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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ragnarok Rogue FAQs/ Rogue Guide

Sojirosai- Rogue FAQ
Version 1

Table of Contents

I. Version History

II. Introduction

III. Getting Started

IV. Becoming a Thief

V. Thief Builds

VI. Equipment

VII. Thief Skills

VIII. Rogue Skills

IX. Where to Level

I. Version History

December 20, 2002- first began

II. Introduction

Ok, Hi.  My name is Sojirosai and welcome to my Ragnarok Online (RO) Rogue FAQ!
I will try to keep this as updated as I can so all of you fans of Rogues will
get all the information needed to become one!


Please if you see any mistakes in this FAQ, or have something that i can add,
don't hesitate to E-mail me at .


System Requiremenets:

-Pentium II 400 MHz or higher
-Direct Sound Compatible/Support 3D sound Effects
-Must have 3d graphic capabilites onboard, with 8MB of Video Ram or more.
Supported kinds are:
       NVidia RIVA TNT series, GeForce 1, 2 series
       Matrox G200, G400 series
       3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 or above
       S3 Savage 3D, Savage 4, Savage 2000 competable series
       ATI Radeon or above
-Microsoft DirectX 8.0, Windows 95/98/ME/2000

If you have anything better than this than the game will probably run faster

Once you have downloaded the game from the Ragnarok Website
AND registered (Registration opens again sometime in February) Then you start
the game
and the first thing that appears is the Patch Server. It will take a few minutes
download some of the patches but it will be well worth it once you've played the
After it has downloaded then read the Ragnarok Notice, so that you now what's
going on at
the moment, and click "Start Game". The first thing you'll see is the
You can read it if you like but it's just like all of the other "I AGREE"
you've probably seen. Once clicking AGREE it will pop up the character screen,
it all begins. Just click on one of the big empty boxes and hit CREATE. It will
bring you to the "Creation Center" where you can choose your characters Hair
Hair color, and their Beginning Stats.

The beginning stats is the one of the most important things you'll use to decide
job you want to be. For this FAQ we will, of course, be using thief as the job
to start

(from here goto the THIEF BUILDS section of this FAQ and deside which type of
you want to be, then come back here)

Once you have done all that, you will appear in front of a castle. Go inside and
guard will ask you if you want to go ahead and start playing, or go inside and
more about the game. I suggest you go inside. Talk to the people behind the
to see what you need to do. Eventualy you'll get to a spot where you take a
should be them telling you that they suggest you be a thief. Go along with what
they say
and  you should leave the castle with about 200z and some stuff to help you
along the
trail to becomeing a thief. You should appear in Morroc, the thief town. If not,
then just
fight the mosters around the area untill you have about 1000z so you can buy a
warp to
Morroc. Then just fight Drops, ChonChons, and Pickys untill you reach Job Level
9. Once
you have become Job Lv. 9 then you are ready to become a thief.


Once you have become Job Lv. 9 and in Morroc, goto the North-east Exit of the
town and
continue North-east untill you are in front of the Pyrimids. You might see a
couple people
sitting out side of the entrance. When you are completely healed go inside, and
go to the
very center of the Maze. You'll see a portal going downstairs into the thief
guild. Go into
all of the doors until you find a room with two people behind a counter. This is
where you
Register to become a thief. But that isn't it, Oh no... You still have to take a
small quest
to see if you have what it takes to be a thief.

The Thief guild will tell you to goto the farm and "steal" mushrooms. To do
this, you will
leave the pyrymids and outside, towards the center of the map, will see a guy
"Bogus Man". Talk to him and he will warp you to the farm where your supposed to
steal the
mushrooms. You are to get 25 "POINTS". The point work out to:

Net Mushrooms: 3 Points
Gooey Mushrooms: 1 Point

Once you have collected them then goto the south of the map and you'll find the
from there on go back into the Pyrimids, into the center of the maze, and into
Thief guild. There you will talk to the same person you talked to for
registration and
you will finally become A THIEF!!


-=Agility Thief=-

This is probably the thief you'll see the most of in RO world.
Set your starting stats to 9 STR, 9 AGI, 1 VIT, 1 INT, 9 DEX, and 1 LUK.

10 - STR
10 - DEX
30 - AGI
20 - STR
40 - AGI
20 - DEX
50 - AGI
30 - STR
30 - DEX
60 - AGI
40 - STR
70 - AGI
40 - LUK
50 - STR

-=Vitality Thief=-

You you really want to have awesome vitality and hp regeneration, then I suggest
that you be a swordsman but, you can always just be a VIT Thief.
Start with stats at 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, and 1 LUK.

10 STR
10 DEX
25 VIT
15 DEX
35 VIT
20 STR
20 DEX
60 VIT
30 STR
80 VIT
25 DEX
40 STR
100 VIT
40 DEX
100 STR

And finally

-=Dexterity Thief=-

This build is most of the time used for Bow thieves. It makes you more like an
but as Weggy said, "what does that matter if you have piss poor range?"
Start with stats at 9 STR, 9 AGI, 1 VIT, 1 INT, 9 DEX, and 1 LUK.

39 DEX
20 AGI
48 DEX
30 AGI
58 DEX
40 AGI
80 DEX
70 AGI
90 DEX
98 DEX
99 AGI
10 LUK



Double Attack:

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 5% to double attack
Level 2 : 10% to double attack
Level 3 : 15% to double attack
Level 4 : 20% to double attack
Level 5 : 25% to double attack
Level 6 : 30% to double attack
Level 7 : 35% to double attack
Level 8 : 40% to double attack
Level 9 : 45% to double attack
Level 10: 50% to double attack

Comments: Max this to Lv. 10 before everything else. This attack when working
hits the
enemy very vast and requires no SP. The greatr thing about this attack is that
it stunns
your enemy and barely alows them to hit you.

Increase Dodge:

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Flee increased by 3%
Level 2 : Flee increased by 6%
Level 3 : Flee increased by 9%
Level 4 : Flee increased by 12%
Level 5 : Flee increased by 15%
Level 6 : Flee increased by 18%
Level 7 : Flee increased by 21%
Level 8 : Flee increased by 24%
Level 9 : Flee increased by 27%
Level 10: Flee increased by 30%

Comments: This should be the 2nd thing you max out.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 SP

Level 1 : 115% Damage, 20 HP Drained per use
Level 2 : 130% Damage, 20 HP Drained per use
Level 3 : 145% Damage, 19 HP Drained per use
Level 4 : 160% Damage, 19 HP Drained per use
Level 5 : 175% Damage, 18 HP Drained per use
Level 6 : 190% Damage, 18 HP Drained per use
Level 7 : 205% Damage, 17 HP Drained per use
Level 8 : 220% Damage, 17 HP Drained per use
Level 9 : 235% Damage, 16 HP Drained per use
Level 10: 250% Damage, 16 HP Drained per use

Comments: uses the poison attribute, so may work differently on different


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20 SP

Comments: When you get this item, don't be afraid to play around with it a
You can get some pretty rare things, and don't worry, monsters don't get angery
attack when you use steal.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 10 to Hide, SP drained while hiding - less is drained in higher Hide

Comment from Weggy's Faq: This can be used for 2 reasons: Escape from a mob of
aggressives.  This is great for a Thief since AGI does NOT do well against
many enemies at once.  It also has a nasty secondary use - if a under-leveled
character is trying to kill steal from you, hide.  All of a sudden, they're
the tank for the enemy they have no business in hitting.  Do it, come back,
and laugh at them.  Serves the jerks right!!

My comment: i love that idea


Pre-requisites: Level 3 Envenom
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: (don't know yet)

Comment: pretty useless when you can just carry around a few green herbs...


Lvl 1- Lowers the Def of an enemy by 5 and Dodge rate by 10% SP-5
Lvl 2- Lowers the Def of an enemy by 7 and Dodge rate by 12% SP-6
Lvl 3- Lowers the Def of an enemy by 9 and Dodge rate by 14% SP-7
Lvl 4- Lowers the Def of an enemy by 11 and Dodge rate by 16% Sp-8
Lvl 5- Lowers the Def of an enemy by 13 and Dodge rate by 18% Sp-9

Comments: This could be a pretty good skill if your fighting enemies with high
dodge. It also uses low SP, so you can use it multiple times without having to
sit and energize.

Lvl 1- Lowers the Atk of an enemy by 5 and Dex by 3 SP-5
Lvl 2- Lowers the Atk of an enemy by 7 and Dex by 5 SP-6
Lvl 3- Lowers the Atk of an enemy by 9 and Dex by 7 Sp-7
Lvl 4- Lowers the Atk of an enemy by 11 and Dex by 9 SP-8
Lvl 5- Lowers the Atk of an enemy by 13 and Dex by 11 SP-9

Comments: Also could be of some use. This could help you with not getting hit
as hard as you could be. Use this with Halt to downsize your enemies.

Lvl 1- Lowers the Int of an enemy by 5 and SP by 20 SP-5
Lvl 2- Lowers the Int of an enemy by 7 and SP by 30 SP-6
Lvl 3- Lowers the Int of an enemy by 9 and SP by 40 SP-7
Lvl 4- Lowers the Int of an enemy by 11 and SP by 50 SP-8
Lvl 5- Lowers the Int of an enemy by 13 and SP by 60 SP-9

Comments: Could be used when fighting magical monsters. Maybe you can also
use this when PvP comes out, when fighting mages, and other magic people.

Luck Strike
Prerequisite- Halt lvl 5
If you deal the final blow with this skill, you’re Luk is upped for a certain
Double items rewarded too.
Lvl 1- 115% Max Str- 10% chance for double items- Luk + 10 for 40 seconds SP- 6
Lvl 2- 125% Max Str- 14% chance for double items- Luk + 15 for 60 seconds SP- 7
Lvl 3- 135% Max Str- 18% chance for double items- Luk + 20 for 80 seconds SP- 8
Lvl 4- 145% Max Str- 22% chance for double items- Luk + 25 for 100 seconds SP- 9
Lvl 5- 155% Max Str- 26% chance for double items- Luk + 30 for 120 seconds SP-
Lvl 6- 165% Max Str- 30% chance for double items- Luk + 35 for 140 seconds SP-
Lvl 7- 175% Max Str- 34% chance for double items- Luk + 39 for 165 seconds Sp-
Lvl 8- 185% Max Str- 38% chance for double items- Luk + 42 for 195 seconds SP-13
Lvl 9- 195% Max Str- 42% chance for double items- Luk + 44 for 240 seconds SP-14
Lvl 10- 205% Max Str- 46% chance for double items- Luk + 45 for 300 seconds

Comments: This is probably the money maker of all the Rogue skills. Your LUK
goes up
for a short pperiod of time, and you also have a chance to get a rare drop.

Negation Trickery
Prerequisite- Enfeeble lvl 5
Lvl 1- 1% of hits are only 50% taken- lasts 60 seconds SP- 10
Lvl 2- 2% of hits are only 45% taken- lasts 75 seconds SP- 11
Lvl 3- 3% of hits are only 40% taken- lasts 90 seconds SP- 13
Lvl 4- 4% of hits are only 35% taken- lasts 105 seconds SP- 15
Lvl 5- 5% of hits are only 30% taken- lasts 120 seconds SP- 18
Lvl 6- 6% of hits are only 25% taken- lasts 135 seconds SP- 21
Lvl 7- 7% of hits are only 20% taken- lasts 150 seconds SP-25
Lvl 8- 8% of hits are only 15% taken- lasts 165 seconds Sp-29
Lvl 9- 9% of hits are only 10% taken- lasts 180 seconds SP-34
Lvl 10- 10% of hits are only 5% taken- lasts 195 seconds SP-40

Comments: An Acolite has heal...Rogues have this. You can use it on other rogues
wane the attack power of your enemy or someone else's.

Vorpal Slash
Prerequisite- Enfeeble lvl 5, Halt, lvl 5
Lvl 1- 120% Max Str- enemy moves 15% slower SP-10
Lvl 2- 135% Max Str- enemy moves 20% slower SP-11
Lvl 3- 150% Max Str- enemy moves 25% slower SP-12
Lvl 4- 175% Max Str- enemy moves 30% slower SP-13
Lvl 5- 190% Max Str- enemy moves 35% slower SP-14
Lvl 6- 205% Max Str- enemy moves 40% slower SP-15
Lvl 7- 220% Max Str- enemy moves 45% slower SP-16
Lvl 8- 235% Max Str- enemy moves 50% slower SP-17
Lvl 9- 250% Max Str- enemy moves 55% slower SP-18
Lvl 10- 265% Max Str- enemy moves 60% slower SP-19

Comments: Uses low SP and slows down the enemy so that you can get in more hits.

Prerequisite- Luck Strike lvl 2, Negation Trickery lvl 2, Vorpal Slash lvl 2
Can use on other Rouges. Lasts for 180 seconds.
Lvl 1- Each Attack does 4% more damage and has 2% chance to steal item SP- 15
Lvl 2- Each Attack does 8% more damage and has 4% chance to steal item SP- 17
Lvl 3- Each Attack does 12% more damage and has 6% chance to steal item SP- 19
Lvl 4- Each Attack does 16% more damage and has 8% chance to steal item SP-21
Lvl 5- Each Attack does 15% more damage and has 10% chance to steal item SP-23

Comments: You hit harder, and get some rare stuff at he same time.

Ability Absorption
Prerequisite- Drain lvl 5
Takes 1 skill from another player.
Lvl 1- Learn a lvl 1 spell from opponent for 8 minutes SP- 25
Lvl 2- Learn a lvl 1-2 spell from opponent for 10 minutes SP- 30
Lvl 3- Learn a lvl 1-3 spell from opponent for 12 minutes SP- 35
Lvl 4- Learn a lvl 1-4 spell from opponent for 14 minutes SP- 40
Lvl 5- Learn a lvl 1-5 spell from opponent for 16 minutes SP- 45

Comments: This is the attack that I'm excited about. Use this to give an enemy
a taste of his own medicine.


10-15    Culvert, Rockerfield
15-20    Culvert, Rockerfield, Desert
20-25    Culvert, Mandragora Forest
25-30    Culvert
30-35    Smokies
35-40    Smokies, Elderwillows, Yoyos
40-45    Smokies, Ant Hell, Orcs, Anacondaqs
45-50    Ant Hell, Orcs, Anacondaqs
50-55    Bigfoots, Sohee, Eggrya, Orc Dungeon10-15    Culvert, Rockerfield


50-55    Bigfoots, Sohee, Eggrya, Orc Dungeon
55-60    Hode, Frilldora, Bigfoots, Sohee, Mantis
60-65    Payon 3-4, Biblan 3
65-80    Coal Mine 2, Payon 3-4, Pyra 3-4
80+       Pyra 3-4, Payon 5, Sphinx, Hidden Temple, Petite

After that, you should probably find/start a party to fight with


Weggy and Jufluco for allowing me to use some of the data they have collected
and put it on my FAQ

Gravity, For making such an awesome game

You People, for reading this

and for letting me share this FAQ with the world