but close enough
to make it as useless as Fire Bolt. Just to be safe, get only what's required
for Heaven's Drive, and Quagmire, and figure out later if you want to level it
up from 3-5.

Heaven's Drive--------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Earth Spike level 3
Skill Type: Active/Offensive
Target: Ground/Enemies
SP Required: 24 + 4*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Command the ground in a targeted area to rise into spikes in
order to damage enemies within its range.

Level 1: 1 sec cast time, 100% MATK
level 2: 2 sec cast time, 200% MATK
Level 3: 3 sec cast time, 300% MATK
Level 4: 4 sec cast time, 400% MATK
Level 5: 5 sec cast time, 500% MATK

Comments: Eh, so so, I guess. Most Wizards don't max it, cause it has only
a 5x5 area of effect, and hits 5 times, so it's like Earth Spike with slightly
more range. In fact, that's exactly what it is. It's probably best to leave it
at level 1, just to reveal hidden enemies.


Pre-requisites: Heaven's Drive level 1
Skill Type: Active/Supportive/Defensive
Target: Ground/Enemies
SP Required: 5*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Temporarily covert a targeted area into marshland that will
reduce the movement speed, AGI, and DEX of all monsters on it by half. AGI
and DEX of targeted monsters cannot be decreased lower than 50. For players,
this skill only has half of the effect it has on monsters.

Level 1: 5 second duration, 10% reduction
Level 2: 10 second duration, 20% reduction
Level 3: 15 second duration, 30% reduction
Level 4: 20 second duration, 40% reduction
Level 5: 25 second duration, 50% reduction

Comments: This is a really good skill. For ranged fighters, it can really tick
them off in PVP and WoE. It's also very good for soloing and keeping monsters
slow. Like it says though, only half the effect for players, so whatever it
says there, cut it in half, and that's what you will reduce their DEX and AGI
by. So, 25% reduction for players. Level 1 is all I wanted though, since
it also debuffs speed and DEX buffs when walked into, which includes
Two handed Quicken, AGI Up, etc. It works on allies and yourself in PVP and
WoE areas though, so be careful.


Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Supportive
Target: Enemy
SP Required: 10
Mastered At: Level 1
In-game Info: Reveal detailed information about a targeted monster to the
caster and members in caster's party.

Level 1: Sense, reveals info on monster

Comments: Eh, useless. You really don't need it unless you were a High Wizard
getting Ganbantein. Otherwise, you really shouldn't get it.

Sight Blaster---------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Job level 40 as a Wizard
Skill Type: Defensive/Offensive
Target: Self/Enemy
SP Required: 40
Mastered At: Level 1
In-game Info: Summon a protective fireball that will encircle the caster for
two minutes. When an enemy approaches the caster, the fire abll will inflict
damage equal to the caster's MATK, push the enemy backward, and then the skill
will cancel. Sight Blaster's knockback effect ic cancelled during WoE.

Level 1: Uses level 1 Sight Blaster, knocks enemy 3 cells backwards

Comments: This is a quest skill. Once you're job level 40 as a Wizard, you can
learn it at the cost of 10 Red Bloods, 10 Crystal Blues, 10 Green Lives, and
10 Winds of Verdure. Once you have these, go to the top of the Wizard Tower
in Geffen, and talk to a person at the top. I forget who it is, but I think
it is the dog. He will teach you the skill, but before you can learn it, he
will send you to talk to someone from the Knight guild. Go there to learn from
the man. The Knight guild is in Prontera, in the top left corner of the map.

Once you talk to this man, he'll teach you about knocking your opponent away
from you. Once he does, go back to the tower, give Enoz the items, and he
will teach you Sight Blaster. This has a few uses, but is really only decent in
PVP, and moving Fire Pillars around. Good for getting Assassins and Taekwons
away from you, as well as Blacksmiths. Another problem is, you have to
cast it everytime it runs out, which means everytime it hits someone.

Section IX: Transcending
Well, to transcend, you need to have the following.

1. Be base level 99, and job level 50 as a Wizard.
2. Have spent all your skill points and status points.
3. Must be at 0 weight, which means you need to go deposit all your gear into
the Kafra storage.
4. You must have exactly 1,250,000 zeny. And I mean, EXACTLY. No more, no less.
5. After this is all done, you can transcend!
6. To transcend, go to Juno Sage Castle in Juno. It's in the top left corner
of the map. Go inside, and take the fork at the top, and you'll see a man
who wishes for you to pay him 1,250,000 zeny to see his book. Pay him the
zeny, and go read the book. After reading it, head down, and go down
the stairs.
7. From here, it's a maze. And I don't know if it's random, or if it's set up,
but find your way through here.
8. Once you get through, you'll see a giant metal ball called "Heart of Ymir".
Talk to it, and you will be transported to Valhalla. Keep heading up this
path, and you will see a Valkyrie. Talk to her, and she'll tell you what's
going to happen if you trans. WARNING! IF you do trans, you will be reset
to base level 1, and job level 1, and you will become a High Novice, which
means you have to start all over.
9. After talking to her, and becoming a High Novice, you will be transported
to Geffen. Hit job level 10, and go to the Mage academy like you did before.
This time around, you don't need to take the test, as you already have done it
before, so they automatically turn you into a High Mage.
10. After turning High Mage, hit job 50, yes, that's right, job 50. If you
don't, you WILL regret it, that I can guarantee.
11. Once you're job 50, go back to the Sage Castle in Juno. This time, go talk
to the book you paid to see, and it will send you to Valhalla automatically.
Look for the man that is named "High Wizard" and he will turn you into a
High Wizard. Congratulations =D.

"Oh, but I don't wanna trans, cause I have to start over! Wahhh!"
Suck it up, I say. There are a lot of advantages to becoming a transcendant
character. But I will also list cons, as silly as they are.

Pros: 30% more HP and SP, new skills, a different sprite, get more points to
spend on stats, and are not restricted by the hexagon like it was when you
first made your char. You also get 70 job levels, instead of 50, which means
more skills. You also can level in places earlier than you could when you
were a Mage or Wizard. As soon as you change, once you get Storm Gust 10, you
can immediately go to Magma.

Cons: You start over. You require 3x as much exp to level. That's about all I
can think of >.>;.

Section X: High Wizard Skills and Info
Mystical Amplification------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Supportive
Target: Self
SP Required: 10 + 4*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: Amplify the Magic Attack Power of the next magic skill that is

Level 1: 5% more MATK
Level 2: 10% more MATK
Level 3: 15% more MATK
Level 4: 20% more MATK
Level 5: 25% more MATK
Level 6: 30% more MATK
Level 7: 35% more MATK
Level 8: 40% more MATK
Level 9: 45% more MATK
Level 10: 50% more MATK

Comments: This HURTS like hell when the opponent doesn't have much MDEF gear
on. It makes a world of difference in damage, and should always be maxed
regardless of what High Wizard you plan to make. If this isn't maxed, there
is definitely something wrong with you.

Soul Drain------------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: None
Skill Type: Supportive
Target: Self
SP Required: 10 + 4*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 10
In-game Info: ?

Level 1: Maximum SP +2%, SP Drain 110%
Level 2: Maximum SP +4%, SP Drain 125%
Level 3: Maximum SP +6%, SP Drain 140%
Level 4: Maximum SP +8%, SP Drain 155%
Level 5: Maximum SP +10%, SP Drain 170%
level 6: Maximum SP +12%, SP Drain 185%
level 7: Maximum SP +14%, SP Drain 200%
Level 8: Maximum SP +16%, SP Drain 215%
Level 9: Maximum SP +18%, SP Drain 230%
Level 10: Maximum SP +20%, SP Drain 245%

Comments: This skill... is absolutely useless to us. We never use single
target spells, and even when we do, we don't need more SP. Our SP levels are
fine as they are, and are already difficult to get rid. Not to mention, this
skill only works on monsters, and we'll always be mobbing monsters for an AoE
rather than killing them one by one with something like Fire Bolt or Jupitel

Stave Crasher---------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Increase SP Recovery LV1
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: Enemy
SP Required: 8
Mastered At: Level 1
In-game Info: Inflict neutral property damage that is equal to the Magic
Attack power (MATK) of the caster and is affected by the target's defense.

Level 1: Hits enemy with Stave Crasher.

Comments: This is a very fun skill at times. I believe most High Wizards
should have it, simply because it can act as a physical attack, which means
quite a lot. Which means status effect rods, double bloody double boned
rods, etc. This skill has a lot of potential, and I don't think it should
be skipped. It's good for tagging as well. This is one of the only skills that
can target someone wearing Golden Thiefbug shield.

Napalm Vulcan---------------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Napalm Beat LV5
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: Enemy/Enemies
SP Required: 15*SkillLV - 5
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Deliver multiple psychokinetic blows at an enemy with a low
chance of causing an abnormal status. This skill's level affects the number
of hits from Napalm Vulcan.

Level 1: One hit, 100% MATK, 5% chance of curse
Level 2: Two hits, 200% MATK, 10% chance of curse
Level 3: Three hits, 300% MATK, 15% chance of curse
Level 4: Four hits, 400% MATK, 20% chance of curse
Level 5: Five hits, 500% MATK, 25% chance of curse

Comments: This skill is useless damage-wise. It's only good for spreading
curse around a mob of monsters. The damage is a little weird, and does not
work like bolt skills. Each attack is sperate, so it's five hits instead
of how bolts, regardless of level, count as 1 hit. It's up to you to decide if
it would be useful or not. It'd only be a good WoE skill on the precast line
to curse incoming enemies.


Pre-requisites: Ice Wall LV1, Sense
Skill Type: Supportive
Target: Ground
SP Required: 40
Mastered At: Level 1
In-game Info: Enable the chance of cancelling any ground targeting magic
spell around a 3x3 cell of the targeted spot. This skill will cancel
Magnetic Earth on areas that have been enchanted by that skill. This skill
is unaffected by items or skills that remove gemstone requirements. Each
cast requires 1 Blue Gemstone, and 1 Yellow Gemstone. 5 sec cast delay.

Level 1: Casts Ganbantein, 3x3 area, 5 second cast delay

Comments: Good for WoE builds. There a Sage or Scholar around? Break their
freaking Magnetic Earth and watch faces turn upside down. Unfortunately, the
cast delay behind this skill can hinder you greatly, so try to use it in
Magic Strings if you can. Otherwise, this skill is pretty useless in PVM,
since just about every monster using AoE spells use Wizard spells, and it'd
only be good for MVP Magnetic Earths.

Gravitational Field---------------------------------

Pre-requisites: Mystical Amplification LV10, Stave Crasher, Quagmire LV1
Skill Type: Offensive
Target: Ground/Enemies
SP Required: 20*SkillLV
Mastered At: Level 5
In-game Info: Increase the gravity by a 5x5 cell area around a targeted spot
which will decrease the movement and attack speeds of enemies within range, as
well as cause continuous damage that will pierce defense. This skill's effect
on movement and attack speeds does not apply to boss monsters. When casted,
caster's movement and actions are disabled. Each cast requires 1 Blue
Gemstone. 2 sec cast delay.

Level 1: 400 Dmg/Sec, -5% ASPD, Duration 5 sec, 20 Cost SP
Level 2: 600 Dmg/Sec, -10% ASPD, Duration 6 sec, 40 Cost SP
Level 3: 800 Dmg/Sec, -15% ASPD, Duration 7 sec, 60 Cost SP
Level 4: 1000 Dmg/Sec, -20% ASPD, Duration 8 sec, 80 Cost SP
Level 5: 1200 Dmg/Sec, -25% ASPD, Duration 9 sec, 100 Cost SP

Comments: Ignore what it says about movement, that's a complete lie. They
haven't changed the discription yet, even though they really should. Still,
this is another WoE skill. It's good on the precast line, especially since
1200 damage is quite good, and cannot be ignored, negated, avoided when they
walk in. It will do more damage than SG, LoV, and MS will do, and should
only be used by one High Wizard or two, in case the first High Wizard
screws up, since this spell does not stack. Not to mention, this skill also
affects the emperium, and is the only active skill that can target the emp.

Section XI: Stat and Skill Builds
That's great and all that you're making a Wizard, but what good is it if you
don't have a plan ahead of time of what he/she is going to be like? Here, I
have compiled some stat and skill builds for Wizards. Choose one that you feel
you could live with, or go ahead and don't listen to me, and just make one
on your own that you would like XD. Please keep in mind that not many of
these names that I give these builds are used in the actual game, they're
just names I gave them~.

Wizard Stat Builds

Name: Cookie Cutter
Specialty: All around caster.
Pros: Can mob and level fast, useful in WoE.
Cons: Very squishy, you will die a lot, and will not carry much without the
use of the Kafra Gym Passes.

STR: 1 +1
AGI: 1 +8
VIT: 1 +1
INT: 99 +12
DEX: 99 +6
LUK: 9 +2

Suggested Gear: Anything for the situation at that time. For WoE, you will
want full DEX gear, with a little bit of INT sometimes. Some good equips for
WoE would be two Nimble Gloves, a Dexterous Survivor's Rod(either version),
and that's about it for DEX/INT-wise. Sometimes you can use a Double Dexterous
Arc Wand, but your HP could get you killed.
Extra Comments: This is the build almost all Wizards go with. If they don't,
sometimes they get less INT or DEX, somewhere around 90 so they can get 20+
VIT for added survivability with HP.
Where to Level?: Many places are open to this build. You have Magma, Ice
Dungeon in Rachel, Juperos, Magma 2, Glast Heim Prison, Geographers in
Einbroch, Stings in GH sewers. Magma 2, Ice Dungeon, Juperos, and Magma require
a party to do. You can also solo in Clock Tower's 3F, killing Alarms.

Name: Thizard
Specialty: Dodging monsters and using the field to their advantage.
Pros: Can dodge monsters very easily with a Mocking Muffler and Quagmire level
5. Can also get ASPD for Dagger of Counter on emperiums.
Cons: Slow casting speed, killed more easily than other Wizards, difficult
to level, good only in PVM.

STR: 1 +1
AGI: 91 +8
VIT: 1 +1
INT: 99 +12
DEX: 34 +6
LUK: 1 +2

Suggested Gear: INT gear mostly, since you don't have much DEX. I would also
suggest AGI gear, and I'll tell you one thing. AGI Wizards cannot reach their
full potential with a Mocking Muffler. That is a Whisper card btw. I would
suggest a Mage Hat, some Earrings or AGI gear, and that's about it.
Extra Comments: Thizard is Thief and Wizard put together =D.
Where to Level?: Stings in GH sewers, GH Prison, GH Chivalry, CT 3F Alarms.

Name: Knife Phantom
Specialty: Getting crits.
Pros: Can evade a lot, always gets crits with Dagger of Counter, can make a
good breaker with Dagger of Counter, can make more use of Energy Coat.
Cons: Limited leveling areas, difficult to level, easy to kill, useless in
PVP situations.

STR: 91 +1
AGI: 91 +8
VIT: 30 +1
INT: 1 +12
DEX: 9 +6
LUK: 31 +2

Suggested Gear: This build was made with a few gears in mind. First of all,
Rings. One Ring with a Mantis Card in it, and one Ring with a Kobold Card in
it. This should allow for near 100% critical rate, and can make an amazing
Emperium breaker in WoE if you carry cursed water. This build also requires
a Dagger of Counter, and cannot be done without it. Matyr Shoes were also used
in this build.
Extra Comments: This is not a build for the faint of heart, as it is very
difficult to level, frustrating at times, and can NOT reach the damage
potential of other classes with this. This more like a WoE breaking, just for
fun, kinda build.
Where to Level?: Magma 1, or Bathories in the UG Clock Tower. That's about it.

Wizard Skill Builds

Name: PVM/WoE
Specialty: All Around.
Pros: A lot of power, easy, fast, works good in WoE.
Cons: Takes a while to cast.

Mage Skills
Fire Bolt 10
Fire Ball 5
Fire Wall 10
Sight 1
Napalm Beat 1
Lightening Bolt 4
Cold Bolt 5
Thunderstorm 1
Stone Curse 10
Frost Diver 1
Increase SP Recovery 1

Wizard Skills
Jupitel Thunder 10
Lord of Vermilion 10
Storm Gust 10
Water Ball 5
Earth Spike 3
Heaven's Drive 5
Quagmire 3
Ice Wall 3

Suggested Builds: This is intended for mostly cookie cutter builds, but can
almost work decently for the Battle Wizard as well, meaning mister Knife
Phantom. This build can also MVP a little, hence why it has Ice Wall 3, and
can solo as well.

Name: PVM Only
Specialty: AoEs and killing monsters.
Pros: Has many AoEs for different situations.
Cons: Gets outdone in WoE by the build above this one. This also takes a while
to cast, but that comes with AoEs.

Mage Skills
Fire Bolt 10
Fire Ball 5
Fire Wall 10
Sight 1
Lightening Bolt 4
Thunderstorm 1
Stone Curse 1
Cold Bolt 5
Napalm Beat 1
Frost Diver 10
Increase SP Recovery 1

Wizard Skills
Sightrasher 2
Meteor Storm 10
Jupitel Thunder 10
Lord of Vermilion 10
Storm Gust 10
Earth Spike 3
Heaven's Drive 1
Quagmire 1
Ice Wall 2

Suggested Builds: Again, I suggest this mainly for the cookie cutter build.
This build can work okay with an AGI Wizard as well.

Name: Battle Wizard
Specialty: Works its best around using the Dagger of Counter on Wizards.
Pros: Same as the stat build.
Cons: Can't kill players at all, can easily be stopped.

Mage Skills
Fire Bolt 4
Fire Ball 5
Fire Wall 10
Sight 1
Lightening Bolt 1
Increase SP Recovery 10
Stone Curse 10
Frost Diver 10
Cold Bolt 5
Napalm Beat 7
Soul Strike 5
Safety Wall 10

Wizard Skills
Jupitel Thunder 3
Storm Gust 1
Earth Spike 3
Heaven's Drive 1
Quagmire 5
Ice Wall 5
Sightrasher 1
Sense 1

Suggested Builds: The Battle Wizard build. This does surprisingly well
in WoE, just don't expect to kill anyone XD. Fun to have a Swordbreaker, and
whack on someone trying to break the emperium, and watch their weapon disappear
instead XD.

Name: Purely WoE
Specialty: AoEs and WoE.
Pros: Good in WoE.
Cons: Can't solo without using the Ice Wall trick

Mage skills
Fire Bolt 10
Sight 1
Lightening Bolt 4
Thunderstorm 1
Stone Curse 10
Frost Diver 1
Napalm Beat 7
Soul Strike 5
Safety Wall 7

Wizard Skills
Jupitel Thunder 10
Lord of Vermilion 1
Sightrasher 2
Meteor Storm 10
Storm Gust 10
Earth Spike 3
Heaven's Drive 1
Quagmire 1
Ice Wall 4
Water Ball 5

Suggested Builds: Only the cookie cutter build.

More to come later!

Section XII: Q & A
No questions to be asked as of yet.

Section XIII: Contact, Legal Info, Credits
This FAQ was made by me, and ONLY me. If anyone has any questions, suggestions,
comments, or would just like to say thanks, e-mail me at
Please put in the subject line "Wizard FAQ" or I will likely not read it. I
owe thanks to all the random peeps in PVP that helped me test these skills,
effects, and gave me the idea to create this FAQ. I hope it helps out many
that need help when I could not find it.

I play on iRO Loki, and this FAQ was made for iRO only. Please do not ask me
questions regarding private servers, or anything the GMs on RO would not
approve of. If you want to find me in other ways online, come to iRO Loki and
PM one of my chars.

Ryock, Ryoshi Tensuma, Yakra

I'm usually on one of those three. If you cannot find me still, please be
patient, or send me mail through the in-game mail system. All of those that
I appreciate, you know your names. As a last note, anyone that sees this on
another site besides and without my permission,
please contact me immediately, as that is illegal, and I will not tolerate
someone using my guide without my permission.