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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Archer Guide/ Archer Walkthrough

Weggy's Guide to the Archer Class in Ragnarok Online
Version 1.1

Table Of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   About Ragnarok Online
III.  Game Conduct
IV.   Getting Started (Novice Class)
V.    Stat Point Distribution
VI.   Skill Point Distribution
VII.  Recommended Archer Equipment
VIII. Prime hunting spots
IX.   Contact
X.    Thanks
XI.   Un-legal


Well since at the time of writing the English server is down for 10 days, I
decided to put my nose to the grindstone and write my archer FAQ.  I used the
same layout as my merchant FAQ, also hosted here at GameFAQs.  So you will find
a lot of similiarities between the two.  I'll try to spice up what I can ^_^.

About Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer RPG) made by Korean company
Gravity based on the Ragnarok Manga by Lee-Myon Jin.  It is a rather lengthy
download for dial-up users, but should not be too long for Broadband users. 
Theres also a LOT of patches that have been released.  At the time of writing
the game has had 80 patches.  No, I didn't type that wrong.  80.  They are all
relatively small, and install very quickly (just overwrite the files) so it's
not a big deal.  After downloading the client from, go get the patches.  I find the best 2 sites are and  Also, if your on
dial-up, this game can be a painful experience.  If your on a 56k modem, you
should be able to handle it.  If your on anything less, you might as well not
bother.  This game is a bandwidth hog. 

The 10, well, now 9, Commandments of RO

It shames me that I need to make a section like this.  In fact, I'm sure most
of you could skip right over it and be fine.  I still hope everyone will read
this section though, if anything else.

1) Remember that behind that graphic, there is a living and breathing person.
Like you, he/she has feelings, and deserves proper respect.

2) Not everyone on the English server speaks English, oddly enough.  So if your
having trouble communicating, that's probably why.

3) Do NOT kill steal.  Kill stealing is attacking a monster another has already
begun to attack.  Please find your own monster, as the attacker only gets 1/2
of the normal experience.

4) Do NOT loot.  Looting is taking the items from a monster that you did not
kill.  Luckily a system to prevent looting was implimented in a recent patch,
but it still can be a problem.

5) Before speaking with a discount merchant, please check to make sure you have
enough zeny for the item you intend to purchase.  Most offer 20 or 15 percent
off, so the math is not difficult.  You can also just guess as well.

6) Also, if you don't have the money, don't ask the merchant to sell you the
item at a considerably lower price.  Discount merchants dont make that much
of a profit, and none of them are willing to pay for some of your item out of
their own pocket.

7) After you have agreed to purchase the item, you are bound by a verbal
contract to buy it.  Don't try to worm your way out.

8) Please don't beg for money.  We all know novices are poor, and you will be
until around level 15.  We all had to go through exactly what you did.  So just
be patient.

9) Don't scam, and don't fall for scams.  The less people that fall for them,
the less scammers will do them!  Popular scams are offering weapon upgrades,
which are not in the game yet, and offering potions for 161z instead of 16,
hoping nobody would notice.  Caveat emptor, and if something sounds way too
good to be true, it probably is.

Getting Started (Novice Class)

I'm just going to assume you have created the account on, have all the patches, and are ready to jump in the RO
world.  Now before you do, you need to create a character.  Once RO starts up,
and you log in, you'll see 3 empty character slots.  Pick one (the first one is
always good) and you'll have the oppurtunity to select your name, hair style,
and starting stat points.  Hair and name are up to you, of course.  But we all
know blue hair is the best.  (wink wink)  Also, DEX is pretty much the main
stat for an archer, so that will be 9 for sure.  But now you have 2 choices:
AGI or LUK, and STR or INT?  Luckilly, neither are so important that if you
mess up your character is hosed.  It's merely a matter of personal preference.
Check the stat point distribution section for more info.

Gravity also added this thing called the novice training ground.  At the time
of writing, they might as well of called it the Overcrowded-small-castle-click-
frenzy ground.  If you finally do get through the training, start in Payon,
since that's where you class change to an archer.

Fight in the forst outside of Payon.  The Novice class will be a bit hard,
since your a melee fighter and your stats are built for a distance one.
Just stick with the porings, they give 2 job points, which is what you want
right now.  Also, you are going to be dirt poor when you start off.  I mean,
novices are already poor, but you will be DIRT poor.  1z per arrow is a big
deal at your level.  If this is your second character though, you will see
how unbelievably powerful this class can be with the right gear.  You want at
least 400z when your ready to change class, as this will buy you the basic bow
and 100 arrows.  Do not buy a shield, as it will be a waste of 250z.  Archers
cannot use a shield with bows.  A leather jacket will be first on your list,
and then a cutter or sandals.  Do not sell the cutter though, its always good
to have a knife for pupas/eggs, or if you run out of arrows.

If you stick to porings though, you'll be at level 10 job in no time.  Head
into Payon, and exit upper right.  Go into the upper-right hand building, and
switch class.  Buy your bow and regular arrows.  Silvers are too expensive for
you, and they only give 5 extra ATK.  Buy them in bulk much later, when you
have the money. 

Stat Point Distribution

Starting Stats_________________________________________________________________

Well, 9 DEX is a MUST for a fledgling archer.  You have a choice between AGI
over LUK, and STR over INT though.

If you go with AGI over LUK, you will have an easier time dodging enemies at
the beginning of the game.  AGI is a stat you will have to raise later, when
DEX gets very expensive. 

If you go with LUK, your goal for the game is to get it to 10.  I suppose when
your REALLY high leveled, around level 60 or so, you can mess with it some
more, but thats out of the question right now.  LUK early on will allow you to
deal out critical hits early on, but you won't dodge as much.  If you really
can't decide, leave them both at 5 ^_^

For STR over INT, you get increased carrying capacity.  STR does not effect
your attack, unless your using a knife (I do recommend you carry one, but you
won't use it often).  Thats really the only upside.

For INT over STR, you will have more SP and slightly, slightly faster SP regen.
Archers should not invest in INT, so the few points difference between 1 and 9
will make virtually no difference in terms of SP regen.  The main thing here
is the max SP.  I went with 1 INT, because I didn't think I needed the SP.  My
reasoning was that I use the 15 SP for double strafing as soon as I get it, so
the max SP will only benefit me when I'm first entering a dungeon.  Anyway, I
hoped you could follow my twisted logic ^_^.

When you get into the game, put 1 point into LUK if you began with 9.  If your
close to it, around 7, that should be your first priority.  After that though,
its DEX DEX DEX DEX!  You need to get this high, and ASAP.  No other stats
matter right now.  30 is a good goal for this stat.  After you get DEX to 30,
get LUK to 10 if it isn't already.  If it is, work on AGI.  15 is a good goal
for that, for the time being.  Then go back to DEX.  I'd say for every 2.5 or 3
points in DEX, put 1 in AGI.

Skill Point Distribution

Archers really don't have a lot of skills.  That makes for an easy decision in
terms of point distribution ^_^.  2 are absolutely essential, you'd be nuts
to be without them.  1 is definetly a good investment, and the other 2 are so

Owl's Eye______________________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive

Level 1 : DEX +1
Level 2 : DEX +2
Level 3 : DEX +3
Level 4 : DEX +4
Level 5 : DEX +5
Level 6 : DEX +6
Level 7 : DEX +7
Level 8 : DEX +8
Level 9 : DEX +9
Level 10: DEX +10

Comments: The only skill in RO that actually improves a STAT.  It definently
should be on your list to get, but it can wait until after much better skills.

Vulture's Eye__________________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Owl's Eye
Active of Passive? Passive

Level 1 : HIT +1
Level 2 : HIT +2
Level 3 : HIT +3
Level 4 : HIT +4
Level 5 : HIT +5
Level 6 : HIT +6
Level 7 : HIT +7
Level 8 : HIT +8
Level 9 : HIT +9
Level 10: HIT +10

Comments: This skill increases your range.  More range = more time to fire
arrows = the less damage to you!  This is your first skill to invest majorly
in.  The ammount of points you put into this depends on the resolution you play
RO in.  I play on 800x600, windowed, and I could hit pretty much everything at
level 7.  I raised it to 8 though, as occasionally I had to walk.  If your
playing at 1024x768, you probably want to max it.  Just use your own judgement.
If you have to walk to attack an enemy, raise it more.  Absolutely essential.

Double Strafing________________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active, 15 SP per use.

Each level increases the damage or the skill, but the exact amount in unknown.

Comments: This skill allows you to fire 2 arrows at once.  It is NOT effected
by Vulture's Eye, but at higher levels it begins to deal outstanding damage.
I recommend your first skill point be in double strafing, for when enemies are
close and you have Vulture's Eye up to a respectable level.  You do not use up
arrows with the skill.

Arrow Shower___________________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: Double Strafing Level 5
Active or Passive?: Active, 15 SP per use.

Just like Double Strafing, Each level increases the damage or the skill, but
the exact amount in unknown.

Comments: Not a very useful skill.  It fires multiple arrows in front of the
archer at various enemies.  The more enemies you attack though, the more
enemies that will attack you.  And archers are not made to take hits.  This
would be great for weak enemies, but if your seriously leveling, you probably
should not use it.  Like Double Strafing, it also does not use up arrows.

Attention Concentrate__________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Vulture's Eye
Active or Passive?: Active, varying SP use.

Level 1 : DEX and AGI up 12%, lasts 40 sec.  25 SP per use.
Level 2 : DEX and AGI up 14%, lasts 45 sec.  30 SP per use.
Level 3 : DEX and AGI up 16%, lasts 50 sec.  35 SP per use.
Level 4 : DEX and AGI up 18%, lasts 55 sec.  40 SP per use.
Level 5 : DEX and AGI up 20%, lasts 60 sec.  45 SP per use.
Level 6 : DEX and AGI up 22%, lasts 65 sec.  50 SP per use.
Level 7 : DEX and AGI up 24%, lasts 70 sec.  55 SP per use.
Level 8 : DEX and AGI up 26%, lasts 75 sec.  60 SP per use.
Level 9 : DEX and AGI up 28%, lasts 80 sec.  65 SP per use.
Level 10: DEX and AGI up 30%, lasts 85 sec.  70 SP per use.

Comments: Some claim this skill works, others do not.  It works on percentages,
which is nice, since it never becomes outdated.  The extremely high SP cost
prevents this from being a very useful skill though.  That SP is best used in
Double Strafing.

Skill Point Guide______________________________________________________________

1    Points Double Strafing
3    Points Owl's Eye
6-10 Points Vulture's Eye
9    Points Double Strafing
7    Points Owl's Eye
10   Points Arrow Shower
9-10 Points Attention Concentrate

Recommend Archer Equipment

I've divided this part into 2 sections, what you realisticly could get, and
what you might want in terms of Rares if you've got money flowing out of your
ears.  All prices are with no discount.


Weapon: Arbalest   - +90ATK    25000z
Shield: None
Helmet: Cap        - +3 DEF    6700z
Armor : Tights     - +5 DEF    25000z (Tights give +2 DEX)
Robe  : Muffler    - +2 DEF    3500z
Shoes : Boots      - +3 DEF    5000z
                   TOTAL:      65200z

The Arbalest has MUCH greater range than the Kakkung.  It also has +5 DEX, even
though Gravity was supposed to reduce it to 2.  So only 5 less ATK for much
greater range ^_^


I hope you have a lot of money for these.

Helmet:    Crown   - +4 DEF, +2 INT Street Price: 5 mil z - Dropped by Osiris
Accessory: Globe   - +3 DEX         Street Price: 150000z - Dropped by Mummy

Prime Hunting Spots

Here are some good leveling spots for you up and coming Archers:

One Screen Away from town - Stay here until you get to be a Archer.  Hunt
Porings into around Level 2 or 3, then Farbes/Pickys.  Around 5, fight
Lunatics/ChonChons.  If your in Payon, fight Willows around Level 8 or 9.  Be
sure to always fight Pupas or PecoPeco Eggs, as they dont hit back.

2 Screens south of Payon, or 2 east of Alberta - The cliffs make this area
good for sniping, though a better spot is nearby.

Pyramid near Moroc - Has Theif Bugs and Spores for good EXP, but there are
agressive Familiars and if a Poporing takes your loot, your in no position to
get it back.

Half Desert, Half Forest Map, 3 south of Prontera - A very good spot, as it has
PecoPeco Eggs, Pickys, and ChonChons.  A much better spot is one screen south

THE forest, 1 map south and 1 east of Payon - Note the caps on THE.  This is
the ultimate spot to level, and ALL of my characters spent levels 10-20 here.
Start off with Spores and Condors.  When you get stronger, around Level 15,
start fighting Wolves.  Around 18, fight PecoPecos.  Finally, at 20, fight
Wormtails.  Theres also Snakes, I recommend fighting those at level 25.  All
of these monsters are easy, give good EXP, and great drops.  The map is also
not very crowded.  A lot of cliffs make for easy sniping too.  This is THE
ultimate place.  I can't stress that enough.

Northeast corner of Prontera - This dungeon is known as Culvert, and I've
changed my opinion on it.  After you hit about level 20 in THE forest, go
here.  Go to the 2nd floor, on the 3rd map.  There will be long rows of pipes
with no water in them.  Most importantly, no aggressive bats.  Stay here until
around Level 27 or 28.

Payon Caves, Level 1 - You can get good EXP here, but the lag is awful.  Waaay
too many people level here.  Which is a shame, because it's the only good place
for Acolytes to build up.  Please, PLEASE do not level here unless your an
Acolyte.  It's bad enough for them already.

1 screen south, 1 west of Prontera - Also known as Rocker field, Rockers are
good enemies to fight as well.  However, this place can be laggy.  Stick to
the forest.

1 screen north and 2 east of Prontera - Known as Yoyoland, fight Smokies
around Level 23 or so.  Bring potions, as they'll be quite hard.  Take on
Yoyo's around 27, and finally Elder Willows around 29.  You can also go here
much earlier and cliff snipe for nice EXP, but you wont get any money.

Bibalan Dungeon - Take the boat from Izlude to get here.  Level 1 has enemies
no stronger than those in THE forest, aside from Vadons.  Level 2 isn't bad,
but there are aggressive poison spores.  The enemies can be quite difficult to.

Geffen Dungeon - You should go here after Yoyo forest.  There are aggressives,
but its a crowded area so most people will attack your aggressor if your
focusing on another.  Pretty nice EXP, though the lag can be difficult.


If you wish to Email me, do so at  Of course, you can also
message me in RO...

Weggy - Swordsman (Current character, I have re-done him)
AllAboutTheZenny - Discount Merchant
Shamino - Theif
ShootToKill - Archer
Tataru - Mage (I very rarely play him.  I don't like Mages)


-Thanks to myself for writing the guide.  You rock Weggy.  Yes, I know.
-Thanks to CJayC for hosting the best damn site on the net.
-Thanks to Gravity of course, for making this outstanding game.
-Thanks to all the members of the RO message board, battosai, miyuki, and ryu
have saved my ass countless times.
-Thanks to my ISP for not pulling the plug on me during those all-night
Vending sessions.  Thanks Insight. ^_^
-Thanks to all of you who are reading this guide.  I hope you liked it.


As with all my FAQs, I believe it to be public domain.  Please post this on
your website, edit, alter, or do what you will with it.  Crediting me is
entirely optional.  Although it isn't neccessary to Email me, I would like to
check out your site if your going to put it there ^_^