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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Dagger Assassin Guide

Thanks to AnjingBalap for this guide!

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Dagger Assassin Guide - By AnjingBalap
  - U'll B Dead B4 I Need 2 Dodge -

Version history:
1.0 : Burn off 60% of my brain to create this. Good one for the basis rite?
1.1 : Added elemental section in equipment thingie.
      Tidy things up
      Correction with Falcon attack in PvP
2.0 : Added Frequenly Asked Question
      Added Optional (Godly) Equipment
2.1 : Added Dagger Preparation section
      Added Elemental Stacking
      Useless Gladius IS GONE!!!
      better PvP strategy, Thanks admira!

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction.
II.   The Builds.
      A. The AGI/STR Build.
      B. THE STR/AGI/VIT Build.
III.  The Daggersin Arsenal.
      A. Dual Wielding Style.
      B. Weapon and Shield Style.
IV.   Skills.
      A. Thief.
      B. Assassin.
V.    Equipment.
      A. Armory.
        1. Defense against Normal attack.
        2. Defense against Magic attack.
      B. Weaponry.
        1. Right Hand (The master hand).
        2. Left Hand (The Slave hand).
        3. Elite Daggersin's Weaponry sets.
      C. The Cards
        1. On Armor
            a) Headgear
            b) Garment
            c) Armor
            d) Shield
            e) Footgear
            f) Accessory.
        2. On Weaponry
            a) Harmful to Element properties.
            b) Harmful to spesific race.
            c) Harm Sizes.
            d) Cursing.
            e) Others.
      D, Elements
      E. What to Buy First??
VI.   Where to Level.
VII.  Get the best of your Daggersin!
      A. Extreme STR.
      B. Extreme ASPD + Flee.
      C. Extreme Equipment
VIII. PvP-ing with daggersin.
      A. Vs VIT type.
      B. VS AGI type.
      c. VS Wizzard.
      D. VS Hunter.
      E. Vs another Daggersin.
      F. Vs Support Priest
      G. The Garment Trick.
IX.   Do not do this list.
X.    Frequently Asked Questions
XI.   Thanks.
XII.  Legal Stuff that only somebody~got~no~better~thing~to~do reads.
XIII. About Me.

I. Introduction
I started to write this FAQ because...  o well I got nothing better to do  in
my work hour :D.. and I found that this build  (daggersin) is the most complex
build of all assassin (err maybe all character in RO) in some ways and very
simple in the other ways.

This guide is heavily based on how can you maximized your character to the
fullest therefore I’m not going to give you information about where to level or
how to become a thief or an assassin you can find it on other’s FAQ. In short
this guide was created only for SERIOUS dagger assassin ONLY.

If later you ask me why cant it be dagger-sword assassin, in my opinion, you
should not sacrifice your aspd and double attack chance by using sword. Assassin
was destined to use dagger (and let’s not talk about axes ok?).
I'll explain more about this later.

This is my first time writing guides in English so excuse my poor English ok?

The daggersin has their own pros and cons:

- MASSIVE damage (4 digit damage is expected).
- Stays longer in the solo hunting, if you die you should be ashamed!
- Fast leveler at 70+ Compare to other.
- The only build that can have 7 card Slots in weaponry.
- Like archer, we benefit from elemental and card simultaneously without sage.
- Our main Skill is the passive ones (Increase dodge and Double Attack skill),
  So the hotkey F1~F9 is free to use.
- Who need dodges? They'll be dead before you need to dodge.
- Dont have to worry about SP as you'll only need it for hiding, backslide,
  envenom, cloacking, erchant poison, poison react and venom dust.

- Slow aspd.
- Weak against high def monster (50 over).
- I dont know about other server, but in idRO we are underrated build, so dont
  expect priest handy spell to always at your side.

II. The Builds
What are those stats can do For Us??

  +1  base damage per point for melee weapons.
  A bonus of (Str/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Str, 25 points total) for melee weapons
  (OUR WEAPON) where Str/10 is rounded down.
  +1  base damage per 5 points for missile weapons.
  +30 carrying capacity per point of Base STR (the left hand part of STR only).
Comment: You want to slice HARD don’t ya? Just remember to aim for it per 10
         points increment including the right hands of STR points (the pluses).
     You've GOT to concentrate on this stats first!

  +1  flee per point.
  Increased ASPD per point.
Comment: Act as Offensive and Defensive stats as you got ASPD and Dodge
         Main Stats for assassin! The second stat you want to raise after STR

  +1%  to MaxHP per point.
  +0.8 weapon damage reduction (defensive) per point.
  Healing items effect increased by +2% per point.
  There is a bonus to damage reduction of rnd(0,[VIT/20]^2-1).
  There is a hidden bonus of +1 Int style MDEF per 2 points.
  Increasing VIT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by negative status
  affects like Stun, Curse, Blind, etc.
Comment: Defensive stats, nice at small portion, wasteful at large
         (You are dagger master not a lancer).

  +1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point.
Comment: Nevermind this!! leave it at 1.

  +1 to hit per point.
  Increased attack speed per point.
  +1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons.
  +1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If Dex exceeds the Atk value of
     the melee weapon, use the Atk of the melee weapon for the  min value
     (ie. max and min values become the same).
Comment: Aim for 50 including bonuses, you want your brute force to connect
         dont you?
  +1 base damage per 5 points of Luk for missile and melee weapons.
  +1 crit chance per 3 points of Luk.
  +1 "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your flee value) per
     10 points of Luk.
Comment: Interestingly daggersins is the only build that DOESN'T very thrill
     with critical hits as double slash will do much greater damage than
         crit does, fortunately at lvl 10 double attack skill, 50% of your hit
         will double slash so you only got half crit from what was shown by
         your status window. Use it just to get the lucky dodge.
for the beggining.... I think I was going like:

STR 40
AGI 20
DEX 10

so I was going for STR first and figures you dont need much dodges if you can
kill fast.

and choose your path:
A. The AGI/STR Build
STR    74
AGI    99
VIT    1   
INT    1
DEX    42
LUK    1

This build will take you to lvl 94. from here you can choose between STR or VIT.
Pros:    Good ASPD, High Flee best for solo-ing or tanking.
Cons:    less damaging. Slow Levelling.
*NOT RECOMENDED... if you wanna aspd then go katar!

STR    94-99 (110 with bonus and equip so choose wisely)
AGI    75-77
VIT    18-38
INT    1
DEX    42
LUK    1

This build takes you to lvl 98.
Pros:    PvP monster (if you got the right gear) and MVP wise.
Cons:    Less aspd and flee.

Why not STR 99 AND AGI 99? You need DEX man! What good if you slice hard and
fast but it's doesn't connect?

Well, You really do not have to follow these builds, it is entirely up to your
choice. You could even go 99 INT and 99 VIT and people still call you an
assassin (an idiot* one, i think).

*=the assassin, not the people**
**=come to think of that, maybe the people also***
***=I really should stop making footnotes on footnotes -_-".

III. The Daggersin Arsenal

A. Dual Wielding Style

Assassins have the unique ability of being able to wield a weapon in each hand.
This means 2 x One-Hand Axes, 2 x Daggers, 2 x Swords, 1 Axe + 1 Dagger, 1 Axe
+ 1 Sword or 1 Dagger + 1 Sword.

While dual wielding, the damage from each weapon is reduced. The damage from the
Right-Hand weapon is calculated as 50% + 10% x Right Hand Mastery Skill Level,
while the damage of the Left-Hand weapon is calculated as 30%+10% x Left Hand
Mastery Skill Level. If the right-hand weapon is a Dagger, then that weapon
benefits from the Double Attack skill as well.

The speed of each weapon is also changed. The modifier to the number of attacks
per period of time is ((Right Handed Speed + Left Handed Speed)/2 x 1.5). Each
weapon class has it's own speed modifier. For a Dagger it is 0.5. For a Sword it
is 0.55. For an Axe it is 0.625.

This translates into the follow calculation for ASPD:
200 - (WeaponDelay/((Right Handed Speed + Left Handed Speed)/2 x 1.5))x(250 -
AGI - [DEX/4])/250.

While Daggers have the worst size modifier, they are still the fastest of the
dual wielded weapons and benefit from Double Slash (although only on the Right
Hand!), this makes them the most popular weapon to Daggersin by far. There is a
special rule with regards to card modifiers and elemental properties on weapons.
The effects of cards apply only to the right-hand weapon. The effects of an
element on the left-hand do not apply to the right-hand. This means that you
should use an elemental weapon on the right hand and a carded weapon in your
left hand or carded weapons in both hands to get the best effect.

B. Weapon and Shield Style

An assassin still has the ability to fight with a shield and weapon. While you
gain none of the offensive benefits of the other styles, a carded shield can
help at the extremes of physical tanking. Sacrificing your damage done to reduce
the damage taken while tanking keeps the healing requirements manageable and
allows a party to go to harder places than it otherwise would. Tanking is when
you attract the wrath of all monsters while another character hits them from

Archers, Hunters, Magicians and Wizards tend to be able to outdamage an Assassin
of equal or lesser level, but are quite inferior when it comes to dodging blows
and soaking damage.

At the least, a +4 Buckler of Athena (Ambernite card) will add 10 Defense. This
can easily be enough to put an Assassin over 50 Defense, reducing overall damage
by 17%. With anti-family cards, that reduce the damage from a particular family
of monsters by 30%, you can cut the damage you take per hit by almost 38%.

IV. Skills
A. Thief
Increase Dodge Level 10
    Increases flee by 3 x Skill Level, 30 Flee at lvl 10.
    Important to MAX this! As this subtats (flee) will be our main weapon.
Double Slash Level 10
    Gives chance to hit twice with a single swing of a Dagger class weapon
    equal to 5% x Skill Level, 50% chance at Lvl 10.
    In the case of an Assassin wielding two Dagger
    class weapons, it applies to the right-hand weapon only. This will be
    our main skill.
Envenom Level 10
    An attack that adds 15xSkill Level damage (unmodified by Armor and Vit
    Def) to your normal damage. 150 damage bonus at Lvl 10.
    This bonus damage is always inflicted, whether your character lands a
    normal hit or not. Envenom has chances to inflict poison status on
    target (rising with skill level? Unknown). Undead and Bosses cannot be
    poisoned. This will be our "bash".
Steal Level 5
    Attempts to "steal" an item from the targeted monster. Only items
    dropped by the monster can be stolen. A successful Steal attempt will
    not affect what is dropped when the monster dies. After success, it is
    not possible to Steal again from the same monster. Boss monsters and
    those affected by the Frozen and Stone Curse effects cannot be stolen
Hiding Level 2
    Toggles the hide effect on the character on/off. Toggling the hide
    effect off consumes no sp. Hidden characters cannot move, attack or use
     any skill and do not regenerate HP or SP. The hide affect makes a
    character invisible to other players and monsters. This stops skills and
    spells that are targeted at you from working (those with casting times
    fail) and anything attacking you stops (assuming that their last hit
    doesn't hit you and reveal you!). Area affect skills and spells can
    still hit you. Insects, Demons and Boss monsters are not affected by the
    hide affect. If you get hit by anything while hiding, you will be
    revealed. Improve Concentration, Ruwach and Sight are all capable of
    revealing hidden characters

And go find another 3 skill to get you to Job Lvl 40.
B. Assassin
Right Hand Mastery Level 5
    Damage on the right-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is 50% + 10%
    x Skill Level. 100% at lvl 5.
Left Hand Mastery Level 5
    Damage on the left-hand weapon while equipping two weapons is 30% + 10%
    x Skill Level. 80% at lvl 5.
Cloaking Lvl 1
    Gives character the Cloaked effect if within 1 tile of a wall. The
    Cloaked effect makes the target invisible to players and monsters, but
    they retain the ability to move. If the Cloaked character moves more
    than 1 tile away from the nearest wall, the skill ends. Cloaked
    characters cannot attack, and do not regenerate HP or SP.
    Insects, Demons and Boss monsters see through this invisibility.

That’s it!! the rest is up to you (This is the easy side of daggersins),
I would recommend to ignore katar skills and go for venom skill, then again
it’s up to you to decide.
If you go katar, make sure you have triple crit jur and 2 cobold clip
and dont forget to press alt+F4 now as you dont need to read the
rest of my guide >=D.naah... you can also take katar skills but dont expect
full potential from it.

Here's the venom skill:
Erchant Poison Lvl 5
    Gives equipped weapons the Poison property. Changing or removing either
    weapon cancels the effect for every weapon affected. Every hit while the
    Enchant Poison effect is running has a 2% + 1%*[(Skill Level+1)/2]
    chance of causing the Poison effect to the target.
Poison React Lvl 10
    Attempts to counter the first poison attack made while the skill is
    active. The success rate is 50%. The counter attack is a normal hit with
    an ATK of 100% +30% x Skill Level (400% at lvl 10).
    Adding levels in this skill gives a passive damage increase to the Venom
    Splasher skill of 20% x Skill Level (200% at Lvl 10).Creates a poison
    cloud covering tiles vertically and horizontally adjacent to target
    Anything except a Boss entering the cloud or standing in the cloud
    receives the Poison effect (thus the effect is virtually permanent while
    the cloud persists and a target remains in the cloud).
Venom Dust Lvl 10
    Creates a poison cloud covering tiles vertically and horizontally
    adjacent to target tile. Anything except a Boss entering the cloud or
    standing in the cloud receives the Poison effect (thus the effect is
    virtually permanent while the cloud persists and a target remains in the
    cloud). Great for WoE!
Venom Splasher Lvl 10
    Turns target into a poison bomb. Target must be in poisoned status, and
    have less than 2/3 HP. When skill is used, a timer appears above the
    target. If the target is hit before the timer finishes, then the skill
    is cancelled. If the skill is successful, then the target takes a poison
    property hit at an ATK of 200% + 20% x Skill Level, and surrounding 3x3
    area takes 25% splash damage. In addition, the Poison React skill
    passively adds 20% x Skill Level to the total damage. Finally, weapon
    elements and weapon cards do not improve the damage. So with Lvl 10
    POison react and Venom splasher will deliver 600% damage.   

V. Equipment
Now let’s get to the serious part, the equipment. For viewing sake, I’m going to
split this section into four parts: Armory, Weapon, Cards and Suggestion about
which to get first.

A. Armory
1. Defence against Normal attack (everyday hunting/PvP vs Melee)
Head        - Anything that looks cool (grab googles for defence).
Garment        - Slotted Muffler with Whisper card.
            For Everyday hunting and PvP.
        - Slotted Manteau with Raydric card.
            For MVP hunt.
Armor        - Slotted Chain Mail + Steel Chon Card
            You got full plate for assassin!! Yipe!
Foot Gear       - Slotted Boots + Martyr Card
            12% extra HP wont hurt.
Accessory       - 2x Clip + Yoyo card.
            - 2x Clip (or ancient ring) + Mantis card.
Shield        - Sloted Buckler + Thara Frog card.
            For PvP purposes only.

2. Defence against Magic attack (PvP or Magic caster Monster)
Head        - Joker Jester.
Garment        - Ragamuffin Manteau.
Armor        - Slotted Silk Robe + Marc Card.
Footgear        - HighHeels (if U’re female character, use Crystal Pumps).
Accessory       - 2x Rosary, non slotted ones that bought from sanctuary.

Of Course You should upgrade these when its possible
(when you’re rich or just happens to have elumunium).

B. Weaponry
First, I would like to explain the rules of dual wielding weapon again:
- The cards on left hand effect the right hand.
- The cards on right hand dont effect the left hand.
- Elemental properties of both hand DONT effect each other
  (no point in using elemental weapon in left hand).
- You CANT hit with right hand and miss with left hand
  (they are counted as one event).
- With full mastery, the right hand deliver 100% damage while the left hand
  deliver 80%.
- Only Right hand deliver Double Slash skill.
- Left hand won't deliver Double slash even with sidewinder card.

1. Right Hand (The master hand)

- Elemental set of Damascus.
    Better go after Wind and Fire first as Water and Earth is less used.
    Specially when erchant poison is better for lvl 1 and 2 elemental
- Gladius + 3x Hydra.
    Lets toast Someone in PvP.
- Gladius + 3x SkelWorker
    Got priest? Pair this with you and off your MG Skel Worker  go to Glast
    heim With aspersio (holy element + 7x15% damage! go figure!!)
    Another element stacking possible is Poison with erchant poison! see
    my elements section for reference. And when SAGE job is out you'll be
- Gladius + 3x Minourus
    Same as 3x skelworker but less choice of monter
- Gladius + 3x Desert Wolf
    Drainliar, cramp, brilight and much more pesky little monster.   

Upgrade this when you got Oridechon or got rich!

2. Left Hand (The Slave hand)
U got one rule: ONLY USE MAIN GAUCHE (or another 4 slotted dagger class weapon),
except when your're in PvP and use Cranial Buckler, and fill the slot with:

- 4x Skel Worker card.
    All arounder weapon as most of monster is Medium sized.
    Best used with Fire Damascus to take GH undead monster.
- 4x Hydra card.
    Take on Spinx and you also can be a PvP god!,
    for PvP you should pair it with Gladius + 3xMummy
- 4x Goblin card.
- 4x Anacondaq card.
- 4x HunterFly card.
    Need HP?
- 4x Drainliar card.
    Own byaland!! Pair this with Wind Damascus.
- 4x Mummy card
    Sure you will need this!

Another MG 4xcard to use is:
(you really dont have to own these unless you wanna have complete weaponry set
against all RO's monter)

- 4x Kaho card (I dont think it is existed yet)
- 4x Mandragora card
- 4x Santa Poring card
- 4x Vadon card
- 4x Caramel card
- 4x Flora card
- 4x PecoPecoEgg card
- 4x Petite card
- 4x Scorpion card
- 4x Strouf card
- 4x Orc Skeleton card
- 4x Desert Wolf card*
- 4x Minorous card*

and PvP MG's:
- 4x Magnolia
- 4x Metaller
- 4x Savage Babe
- 4x Farmiliar

*=Not recomended but good for "beginner daggersin"

Upgrade with prachon till +7, U don’t need +8 +9 or +10 on your left hand.

3. Elite Daggersin's Weaponry sets
If you really want to max out your damage, then use my Rule.

Right Hand: (A)Element Damascus or Size harm Gladius
Left Hand: Main Gauche with (B)(B)(C)(C) card

(A) Is element that damage modifier corresponds to monster's element OR triple
    carded GLADIUS with 15% harm size if you go element stacking! (element
    stacking will be described later)
(B) Is cards that give 20% bonus damage to monster's element
(C) Is cards that give 20% bonus damage to monster's race

got it?
Ok I’ll give you an example:

Let's say you want to hunt Maya, it's Large sized, Earth 4 element and it come
from insect race.


(A) is Fire element
(B) is Kaho card
(C) is Caramel card

so the weapon should be:

Fire Damacus (Right Hand) and Main gauche + (2x Kaho card) + (2x Caramel card)
on your left.

This will give you 392% damage of your original attack (784% if you count the
double slash)

These specific main gauche is better than the 4xcard's damage modifier as
4x kaho card or 4x caramel card gives you 360% damage of your original attack
(720% if you count the double attack).

the cons is: you gonna need LOTS of zenny and LOTS of MGs to make it, You got
8 races and 8 element, go figure! :D
(hint: 8x8 = 64!!!)

so you should only use it for:
- go MVP
- intend to level on same monster for a long time and it's HP is more than 7k

C. The Cards
Okay, lets talk about what are the benefits that the cards give on my guide

1. On Armor

a) Head Gear
- Orc Hero Card. VIT +3, Immune to Stun
    PvP purpose
- Deviruchi Card, STR +1, Immune to Blind
    Extreme STR Purpose

b) Garment
- Whisper Card, Flee +20, 5% more damage from Ghost Property attacks.
    Daggersin love flee, why wouldn't they?
- Raydric Card, 15% Resistance to Neutral Property.
    Not all the monster you can flee off, therefore you need it.

c) Armor
- Steel Chon Card, DEF +2, 5% Resistance to Wind Property.
    Makes your chainmail acts as fullplate.
- Marc Card, Immune to Freeze affect, 5% Resistance to Water Property.
    Pvp Purpose against wizard's Frost Diver.
- Picky Card, STR +1.
    Extreme STR purpose only, not that good.
- Thief Bug Card, AGI +1.
    Extreme AGI purpose only, also not that good.

d) Shield
- Ambernite Card, DEF +2.
    Tanking purposes, let the hunter and wizard deal the damage.
- Thara Frog Card, 30% Resistance to Demi-Human Family.
    Pvp purposes, player = demi-human.
- Maya Card, 30% chance to Reflect magic damage back on caster.
    Let the wizard tastes their own Jupitel Thunder.
- Horn Card, 20% Resistance to Ranged attacks.
    PvP purposes, minimalize damages from double starfes.

e) Footgear
- Male Thief Bug, AGI +2.
    Extreme AGI purposes.
- Martyr card, AGI +1, Max HP +12%.
    Nice Agi boost, awesome HP boost.

f) Accessory.
- Yoyo Card, AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +5.
    Lucky dodge means the hit doesnt connect at all.
- Mantis Card, STR +3.
    Extreme STR purpose.
- Kukre Card, AGI +2.
    Extreme AGI purpose.
- Kobold Card, STR +1, Critical +5%.
    Critical? You might want to get it after completing your dagger arsenal.

2. On Weaponry

a) Harmful to Element properties.
- Drainliar Card, 20% more damage on Water Property.
    Get it! Own byaland.
- Kaho Card, 20% more damage on Earth Property.
    I really don't know if this card exist. It's on database though.
- Mandragora Card, 20% more damage on Wind Property.
- Orc Skeleton Card, 20% more damage on Holy Property.
- Santa Poring Card, 20% more damage on Dark Property.
- Vadon Card, 20% more damage on Fire Property.

b) Harmful to spesific race.
- Anacondaq Card, 20% more damage on Poison Property.
    Get this! You can't rely on your elemental dagger against poison
    property monsters.
- Caramel Card, 20% more damage on Insect Family.
- Flora Card, 20% more damage on Amphibian Family.
- Goblin Card, 20% more damage on Brute Family.
- Hydra Card, 20% more damage on Demi-Human Family.
    Get this! cool for hunting and PvP.
- Pecopeco Egg Card, 20% more damage on Formless Family.
- Petite Card, 20% more damage on Dragon Family.
- Scorpion Card, 20% more damage on Plant Family.
- Strouf Card, 20% more damage on Demon Family.

c) Harm Sizes.
- Desert Wolf, 15% more damage on Small Size.
- Minorous Card, 15% more damage on Great Size.
    Keyword: MVP
- Skel Worker Card, 15% more damage on Medium Size.
    Get this! Most of monter in RO is medium sized.

d) Cursing.
- Familiar Card, 5% chance of Darken each attack
- Magnolia Card, 5% chance of Curse each attack
- Marina Card, 5% chance of Frozen effect each attack
- Metaller Card, 5% chance of Silence effect each attack
    Works well against wizard and priest.
- Savage Bebe Card, 5% chance of Stun each attack
    Works well against melee fighter.

e) Others.
- Mummy Card, Hit +20.
    Cover your DEX.
- Hornet Card, STR +1.
    Only for Extreme STR purposes.
- Hunterfly Card, 3% chance of Heal 15% of damage done each attack.
    Get this! You should see how fast my HP regen with 7 hunterfly cards.
- Soldier Skel Card, Critical +9%.
    IGNORE IT! You dont need this unless for your Jur!

D. Elements
Key this will be your main weapon's attitude.
Use elementals in your right hand
You can have access to these elementals:
and their damage modifier according to monter property
(i.e Undead 4 means the property of the monster is Undead and at level 4)

- Wind Elemental, (wind damascus)
    200% to Water 3 and Water 4
    175% to Water 1 and water 2
- Water Elemental, (ice damascus)
    200% to Fire 3 and Fire 4
    175% to Fire 2
    150% to Fire 1 and Undead 4
    125% to Undead 3

- Fire Elemental (fire damascus)
    200% to Earth 3, Earth 4 and Undead 4
    175% to Earth 2 and Undead 3
    150% to Earth 1 and Undead 2
    125% to Undead 1

- Earth Elemental (earth damascus)
    200% to Wind 3 and Wind 4
    175% to Wind 2
    150% to Wind 1

Now Get this!!
Elemental StackinG!!!
so you can have 7 Slots to spare!!! Expect Over 2000 damage!!
(Eat that you no brainer/effort agi/dex hunters!)
And some times its WAY better to stack an element than using elemental damas
because NOW you got 7 Slots!!

- Poison Elemental (erchant poison)
    125% to Wind 1,Earth 1,Fire 1,Wind 2,Earth 2 and Fire 2

- Holy Elemental (aspersio)
    200% to Dark 4, Undead 3 and Undead 4
    175% to Dark 3 and Undead 2
    150% to dark 2 and Undead 1
    125% to dark 1, POison 3 and POison 4
E. What to Buy First??
Okay... we're not That Rich... what to do?
Here You go:
- Aim For Defense First, I mean like buying boots, chain mail ect don’t worry
  about the slots, just buy from armor dealer until you get the slotted ones.
- As a thief You should aim for +6 Stilleto and perhaps fill the slots with
  Andre Cards. Don’t bother to overupgrade this stilleto since you wont need it
  after you have Elemental Gladius.
- Once You become an assassin, DO NOT equip your second dagger in your left hand
  if BOTH of your hand mastery isn't Lvl 5 Yet.
- Get another +6 Stilleto and equip it in your left hand once you got left and
  right hand mastery to Lvl 5.
- Once You got hold of Elemental damascus, sell that stilletos.
- If you can afford it, buy Wind elemental Damascus when you're still a thief or
  an early born assassin and get Main Gauche + 4 Drainliar card and go for
  byalan, good exp and good loots there!
- Get mocking muffler.
- Then You should aim for Fire elemental damascus and Main Gauche + 4 Skel
  worker card as they will give you sooo many hunting place to choose.
- Now get this: Triple Skel worker Gladius, Quartet hydra and/or Quartet Goblin.
- 3x Minourus Gladius and 3x Desert Wolf Gladius.
- Better get your Armor Upgraded and Inserted by Card by now.
- Complete your set of elemental Damascus and hunt almost anywhere with it.
- Feels like lacking zenny? build a merchant for OC and DC.

VI. Where to hunt?
Along with trap hunter, daggersin is a natural born adventurer so search your
levelling spot even if it not crowded. (no Bots!!! /heh)

Use the simple rule:

- Is Exp/Time balance is Good?
- Does your zenny suffer?
- Can You Endure There?
- Do You Have Fun Hunting?

A. Exp/Time
In RO you got 2 Kind of EXP... base EXP and Job EXP
The factors are:
- Spawn rate
- Your lvl
- Your Weapon (can you dish them quickly?)
- Of course, is the enemy gives good exp

You can observe this at any RO site that has monster list
Know your enemy is half way winning the battle they say!

B. Zenny
Balance Your spending for the hunt with the drops of the monster there
Make sure you save AT LEAST = Your lvl x 1000z after Your hunt
U're gonna need money for your equip!
C. Endure
Use Flee - Hit chart guys! may I recommend:
Less sitting = more exp
*cough* Hunterfly cards *cough*

D. Have FUN!
What purpose of the game if you can't have fun???

F. Another hunting tips

- Ask For Blessing, Kylie, Imposito Manus and AGI up from your priest. Specially
- If you hunt Vs Undead ask for Aspersio, but only when you dont need to change
  your dagger!
- You will be a nice tanker with shields if you got Hunter or Wizard in your
- There will be a time when you hunt, solo or party, you come to a condition
  where you need to bring a lot sets of dagger, and must frequently change them,
  what would you do? You hot key it! but there's a glinch: you can only change
  the left hand. That when the jur goes to action, Hit the jur hotkey and hit 2
  hotkeys that correspond to your dagger, viola!.

G. What daggers to bring??
Okay... now I'm going to tell you bout how are you should prepare your equipment
before starting to hunt.

1. Byaland dungeon
Use Wind damascus and quartet Drainliar MG... simple! no need to change weapon
what so ever. Unless for phenomena... use 7 Anacondaq ! I dont ecourage you go

2. Spinx
U need triple skelworker Gladius triple minourus, quartet hydra MG and quartet
goblin MG, If you don't have the MG's, then quartet skelworker will do! for
Whispers just use erchant poison. U can olso use erchant poison against minourus
and marduk (ice damascus is better unless you have triple minourus gladius) AND
DONT GO to Minourus unless you have sufficient VIT or equipped with orc hero
card! TRUST ME! If you see mimics envenom him to death!!! or maybe use quartet
mummy i dunno... never use it on spinx. If you got quartet santa poring MG!
use it! so you dont need quartet goblin and hydra (unless for minourus and

3. Orc dungeon
Fire Damascus and quartet boned for orc zombie and skel, zenorc: use wind damas
and quartet drainliar. Drainliar: just hit them! no need to change dagger for
these weaklings!

4. GH Prison/graveyard
I was almost certain that they put brilight there just to make daggersin life
miserable -_-"!. Now WE CANT ASK FOR ASPERSIO NO MORE!!! !@)(*@#)(*#$^)#$(*
okay... *ahem* now bring fire damas, quartet skelworker and quartet mummy.
you can easyly take down the undeads and for brilight and hunterflies use
quartet mummy and erchant poison! go dude!!

5. Poison property monster
Use Quartet anacondaq MG and gladius that harm size/race, if not triple
anacondaq  gladius will do. use poison react

6. High Orc/Orc Vilage
Although using elemental damascus is very tempting... erchant poison is better!
use Triple Minourus gladius for High Orc and Triple skelworker for other orc
use quartet hydra MG on your left and ... Erchant poison!!

7. Pyramids
Use spinx's dagger + Fire damas - quartet hydra if you solo here!
If you got priest, quartet skel worker with triple skelworker will do nicely
with aspersio. Do mind isis tho... she's large sized.

8. Payon cave
For the Undeads use Fire damas and quartet skelworker. For Sohees use byaland

VII. Get the best of your Daggersin!
Okay let's pull the leverage to the extreme!!
Remember, you can only choose one of these (99 STR and 99 AGI are no good):

A. Extreme STR
Head          : Goggles + Deviruchi card
Accessory     : Slotted Ring + Mantis card
Weapon        : The Elite daggerin's weaponry sets
Base STR      : 99
Job lvl       : 48 (+6 Str)
Priest        : Blessing Lvl 10

Base Str + Job bonus + Slotted ring + mantis card + goggles + deviruchi card +
blessing = 99 + 6 + 1 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 10 = 120 STR


Head Upper      : Pirate Bandana
Head Middle     : Sunglasses + Deviruchi card
Accessory       : 2x Slotted ring + Mantis card
Armor           : Chain Mail + Picky card
Left hand       : Main Gauche + 4x Hornet card
Right hand      : Elemental Damascus/carded gladius with erchant poison!
Base STR        : 99
Job lvl         : 48 (+6 Str)
Priest          : Blessing Lvl 10

Base Str + Job bonus + (Slotted ring + mantis card)x2 + Pirate bandana +
sunglasses + deviruchi card + blessing + Main gauche + (4xHornet card) + Chain
mail + picky card = 99 + 6 + (1 + 3)x2 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 10 + 0 + (4x1) + 0 + 1
= 130 STR

B. Extreme ASPD + Flee
Head          : Ghost band
Garment        : Muffler + Whisper card
Armor        : Thief’s cloth + Thief bug card
FootGear        : Boots + Male thief bug card
Accessory       : 2x Slooted brooch + Kukre card
Shield (opt)    : Buckler + Thara frog card
Base AGI        : 99
Job lvl         : 21 (+10 AGI) but you have to be base lvl 90 to wear the brooch
Priest          : AGI up Lvl 10
ASPD potion     : Awakening


ASPD            : 173.99 (Dual wielding), 182,66 (Dagger - Shield)
Flee            : Base Lvl + 183
Total AGI       : 133

C. Extreme Equipment

You got a ton of zenny and dont know what to do with it? here's some suggestion!
(I ain't got all of these so if there is any typo please let me know!)

1. Critical Arsenal
    Face it, Sometimes we want to hit the high def monster HARD! so what to
do? Use +7/+8 Jur 3xSoldier Skel card and 2x Clip + Kobold card. So you wouldn't
get 100% but 80%-ish is not bad for 1 LUK. You will make it up with your STR!!

2. Godly Equipment

These daggers are good, non slotted though

- Fortune Sword
    +20 Perfect Dodge, LUK +5, Weapon ATK = 90 (Below damascus = 118)
    Dropped by Pheeroni
    Combine with Yoyo Clip and 2 of these will get you 50 perfect dodge
        (50% of all non magic hits will be evaded perfectly)
- Assasin dagger
    SP +30, Dark Property, Weapon ATK = 125
    Dropped by Osiris
- Grimtooth
    Changes users Tendency towards Darkness (NYI), ATK = 150 <---Best!!
    Dropped by Dark Lord
- Suscamad
    Indestructible, ATK = 140
    Dropped by Pheeroni

The armor(Mostly from WoE stuff!!):

Information in this section was obtained from Reesian RO

- Thor's Belt
    Equipment type: Accessory
    Defense: 2
    Required level: 90
    Weight: 800

    +40 Strength (!)
    +7 Magic Defense

- Solar God Helm
    Equipment Type: Helmet (Upper, Mid, and Lower)
    Defense: 4
    Required Level: Any
    Weight: 240

    +3 Strength
    +2 Intelligence

- Sleipnir
    Equipment type: Shoes
    Defense: 1
    Required level: 95
    Weight: 350

    +10% Max HP/SP
    +15% SP Regen Rate
    +10 Magic Defense
    Increased Walk Rate (!)

- Bristring 
    Equipment type: Accessory
    Defense: 1
    Required level: 95
    Weight: 150

    +3 Strength
    +3 Agility
    +3 Vitality
    +3 Intelligence
    +5 Magic Defense

VIII. PvP-ing with daggersin
I only hope my rivals don’t see this Faq :p
U'll find this section gonna guide you to use your daggersin in WoE (War of
Emperium) event.

o yea, When i say "MG xxxx", it means Main Gauche 4 slots filled with xxxx card
and use it on your left hand

and when I say A armor:
Head:         - Poo poo Hat + Masquerade or,
        - Goggles/Sunglasess with Orc Hero Card
Garment        - Muffler + Whisper card AND,
        - Manteau + Raydric card
Armor        - Chain Mail + SteelChon card
Footgear    - Boots + Martyr
Accessory    - 2x Yoyo clip or,
        - 2x Ring + Mantis
Shield (opt)    - Buckler + Thara frog card

When I say B armor:   
Head        - Joker Jester (use Ribbon if u can't afford it)
Garment        - Ragamuffin Manteau
Armor        - Slotted Silk Robe + Marc Card
Footgear    - HighHeels (if U’re female character, use Crystal Pumps)
Accessory    - 2x Rosary
Shield (opt)    - Buckler + Maya card

Upgraded, of course
Don't forget to Erchant your weapon with poison.
A. Vs VIT type (VIT Knight, BattleSmith, BattlePriest)

Its a pain...
Ok first off to clear the fog... you barely have no chance of winning,
but Unlike katarsin, you WILL deliver damage faster than they can regen HP.

Try use envenom on him using (Gladius + 3x Hydra) until he's toxificied and MG
Hydra or MG HunterFly When You're low on HP You can also use MG Savage Babe too
stun him especially  BattleSmith, Watch out for Bowling bash or Mammonite!!!
Use cranial shield if his damage is hurting you.
To fight a battlepriest you should use MG Metaller, shut him up before you
change to MG hydra, and when you kill him... let me know so I can salute to U..

Use the A Armor

B. VS AGI type (AGI Knight, Battlesmith, BattlePriest, KatarSin)
First off choose (Gladius + 3x Mummy) amd MG SavageBabe once he got stunned,
change to MG Hydra and whack him! Use MG HUnterFly if U got low in HP

For AGI BattlePriest use MG Metaller, then MG SavageBabe then MG Hydra. Also
let me know when you do whack him ok?

For Katarsin, you might wanna use 4x Magnolia MG to lower his LUK to 0.

also use A Armor

c. VS Wizard
DO NOT USE CTRL+CLICK they can quag or even worse... fire wall you

When you use B armor then wizard means nothing to you! Whack him anyway you
want! My suggestion is to use MG Metaller/savagebebe/farmiliar just hit him with
bashing your mouse button repeatly so they cant lure you to the nasty firewall
I reallt recommend Farmiliar MG since most wizzie use marduk card.

Make use of hide! If you are targeted by a spell, bash that hotkey! It cancels
it, and will give you a moment's chance while the target reaches for sight. Try
hiding for only a split second, then rushing in to kill while the target is
still reaching for their sight key.

Main strategies of wizard are: Frost dive + Jupitel Thunder
They cant frost you... they're dead!

A buckler with maya card might help

If another strategy comes from the wizard, the high MDEF will eat 'em

D. VS Hunter
The secret of bashing a hunter is whether or not you can get him into melee
range. If you can... he's dead, if not... you're dead. I highly recommend you
either carry a supply of white potions or have a priest healing you, as most
hunters will have something like a 75% hit rate on you. Now the trick here is
stun, therefore use MG savage babe. A Buckler with horn card might help.
Otherwise, use A armor.
May I suggest using farmiliar MG? blind = less range! or else use sand attack.

E. Vs Another Daggersin
Just a matter of lvl, Equipment and strategy

F. Vs Support Priest
Usually people attack on priest only in WoE, so....
For priests, just use MG Metaller, and once the target is silenced switch
to MG hydra. Simple, no? Watch out for the priest's guild mates, though
from my experience, people tend to instantly switch targets to whoever's
attacking their priest, since without the priest they're pretty much dead.

G. The Garment Trick
It's really not a trick at all. All you have to do is Use Mocking muffler first
so enemy have to use Weapon with mummy card, when they do, change to Manteau +
Raydric so they inflict less damage to you, when they realize this, they change
back to weapon with Hydras so you have to change to mocking muffler again.
so on and so on...
The benefit is while you're doing this... Your damage to him will be constant
as he won't be.

Effective against Melee fighters
(You DONT have to change weapon! You have 7 Slot! Use Mummy and Hydra all

IX. Do not do this list

- Don’t use sword, u'll be sacrificing aspd too much for a tiny bit extra ATK.
- Don’t even think about double axes sins.
- Combination Dagger-Sword,Sword - Axe and Dagger-Axe NOT good either,
- Don’t use Sidewinder card on left hand, your left hand won't double slash.
- Don’t use Sidewinder card on right hand, it just lower your double slash skill
  to 1. 3 Sidewinder card DONT stack the effect.
- In fact, don’t use sidewinder card at all, they're ugly and the picture  ain't
  nice, moreover they stinks.
- You DONT want to build critical daggersin as the critical count will be halved
  . But you can invest some point on LUK as double slash will be factored
  before critical.
- Do not put Soldierskel card on your dagger, waste of money, better put in jur.
- Dont use Phantom of opera, it looks silly on assasin.(You can ignore this)

and non related to daggersin class:
- Do not kill steal, loot or annoy someone else just because U got massive
- Do not BOT! hate em!
- Do not spam me!

X. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Dagger Assasin?
A. Because we are the COOLEST character in RO!! nuff said!

Q. What Do you mean by "Coolest"??
A. First of all, we deliver THE MOST DAMAGE with melee weapon with no SP COST!
   Second, along with archer/hunter we do not lose our access to slotted weapon
   when we want to equip elemental weapon. Third, We are the only build that
   can have 7 slot in weaponry. Fourth, we can easily change our style to more
   defensive by equiping buckler, or even going crit with triple critical jur
   and Kobold Clip.

Q. Are Dagger Assasins good in PvP?
A. With the right equipment, yes.

Q. What Fire/Wind/Ice/Earth Damascus are you talking about?
A. Its the elemental dagger that only Blacksmith can forge, They are not dropped
   by monster.

Q. Do +20% damage and +15% damage cards stack??
A. Yes

Q. Do status ailment cards stack?
A. In term of probability, Yes.

Q. Do HunterFly cards Stack?
A. They stacked in the probability, not in gaining HP. ie: You got 3% chance to
   gain 15% of damage you deliver with 1 hunterfly card. With 2 Hunterfly cards
   You got 0.09 Chance to gain 30% damage you delivered and 5.82% chance to gain
   15% of your delivered damage.

Q. Is Hunterfly cards are that good?
A. No. IMO only dagger assasin can effectively leech HP by hunterfly card due to
   its 7 Slotted weaponry.

Q. Is Andre Card good?
A. Nope! Even with Juno Pacth upgrade Andre to +20 ATK it is still crappy for
   dagger assasin.

Q. My stats is ........... Am I good?
A. Yes! There is only one rule with dagger assasin; 110 STR!

Q. Why main gauche? why not Gladius?
A. Because it is 4 slotted not 3 even you only have the budget to buy 3 cards
   use MG as you WILL get rich eventually.

Q. What Is ASpd??
A. ASpd stands for Attack Speed and is a measurement of your ability to swing
   fast. The more ASpd you got the weapon swing you got in one time increment.

Q. Increase Dodge add +30 flee or 30% flee?
A. It adds 30 flee therefore you dodge enemy hit by 30% more.

Q. Mummy card add 20% hit or +20 Hit?
A. It adds +20 Hit so you have 20% chance to hit your enemy. Note that the hit
   bonus dont show up in status window.

Q. Can I E-mail You?
A. Yes, but no spams/viruses please.

Q. Can you guide me making character by corresponding trough e-mails?
A. Sure!

Q. I have send you e-mail but no response?
A. - Your answer already covered here
   - Your asking a very dumb question (i.e: do you have two eyes? ect)
   - Your e-mail end up in my bulk folder (use alternate e-mail adress then)
   - You've ever send me viruses, accidentally or not.
   - You asked me if I'm free tonight.
   - Maybe I will respond it.... but later.
   - I hate You
   - I just dont feel like it
   - I dont have any obligation to respond

Q. What kind of e-mails that you WILL respon
A. - The one with good question about RO or anything else.
   - The one with friendship offering.
   - The one with "YOUR GUIDE SUCKS BIG TIME!!" writings
   - SPECIALLY the one with screenshot attachment
   - and dont forgot the one wrote by a girl :p

Q. What RO class/build you think is best/worst
A. No such thing as best/worst build/class!! any good RO gamer should know that!


Thank You for reading this
Thank Gravity for making this a great game
Thank for hosting my Guide
Thank Lyto for...... ummm bring this game to Indo? *should I even thank them?*
Thank for AWESOME info
Thank All my friend @ idRO
Thank Weggy for the best FAQ ever
Thank Mistiknoname3k for letting me know that daggersin exist
Thank Ciajen for the garment trick. woah your brain is elite man!
Thank Admira for reminding me about marduk card, guys! yo GOT to read his priest
FAq! he is one of the coolest priest in idRO
Thank My Aspirin for relieving my headache after typing this nonsense
Thank Pablo,Natane,Brayzer,Riko,Cesare,Rein,R.d,D-or and all M3 crew for bugging
me to the last line of sanity! There! HAPPY?

XII. Legal Stuff that only somebody~got~no~better~thing~to~do reads
This guide is free for anyone to use, whether partially or entirely, and you do
not have to ask me for permission to use it anywhere, as long as you give me
credit by mentioning my name.
Also, if you do plan to use it somewhere, i would appreciate you letting me know
, but it is NOT necessary.

XIII. About Me
I used to play @ iRO

but now I'm Playing @ idRO Chaos server and my Character are:

AnjingBalap  - Daggersin
AnjingBaIap  - Falconer
Anjing~Balap - BattleSmith

I think I’m gonna rest my head just a little bit now
*Drinks Coffee*

If you got critics or question just e-mail me