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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Economy Guide

Weggy's Economy Guide to Ragnarok Online
Version 1.6

Table Of Contents

I.    Why an economy guide?
II.   About Ragnarok Online
III.  Items
IV.   Weapons/Armor
V.    ETC
VI.   Things that probably are not in the beta (yet)
VII.  Contact
VIII. Thanks
IX.   Un-legal

Why an economy guide?

Well, I'm tired of wanting to find out how much something costs when I want to
sell it on the street,  I'm sure you all are as well.  So, I've created this
guide to help people out when trying to sell something.  Also note, if the item
is not listed here, it is just a normal item.  So sell it back to an NPC, or an
OC merchant if possible.  Also, I wrote this guide in 800x600 resolution,
normal font size.  If it looks odd to you, adjust your screen accordingly.

Also, this guide is not guaranteed to be 100% Accurate.  Prices vary depending
on location, other Merchants in the area, current demand, or just gradual
changes in the market price.  This guide is simply a rough estimate if the
selling price.  The economy of course, changes often, so if you see a price I'm
way off on, Email me.

One final note - I play on the Chaos server, not Loki.  So thats what these
prices are based on.  I'm sure Loki's prices are somewhat close, but they
still may be different than what I have here.

About Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer RPG) made by Korean company
Gravity based on the Ragnarok Manga by Lee-Myon Jin.  It is a rather lengthy
download for dial-up users, but should not be too long for Broadband users. 
Theres also a LOT of patches that have been released.  At the time of writing
the game has had 100 patches.  No, I didn't type that wrong.  100.  They are
all relatively small, and install very quickly (just overwrite the files) so
it's not a big deal.  After downloading the client from, go get the patches.  ROs auto-updater will do
just fine for that.  Also, if your on dial-up, this game can be a painful
experience.  If your on a 56k modem, you should be able to handle it.  If your
on anything less, you might as well not bother.  This game is a bandwidth hog. 


Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments ---------------------

White Herb        15z               2z          Not really worth your time
Yellow Herb       10z               2z          Not really worth your time
Leaf of Hinalle   400z              1z          These sell decently
Leaf of Aloe      400z              1z          Again, a decent seller 
Candy             500z              5z          Some people sell very high
Candy Striper     500-1000z         10z         Some people sell very high
Blue Potion       5000z             2500z       Dropped from Doppleganger
Blue Herb         300z              2z          One of few SP restoring items
Grape             200z              5z          One of few SP restoring items
Honey             400z              250z        One of few SP restoring items
Royal Jelly       ????              1750z       Finally saw one for 2 million!
Amulet            5000z             50z         Unknown Use
Anodyne           5000z             500z        Unknown Use
Branch Dead Tree  1250z             1z          These are not working yet
Leaf of Yggdrasil 3000z             1500z       Not in high demand, I'd OC it
Old Blue Box      4500z             1z          These are not working yet


The only Equipment listed are those which can be picked up, so thus sold for
less.  You can of course sell them for the standard 20% off, but they are so
common most sell for less.


Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments -----------------------

Falchion          350z            250z         Only 100z for your time
Orcish Sword      25000z          1z           Only because it is a rare drop
Ring Pommel Sabre 200000z         12250z       A bug prevents you from buying
Slayer            9000z           6250z        Not seen very often
2-Handed Sword    200000z         13000z       Disappeared from the game!
Broad Sword       10000000z+      ??           Very rare, MVP drop from Dopple
Knife             7z              5z           DEFINENTLY not worth your time
Cutter            200z            150z         Not worth your time
Fortune Sword     25000-30000z    1z           Rare drop, gives +15 LUK
Stiletto          8000z           4750z        Rarely see them for sale
Damascus          10000000z+      1z           The uber knife, very very rare
Spear             500z            325z         Lances are not very popular
Lance             3600z           2400z        Lances are not very popular
Rod               70z             50z          Not worth your time
Wand              700z            500z         May not be worth your time
Arc Wand          12000z          6500z        Popular with Mages
Mighty Staff      70000z          1z           Nerfed, price is dropping quick
Orcish Axe        20000z          1z           Weak, price is because its rare
Blood/Brood Axe   75000z          1z           Some sell them very very high
War Hammer        7000z           3750z        A decent weapon for decent price
Club              22z             15z          Definently not worth your time
Mace              300z            250z         May not be worth your time
Smasher           2900z           1900z        You see a lot of these for sale
Composite Bow     4200z           2800z        Should sell pretty well
Crossbow          14000z          9000z        Should sell pretty well
Fire Arrow        400z            1z           Have same ATK as silvers


Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments -----------------------

Leather Jacket    100z            75z          Probably not worth your time
Wooden Armor      1400z           900z         This is very nice armor
Mantle          <3350z          3350z        Wood Armor is cheaper and same D
Padded Armor      <12000z         10250z       People sell Mink for 12k, same D
Mink Coat         12000z          1z           Mage armor, high demand
Ninja Suit      160000z         1z           Best Thief armor
Chain Mail        26000z          17000z       Nice Merchant Armor
Holy Robe         Priceless       ??           MVP Armor from Baphomet

Guard             175z            150z         May not be worth your time
Buckler           2100z           1400z        These are in high demand

Ribbon            35z             25z          Useless, MDEF does nothing
Decoration Flower 45000z          250z         A status symbol, 0 DEF
Hempen Hood       140z            100z         Nice Novice gear, stylish
Flower Hairband   60000z          4000z        A status symbol, 1 DEF
Cat Hairband      45000z          5000z        Bunny HB is coming back
Santa Hat         2000000z        2500z        Looks cool, status symbol, rare
Bunny Hairband    -------         7500z        4 Leaf Clover is coming back
Hat               800z            650z         Market is flooded with these
Tiara             15000000z+      ??           Uber head gear
Crown             20000000z+      ??           Uber head gear
Helm              7700z           5000z        High DEF helmet, high demand

Hood              780z            500z         Newbie robe

Sandals           380z            250z         Newbie Shoes
Shoes             1900z           1250z        Best Mage Shoes

Flower Ring       900z            750z         NPC sells them in Morroc
Skull Ring        7700z           5000z        NPC sells them in Morroc
Earring           210000z         15000z       Nerfed to only +2 INT
Necklace          190000z         15000z       Nerfed to only +2 VIT
Glove             90000z          15000z       Nerfed to only +2 DEX
Brooch            1700000z        15000z       Overpriced, nerfed to +2 AGI
Gold Ring         20000z          15000z       Do nothing yet
Silver Ring       14000z          10000z       Do nothing yet
Safety Ring       Priceless       37500z       Very rare drop from Dopple, +5 D

Finally, the accessory prices are dropping close to 1/3rd!


These are the most commonly acquired items.  90% of them you simply sell to an
Overcharge merchant or NPC for money, do that if they are not listed here. This
includes the Gems and Yellow Gemstones.  However, some are rare, and can be
sold for some money.  Most of them are the ones that can be sold for only 1z

Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments -----------------------

Aloe              2000z           1z           Unknown Use
Animals Gore      400z            1z           May lure monsters later
Blue Gemstone     750z            500z         Aco's need them for warping
Bud               -----           1z           Mandragoras coming back soon
Clover            100z            1z           Unknown Use
Feather           400-500z        35z          Needed to make Bunny Band
Four-Leaf Clover  -----           1z           Mandragoras coming back soon
Gold              25000z          500z         Unknown Use
Hinalle           800z            1z           Unknown Use
Karvodailnirol    40000z          50z          Used to dye hair later
Ment              -----           1z           Mandragoras coming back soon
Ora Ora           12000z          500z         MVP drop for Gold Thief Bug
Red Gemstone      700z            500z         Can't buy, needed for Stone Crse
Rough Elunium     6000z           1z           Used to upgrade equip later
Rough Oridecon    6000z           1z           Used to upgrade equip later
Singing Plant     3000z           1z           Unknown Use
Voucher Orc Hero  5000z           500z         Unknown Use
Sticky Webfoot    100z            1z           Unknown Use


In a later update to RO, you will be able to put cards in weapons to give them
special attributes.  When this is actually enabled, the prices of these cards
may fluctuate greatly depending on their use.  For now though, the general rule
is that the harder the enemy is, the more their card sells for.

Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments -----------------------

Pupa Card         50000z          1z
Poring Card       1000z           1z           Very common enemies
Fabre Card        1750z           1z
Picky Card        1750z           1z
ChonChon Card     2750z           1z
Willow Card       3250z           1z
Roda Frog Card    3250z           1z
Condor Card       4500z           1z
Thief Bug Card    2000z           1z           Very common enemies
Rocker Card       5000z           1z
Hornet Card       5000z           1z
Wolf Card         8000z           1z
PecoPeco Card     10000z          1z
Farmiliar Card    5250z           1z
Spore Card        5000z           1z
Mandragora Card   -----           1z           Mandragoras coming back soon
Cornutus Card     Priceless       1z           Cornutus's have dissapeared!
Skeleton Card     4500z           1z
Creamy Card       40000z          1z           Relatively rare enemy
Wormtail Card     50000z          1z           Relatively rare enemy
Megalodon Card    100000z         1z           Relatively rare enemy
Smokie Card       15000z          1z
Snake Card        50000z          1z           Relatively rare enemy
Poporing Card     9500z           1z           Very common enemies
Metaller Card                     1z
Yoyo Card                         1z
Zombie Card                       1z
Elder Willow Card                 1z
Steel ChnChn Card                 1z
Anacondaq Card                    1z
Poison Spore Card                 1z
Orc Warrior Card                  1z
Pirate Skel Card                  1z
Scorpion Card                     1z
Vadon Card                        1z
Golem Card                        1z
Bigfoot Card                      1z
Sidewinder Card                   1z
Nightmare Card                    1z
Mummy  Card                       1z
Ghoul Card                        1z
Munak Card                        1z
Soldier Skel Card                 1z
Obeaune Card                      1z

Help with the card prices!  Send me an e-mail for how much you see them for.
Expect most of them to be filled in on the next update, whenever that is.

Dolls are simply for collecting now.  Give them to your RO sweetie ^_^.  They
are rumored to have a use later though, a Tamer class will be able to use them
to control monsters.

Name ------------ Street Price -- NPC Price -- Comments -----------------------

Poring Doll       750z            500z         Sold by NPC in Prontera
ChonChon Doll     1300z           900z         Sold by NPC in Prontera
Stuffed Doll      20000z          1500z        Dissapeared from doll shop!
Spore Doll        8000z           2500z        Cannot buy anywhere from NPC                 
Raccoondog Doll   12500z          3500z        Cannot buy anywhere from NPC
Monkey Doll       15000z          3500z        Cannot buy anywhere from NPC
Grasshopper Doll  8000z           2000z        Cannot buy anywhere from NPC
Osiris Doll       Priceless       3000z        Extremely Rare
Baphomet Doll     Priceless       3000z        Extremely Rare

Things that probably aren't in the beta (yet)

We know about these items from the Korean and Japanese Betas.  They most likely
do not exist as of yet.

Crescent Scythe  
Mustela Fruit    
Yggdrasill's Seed
Fruit Yggdrasill 
Sword Breaker    
Mail Breaker     
Magic Coat
Formal Dress
Glittering Cloth
Cloth of Lord
Critical Ring
Dullahan's Eye


If you wish to Email me, do so at  Of course, you can also
message me in RO...

Weggy - Swordsman
AllAboutTheZenny - Discount/Vending Merchant
ShowMeTheZenny - Second Discount/Vending Merchant
AllAbootTheZenny - Overcharge Merchant
Shamino - Theif
ShootToKill - Archer
Tataru - Mage
Father Weggy - Acolyte (Current Character)

Update: I recently met AllAboutTheZeny in Prontera the other day, and explained
to him what was up.  He assured me he did not mean to steal my name, and has
not read my FAQ.  He was actually quite cool about the whole thing, and was
wondering why some people called him Weggy ^_^.  Anyway, he is a red haired
merchant, whereas every one of my characters but AllAbootTheZenny have blue
hair.  He seemed like a nice guy, but thats still not me ^_^.


-Thanks to myself for writing the guide.  You rock Weggy.  Yes, I know.
-Thanks to CJayC for hosting the best damn site on the net.
-A BIG thanks to Joe the Dude, and his site,  I used a
lot of information from there.
-A BIG thanks to as well, I found some prices under their
market watch.
-Thanks to Gravity of course, for making this outstanding game.
-Thanks to all the members of the RO message board, battosai, miyuki, and ryu
have saved my ass countless times.
-Thanks to my ISP for not pulling the plug on me during those all-night
Vending sessions.  Thanks Insight. ^_^
-Thanks to all of you who are reading this guide.  I hope you liked it.


As with all my FAQs, I believe it to be public domain.  Please post this on
your website, edit, alter, or do what you will with it.  Crediting me is
entirely optional.  Although it isn't neccessary to Email me, I would like to
check out your site if your going to put it there ^_^