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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Battle Acolyte Guide

                     R A G N A R O K   O N L I N E
Ragnarok Online Battle Acolyte FAQs/Guide
for PC (DOS/Windows)
FAQs/Guide created by Mad Monarch Gyl
Mad Monarch Gyl (
Copyright 2003 by Mad Monarch Gyl
Created: August 27, 2003 (08.27.03)
MSN Contact:
Update: September 29, 2003 (09.29.03)
Version: 3.5
*-The following information found in this guide is mostly based on my pRO
(Philippines) version of Ragnarok Online. Though most are still appropriate
to most server. So with that in mind let's continue!

This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only, meaning it should not
be used for anything that gains any money. Magazines, Game Guides, Websites
in particular should not have this guide with out my permission. Ripping off
part(s) of this FAQ/Walkthrough and putting it as your own results you to be
guilty of the crime "Plagiarism".

Plagiarism is an act of stealing, ripping off, copying ideas or words of
another person and taking it as your own without a crediting the real source
the just way that he/she should have been thanked. To simply put it,
Plagiarism is bad.

Also, you could never ever use this FAQ/Walkthrough to make your own
FAQ/Walkthrough, you must do everything yourself or if you do somehow use
this or any other guide you should give proper credit to the author. Also,
you could have this FAQ/Walkthrough on your website provided that not a
single character has been altered and you must have my permission before
you could do so. If you didn't have my permission then you have crossed the
lines of the copyrights law. By the way, you could print the whole
thing/parts of the FAQ/Walkthrough though.

"Walang nakawan pare..." (Please don't steal =P)

The guide could only be seen at:

I.    Introduction
II.   Revisions
III.  E-Mail/Contacts Policy
IV.   Game Basics
      A. Introduction to Battle Acolytes
      B. Acolyte Basics
      C. Why follow be a Battle Acolyte?
      D. Basic Stat Points
V.    Stats/Skill Builds
VI.   Where to Level
VII.  The Ways of a Battle Acolyte
      A. Earning Money
      B. Party to choose
      C. PvP hints/tips
      D. Monster Flee Chart
VIII. Card Hunting Leveling Guide
IX.   Credits

                            * Introduction -
Hey! Gyl here! You guys might know me but anyway that doesn't matter. I've
been an average FAQ writer(I think) and am actually be writing one for a
long time already so it won't be a matter if you're hoping to find the guide
as useful as it would be. I've been trying to bring out the best in every
guide I create and I'm hoping that you not only find the guide comprehensive
but at the same time entertaining. Entertaining to a point that you won't
feel tired of reading them and just keep reading at the same time. The guide
is created for you to freely move around yourself. I won't be ordering you
to do this or do that but merely suggestions as to at least beat a
level/boss/stage/something. BTW, if you've seen my other guides this one
would be fairly different as I'll be using a new way like adding quotes
appropriate to the theme of the part you're reading.

I must warn you before playing, Ragnarok Online is a very addiciting game
though at first you might notice that it's a sensless-hack-and-slash type of
game with no real story line or quests to be taken to be as its backbone.
I must also warn you that if you're not that good with scheduling or managing
your time then you should leave as the game will suck a portion of your
social life if you let it consume you. The game is fairly fun perhaps the
interaction with other people is its charm. Anyway, this guide is designed
not to tackle the whole game itself but would basically be dealing with the
Battle Acolyte build. Why you ask? Basically, people are fond of acolytes as
their walking red potions and they're better of behind the party sitting or
waiting for his/her turn to cast healing/supportive spells. What I'm trying
to do is to create a guide that'll give players an idea to how they should
be raising their acolytes if they wishes to follow this build. Anyway, this
stuff should be on another topic...

ByTheWay: Until the 2-2 alternate job class are implemented I'll only be
focusing onto a battle priest.

Let's roll...

                             * Revisions *

August 27, 2003 (08.27.03) Version 1
- It's basically what the FAQs is composed of.

September 4, 2003 (09.04.03) Version 1.4
The following sections contains an updated:
- Stat/Skill Builds
- Party to choose
- Advantages/Disadvantages
- PvP hints/tips
- Monster Flee Chart

September 8, 2003 (09.08.03) Version 2
I was about to come up with a list of skills for certain builds but I
somehow messed up with the planning and all. Anyway a couple of
updates here: I removed the Advantages/Disadvantages section since I
found it worthless as I've already stated them in either on intros or
on some comments the whole lenght of the guide.

September 10, 2003 (09.10.03) Version 2.1
Added a couple more informations or revised comments on certain parts.
Also check out a couple more updates here like corrected a build and
I'm already starting on a Luck based Battle Acolyte that'll master the
art of critical/perfect dodge and deal off with the Undead with the
"Turn Undead" Spell. Overall, simply a few added stuffs and am already
aiming for more updates.

September 13, 2003 (09.13.03) Version 3
Another update! I've finally completed the stat builds and added a Luck Type
build as requested. I'm not sure with the build to work 100% correct but
I think it's currently one of the best Luck based BA build. Anyway, I've also
added the skill build/list categorized under different builds as well. I'm
still currently accepting any forms of submissions that has something to do
with the Battle Acolyte job-style. I also stripped the shout-out at the last
part. I also added the end stats. Check out the credit section for the
Stats calculator I've used. BIG UPDATE! I also corrected some uncalculated
builds ^_^

September 17, 2003 (09.17.03) Version 3.2
I just added another new way to level up it's the Card Hunting Leveling Guide
which aims to acquire/try to acquire certain cards while at the same time
leveling up. The section is outlined to focus on what card you should be
aiming for and at the same time leveling/earn experience from that excercise.
Other than that there are no other updates.

September 29, 2003 (09.29.03) Version 3.5
Another little update. Just added a contributed Skill Build. I tweaked a
couple. BTW, I'm aiming for the Monk skill list at the same time get my
self ready for a long day of work for a correct Monk Skill Tree.

                         * E-Mail/Contacts Policy -
Why'd I suddenly summon a E-Mail/Contacts Policy section? Simply to
categorize every mail that I've been recieving from those that are possibly
either a Virus or something bad. I would suggest you follow the following
things below so as to quickly get a reply off the day or two after you
mailed me. Yes! I'm that quick on replying mails as I don't want my Inbox
to be so filled and to make my browser go faster when checking things out.
Anyway here are the list of Do's and Don'ts doing something that is on
either the Do's/Don'ts list will seriously affect the odds of you getting
a reply so I suggest you follow them as simple rules are applied.

*- E-Mails -*

Do’s and Dont's
1. Only send me questions that can't be found on my guide. I will be more
happy to help you in this case.
2. Try to be specific in defining something or when stating what had
So I won't be e-mailing you back for some questions that'll simply consume
our precious time.
3. I won't be accepting or be opening any mails that has attachments.
4. Check the latest version of the guide before sending in any questions,
chances are that your question might be answered in the newest version of
the guide.
5. If I happen to not reply after three or so days than e-mail me again
nicely and I'll reply ASAP.
6. You must label your mail with the game title whether a submission or a
question (E.I. FFX-2 <insert any topic for your contribution> or just FFX-2
for questions or inquiries).
7. Don't be persistent, don't e-mail me the very same question that I've
already answered.
8. Don't send me nonsense e-mails like "How much is..." "Can you buy me
9. Be nice! Don't use bad words in your mail.
10. No Chain Mails!
Doing anything that isn't allowed will automatically make your address be
blocked from any future mail you might possibly send.


Do’s and Dont's
1. You're freely able to add me into your contact list.
2. You should take the initiative to introduce yourself if you've managed to
catch me online. This is done by simply stating which game guide you've got
my contact (e.i. FFX-2, Harvest Moon Advance 2 etc...)
3. Ask questions ASAP!
4. No Spamming!
5. Please don't use bad words!
6. Don't send me any files over MSN.
MSN contacts that are inactive after 2 weeks will be removed from my list.
You can just add me again or e-mail me if you've got any other inquiries.

                           * Game Basics *

      "If the student does not wish to gain strength,
       he cannot become truly strong."
                      -- Hiko Seijuro, Rurouni Kenshin

*-                                 -*
*- Introduction to Battle Acolytes -*
*-                                 -*
Battle Acolyte - A term used to refer on people who had take up to be
the divine protector of god but at the same time be on the front line along
side swordsman and thieves a like. They are well versed with melee combat
and is top-notch when facing the undead. They are those who wouldn't be
needing any help from others as they could take care of the problem if not
they always have an option to warp out of it. Though their weapons and
armors might not be good enough compared to other melee fighters, they
compensate this weakness with the variety of supportive spells they could
cast upon them not to mention their ability to heal themselves. Battle
Acolytes are starting to be more popular around the world of midgard as the
aticipation of the Monk Class arises though being a Battle Priest still has
it's edge against all.

Battle Acolytes are designed for killing. They could bash their way against
monsters and still maintain a full bar of HP afterwards. Though the idea of
being a battle acolyte isn't worth it as you can always be a support
acolyte and heal bomb your way till level 99, being one is fairly fun. As I
agree to my fellow players who are more inclined with thieves/swordies with
their melee skills I've tested other jobs and ended up with Acolytes as 3rd
of the best melee fighters in Midgard.

*-                -*
*- Acolyte Basics -*
*-                -*

                 Acolytes, god's divine knights.

Acolytes are one of the most sought for job in RO. As one party with an
acolyte in it would find themselves non-stop hack and slashing through
mobs or enemies for hours. We are the core of every good party. Anyway,
Acolytes favors fighting the undead as they're well equiped with skills
to fend them off. Though they may look to be shabby they could really be
one of the best melee fighter in Rune-Midgard. They could compensate for
their lack of Battle Skills with their Supportive Spells making them ride
the wind with thieves and swordsmen. The only draw back on choosing to be
an acolyte is the weapon selection. Acolytes could only use clubs and their
fists to deal damage. Until then we'll be only as powerful as a 5 or 10
levels less swordsman or thief.

Acolytes has an option to turn into a Priest or a Monk.

Priests are a higher version of Acolytes as they'll be having more spells
at their disposal and a great SP recovery rate that'll make them go nuts
with their spells. Monks on the other hand are the exact opposite of priests.
They are great melee fighters trained to be the protector of the Church.
Using only their fists, they could dish out damages as much as a swordsman
can do. Though there are 2 options after reaching job level 40. Taking one
over another

So you finally wanted to become an acolyte?

To become an Acolyte you simply visit the Prontera Church and talk to the
Clergy there. He will give you a task. This will be your pilgrimage to
becoming an acolyte. He'll give you one of three pilgrimage and you must
succeed and be back with out dying. After that, you'll be an acolyte. I must
warn you again, the reason why some would fear being an acolyte is the reason
that the pilgrimage itself is tough. As you'll be going through high-leveled
maps simply to see a monk/priest/nun. After completing all that congratulate
yourself then as you've just completed one of the toughest job assignment
there is.

Priest only requires you to be job level 40 or higher to change into one.
Simply return to the Prontera Church and they'll appoint you as one. Easy?

Also keep in mind that we are only able to equip clubs in our job so
affording blades or anything other than clubs/rods will simply fall in vain.

*-                                 -*
*- Why follow be a Battle Acolyte? -*
*-                                 -*

    "To be human is to know the fear of death, yet keep on fighting."
                       -- Gau Ban, Shadow Skill.

Simply to put it: "It's fun", "You'll be original", and "You'll prove people
that acolytes aren't just designed to be on the backline watching".

Battle Acolytes aren't boring characters. Unlike being a supportive acolyte
you simply have to wait for a party or form one of your own to level up.
B.Acos don't have to wait or organize one as they are better of leveling
solo not to mention the fact that they coul actually be successful doing so.
Isn't a swordsman in an acolyte body cool ^_^. Leave them mezmerize with how
you deal with those monsters.

Seriously, being a B.A. will make you utilize your support spells for your
own slowly using your own spell to be your advantage over others. Battle
Acolytes, unlike melee jobs are free of the cost of redz or carrots since
they'll just have to sit for a couple of while for their SP to be relieved.
Spells like Blessing, Agility Up, etc... are fearsome support spell. They
could really turn tides for you and think about leveling solo on tough areas.
With a high leveled spells like that you'll be powerleveling your way
through areas other melee characters can't. The stats bonuses would also
make you look like 5 to 10 levels tougher.

*-                    -*
*- Basic Stats Points -*
*-                    -*

    "I have found her weakness! She is still unused to the lovely
     eye-patch, which obstructs her view from the left!"
                              -- Koinosuke, Jubei-chan

STR - Strenght
AGI - Agility
VIT - Vitality
DEX - Dexterity
INT - Intelligence
LUK - Luck

STR - affects on character's physical attack strength. Also it enlarges
      character's weight limit so the character can carry more items.

AGI - is deeply involved with the nibleness of character. AGI increases
      flee rate of character and attack speed of weapons.

VIT - affects on the defence/health of character. VIT increases the defence
      of character so it enables the character to deal with less damage
      taken from enemies.And it increases the maximum amount of HP and the
      speed of HP recovery.

DEX - affects on character's accuracy rate when attack or the use of weapon.
      It increases average attack strength of weapons, especially the attack
      strength of bows get more affected by DEX.Besides it reduces miss when
      attack,also does the magical skill casting time.

INT - is deeply involved with the magical ability of character. INT
      increases Magical attack strength/defence and regist against magics.

LUK - It means the fortune of character, affects on various situations.
      Besides, the rate of critical attack and perfect dodge are both
      affected by LUK.

                         * Stats/Skill Builds -

* NOTE * The Final Result is calculated with the Acolyte Class only.
e.i. the MaxHP shown below differs/is pumped up once you change job class
a based level 99 Acolyte should only have 4994HP compared to the Priest's
8k. So there, basically the HP/SP doubles once you've changed class.

* NOTE 2 * Until the Monk job isn't out (in pRO) I'll simply be putting up
skill build for Acolyte only. Priests' skill build wouldn't be found here
but I'll try to create one.

* NOTE 3 * Also, you may found the 2nd part of the Final Stats to be
inaccurate as I've only calculated the base level. Though the effect would
only be on the recovery part by 30-50%.

      "If you want to defeat me, you must practice with your life!"
                          -- Akira Sendo, Slam Dunk

Tough Guy Build

               "Defense is the best offense!"
               -- some guy in a hockey movie.

Starting stats: 9 Str, 1 Agi, 5 Vit, 1 Int, 5 Dex, 9 Luk

10 STR
15 VIT
10 LUK
10 DEX
30 VIT
20 DEX
20 STR
20 INT
60 VIT
30 STR
70 VIT
30 DEX
40 STR
80 VIT
41 DEX
50 STR
90 VIT
81 STR
99 VIT

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 81
AGI: 1
VIT: 99
INT: 20
DEX: 41
LUK: 10

MaxHP: 4994
SP: 594
Hit: 140
Flee: 100+1
Weight: 4830
SP recovery standing:0.15 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.3 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1980 sec
HP healed per red pot 59~147

Comments: This build is designed to take the beating. A fairly tough build
with a decent healing ability. Though the Vit/Str combination may not be
good enough for certain monsters as you'll still recieve big damage but with
the INT on you can heal it back anyway. You'll love this build if you like
showing off to people that you can easily fend off mobs or like shock people
how little damage you take. Though this sometimes isn't good as that of
swordies as acolytes could only equip limited equipments.

Gambler's Build
Starting stats: 9 STR, 1 AGI, 9 VIT, 1 INT, 9 DEX, and 9 LUK.

10 STR
10 VIT
10 DEX
30 INT
30 VIT
20 STR
20 DEX
60 VIT
55 LUK
30 DEX
99 VIT
50 STR
40 INT

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 50
AGI: 1
VIT: 99
INT: 40
DEX: 30
LUK: 55

MaxHP: 4994
SP: 693
Hit:129   Flee:100+5
SP recovery standing:0.19 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.38 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1823 sec
HP healed per red pot 59~147

Comments: The Gambler's Build is fairly a nice way to be a really-really bad
assed Turn Unead Specialist as well as dodging and dealing off critical
blows. I'm not sure how famous a Lucked BA is but I've already recieved like
5 or so mails for one. Anyway, if you'll be following this build you should
expect to be leveling up on the undead even more. Atleast this' makes a good
build to be leveling or go soloing on Ghast Heim's Graveyard. Though you
should really be patient with things. The High Vit is to make you tough
enough to stand in mobs but then again hasn't AGI affects spell casting time?
You could choose from pumping VIT or AGI though.

Speed Based Build

    "In the words of my idol Bruce Lee, to win, you must be fast."
                -- That guy on the Discovery Channel

Starting stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 1 VIT, 1 INT, 9 DEX, and 1 LUK.

10 STR
10 DEX
10 INT
30 AGI
20 DEX
45 AGI
25 INT
20 STR
50 AGI
30 STR
70 AGI
30 DEX
40 STR
99 AGI
79 STR
40 DEX
30 INT

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 79
AGI: 99
VIT: 1
INT: 30
DEX: 40
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 2535
SP: 643
Hit:139   Flee:198+0
SP recovery standing:0.17 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.34 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1891 sec
HP healed per red pot 30~74

Comments: I myself ain't fond of Agility Builds. Leveling this build up
to acolyte job is really tough though I assure you that at the later part
you'll be dodging and bashing your enemies all at the same time. This build
are really so-so at the beginning but is really rewarding, trust me.

Excorcist Build

    "Our fighting style has never lost a battle. Because we always run
      away, we never have the chance to lose."
          -- Grand Master of the Wind Style, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Starting stats: 5 STR, 9 AGI, 1 VIT, 5 INT, 9 DEX, and 1 LUK.

50 INT
10 VIT
10 AGI
10 DEX
30 STR
30 VIT
30 DEX
99 VIT
40 STR
70 INT
50 STR

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 50
AGI: 10
VIT: 99
INT: 70
DEX: 30
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 4994
SP: 841
Hit:129   Flee:109+0
SP recovery standing:0.28 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.57 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1450 sec
HP healed per red pot 59~147

Comments: The Excorcist Build is well of fending the undead and at the same
time dealing with pesky monsters. Though the build is completely contrasting
the idea of a battle acolyte, this build start of only as a support but
later on grow to be a battle-type. The Excorcist build gives you a better
and a wider variety of leveling places and perhaps even Ghast Heim as your
Heal Bomb would be strong enough to kill a Ghoul after another or Munaks,
Sohees, Bonguns in the Payon Cave. Later you can be well off without a meat
shield, that's the use of the high Vitality.

Hardcore Battle Acolyte

    "I am invincible! No one can defeat my shadow skill!
     My one single blow is... Invincible!"
     -- Kuruda Style Annihalation Technique: Martial Language

Starting stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK

10 STR
10 VIT
10 DEX
10 INT
25 VIT
25 AGI
20 DEX
30 VIT
30 AGI
20 STR
50 VIT
50 AGI
35 INT
30 DEX
60 VIT
60 AGI
80 VIT
80 AGI
40 STR
40 INT
40 DEX

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
*-6 extra points
STR: 40
AGI: 80
VIT: 80
INT: 40
DEX: 40
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 4518
SP: 693
Hit:139   Flee:179+0
SP recovery standing:0.19 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.38 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1823 sec
HP healed per red pot 54~133

Comments: I believe this is by far the best build I've used and this is
actually one of my favorite. This build will make you as tough as a
swordsman, gaining good amount of HP per potz/healing items and decent stats
bonuses from spells at the same time healing yourself! The Cons are very
minimal as this build could make you power level-up.

Undead Killer

                  "Demons! Go to hell!"
               -- Genjo Sanzo Gensomaden Saiyuki

Starting stats: 5 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 5 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK

10 STR
10 DEX
21 VIT
30 AGI
20 DEX
10 INT
30 STR
50 AGI
40 STR
80 AGI
90 STR
99 AGI

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
*-4 extra points
STR: 90
AGI: 99
VIT: 21
INT: 10
DEX: 20
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 3037
SP: 544
Hit:119   Flee:198+0
SP recovery standing:0.14 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.28 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1942 sec
HP healed per red pot 36~89

Comments: Hybrids are nice Battle Acolyte builds ^_^. This is great build as
well. Matching this build with the right skill you'll be invincible to the
undead. This build makes you tough even against other enemies. Even go
bare hand if you please.

Monk Wanna-bee build

     "Wait for my Acolyte to be a monk. Then I could take
      the head of that swordie character you're using!"
      -- ME, Talking to an arrogant swordsman

Starting stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 1 INT, 5 DEX, 1 LUK

10 STR
10 AGI
10 VIT
10 DEX
10 INT
20 VIT
30 AGI
20 DEX
20 STR
30 VIT
40 AGI
40 INT
49 VIT
30 DEX
80 AGI
80 STR

Final Stats: (No Pluses or bonuses from job/equips)
STR: 80
AGI: 80
VIT: 49
INT: 40
DEX: 30
LUK: 1

MaxHP: 3739
SP: 693
Hit:129   Flee:179+0
SP recovery standing:0.19 SP/sec
SP recovery sitting: 0.38 SP/sec
Time to full SP recovery 1823 sec
HP healed per red pot 44~110

Comments: A fairly nice build with a good mix of AGI, INT and STR. This is
perhaps a good way to start off with a monk if you're planning to get one.
This isn't proven to be the best build for monks yet but they're fairly
decent at a high level. I can't say that this is the build to follow if you
want to be a monk merely a wanna-be build.

*-             -*
*- Skill build -*
*-             -*

*- Simply choose one from below. Each differs from one another. I'll just -*
*- post my commentary about each skill builds on the next update          -*

*Most builds*
5 Heal
5 Divine Protection
10 Blessing
10 Angelus/Speed Up (Depends on your build)
10 Heal
5 Angelus/Speed Up (Depends on your build)

10 Angelus/Speed Up (Which ever you didn't maxed)
7 Divine Protection
1 Ruwach (For teleport)
1 Teleport (To escape dangerous situations)
1 Aqua Benedicta (If you'll be persuing Priesthood ^_-)

*Undead Killer*
3 Heal
5 Divine Protection
5 Demon Bane
5 Heal
10 Divine Protection
10 Demon Bane
10 Signum Crucis
10 Heal

10 Blessing (Big Plus on STR/INT/DEX)

10 Heal
1 Speed Up
5 Divine Protection
10 Blessing
1 Ruwach
2 Teleport
1 Pneuma
10 Speed Up
1 Aqua Benedicta

10 SP Regen
1 Status Recovery
2 Resurrection
5 Magnificat
2 Bless
5 Lex Divina
1 Lex Aeterna
2 Angelus
4 Kyrie Eleison
5 Gloria
6 Kyrie Eleison
5 Asperio

*Gambler* - From Weggy again ^_^ I guess it suits the Gambler build
2 Heal
5 Divine Protection
4 Heal
10 Divine Protection
1 Speed Up
10 DemonsBane
5 Heal
10 Angelus
1 Ruwach
1 Speed Down
10 Heal
5 Blessing
1 Aqua Benedicta

10 SP Recovery
1 Ressurection
10 Mace Mastery
3 Lex Divina
3 Asperio
10 Turn Undead
5 Imposito Manus
5 Magnificat
2 Gloria

Submitted by Calx Zinre (i'll post his email add later)
I't supposedly a Monk Build he said and an Anti-Assasin/etc.. build
Ruwach Lv1
Heal Lv5
Divine Protection Lv5
Demonsbane lv9
Angelus lv9
Blessing Lv10
Agility Up Lv10
Pneuma Lv1
All Skills total: 50

Comment: If you'll be using or be going for a monk build I say you
max out the Demonsbane and Divine Protection instead of maxing either
Angelus or Agility Up first. They're essential for the Monk Build,
other than that I find this build to be just fine that is if you could
persevere that long.

<Copies Weggy's hand-writing ^_^>
NOTE: Some of the original comments stays though I changed some to suit the
battle acolyte taste ^_^. The following are from his hard work so be sure to
thank him if you'll be using this list as I just copied it from him.

Fixed (Job Bonus) Stats


At Job Level 50: +3 STR, +2 AGI, +3 VIT, +3 INT, +3 DEX, +4 LUK

Job Level 2 : +1 LUK
Job Level 6 : +1 VIT
Job Level 10: +1 INT
Job Level 14: +1 DEX
Job Level 18: +1 LUK
Job Level 22: +1 AGI
Job Level 26: +1 STR
Job Level 30: +1 VIT
Job Level 33: +1 INT
Job Level 36: +1 DEX
Job Level 38: +1 LUK
Job Level 40: +1 AGI
Job Level 42: +1 STR
Job Level 44: +1 VIT
Job Level 46: +1 INT
Job Level 47: +1 DEX
Job Level 49: +1 STR
Job Level 50: +1 LUK


At Job Level 50: +5 STR, +4 AGI, +5 VIT, +5 INT, +4 DEX, +7 LUK

Job Level 1 : +1 LUK
Job Level 3 : +1 LUK
Job Level 4 : +1 STR
Job Level 6 : +1 AGI
Job Level 7 : +1 VIT
Job Level 8 : +1 INT
Job Level 9 : +1 INT
Job Level 10: +1 LUK
Job Level 11: +1 STR
Job Level 14: +1 VIT
Job Level 16: +1 DEX
Job Level 17: +1 STR
Job Level 20: +1 DEX
Job Level 21: +1 LUK
Job Level 22: +1 INT
Job Level 25: +1 DEX
Job Level 27: +1 STR
Job Level 29: +1 AGI
Job Level 31: +1 LUK
Job Level 33: +1 DEX
Job Level 34: +1 VIT
Job Level 35: +1 STR
Job Level 36: +1 VIT
Job Level 37: +1 AGI
Job Level 39: +1 LUK
Job Level 42: +1 INT
Job Level 43: +1 INT
Job Level 46: +1 VIT
Job Level 48: +1 AGI
Job Level 50: +1 LUK

Acolyte Skills
Okay, I've explained where our strenght lies so by now you should now what
spells to take or what kind of battle acolyte you're aiming for. Most of our
skills will surely not go to waste if you use them well. Also, aiming for
Job level 50 is up to you though you could acquire the most necessary spells
with just Job level 40 but if you wishes to persue the other skills so as not
to wast skill points later on. Also, the difference of level 1 and 3 skills
let say the Agi Up spell differs on how you'll be using them as I myself
would only prefer it's added walking speed but if the Agi boost suits your
style then go ahead. You can also sacrifice points for Warp Portal if you
like but to maximize them all I suggest you not take one but if you don't
have another Money(Zenny) making character then you should at get one for


Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 13 SP
Level 2 : 16 SP
Level 3 : 19 SP
Level 4 : 22 SP
Level 5 : 25 SP
Level 6 : 28 SP
Level 7 : 31 SP
Level 8 : 34 SP
Level 9 : 37 SP
Level 10: 40 SP

* Healing varies depending on your Job Level, total INT and skill level.

Comments: The most useful spell in the game. You should atleast make it
step on level 5 before persuing other spells. You can also use this spell
to damage the undead though I wouldn't suggest you to go heal bombing unless
you're an Excorcist Build as you'll barely damage them with your weak
healing. Remember this Heal spell serves as a replacement for pots.

Divine Protection___________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : DEF +3
Level 2 : DEF +6
Level 3 : DEF +9
Level 4 : DEF +12
Level 5 : DEF +15
Level 6 : DEF +18
Level 7 : DEF +21
Level 8 : DEF +24
Level 9 : DEF +28
Level 10: DEF +30

Comments: The skill gives you great defensive bonus against the undead. At
a lower level this skill is nice but bring it up to 10 and you'll be pumping
your dsefense up even with a crappy armor. You'll notice the use of this
skill with a good Vit.


Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Divine Protection
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : ATK +3
Level 2 : ATK +6
Level 3 : ATK +9
Level 4 : ATK +12
Level 5 : ATK +15
Level 6 : ATK +18
Level 7 : ATK +21
Level 8 : ATK +24
Level 9 : ATK +28
Level 10: ATK +30

Comments: If you'll be an undead fighter this is a must as well as monk
wanna be as I hear you'll need level 10 of this and it's brother Divine
Protection if you're aiming for a monk job. Even though you won't be a
Monk the plus 30 ATK versus the undead is big. Pair it up with a nice weapon
and good STR and this is as good as Divine Protection.


Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 10 SP

Level 1 : Lets you use Ruwach

Comments: Skip this if you're not planning to be a semi-warpolyte. This only
allows you to see invisible thieves.

Signum Crucis_______________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Demon Bane
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 35

Level 1 : -3 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 2 : -6 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 3 : -9 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 4 : -12 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 5 : -15 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 6 : -18 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 7 : -21 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 8 : -24 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 9 : -27 DEF to every undead enemy you see
Level 10: -30 DEF to every undead enemy you see

Note: The defense readings are purely guesses by me.  I just would assume
they are mutliples of 3, since all but 1 Acolyte spell follows that pattern.
Also, its pretty much the exact opposite of Angelus, which adds +3 to DEF.

Comments: A good thing for undead acolytes otherwise skip this. You should
be putting points on things on Blessings or Agi Up.


Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Divine Protection
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 40 SP

Level 1 : 115% VIT to you and your party, 20 Second Duration
Level 2 : 120% VIT to you and your party, 30 Second Duration
Level 3 : 125% VIT to you and your party, 40 Second Duration
Level 4 : 130% VIT to you and your party, 50 Second Duration
Level 5 : 135% VIT to you and your party, 60 Second Duration
Level 6 : 140% VIT to you and your party, 70 Second Duration
Level 7 : 145% VIT to you and your party, 80 Second Duration
Level 8 : 150% VIT to you and your party, 90 Second Duration
Level 9 : 155% VIT to you and your party, 100 Second Duration
Level 10: 160% VIT to you and your party, 110 Second Duration

Comments: A pretty handy spell specially if you're partying with thieves.
Thieves loves to have extra Vitality otherwise just add 1 or put one on
another skill. This is a nice spell if you're buffed with vitality otherwise
a level 1 would be enough since it has a hefty SP cost you might as well
just put points on other spells.


Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Divine Protection
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP use

Level 1 : STR, INT, and DEX +1, 28 SP per use, 60 Second Duration
Level 2 : STR, INT, and DEX +2, 31 SP per use, 60 Second Duration
Level 3 : STR, INT, and DEX +3, 34 SP per use, 60 Second Duration
Level 4 : STR, INT, and DEX +4, 37 SP per use, 60 Second Duration
Level 5 : STR, INT, and DEX +5, 40 SP per use, 60 Second Duration
Level 6 : STR, INT, and DEX +6, 43 SP per use, 90 Second Duration
Level 7 : STR, INT, and DEX +7, 46 SP per use, 90 Second Duration
Level 8 : STR, INT, and DEX +8, 49 SP per use, 90 Second Duration
Level 9 : STR, INT, and DEX +9, 52 SP per use, 90 Second Duration
Level 10: STR, INT, and DEX +10, 55 SP per use, 120 Second Duration

Comments: This spell is surely a blessing. A decent level of blessing will
own other jobs. Think of a level 10 blessing buffing up a battle acolyte
that has a nice STR and DEX not to mention this'll power your healing up
a bit. The spell would actually make you feel 3 to 5 levels higher ^_^.
Though with a hefty SP cost the price to pay is sure worth it.

Speed Up____________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Heal
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : AGI +3, 18 SP per use, 65 Second Duration
Level 2 : AGI +4, 21 SP per use, 80 Second Duration
Level 3 : AGI +5, 24 SP per use, 95 Second Duration
Level 4 : AGI +6, 27 SP per use, 110 Second Duration
Level 5 : AGI +7, 30 SP per use, 125 Second Duration
Level 6 : AGI +8, 33 SP per use, 140 Second Duration
Level 7 : AGI +9, 36 SP per use, 155 Second Duration
Level 8 : AGI +10, 39 SP per use, 170 Second Duration
Level 9 : AGI +11, 42 SP per use, 185 Second Duration
Level 10: AGI +12, 45 SP per use, 200 Second Duration

Note: Each additional level increases walking speed slightly.

Comments: Thieves loves the additional AGI bonus other wise stick with
blessing. Put a point here if you really feel like walking fast or a nice
trick to run away from someone or a mob. If you'll be more inclined to the
AGI stat then this shouldn't be too big to purchase as a huge +12 AGI sure
is something.

Speed Down__________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Speed Up
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : AGI -3, 18 SP per use, 65 Second Duration
Level 2 : AGI -4, 21 SP per use, 80 Second Duration
Level 3 : AGI -5, 24 SP per use, 95 Second Duration
Level 4 : AGI -6, 27 SP per use, 110 Second Duration
Level 5 : AGI -7, 30 SP per use, 125 Second Duration
Level 6 : AGI -8, 33 SP per use, 140 Second Duration
Level 7 : AGI -9, 36 SP per use, 155 Second Duration
Level 8 : AGI -10, 39 SP per use, 170 Second Duration
Level 9 : AGI -11, 42 SP per use, 185 Second Duration
Level 10: AGI -12, 45 SP per use, 200 Second Duration

Comments: Skip this spell. It's not worth it since most enemies aren't
really AGI based. Just put the point to Blessing or AGI up and you'll see
your skill point worth there.

Aqua Benedicta______________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Heal, Level 3 Divine Protection
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: ???

Level 1 : Can create Holy Water

Note: This skill requires you to stand in water

Comments: This skill lets you create Holy Water out of an Empty Bottle,
which can heal all status abnormalities. This skill is worthless until the
Status Ailment system is implemented. BTW, this is required for some
priestly skills. Put one if you're aiming to be a priest.


Pre-Requisites: Ruwach Level 1
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: ???

Level 1 : Activates Pneuma

Comments: Renders all projectiles in the area useless.  Useful for avoiding
Archer Skeletons, Hydras, etc, and kicking the crap out of Archers in the
arena, whenever that rolls around. Amen.


Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Heal
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: ???

Level 1 :
Level 2 :
Level 3 :
Level 4 :
Level 5 :
Level 6 :
Level 7 :
Level 8 :
Level 9 :
Level 10:

Comments: 10 levels. Since the status ailment system isn't implemented this
spell is worthless.


Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Ruwach
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 9 SP

Level 1 : Warps to random position on map
Level 2 : Warps to Save Point

Comments: Not very useful, since you could easily just use a Wing of Fly or
Butterfly.  Required for Warp Portal though.

Warp Portal_________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Teleportation
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : Creates Warp Portal to Save Point, 30 SP per use
Level 2 : Creates Warp Portal, 1 memo point allowed, 28 SP per use
Level 3 : Creates Warp Portal, 2 memo points allowed, 26 SP per use
Level 4 : Creates Warp Portal, 3 memo points allowed, 24 SP per use

Comments: Let me explain the memo thing... when your at a place you want
to save, use the /memo command, and it will save it.  You can warp there
later. I don't really recommend this skill though, since you need to get it
to level 8 to actually do something.  Not only that, it costs 1 blue gem
per cast, which you can buy in Geffen for 600z.  Since the NPC
teleportation system got nerfed, you can make some decent money this way

Priest Skills

SP Recovery_________________________________________________________________

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Additional 3 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 2 : Additional 6 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 3 : Additional 9 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 4 : Additional 12 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 5 : Additional 15 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 6 : Additional 18 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 7 : Additional 21 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 8 : Additional 24 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 9 : Additional 27 SP per every 10 seconds
Level 10: Additional 30 SP per every 10 seconds

Comments: Finally Priests get this skill!  A great one to have, you should
probably max it. Even if you're full battle acolyte a decent SP regeneration
rate could really help a lot specially when you'll be leveling in dungeons
that are full of aggressiveness.


Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 60 SP, 1 Blue Gem

Level 1 : Revive with 1 HP
Level 2 : Revive with 15% HP
Level 3 : Revive with 30% HP
Level 4 : Revive with 50% HP

Comments: You can't revive yourself though. The skill is nice if you'll be
partying ang do MVPing otherwise skip it for something else. Battle Acolytes
mostly travel alone and would only join a party if he/she really needs it.


Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Impositio Manus and Level 1 Aqua Benedicta
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use, 1 Holy Water

Level 1 : 12 SP per use, 5 second duration
Level 2 : 14 SP per use, 8 second duration
Level 3 : 16 SP per use, 11 second duration
Level 4 : 18 SP per use, 14 second duration
Level 5 : 20 SP per use, 17 second duration

Comments: Forget about the elemental weapons sold. This is perhaps a very
promising spell though with the short duration (17 seconds is as short as
5 to 8 hits with 40AGI) using them against those who are weak against the
holy element really is a big help. Max this for the Benediction spell if
you'll be partying and for a longer Holy Elemental Weapon effect.

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Gloria, Level 5 Asperiso
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20 SP

Level 1 : 40 Second Duration
Level 2 : 80 Second Duration
Level 3 : 120 Second Duration
Level 4 : 160 Second Duration
Level 5 : 200 Second Duration

Comments: This skill will allow a Priest to add a Holy Element to all party
members in the area.  Other Acolytes and Priests can join in, to create a
larger sphere of influence... somehow.  Too bad its useless since no monsters
use elements yet.

Impositio Manus_____________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 8 SP

Level 1 : ATK +2, 40 second duration
Level 2 : ATK +4, 40 second duration
Level 3 : ATK +6, 40 second duration
Level 4 : ATK +8, 40 second duration
Level 5 : ATK +10, 40 second duration

Comments: Not sure what to think about this one... 40 seconds is a decent
duration, but the ATK boost is less than diserable.  It costs very little SP


Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Impositio Manus
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use:

Level 1 : 15% Reduced Casting time, 30 Second Duration
Level 2 : 30% Reduced Casting time, 20 Second Duration
Level 3 : 45% Reduced Casting time, 10 Second Duration

Comments: Pair up with a decent mage and watch him cast spell crazy! 10
seconds on level 3 but the 45% reduced casting time is a lot. Think of
Casting a couple of Lord of Vermillion(Don't blame me I'm not a mage)
a couple of times in under 30 seconds ^_^.

Mace Mastery________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : ATK +3
Level 2 : ATK +6
Level 3 : ATK +9
Level 4 : ATK +12
Level 5 : ATK +15
Level 6 : ATK +18
Level 7 : ATK +21
Level 8 : ATK +24
Level 9 : ATK +27
Level 10: ATK +30

Comments: Hey, finally we get a Mace Mastery!  Too bad by the time you
become a Priest, you'll probably want to use your fists, a bible, or a wand
if your support. But if you'll be staying with your mace might as well
get this one other wise you're better of with the DemonBane skill agianst
the undead ^_^.


Pre-Requisites: Level 3 Magnificat, Level 4 Kyrie Eleison
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20 SP

Level 1 : 10 Second Duration
Level 2 : 15 Second Duration
Level 3 : 20 Second Duration
Level 4 : 25 Second Duration
Level 5 : 30 Second Duration

Comments: Increases a players LUK by 30.  Handy, but there are better skills.
Luck based characters should get this otherwise skip it.

Kyrie Eleison_______________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 2 Angelus
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use:

Level 1 : Blocks 1 hit, 10 second duration
Level 2 : Blocks 1 hit, 20 second duration
Level 3 : Blocks 1 hit, 30 second duration
Level 4 : Blocks 1 hit, 40 second duration
Level 5 : Blocks 1 hit, 50 second duration
Level 6 : Blocks 2 hit, 60 second duration
Level 7 : Blocks 2 hit, 70 second duration
Level 8 : Blocks 2 hit, 80 second duration
Level 9 : Blocks 2 hit, 90 second duration
Level 10: Blocks 3 hit, 100 second duration

Comments: Safety Wall on steroids.  This creates a large barrier to block
all hits in the area. Also, a great mob controller use it as you fend them


Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 40 SP

Level 1 : 20 Second Duration
Level 2 : 40 Second Duration
Level 3 : 60 Second Duration
Level 4 : 80 Second Duration
Level 5 : 100 Second Duration

Comments: This makes the target player recover HP and SP twice as fast as
normal.  Very much appreciated for Battlesmiths, Hunters, and any other class
that can whoop ass provided they have SP. This is also a great spell for us
battle acolytes ^_^ think of a regeneration rate ike Swordies and SP regen
faster than mages.


Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Heal
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use, Blue Gem

Level 1 : Heals 100 HP 4 times, 4 Second Duration, 15 SP per use
Level 2 : Heals 200 HP 5 times, 7 Second Duration, 18 SP per use
Level 3 : Heals 300 HP 6 times, 10 Second Duration, 21 SP per use
Level 4 : Heals 400 HP 7 times, 13 Second Duration, 24 SP per use
Level 5 : Heals 500 HP 8 times, 16 Second Duration, 27 SP per use
Level 6 : Heals 600 HP 9 times, 19 Second Duration, 30 SP per use
Level 7 : Heals 777 HP 10 times, 22 Second Duration, 33 SP per use
Level 8 : Heals 777 HP 11 times, 25 Second Duration, 36 SP per use
Level 9 : Heals 777 HP 12 times, 28 Second Duration, 39 SP per use
Level 10: Heals 777 HP 13 times, 31 Second Duration, 42 SP per use

Comments: Though healing isn't our best forte skip this one though this
maybe useful later on you should get at least the 5th level of the spell
otherwise forget it.

Slow Poison_________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Status Recovery
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 10 Second Duration, 6 SP per use
Level 2 : 20 Second Duration, 8 SP per use
Level 3 : 30 Second Duration, 10 SP per use
Level 4 : 40 Second Duration, 12 SP per use

Comments: This skill slows the effects of poison for a period of time...
useless, in my opinion.  You have Cure, Status Recovery, AND Green Herbs to
completely cure it instead.

Status Recovery_____________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 5 SP

Level 1 : Heals status

Comments: Completely eliminates status ailments, including the more
advanced ones Cure can't like Undead, Frozen, Cursed, and Stoned.  Its only
real use now is that it makes every monster except Undead become passive
again, if they were passive, or cause aggressive monsters to possibly change
targets - its resetting them, in a way.

Turn Undead_________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Ressurection and Level 3 Lex Divina
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 20 SP

Each level increases chance and improves damage

Comment: A pretty strong undead attack, but heal can work just as well.
You'll be needing a great amount of Luck for instant kills though. The Luck
build would love this one otherwise skip it again ^_^.

Lex Aeterna_________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 5 Lex Divina
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 10 SP

Level 1 : Causes target to receive double damage for 1 hit

Comments: Since we won't be making concrete/steady damage this is still as
good as it gets. The 10 sp cost is just fine compare this to Bash this is
perhaps a way to compensate for our lack of battling skills.

Lex Divina__________________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Ruwach
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 30 Second Duration, 20 SP per use
Level 2 : 35 Second Duration, 20 SP per use
Level 3 : 40 Second Duration, 20 SP per use
Level 4 : 45 Second Duration, 20 SP per use
Level 5 : 50 Second Duration, 20 SP per use
Level 6 : 55 Second Duration, 18 SP per use
Level 7 : 60 Second Duration, 16 SP per use
Level 8 : 60 Second Duration, 14 SP per use
Level 9 : 60 Second Duration, 12 SP per use
Level 10: 60 Second Duration, 10 SP per use

Comments: Silences the target, but I don't believe that works yet.  May be
very useful for Mages though.

Magnus Exorcismus___________________________________________________________

Pre-Requisites: Level 1 Safety Wall, Level 3 Lex Aeterna, Level 3 Turn Undead
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use, Blue Gemstone

Level 1 : 1 Hit, 10 Second Duration, 40 SP per use
Level 2 : 2 Hits, 11 Second Duration, 42 SP per use
Level 3 : 3 Hits, 12 Second Duration, 44 SP per use
Level 4 : 4 Hits, 13 Second Duration, 46 SP per use
Level 5 : 5 Hits, 14 Second Duration, 48 SP per use
Level 6 : 6 Hits, 15 Second Duration, 50 SP per use
Level 7 : 7 Hits, 16 Second Duration, 52 SP per use
Level 8 : 8 Hits, 17 Second Duration, 54 SP per use
Level 9 : 9 Hits, 18 Second Duration, 56 SP per use
Level 10: 10 Hits, 20 Second Duration, 58 SP per use

Comments: Much like Sancturary, creates glowing tiles.  Their purpose is to
damage undead though, and it does it very well. Excorcists that turned
priest should get this that is if they like spending 600z everytime ^_^.

</Copies Weggy's hand-writing ^_^>

                            * Where to level? *

Levels 1-Job Change: You can level on any area that has porings, fabres,
lunatics, pickies, drops, or roda frogs. Just be patient, until you change
job levels then you can level more seriously. Also try leveling up to 4
to 6(base) on the novice training ground. They'll give decent experience,
average drops and if you're lucky enough you might find a fabre card or two.

Levels Job Change-20: Level up on rocker's hill, one south and one west
from prontera city. Rockers gives a nice drop of EXP and decent sellable
item. Just watchout for the Vocal Rocker. You can also try Condors in the
desert. Lunatics and Roda Frogs still gives a decent EXP, they're safe
and still effective.

Levels 21-30: Culvert 1 or try the 2nd and 3rd level with a massive killing
party for power leveling. Byalan Dungeon 1, just start with planktons and
kukres. Near level 30 you can try out PecoPecos, Boas and wolves in the
Levels 31-40: You can now try Payon 1,2. Culvert 1,2 and 3. Smokie forest.
Byalan 1,2. Horns(Mt.Mjolnir), Orc Village(have a party). Geffen Dungeon 1
for non-stop action. Yoyo Forest, One east, one north and one east from
Prontera city. Elder Willow Map, 2 south, 2 west from prontera city.
PecoPecos are still good to level on.
Levels 41-50: Geffen Dungeon 1, avergae loots, above average Exp drop rate
though the place is full of aggresiveness. Byalan 1 or 2, Excellent loots,
fair EXP. Also you can try Orc Village or stay with Elder Willows until they
stop giving you a nice EXP. Goblin Village if you're VIT is high enough.
Payon 1,2,3 are good for you as well. Try Anacondaqs if you're soloing.
Have a solid party and take on verits in the Pyramid. Drainliars in the
Coal Mine are still decent EXP source.

Levels 51-60: Stay where you're leveling during the levels 41-50. You can
now try several places like Payon 3,4, Byalan 3,4, Hodes, Savages, Sphinx,
Pyramid 2. Sunken Ship.
Levels 61-70: I'd recommend Sphinx level 3 your Heal should be pretty decent
now as well as your stats. Payon 3/4, Coal Mine 4 or Byalan 4 are really
really good if you're tough enough.

Levels 70-99: I say level where you think is good. By now you'll stop going
over this guide as you've absorb as much RO experience you had playing till
this level. Go MVPing with a massive party or stay where you want to level.

                      * The Ways of a Battle Acolyte -

*-               -*
*- Earning Money -*
*-               -*
Us Acolytes basically have 2 ways to earn zennies. Mainly, the Healing
and the Warping Services. I'll explain to you how to earn money as with
that 2 but basically let's tackle the very basic. Okay, you earn money
through killing and picking up the monster's drop. Some of which would
be sold for 200z or as much depending on the item. Though at time we
might not be able to get loots and kill monster at a fast rate so I
would always suggest we level up on areas that has a very nice drops
like Byalan or Payon if you're lucky enough. Anyway, so there now
about those 2 things. Healing is oftenly sought out especially if you're
situated in a dungeon or a desolated palce. The rate of healing depends
on you but iff you'll be reasonable you could offer a 1 zenny per 2 hp
rate or give a 500z for a full heal rate. You can always adjust the
rate depending on the competition let say you're in Byalan 4 and you
open up a room for healing, seeing a couple others already decided to
do the service whip up something like free level 10 blessing or
something. Knights, Hunters and Thief loves that or even an Agi Up
bonus. For the Warp Service, basically the rate would be from 1000z
to 1200z depending on the competition. Since you'll be spending 600z
for a blue gem in the shops or if you're lucky find a merchant that
will sell it for like 500z or 480z you'll profit 500 to 600z per warp
anyway. The place you should be staying would be Prontera, Archer
Village or Orc Village as most people would always cramp the place
and look for warps to other cities like Prontera to Morroc or
something like that. The main thing here is to keep on adjusting to
the trend.

Another natural way of earning money is by means of killing monsters.
The choice would be up to you and is depending on your build. I
suggest you go solo all the way and be sure to pick up every single
monster drops from your kills. A way to both get a card/equipment you
desire and at the same time earn money and level up is to plan ahead.
For example you'll be hunting for Yoyo Card. By the time you reached
around level 30+ and you're sure enough you can handle them. Feel
free to head over their forest and start leveling up there. Yoyos
have a very fair drops (Yoyo Tail) and you should be earning nice
EXP during those levels. That's hitting 3 birds at once ^_^. The
General Rule about earning money and/or leveling up I usually would
give is to level up on a monster that you want to earn something
from. I mean, if you want to get a Yoyo Card level up there and
just level up on another place if you've already earned the card.
It's tiring and all but it's worth it. Trust me :D

*-                 -*
*- Party to choose -*
*-                 -*

                 "I dodged it...  Ack! Sword and sheath..."
                   -- Udo Jinee, Rurouni Kenshin

Swordsman - You gotta love them. Swordsmen/women are your main shield early
on during your acolyte days. They'll serve the purpose of a mercenary until
you can fend of monsters with your own strenght. They're tough warriors that
can withstand most pain and at the same time deal painful blows back. Most
of the swordsman you should be partying with are either Vit/Agi Hybrid based
or pure VIT one as opposed to some AGI would sound great though AGI are great
fighters during the later levels VIT type makes a great complement to the
lack of offense and poor HP us acolytes have early on and besides they
require less healing time after time as you simply fight alongside them and
letting them harvest those monster EXP for you.

Thief - Thieves are perhaps the class you should be spending time. They're
great fighters with only the problem of crappy defense and HP. With a battle
acolyte around your little heal would just be enough to fill their life bar
to the max and at the same time you won't be spending too much SP compared
to swordsman. BTW, if you're planning to get a leveling partner this nimble
characters are great.

Another Acolyte - Preferably a support one. Any party should have at least
one 'nuff said.

Mages - I suggest only having one though if you'll be leveling somewhere like
GH or let say you'll be trying Whispers then you should be getting one they
are ultimate offensive weapons though they should always have a meat shield
to protect them.

Archers - Archers are as good as mages though I constantly find having one
around isn't that helpful I would always prefer other classes than them
though they're the best support unit Mages does the job better.

Merchants - The only reason I party with merchants is to use their Discount
Skill >.< kiddin' they're just as good as swordies though they don't have
much battling skills. Though I suggest you simply invite a Mage/Archer or a
Thief/Swordie other than Merchants. (Peace my merchant brothers! ^_-)

*-                -*
*- PvP hints/tips -*
*-                -*

           "I'll teach you who you picked a fight with."
           -- Yamamoto Youko, Soreyuke! Uchuusenkan Yamamoto Youko

PvP hints/tips section is basically a guide (or at least that's what I think
of it ^_^) for those PvP enthusiasts ^_^. These are merely tips on either how
to make PvPs exciting and how will you be facing your opponents. BTW, I'll
be disregarding the use of any special equipments/cards just to be sure.

Swordsmen - Fighting a swordsman would be the toughest one to face. They're
brute warriors that don't have anything good to do other than using their
swords ^_^. Swordsman are awfully offensive and at the same time be
recovering their HP per 10 seconds. Though you can clearly fight fairly
against them. The trick into defeating them relies on how much your SP could
hold. Start off summoning supportive spells (Blessing etc..) then fight them
normally though you may want to heal yourself occasionally and heal after
every bash/magnum breaks/etc.. The only way swordsmen are defeated is by
means of squaring up on them.

Thieves - Thieves are nimble creature who can evade and deal twice the damage
in return. Expect much AGI from them and expect a hard time hitting them
though surely ones you've connected it'll be almost over. I only find the
Blessing spell to be the most effective as it'll raise your DEX up. A good
status ailment attack from them is "Envenom" the higher the level of it the
harder and the bigger problem it'll cause. I simply suggest you carry a
couple of status restoring items along to counter them. Simply heal yourself
Whenever necessary.

Acolytes - Battle Acolytes are taken care of proper healing time and the
level of support spell. The one that'll prevail is mostly those who have a
better stats/spell level. Support Acolytes mostly wouldn't want to PvP even
so they'll be as frail as an old man so no problems there.

Mages - The only way to defeat this elemental dudes is to move fast. You
should use "Agi Up" spell to walk faster and be sure to sneak up on them
first though a surprise attack is almost countered with their Soul Strike
but if you managed to sneak up on them head on instantaneously beat them up.
Casting "Agi Down" is necessary if they try running away. You should maintain
a high HP level as a good blast from this fiends would be as close as death.

Archers - Same as Mages though you have a slight edge against them "Pnuema".
"Agi Up" yourself first and try to catch them. A flinch from this long ranged
antagonists would spell trouble. Though they have a couple of offensive power
like Blitz Ace, Double Strafe and the likes a good Pnuema would be it. Expect
a loooooong match.

Merchants - Same strats with either Battle Acolytes/Swordsmen the only
difference is if they use a cart. This means that they'll either be having
500+ healing items up their sleeves so be careful ^_^.

*-                    -*
*- Monster Flee Chart -*
*-                    -*

   "The Saotome Ougi is based on three principles: Speed, Seperation,
     and Strategy. In other words, run away until you think of
     something better."
      -- Saotome Genma, Ranma Nibunnoichi

<Steals another one of Weggy's handwriting>

The number on the left is the number of Flee Rate you need to dodge/flee
monster with ease. I couldn't find any other flee rate as near/accurate
as this one.

87  Poring
89  Fabre
91  Lunatic
93  Picky
93  Willow
95  Drops
95  Roda Frog
95  Santa Poring
96  ChonChon
97  Condor
97  Eclipse (Miniboss)
99  Savage Babe
99  Mastering (Miniboss)
100 Toada (Miniboss)
103 Rocker
103 Spore
105 Hornet
105 Plankton
105 Dragonfly (Miniboss)
107 Kukre
110 Desert Wolf Puppy
110 Zombie
111 Ambermite
112 Creamy
113 Martin
113 Poporing
115 Muka
115 Marin
115 Tarou
116 Familiar
120 Steel Chonchon
121 Coco
122 Wolf
123 Andre
123 Deniro
123 Pecopeco
123 Poison Spore
124 Smokie
125 Bigfoot
125 Golem
125 Pierre
126 Stainer
128 Mandragora
128 Goblin (Axe)
128 Orc Zombie
130 Boa
130 Megalodon
130 Pirate Skeleton
131 Yoyo
134 Goblin (Mace)
134 Hydra
135 Vadon
136 Eggyra
136 Thara Frog
137 Argos
137 Marina
138 Elder Willow
138 Orc Skeleton
138 Orc Warrior
139 Anacondaq
139 Dustiness
139 Goblin (Hammer)
140 Vitata
140 Wormtail
141 Caramel
143 Giearth
143 Goblin (Knife)
143 Santa Goblin
143 Savage
145 Horn
145 Magnolia
145 Zerom
147 Kobold (Hammer)
148 Kaho
148 Skeleton Worker
149 Flora
149 Soldier Skeleton
150 Vocal (Miniboss)
151 Mantis
151 Metaller
152 Bongun
152 Ghoul
152 Swordfish
154 Vagabond Wolf (Miniboss)
155 Hode
156 Munak
156 Scorpion
156 Verit
160 Cornutus
160 Cookie
160 Sasquatch
161 Sohee
163 Desert Wolf
163 Frilldora
163 Marse
163 Strouf
166 Angeling (Miniboss)
168 Kobold (Axe)
170 Goblin (Chain)
170 Myst Case
170 Ghostring (Miniboss)
171 Mist
172 Marc
173 Horong
174 Whisper
175 Matyr
175 Requiem
176 Brilight
177 Argiope
181 Hunter Fly
182 Drainliar
182 Dokkaebi
185 Obeaune
185 Golden Thief Bug (MVP)
188 Choco (Miniboss)
188 Punk
189 Deviace
190 Marionette
190 Sandman
192 Mummy
192 Edgga (MVP)
193 Jakk
193 Nightmare
194 Phen
194 Skeleton Prisoner
195 Isis
195 Zenorc
196 Reydric
198 Sky Petit
198 Marduk
198 Minorous
200 Cruiser
201 Cramp
203 Earth Petit
205 Chepet
205 Zombie Prisoner
206 Evil Druid
206 Khalitzburg
206 Mimic
206 Moonlight Flower (MVP)
207 Pasana
208 Bathory
208 Iron Fist
209 Kobold (Mace)
210 Stemworm
211 Wraith
214 Arclouse
214 High Orc
215 Maya (MVP)
220 Ninetails
221 Dark Priest
221 Mistress (MVP)
223 Alarm
223 Baphomet Jr.
223 Deviruchi
225 Orc Hero (MVP)
230 Anubis
232 Joker
234 Sidewinder
236 Archer Skeleton
240 Anolian
250 Executioner
256 Sting
263 Baphomet (MVP)
265 Orc Archer
270 Drake (MVP)
270 Osiris (MVP)
273 Penomena
283 Wanderman
284 Rideword
285 Orc Lord (MVP)
286 Abyss Knight
305 Doppleganger (MVP)
317 Mysteltainn
322 Phreeoni (MVP)

                      * Card Hunting Leveling Guide *
Let's begin with the Card List first so you won't have to do the trouble
using other guides for just the reason to view which card you should try to
get. The format goes like this Name of Card/Type/Ability.

Bonus - Means an additional stat gain/stat bonus
Enchant - Means to earn a skill/spell from
Bless - Has something to do with Armor Property
Resist - Resistance from certain things
Harm - Deal better damage on certain monsters
Curse - Influce abnormalities

Cobold - Bonus Critical +5%, STR +1
Creamy - Enchant Teleport Level 1
Horong - Enchant Sight Level 1
Kukre - Bonus AGI +2
Mantis - Bonus STR +3
Marine Sphere - Enchant Magnum Break Level 1
Muka - Bonus HP Recovery +10%
Obeaune - Enchant Cure Level 1
Phen - Bonus Uninterruptible casting, but increases delay time 10%
Pirate Skel - Enchant Discount Level 1
Poison Spore - Enchant Envenom Level 1
PoPoring - Enchant Detoxify Level 1
Spore - Bonus VIT +2
Tarou - Bonus STR +2
Vitata - Enchant Heal Level 1
Wormtail - Bonus DEX +2
Yoyo - Bonus Perfect Dodge +5, AGI +1
Zerom - Bonus DEX +3

Angelring - Bless Gives armor Holy Property
Argiope - Bless Gives armor Poison Property. Poison does 5% less damage.
Baby DesertWolf - Bonus INT +1
Bathory - Bless Gives armor Shadow Property
Cornutus - Bless Makes Armor Indestructible
Dokkaebi - Bless Gives armor Wind Property
Evil Druid - Bless Gives Armor Undead Property, INT +1
Marc - Immune Immune to Freeze affect. Water does 5% less damage.
PecoPeco - Bonus Maximum HP +150
Picky - Bonus STR +1
Picky Egg - Bonus VIT +1
Poring - Bonus LUK +1
Pupa - Bonus Maximum HP +50
Rocker - Bonus DEX +1
Roda Frog - Bonus Maximum HP +100
Sandman - Bless Gives Armor Earth Property
Savage - Bonus VIT +3
Steel ChonChon - Bonus DEF +2, 5% Resistance to Wind
Thief Bug - Bonus AGI +1

Foot Gear
ChonChon -  Bonus AGI +1
Male Thief Bug -  Bonus AGI +2
Matyr -  Bonus Max HP +12%, AGI +1
Sohee - Bonus Maximum SP +20%
Verit - Bonus Maximum HP/SP +8%
Zombie - Bonus HP Recovery +25%

Bapho Jr. - Bonus AGI +3, Critical +1%
Condor - Bonus Flee +5
Dustiness - Resist 30% Resistance to Wind
Hode - Resist 30% Resistance to Earth
Isis - Resist 30% Resistance to Shadow
Marionette - Resist 30% Resistance to Ghost
Mars - Resist 30% Resistance to Water
Mist - Resist 30% Resistance to Poison
Orc Zombie - Resist 30% Resistance to Undead
Raydric - Resist 15% Resistance to Neutral
Whisper - Bonus Flee +20, 5% more damage from Ghost Property attacks.
Zakk - Resist 30% Resistance to Fire

Head Gear
Coco - Resist Sleep 50%
Deviruchi - Bonus STR +1
Elder Willow - Bonus INT +2
Giearth - Immune Chaos
Marduk - Bonus Immune to Silence. Reduce casting time by 5%
Martin - Resist Dark does 20% less damage
Stainer - Resist Silence 50%
Willow - Bonus Maximum SP +30

Ambernite - Bonus DEF +2
Andre Egg - Bonus Maximum HP +5%
Argos - Resist Stone Curse 20%
Bigfoot - Resist Insects do 50% less damage
Horn - Resist Ranged attacks do 20% less damage
Megalodon - Resist Frozen 20%
Munak - Resist Stone Curse 15%
Orc Warrier - Resist Brutes do 50% less damage
Petite (Sky) - Resist Dragons do 50% less damage
Thara Frog - Resist Demi-Humans do 50% less damage
Thief Bug Egg - Bonus Maximum HP +30

Anacondaq - Harm 20% more damage vs Poison
Andre - Bonus ATK +10
Archer Skeleton - Harm 10% more damage vs Flying monsters
Boa - Curse 1% chance of Toxication each attack
Caramel - Harm 20% more damage on Insects
Desert Wolf - Harm 25% more damage vs Small monsters
Drainliar - Harm 20% more damage vs Water
Drops - Bonus DEX +1
Fabre - Bonus VIT +1
Farmiliar - Curse 1% chance of Darken each attack
Female Thief Bug - Bonus AGI +1
Flora - Harm 25% more damage on Amphibians
Goblin - Harm 20% more damage on Brutes
Golem - Bless Makes Weapon Indestructible
Hunter Fly - Bonus 3% chance of Heal 15% of damage done each attack
Hydra - Harm 25% more damage on Demi-Humans
Lunatic - Bonus LUK +1
Magnolia - Curse 5% chance of Curse each attack
Mandragora - Harm 25% more damage vs Wind
Marina - Curse 5% chance of 'Frostbite' each attack
Metaller - Curse Silence
Mummy - Bonus Hit +20
Orc Skeleton - Harm 20% more damage vs Holy
PecoPeco Egg - Harm 25% more damage on Formless
Petite (Ground) - Harm 25% more damage on Dragon monsters
Plankton - Curse 5% chance of Sleep each attack
Requiem - Curse 5% chance of Chaos each attack
Santa Poring - Harm 20% more damage vs Shadow
Savage Bebe - Curse 5% chance of Stun each attack
Scorpion - Harm 20% more damage on Plants
Sidewinder - Enchant Double Attack Level 1
Skel Worker - Bonus 15% more damage vs Medium monsters
Vadon - Harm 25% more damage vs Fire
Wolf - Bonus ATK +5
Zenorc - Curse 5% chance of Poison each attack

Now with that, you should now ask yourself "What Cards I need?". I'll simply
list down those that are aren't near impossible or too tiresome to acquire.

Smokie - Hide Level 1 - Hide level 1 is a very nice skill to have as us
Battle Acolyte/Priests aren't made to be inclined with battling monsters nor
mobs. A good hide skill would make us get away from it. You can start
leveling with Smokies at around level 35+
Yoyo - Perfect Dodge +5, AGI +1 - Perfect Dodge on both accessory is already
a good 10 Perfect Dodge. Though Yoyo are tough since they mob and loot you
shouldn't find them tough when you've reached level 40+
Cobold - Critical +5%, STR +1  - As opposed to the perfect dodge, crit would
be a good alternative, switching from defence to offence. Try them around
level 45+
Marine Sphere - Magnum Break Level 1 - Not a very good skill to get since
a MB1 isn't that strong but with the amount of SP you've got you can easily
show off around other players specially in mobs ^_^. BTW, Marine Sphere
are nice way of earning experience, it's just that the place where they are
has a lot of aggressives ^_^. Any level(around 50 perhaps) just be sure to
have a strong party to help you go down Byalan ^_^.

- Resistance Cards - You can go after those that drops cards that offers
resistance against something though I won't go for that since there aren't
any particular element that'll be dominating the game.
PecoPeco - Maximum HP +150 - The Max HP is just about it. Mid 30's.
Savage - VIT +3 - A nice boost on your VIT nuff' said. Late 40's. Early 50's.

Foot Gear
Sohee - Maximum SP +20% - start on them around 50+ depending on your build.
Verit - Maximum HP/SP +8% - Same with sohees or maybe lower.
Zombie - HP Recovery +25% - A good alternative to your constant healing. 25%
is so big ^_^. You can handle them like around 25+ already.

Condor - Flee +5 - You should start with Condors early on. You should be able
to take care of this monsters at an early level like around 10 and keep up
once you've job changed.
Orc Zombie - 30% Resistance to Undead - Hunt for one if you're an undead
killing type. 30% is already something if you're lucky an emperium might
pop out. Suggested Level: 40+
Whisper - Flee +20, 5% more damage from Ghost Property attacks. - The supreme
Flee card ^_^. I suggest you start hunting for one if you're already a
priest that can enchant your weapon with holy property ^_^ otherwise you
should first look for an elemental mace to start on one.

Head Gear
Elder Willow - INT +2 - Suggested Level 35 or 40+
Willow - Maximum SP +30 - Suggested Level: From Novice Onwards.

Ambernite - DEF +2 - Low Dex monsters so they'll be easy on levels 25+.
I'm not sure which card to take though it's up to you since most people would
want to PvP so much so you should just find one that you'll be needing check
the list for your convinience ^_^.

Andre - Bonus ATK +10 - Perfect card early in the game. The +10 is already
something for battle acolytes ^_^. Suggested Level: 30-35+
Golem - Makes Weapon Indestructible - Simply for making those perfect
chains. Suggested Level: 40(with high agi), 50+ to most.
Magnolia - 5% chance of Curse each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Marina - 5% chance of 'Frostbite' each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Plankton - 5% chance of Sleep each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Requiem - 5% chance of Chaos each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Savage Bebe - 5% chance of Stun each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Sidewinder - Double Attack Level 1 - Double Attack is pretty nice to have
espcially for us who use maces ^_^.
Skel Worker - 15% more damage vs Medium monsters - Since most are Medium
Creatures a 15% damage or more would be great.
Soldier Skeleton - Critical +9 - A Quad Crit Chain is just about anything
^_^. Though they may look tough but with high levels like around 50+ for a
battle acolyte they'll be easy though I suggest you avoid mobs if you'll
be hunting for one.
Zenorc - 5% chance of Poison each attack - Nice critical Alternative.
Suggested Level: 60 or maybe higher

                               * Credits *

I would like to thank the following:
Weggy - I got the list of Fixed Job Bonuses and the skills from his
guide. What'll I do without him? Thanks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot! Also, the
flee chart.
Gravity - For creating the game.
Mochan's Counterstrike Tactic guide - Itook the liberty to borrow
the way you created your entertaining guide. - The Stat Point Calculator I used. - Where I borrowed the card listings.
Level-Up - I'm not sure why? but they brought Ragnarok Online to the
GameFaqs - The best FAQ site in the world nuff' said.
YOU - This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. Thank you.

If I ever missed someone e-mail me. I'm just tired and desperate to finish
the guide early enough to get it on the site. THANK YOU!!!!