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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Battle Merchant Guide

                    RagnaroK Online
                -= The Battle-Merchant=-
                    Guide Version 1.0
                    Copyright Jared Tong 2004-eternity

      Table Of Contents
    I.   Updates
    II.  Introduction
        a. How to Use this Guide
        b. What is Ragnarok Online?
        c. Why a merchant?
    III. Starting Out
        a. Stat Build
        b. Novice Training
    IV.   Surviving the Game
        a. Equipment
        b. Skills
        c. Leveling
    V. Additional Quests You Should Do
        a. Skill Quests
        b. Item Quests
    Special Thanks
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo


March22 2004- First Production! My 1st guide so please be understanding!


    Are you skilled and talented and money-minded enough to be a Merchant?
This guide is here to help you understand how to train your Merchants and
actually plan ahead so you know what you're doing and what kind of Merchant you
want in the end. Arranged into sections, this guide allows for easy reference
and zooming in straight onto the topic you wish to find out more on.

    Errors, suggestions and comments can be posted to

    Well, as Leo would tell you, Ragnarok is a game where there is a War
between Humans and Monsters going on. An interactive MMORPG, Ragnarok gives you
three slots for characters in a server, allows you to choose their special job,
skills, and stats. This gives you the chance to level and train this character
by killing monsters, made more effective by buying better equipment, weapons,
upgrades and addons. The classic game: but its got great animation with cute
characters (especially some of the Kapra Girls {tee hee} ) and a 3-D world and
bad english. Have fun in RO, and no matter what server you're in, remember!
Don't be a jerk and play nice! Its only a game no matter how life-like the
characters may be!

    A Merchant is one of the possible job choices in Ragnarok. The other 1-1
jobs include Acolyte, Archer, Mage, Swordsman and Thief. But why Merchant?

    Now, one of the best features in RO is the Kapra Girls, which allow you
to have STORAGE. STORAGE is an inventory shared among all three of your
characters. A Merchant will exploit this best. Ok, perhaps the Archers and
Swordsman do so much more damage and look so much better, and the Thief looks so
cool with its double attacks and quick attacks. But they all need one thing-
more money and better equipment. Out of your three characters, it is ESSENTIAL
that one is a merchant. The Merchants allows you to save so much money, and
it'll help you get better equipment for your other two, which may help them a
lot more in battle. The Merchant will bring the best out of your battle chars!

    Another great thing about RO is the Merchant's ability to open shops. A
Merchant is the perfect choice if you are either 1) Social (You can go around
helping people buy cheaper stuff and like to haggle/ barter with others) or 2)
Busy but still want to play. With the shop, you can just buy 400 red pots, 200
wing of flyz and some rare items and just camp at Prontera or Payon while you do
anything, from working to sleeping or going to school. Its great! You can still
"play" while away!

    And best of all, the battle merchant is not only about buying and
selling- it can also fight! With its high vit, and its availability to some of
the most powerful weapons around (Two-handed axe) which even Swordsman would
drool over, it can prove to be strong and versatile at the same time!

    Why NOT a merchant?

      Starting Out

Battle Merchants are the most intersting job class in RO. They are able to
exploit the benefits of money saving and money earning, and still have the
strength and stamina to survive long, hard battles on the field. The merchant is
also versatile, and is able to use swords, daggers, and axes, so much so that
even Swordsmans would drool.

Let's begin!


The Battle Merchant is basically one who trains up his strength and vitality so
as to survive the harsh battles that Swordsman and Archers go through. You'll
have an easy time leveling up as a Novice. I mean, I levelled up 2 levels just
on Fabres alone during the test without dying!
    STR 9
    AGI 1
    VIT 5
    INT 1
    DEX 5
    LUK 9
The ideal of course, is 9 STR, 9 VIT and 9 DEX, but because of their silly stat
allocation system, its not possible.

After that, keep training in this pattern:

    10   STR
    10   DEX
    30   VIT
    20   STR
    50   VIT
    20   DEX
    60   STR
    100  VIT
    100  STR
    Remainder to dex

POWERFUL!!! This will give you a High-health and powerful Merchant, so that it
can take whatever blows monsters deal and give them even more back.


The moment you start the game, after doing the Novice Training, you'll realize
you're in a port city- Alberta. Now, with this 500z that you've been given, go
to the weapon shop, straight down of the town square, and purchase either an axe
(for attack) or a Guard (for defence). I recommended an axe, but many people say
def is better...

Now, the main object of the Merchant is to be RICH. So, no matter how much
people laugh and despise you, ALWAYS SELL ITEMS. Never Overlook something thats
on the floor. Never despise something someone has dropped on the floor. PICK EM
UP and SELL EM. This is essential for your Merchant Quest.

To become a Merchant, you'll have to sign up at the Merchant Guild, 7 o clock
position of alberta. There, you'll realize you need to have 9 skill points in
Basic Skill, 1000z to spare and complete a quest before he'll let you be a
Merchant. One of the worst quests for all the jobs, but the most rewarding.

First, see those red dots on the mini map? Take the left one out of Alberta, and
you'll find yourself in a Magical Forest with Willows, Fabres, Lunatics and
Porings. Kill them all, especially Porings and Willows because they can drop
quite a lot at times- great for $$. Keep killing till you're job level 10.

Along the way, I RECOMMENDED you to buy equipment. After all, 1000z should be
easy for you to earn back, eh? So, with the money from stuff from the monsters,
buy the equip suggested in Equipment. You may choose to skip levels within the
Equipment list if you want, but its highly recommended you follow it.

Finished with training? Head back to the Merchant's guild for the quest. He'll
basically say you'll have to deliver goods to someplace and he'll give you a
Product's serial number. WRITE THIS DOWN. Now go on to the right room and give
the warehouse i/c the serial number. You'll get the box. Now go on to the place
he told you to deliver it to. I'm not very sure of all the places, but here they
are rougly:

    -=TO BE ADDED=-

Well, after you deliver the goods, get the receipt and head back to Alberta
(whew! aren't you bored to tears with all that walking?) you'll change sprites
to reflect your new class. Congrats!

From this point, you basically can do whatever you want. I suggest, of course,
refering to our later section: Leveling, to get the most out of your

      Surviving the Game


There are two recommeded paths, though I recommend the axe one more:

Speedy Attack- Axe > Dirk > Tsuguri
    --> NOTE: Keep your dirk and upgrade it as much as possible. Dirk is
good for small monsters will Tsuguri is best for medium sized ones.

POWER Attack - Axe > Dirk > 2-Handed Axe
Shield       - Guard > Buckler
Body Armour  - Cotton Shirt > OPTIONAL: Leather Jacker > G-Strings/ Woodenmail >
Head Armour  - [Mr Smile Mask] + Cap > Googles / Helm
         - Beard > Iron Cain
Robe         - Hood> OPTIONAL:Muffler > Manteau > Cape' o'Old Marquess
Foot         - Sandals > Boots
Accessories  - 2 Necklaces

Shield: Guard - Buckler
Armor : Leather Jacket - Mantle - Ninja Suit (Thief Clothes If You Will Not Get
Helmet: Hat - Sakkat - Feather Bonnet/Angel Band
Head MId - Sunglasses - Binoculars/Phantom of Opera
Head Lower - Beard - Iron Cain
Robe : Hood - Manteau - Cape'o'Old Marquess
Shoes : Sandals - Boots


Increase Weight Limit
Requirements: NONE
Skill  Usage: Passive

Level 1                                    +100  Weight Limit
Level 2                                    +200  Weight Limit
Level 3                                    +300  Weight Limit
Level 4                                    +400  Weight Limit
Level 5                                    +500  Weight Limit
Level 6                                    +600  Weight Limit
Level 7                                    +700  Weight Limit
Level 8                                    +800  Weight Limit
Level 9                                    +900  Weight Limit
Level 10                                   +1000 Weight Limit

Comments: Stop at level 5. Its redundant once you reach level 5 since you can
get a cart.

Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 3
Skill  Usage: Passive

Level 1                                    Store Price -7%
Level 2                                    Store Price -9%
Level 3                                    Store Price -11%
Level 4                                    Store Price -13%
Level 5                                    Store Price -15%
Level 6                                    Store Price -17%
Level 7                                    Store Price -19%
Level 8                                    Store Price -21%
Level 9                                    Store Price -23%
Level 10                                   Store Price -24%

Comments: The entire point of getting a Merchant. Max this FIRST. Don't touch
anything else first. This is great and you'll really marvel at how much money
you save on equip. Can also help others by discounting for them in shops. E.G.
Open Chat Room: DISCOUNTING FOR U 15% when you've got 24% lets say. People will
still take up the offer and that way, you'll earn money. Make sure they pay the
money you'll earn as deposit first though.

Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 3
              Discount              Level 3
Skill  Usage: Passive

Level 1                                    Item Sell Price + 7%
Level 2                                    Item Sell Price + 9%
Level 3                                    Item Sell Price + 11%
Level 4                                    Item Sell Price + 13%
Level 5                                    Item Sell Price + 15%
Level 6                                    Item Sell Price + 17%
Level 7                                    Item Sell Price + 19%
Level 8                                    Item Sell Price + 21%
Level 9                                    Item Sell Price + 23%
Level 10                                   Item Sell Price + 24%

Comments: As great as DC, this allows you to get MAXIMUM profits from the stuff
you pick up and stuff you've already bought. You can also get a job as OCer.
E.G. Open Chat Room: EXTRA EARNINGS FOR U 15% when you've got 24%. People will
still take up the offer and viola! You've earned some easy cash. This is safer
to, since, if you pay the guy first for his items, you won't have to worry about
him backing out. Get the picture?

Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 5
Skill  Usage: Passive

Level 1                                    Allows use of Cart
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10                                   Normal Walking Speed

    CART PRICES (last I checked):
        Prontera --> 800z
        Alberta  --> 900z
        Payon    --> 950z

Comments: You'll walk so SLOW at the beginning, but for the sake of a shop and
the things you can carry in it- its worth it. On top of that, you've got that
Cart Revolutions Skill...refer to Quests That Merchants Should Do for more info
=). You should level it to three the moment you've done with DC AND OC. Put as
much in this as possible.

Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 5
              Pushcart              Level 3
              A Pushcart
Skill  Usage: Active (sorta)

Level 1                                    3  Item Slots
Level 2                                    4  Item Slots
Level 3                                    5  Item Slots
Level 4                                    6  Item Slots
Level 5                                    7  Item Slots
Level 6                                    8  Item Slots
Level 7                                    9  Item Slots
Level 8                                    10 Item Slots
Level 9                                    11 Item Slots
Level 10                                   12 Item Slots

Comments: Greatest feature of Merchants- The ability to open a shop. I mean,
just get it to level 1, buy 400 red pots, 200 wing of flys and 50 orange potions
from a NPC, camp right next to him (prefereably near some battle place E.G
Culvert [the sewers] ), and go do your own stuff for an hour. Come back and
everything is sold (if you have no competitors of course)! Imagine- You cna
leave the game to itself.

For those who wish to leave the game for LONG periods of time, and I've seen
long (a whole day), max this out once DC and OC are done, even before you max
out the Pushcart skill. For those who just wish, like the above scenario, to
sell pots and wings (convenience store), just have this at, max, level 3. I feel
that level 3 is more than enough for you to earn enough money to cover the cost
of the cart, the effort you've put in and enough to get you new equip each time
you set up store- if you do it right =).

    Suggestions: Give an attracting name to your store. Something GOOD.
Don't give stuff like: Mark's Shop =) . It may look cute, but it doesn't attract
the customers quick enough. You'll find that something a little *rude* and
*loud* may be more suitable, something like: OMG Cheapest RED POTS or some free
advertising, like RED POTS 42z, WINGS 48z!

Requirements: None
Skill  Usage: Active (5 SP)

Level 1                                    150% Damage, costs  100z
Level 2                                    200% Damage, costs  200z
Level 3                                    250% Damage, costs  300z
Level 4                                    300% Damage, costs  400z
Level 5                                    350% Damage, costs  500z
Level 6                                    400% Damage, costs  600z
Level 7                                    450% Damage, costs  700z
Level 8                                    500% Damage, costs  800z
Level 9                                    550% Damage, costs  900z
Level 10                                   600% Damage, costs 1000z

Comments: Wellll...good skill to have, of course. Shows the supremacy of
Merchants over those weakling Swordsman =). I don't really like this skill. I
mean, its only for people who have too much money and want to get rid of it
quick. Its useful only, I guess, against boss characters. DO NOT USE against
normal mobs! That'll be a great waste. If you plan on fighting boss chars, this
is the skill for you. Just stock up on zeny and pots!

            *Thief Skills Build*

            5    Increase Weight Limit
            10   Discount
            10   Overcharge
            10   Pushcart
            3    Vending
            2    Mammonite
                NOTE: The skills got through quests don't take
up skill points!


Leveling Stages-
    10-30 Culvert (Get there by going Prontera, North West, Sign up with
Clean-Up department, and get TELEPORTED 1 west of Prontera. To enter, talk to
Sewage Guard just slightly south west. Great place. Can save at Kapra Girl and
buy red pots and stuff from Merchants there)
    30-40 Smokies, Elder Willows (Find the first 2 at Payon, take south est
exit. Loads of people there but still worth the training) --> hard, tiring
fighting, but worth it. Stock up on red pots. Training is harder than before,
but more rewarding (I guess)
    40-45 Ant Hell
    45-50 Ant Hell, Orcs
    50-55 Orc Dungeon, Bigfoots

            Good luck with your leveling!

      Additional Quests


Cart Revolution
SP: 12

Description: Magnum Break-like skill of Merchant. Damage is
calculated depending of current weight of equipped Cart (no cart, skill
+ 150% of normal attack. Powerful!!!

Job Req: Merchant Lv35 or higher
Items: 30 Iron (from Steel Chonchon)
       30 Sticky Mucus (Poporing, Poring, Roda Frog)
       20 Fly Wing (Chonchon, or buy from Tool Dealer obviously)
       5 Tentacle (Hydra)
       2 Grape Juice

Quest: Talk to NPC Gershaun at the Alberta Ship. You need a Banana Juice to get
him to tell you about the ingredients but if you already have all the items,
you won't need the juice.

Comments: Great damage especially for battle types! Highly recommended for you
to do.

Change Cart
SP: 40

Description: Change appearance of cart depending on job level. There are 5 types
of carts. Well, you can use this to not get bored with the usual cart.

Job Req: Merchant 30 or higher
Items: 50 Trunk (Elder Willow, Myst, Myst Case)
       10 Iron (Steel Chonchon)
       20 Animal SKin (Baby Desert Wolf, Tarou, etc.)

Quest: Talk to NPC Shailon in northwest Alberta near a lamppost.

Comments: Just for looks. You can ignore this skill.

Crazy Uproar
SP: 8

Description: Yell to add 4 points to STR for 5 minutes. A good bonus for low SP
and long time.

Job Req: Merchant 15 or higher
Items: 7 Pearl (Cookie X-mas, Myst Case, Buy from Morroc)
       50 Mushroom Spore (Spore, Poison Spore, any Mushroom)
       1 Banana Juice

Quest: Talk to an NPC near the item shop in Alberta.

Comments: Average Skill, the pearls are expensive but I guess the boosts are
worth it.


Juice Quest (especially Apple Juice

Items:     Meat
    As many empty bottles as you can get
    As many fruits as you can get (APPLES, banana, grape, carrot)

Go to the PVP Room (south east inn) in Prontera and climb up to
the second floor. Talk to the son. Show him the meat, then ignore him. Talk to
the mother. Now, you can create juices in the Payon PVP room. It is found at due
East, at a building past the place three women are standing around talking.

Comments: I highly recommend you to do this quest for the apple juices, which
can sell at high prices to pet owners you wish to feed their Porings. All other
juices can be sold at price of around 50z-70z I guess. Really up to you. If you
don't want to make fruit juices, which may take a while to sell, you can make
Red Pots instead with 1 Empty Bottle +1 Red Herb at the NPC at Alberta where you
got your products for the Merchant quest =).

Thanks too all the Ragnarok Guides in the world, you gave me the templates, the
information, the encouragement and the inspiration to do this simple Battle
Merchant guide.

Thanks to you for reading it =).

Thanks to my Mom for letting me do this till 12.39 in the morning =). Kudos to
my parents!


    Contact me to give errors, suggestions and comments to Please entitle it with something like: "Merchant Guide
Error Report" or somethign along those lines (official-looking basically) or
I'll delete it. No porn, no scam sent please!


    1. The Battle Merchant Guide may be quoted in any form (written, visual,
electronic, or audio), up to and inclusive of 50 (50) sentences without my
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    2. Notice of copyright must appear!

    3. Quotation and/or reprints in excess of five hundred (500) sentences,
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You can use this guide for personal use, but for anything else please consult

                    -= THE END =-