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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Bard Guide/ Bard FAQs

Jath's Bard FAQ
V. 3.0

I revamped my guide again ^^ I have been talking to a lot of other bards,
and tried out some new builds. I feel confident now I know much more about
stuff.... So, time for a revamp. =D
I fixed some typos, and added some of my thoughts and reasoning on skills
and stats.

I added the builds, and I eliminated my strategy portion... It was
confusing people ;P I also fixed some errors and patched some holes,
and added some more to the credits.


Due to the ammount of emails I got on how to become a bard, I would like
to say up front that I do NOT play in iRO. I play on (a couple) free
servers that do not have the job quests activated. They have job change
NPCs. Therefore, I do not know hardly anything about any details involved
in becoming a bard through the quests in iRO. I do know someone in iRO who
said they would get me some information on it, to put in this guide. I am
waiting for that at the moment; as soon as I get it I'll put it in and
update this guide.

Table of Contents

1. Intro
2. The Bard Class
3. Build
4. Archer Skills
5. Bard Skills
   |_ 5.1 Ensemble Skills
6. Credits

1. Intro

Hello! And welcome to my FAQ devoted to the bard class. I had been
interested in the bard class even before I started playing RO. I had heard
bards were quite an uncommon sight in the game, for the most part.
While I was waiting for my account to be activated, I naturally tried to
find all the information on RO that I could to expedite my novitiate.
Sadly, I found mostly bits and pieces of information on bards from various
FAQs around the web, and I found out I had a very slim grasp on them once
I got in the game, despite all my effots at research. So, I decided to create
my own FAQ for people in the same situation.
I hope it is of help to you. If you have any comments or question, please
feel free to email me.

2. The Bard Class & its Armaments

The bard is a 2-2 job class that follows Archer. Technically a support
class; the bard can learn several songs that can greatly benefit his
allies when played. But what a lot of people don't realize is that, although
designed for support, a bard is more then capable of holding its own in combat.
In fact, they're probably better at fighting then they are supporting.

A bard has two main weapons: A bow, and a musical instrument. Both are pretty
useful. Basically, I think that a bow is the better of the two.. It has better
range, and has uninteruptable cast. However, I never use a bow...
Not putting down anyone's choice of weapon, but it is my personal belief that
it is cheap* for a bard to use a bow. It seems kinda like they are trying to
do some kinda wannabe hunter thing... If ya wanna use a bow, make a hunter =P

Instruments have their advantages though. Firstly, Musical Strike uses 2/3 the
SP of Double Strafe, which can really make a difference being most bards are
not heavily built with int. In fact I have met only one who has a lot of int,
and he says it sucks he just has it for an MVP build (he shoots tanked MVPs).
Musical strike is also the only attack you can do while playing a song. You
also need to have an instrument equiped in order to play a song... So just
using it all the time makes things much more convinient, imo. Also the weight
issue... Good equips tend to way a lot. Bards have now str... use a bow you
to lug around a whole nuther weapon just to play songs... The lightest of
which I think are 50 weight, too. Not extactly light.

I could go into a small rant why I like instruments, but I will spare you
the time it'd take to skip it, so that about wraps up this section.

*for anyone foreign, cheap is used here as a derogatory term meaning "sneaky"

3. Build

First, I will give a brief summary of the types of skills you can learn,
what they do, and any special significance they might have for a bard.

STR (Strength)
Determines the attack strength of everyone but archer classes, and allows
you to carry more weight.
This skill does nothing for a bard. At all. Don't touch it, just leave it
at one.

AGI (Agility)
Determines the speed at which one attacks, as well as their FLEE rating
(how often they dodge attacks). This is an important stat for a bard.
You definately need a high FLEE rating to be able to fight halfways
decent. As well as a decent attack speed. Get this skill in large
quantities, if not maxed

VIT (Vitality)
Determines your max HP and increases your HP regeneration rate. For
most archer classes, you want to avoid this skill. But I find, for
a bard, that a little VIT can actually come in handy. First, if you
lose more then 25% of your life in one blow while playing a song, you
will stop playing that song. Helps to beef up a bit. Second, about 20 VIT
shaves off around 5 whole minutes of your HP regen time.

INT (Intelligence)
Determines your max SP and increases your SP regeneration rate. Again,
for most archer classes, you don't need any INT. But the bard has lots
and lots of magic attacks and songs, most of which take a large amount of
SP to play. I recommend investing some status points into INT, unless you
want to carry around $#!^loads of Blue Potion.

DEX (Dexterity)
This stat is vital to any archer class. It takes the place of STR for
an archer and determines how hard you hit, as well as how accurate you
are. It also decreases the casting time of Musical Strike (MS, as it
commonly called).
Note: I get asked all the time... So I will just say it. DEX determines
the attack power of BOTH bows and instruments.

LUK (Luck)
Determines the frequency of Lucky Dodge, and the percentage of critical
hits you inflict on an enemy. Doesn't really have much use for a bard...
Some put a few skill points in it, but I never really saw the point.

Ok, as promised, I have tested out several builds, and honestly... I
can't remember all the configs I tried. A lot of them sucked, but the
one the stood out above them all for me was the following. It is a very solid
dex/agi build... Hard to go wrong with this. ^^

STR: 1
AGI: 90
VIT: 20
INT: 25
DEX: 99
LUK: 1

Unused/extra points: 2

99 Dex will give you a very fast, almost instantaneous cast, and will hit really
hard. The Agi will give you decent aspd, and well as decent flee, which will
really come in handy when fighting. Sometimes when you get hit in the middle of
a cast, you will freeze and have to walk a square to "un-stick" yourself. Agi
helps to make sure that you don't get hit and this doesn't happen ^^
The int and vit give you a large boost in regeneration time for your HP and SP.
Gears for this build: I recommend a combination of flee boosting and dex
boosting gear, which more of a focus on dex...

4. Archer Skills

The skills you get as an archer will affect your abilities as a bard.
Some can only be used with a bow, sadly. So, naturally, if you aren't
going to carry a bow, you needn't bother getting them. But if you're
like me, and have two weapons, I strongly suggest you get all your archer

Owl's Eye
Max this skill, for sure. It gives you a +10 DEX boost at level ten.
Really helps.

Vulture's Eye
Vulture's Eye really helps as an archer, and also is the only reason I
bother having a bow as a bard. It gives you the superior range I talked
about earlier. I always max this skill.

Double Strafe
This skill is crazy useful as an archer, as well as if you're a bard
with a bow. Deals out great damage, but can get kinda costly on the SP.

Arrow Shower
Very good mob control. It's basically a ranged Magnum Break. This is
usually the skill I leave at level 9 because I run out of skillpoints,
and one more level doesn't really do that much to the skill.

Arrow Creation
Simply get it. If you don't you'll be kicking yourself hard later when
you go broke trying to buy arrows all the time. (get through a quest)

Charge Arrow
This skill works with an instrument as well as a bow. Extremely useful.
It doesn't even cost an skillpoints. You get it through a quest. Make
sure to get this one.

Improved Concentration (Imp Con)
Although takes huge amounts of SP to use, and does pretty crappy
detection of hidden players/enemies, worth getting, as it can greatly
help you play songs that rely on *your* stats for their effectiveness.
Boost them with Imp Con before you start playing.
Also adds quite a bit of DEX and AGI to your bonuses if you have those
stats high.
Absolutely essential.

5. Bard Skills

Bards have a wide range or skills, and you can only learn about half of
them. Sadly, all the songs that boost stats do NOT work on yourself. I
was pretty bummed when I learned that. Also, when you're playing a song,
you can't use any skills (except musical strike), and you move at 1/4
your normal walking speed. And like I said before, if you lose more then
25% of your HP in one hit you lose your song.

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing skills, is don't try and
be a "Jack of All Trades". In other words, it is much better to have a few
skills mastered (or almost mastered) then to know a bunch of skills at low

Musical Lesson
Type: Passive
This skill increases the physical damage of Instrument class weapons
and the quality of most of your songs.

1  - ATK +3
2  - ATK +6
3  - ATK +9
4  - ATK +12
5  - ATK +15
6  - ATK +18
7  - ATK +21
8  - ATK +24
9  - ATK +27
10 - ATK +30

It's a good idea to at least get this skill to level five, being it
enables you to learn other skills, and it beneifts most of your songs.
A good investment, imo. When possible, I prefer to max this skill out.
This skill has a trendous affect on your songs (especially Apple of Idun)
and your Musical Strike.

Musical Strike/Melody Strike
Type: Active
This skill enables you to shoot arrows with your instrument, and uses
the property of the equiped arrow without actually using the arrow (like if
you have a poison arrow equiped, the strike will have the poison property,
but won't use up an arrow). Uses 8 sp regardless of level.
Casting time: 1.5 seconds

Level    Effect
1      150% Attack
2      175% Attack
3      200% Attack
4      225% Attack
5      250% Attack

This skill is a MUST. Master it if you want to have any chance of holding
your own in battle. Not only is the damage great, but it's ranged, and is
the only type of skill you can use while playing a song. This skill rocks.

Dissonance/Unchained Serenade
Type: Playing
This skill does splash damage to a 9*9 square area for a total of 30
seconds. It pierces any defenses the enemy has. It does damage immediately
when casted, and continues to damage every 3 seconds for a total 11 attacks
during the skill, consuming 1 SP every 3 seconds the skill is active.
Requires: Level 1 Musical Lesson and Level 1 Skill Break

Level   Effect      SP
1      40 Damage    18
2      50 Damage    21
3      60 Damage    24
4      70 Damage    27
5      80 Damage    30

This skill is a pretty crappy one. It does pierce defense, but it deals
out so little damage... Some people say it's decent mob control... But I
tried to use it in the orc dungeon one time, and almost died. And that's
saying a lot, because orcs are weak and slow. It takes forever to kill
anything, even at level 5, and being it's a song, it ties up all your other
actions except for musical strike. Get it to level 3 so you can gain access
to the other skills it unlocks, and then move on.
Although I do sometimes wish I had it at level 5 with level 10 Music Lessons.
It's really fun to kill things through walls with it.
NOTE: This skill will also occur if two bards play songs next to each other.
Like, if you play Assassin's Cross next to a bard that's playing, say, Apple
of Idun, then the squares where the two songs overlap will turn into Level
1 Dissonance.

Type: Active
Enables you to stop playing a song after five seconds. Mastered at level
1, and consumes 1 SP.

This skill is a must get. Often times, you will hit the wrong hotkey in
battle and play something you didn't want, circumstances will change
where a song is no longer needed, you have to run, etc. Without this
skill, you're stuck at walking at 1/4 speed, unable to do anything, until
the song times out. And some of these songs can last quite a while, too.
Must get.

Type: Active
Enables you to re-play your last song at half the initial SP cost.
Mastered at level 1, costs 1 SP to use (in addition to the cost of
re-playing the song).

Also very useful, especially if you're going to be running support
for a party. Bards don't have very much SP to begin with, and this
skill can really come in handy. And it's only 1 skill point.

Assassin's Cross of Sunset/Impressive Riff
Type: Playing
This skill increases the attack speed of players in a 9*9 square area.
Has no affect on players who are already using Two-hand Quicken or
Adrenaline Rush. The amount of attack speed increased by this skill
is affected by the AGI level and Music Lessons skill level of the
caster. Lasts 120 seconds, drains 1 SP of the caster every 3 seconds
for a skill duration.
Requires: Level 3 Dissonance

Level Effect    SP
1    11% ASPD   38
2    12% ASPD   41
3    13% ASPD   44
4    14% ASPD   47
5    15% ASPD   50
6    16% ASPD   53
7    17% ASPD   56
8    18% ASPD   59
9    19% ASPD   62
10   20% ASPD   65

In my opinion, this is one of the best skills a bard has for supporting
a hunting party. Plays cool, Arabian sounding music, too! ^^
Recommended, unless you usually hang out with a bunch of priests and
stuff who use magic attacks. In that case, best to focus more on Poem
of Bragi, as this skill won't help priests much. This also opens the door
to some cool, cheap ensemble skills. I recommend it.

Poem of Bragi/Magic Strings
Type: Playing
This skill is similiar to Assassin's Cross, but geared towards magic
users instead of melee fighters. It reduces casting time and the delay
of spells and magic, and it also adds casting time reduction on top of
Suffragium. Affects a 9*9 square area around the caster. The amount of
casting time reduced by this skill is affected by the DEX level and
Music Lessons skill level of the caster, and the amount of delay after
skill use is affected by the INT level and the Music Lessons skill level
of the caster. Lasts 180 seconds, drains 1 SP of the caster every 5
seconds for a skill duration.
Requires: Level 3 Dissonance

Level                Effect                      SP
1      Casting time -3% and Delay time -3%       40
2      Casting time -6% and Delay time -6%       45
3      Casting time -9% and Delay time -9%       50
4      Casting time -12% and Delay time -12%     55
5      Casting time -15% and Delay time -15%     60
6      Casting time -18% and Delay time -18%     65
7      Casting time -21% and Delay time -21%     70
8      Casting time -24% and Delay time -24%     75
9      Casting time -27% and Delay time -27%     80
10     Casting time -30% and Delay time -50%     85

This skill can be pretty useful for supporting priests, wizards, magi
and other casters. A big problem is that it uses massive ammounts of SP.
But, if you party with priests, then by all means get it. Very very good
NOTE: I recommend if you get this skill you max it. Notice the huge jump
in delay time cut between level 9 and 10?

A Whistle/Perfect Tablature
Type: Playing
This skill increases the Flee Rate and Perfect Dodge of all characters
in a 9*9 square range. The Flee rate is affected by the AGI level and
the Music Lessons skill level of the caster, and the Perfect Dodge rate
is affected by the LUK level and the Music Lessons skill level of the
caster. Lasts 60 seconds, and drains 1 SP from the caster every 5 seconds
for the skill duration.
Requires: Level 3 Dissonance

Level           Effect                 SP
1     1% Flee and 1% Perfect Dodge     24
2     2% Flee and 1% Perfect Dodge     28
3     3% Flee and 2% Perfect Dodge     32
4     4% Flee and 2% Perfect Dodge     36
5     5% Flee and 3% Perfect Dodge     40
6     6% Flee and 3% Perfect Dodge     44
7     7% Flee and 4% Perfect Dodge     48
8     8% Flee and 4% Perfect Dodge     52
9     9% Flee and 5% Perfect Dodge     56
10    10% Flee and 5% Perfect Dodge    60

This skill is decent, imo. Although I never use it much... =/
The ensembles are fun though ^^
And it really can help agi type characters, like sins and rogues.
And can really help agi knights tank.

The Apple of Idun/Song of Lutie
Type: Playing
This skill increases the max HP of all players in a 9*9 square area,
and restores a certain amount of HP to them every 6 seconds. The increment
of Max HP and HP restoration are affected by the VIT level and Music
Lessons skill level of the caster. Lasts 180 seconds, drains 1 SP every
6 seconds for the skill duration.
NOTE: This skill does not restore *YOUR* HP. I thought it did, and was
dissapointed when I got into the game, so I figured I should make a note
of that here.
Requires: Level 3 Dissonance

Level                  Effect                     SP
1      +7% Max HP and +35 HP every 6 seconds      40
2      +9% Max HP and +40 HP every 6 seconds      45
3      +11% Max HP and +45 HP every 6 seconds     50
4      +13% Max HP and +50 HP every 6 seconds     55
5      +15% Max HP and +55 HP every 6 seconds     60
6      +17% Max HP and +60 HP every 6 seconds     65
7      +19% Max HP and +65 HP every 6 seconds     70
8      +21% Max HP and +70 HP every 6 seconds     75
9      +23% Max HP and +75 HP every 6 seconds     80
10     +25% Max HP and +80 HP every 6 seconds     85

This skill is only good if you have massive amounts of VIT. It is also
EXTREMELY dependant on musical lessons for its effectiveness, I have found.
Much more so then on it's own skill level. But all in all, it's mostly a
people-pleaser. Mass healing, although in really low amounts, make people
happy for some reason. Don't bother unless you have lots of VIT, or have
like.... no friends :p

Frost Joke/Unbarring Octave
Type: Active
Freezes all characters in a range by chance.
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Requires: Level 1 Encore

Level         Effect          SP
1      20% Chance to freeze   12
2      25% Chance to freeze   14
3      30% Chance to freeze   16
4      35% Chance to freeze   18
5      40% Chance to freeze   20

This skill has a lot of mixed opinions. When I first heard about it,
I thought "hey, that sounds like it'd be really cool." Then I asked
another Bard if it was any good, and he said "Only for laughing at the
people who get frozen by it in PvP." But then others say how it's a
great skill. Honestly, I find it very useful. I solo a lot, so I don't
have to worry about freezing my party members. Works great for taking care
of mobs. Especially alarms. It also changes the property of the frozen
enemy to water, so wind really really hurts it.

Outside of PVP, it only freezes monsters (besides undead; they don't freeze)
and party members.
People outside your party cannot be frozen if you're outside of PVP. People
will just give you weird looks...
Inside PVP, it freezes people both in and out of your party (much more
effective then outside of PVP, too, I might add).

And its effectiveness seems to vary depending on race as well (or perhaps
property?). I know vit is said to have something to do with how easy things
freeze. More vit, harder to freeze.
Formless are real hard to freeze.. but it can be done.

5.1 Ensemble Skills

Ensemble skills are skills that require you to team up with a dancer
to use. A lot of them are really cool, and most only cost 1 point to
learn. If you know a dancer, they are well worth getting.
Note: While playing ensemble skills, both you and the dancer must be
next to each other, in the same party, and neither of you can move while
the song is being played. Although you can attack with MS/TA (Throw Arrow,
the dancer's version of MS)
As with all songs, whoever plays it does not get the affect of it.
However, the person who does not initiate the song first  (let's say your
dancer partner) does get affected by it.

Type: Playing
This skill attempts to put monsters around you (9*9 square) to sleep
every 6 seconds for the skills duration (eleven attempts to curse sleep).
Chance of putting enemies to sleep is affected by the INT level of the
caster. Costs 20 SP to cast, lasts 60 seconds, and drains 1 SP of the
caster every 4 seconds for the skill duration. Boss monsters are not
Requires: Level 10 A Whistle (Bard) and Level 10 Humming (Dancer)
Mastered at Level 1

This skill isn't really that useful. It takes forever to put most stuff
to sleep...

Into The Abyss/Power Chord
Type: Playing
This skill enables all party/guildsman (in a 9*9 area) to use skills
without the items they require for those skills, such as Gemstones,
Traps, etc. It consumes 10 SP to cast, lasts 60 seconds, and drains 1
SP of the caster every 5 seconds for the skills duration.
Requires: Level 1 Lullaby (Bard and Dancer)
Mastered at Level 1

This skill is pretty cool for supporting, as it basically gives your
party unlimited ammo.
Also, EVERYONE asks you to play it. It has the coolest song out of all
the skills... People have asked me to play it at their weddings... >.>

Invulnerable Siegfried/Acoustic Rhythm
Type: Playing
Increase resistance to the Fire and Water property for all players in
a 9x9 cell radius around the caster. Lasts 60 seconds and drains 1 SP
of the caster every 3 seconds for the skill duration. Uses 10 SP
regardless of level
Requires: Level 10 A Poem of Bragi (Bard) and Level 10 Fortune's Kiss

Level       Effect
1      + 40 Resistance
2      + 50 Resistance
3      + 60 Resistance
4      + 70 Resistance
5      + 80 Resistance

Useful in certain circumstances I guess... If your party's fighting fire
and water property a lot. Other then that, I can't see any use for this
skill, really.

Mr. Kim, a Rich Man/Mental Sensing
Type: Playing
Increases the EXP amount recieved by all players within a 9x9 cell
radius of the caster. Consumes 30 SP to cast and drains 1 SP of the
caster every 3 seconds for a skill duration (60 seconds).
Requires: Level 3 Invulnerable Siegfried (Bard and Dancer)

Level   Effect
1      136% EXP
2      147% EXP
3      158% EXP
4      169% EXP
5      180% EXP

This skill can come in handy for leveling.
It has it's place, but imo not really worth the skill points required
to unlock it and master it..
It's also a huge pain to use.

Loki's Wail/Classical Pluck
Type: Playing
Block all skills including magic spells of monsters and players in a
9x9 cell radius around the caster. Boss monsters are not affected.
Lasts 60 seconds, consumes 15 SP for a cast, and drains 1 SP of the
caster every 4 seconds for the skills duration.
Requires: Level 10 Assassin Cross of Sunset (Bard) and Level 10 Please
Don't Forget Me (Dancer)

This skill is not like land protector... People can cast spells and
attacks on people in the zone of affect as long as they are standing
outside of it. However, it is good for WoE, to guard your emp room door.
Put a bard and dancer playing loki right over the portal to the emp room,
and have a Wizzy SG nonstop. No one is gettin in =P

Eternal Chaos/Down Tempo
Type: Playing
Reduces all players and monsters defense to 0 in a 9x9 cell radius
around the caster. Consumes 30 SP to cast, lasts 60 seconds, and drains
1 SP of the caster every 4 seconds during the skills duration. Mastered
at level 1.
Requires: Level 1 Loki's Wail

This skill is.. interesting. If you can get it to work, it'd be awesome,
but it'd be kinda tricky to set up. You have to get real close to the
enemy. It only nullifies VIT defense, though... Which kinda sucks. Works
great on monster, cause that's all they have is VIT def.

The Sound of a Drum on the Battlefield/Battle Theme
Type: Playing
Increases ATK and DEF of all players in a 9x9 cell radius around the
caster. Lasts 60 seconds and drains 1 SP of the caster for the skill
Requires: Level 10 Apple of Idun (Bard) and Level 10 Service For You

Level         Skill            SP
1      +50 ATK and +4 DEF      40
2      +75 ATK and +6 DEF      45
3      +100 ATK and +8 DEF     50
4      +125 ATK and +10 DEF    55
5      +150 ATK and +12 DEF    60

This skill is pretty good for supporting a hunting party. The bonuses
are decent, but I personally think a mastered Assassin's Cross does a
better job. Unless all your comrades are high level. Then AC won't do
anything for them. In that case, this (and the next one down) is the
only skill that will help them attack better. One of the best ensembles
out there, IMO

The Ring of Nibelungen/Harmonic Lick
Type: Playing
Increases ATK power of Level 4 Weapons of all characters in a 9x9 cell
radius of the caster. Lasts 60 seconds and drains 1 SP of the caster
every 3 seconds.
Requires: Level 3 The Sound of a Drum on the Battlefield (Bard/Dancer)

Level   Effect    SP
1      +150 ATK   40
2      +200 ATK   45
3      +250 ATK   50
4      +300 ATK   55
5      +350 ATK   60

The only bad thing about this skill is that most people don't use
lvl 4 weapons. And it takes tons of skillpoints to achieve. Although
they might want to start using lvl 4 weapons if you regularly hunt
with them, and have this skill :p It's got real nice attack bonuses,
and could really turn the tide of battle in a guild war.

I have also heard that in iRO, and on some server, this skill now works
with level 3 AND 4 weapons. So it just got a lot more useful ^^

Now that you've read about all the skills, here are some configurations
of them that I have tried out in the game, and it should give you a
good idea of where to start when building your bard.

Solo-Support Bard:
Adaptation (1)
Encore (1)
Music Lessons (10)
Dissonance (3)
Poem of Bragi (10)
Assassin's Cross (10)
Whistle (10)
Apple of Idun (1)
Musical Strike (3)

Ensemble Support Bard:
Adaptation (1)
Dissonance (3)
Apple of Idun (10)
Battle Theme (5)
Poem of Bragi (10)
Invunerable Sigfriend (3)
Mr. Kim is a Rich Man (5)
Assassin's Cross (10)
Loki's Wail (1)
Eternal Chaos (1)

Warrior Bard
Adaptation (1)
Encore (1)
Dissonance (5)
Music Lessons (10)
Musical Strike (5)
Frost Joke (5)
Poem of Bragi (10)
Assassin's Cross (10)
Loki's Wail (1)
Eternal Chaos (1)

Jath's Bard
This is the current build I am using, and I find it's a pretty good hybrid.
Adaptation: (1)
Encore (1)
Dissonance (3)
Music Lessons (10)
Musical Strike (5)
Whistle (10)
Lullaby (1)
Into The Abyss (1)
Assassins's Cross (10)
Loki's Wail (1)
Eternal Chaos (1)
Frost Joke (5)

Here's why I have what I have.
Adaptation and Encore, cause they're just plain useful. Dissonance, cause I'm
obligated, and it's fun to kill things slowly through walls =)
Music Lessons at ten, becuase it makes the few songs I have very powerful, and
gives me +30 attack points
Musical Strike because MS roxor.
Whistle, because with a doppleganger card on your instrument, and 90 base
agi, you give people a FLEE boost of about 1 whisper cards worth, at *least*.
Which is pretty friggin good in all honesty.
Lullaby, just because it leads to Into The Abyss, which has the COOLEST
Assassin's Cross, that's a good skill for anyone who doesn't have maxed ASPD.
The two ensembles, basically cause I just wanted two more ensembles. And they're
worth the cost. Only 1 point to master them.
And Frost Joke, because that skill's just fun to mess around with. And comes in
very handy in WoE.

6. Credits

This FAQ was made for  You will always find the most
up-to-date version there. Feel free to post this on your website, edit,
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Just don't sell this FAQ for personal profit, or post it on websites
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Special Thanks To:
Mickey, for his expert insight on Bards and RO in general. Go Pro Mickey
Thanks to Alex and his GM team for hosting one shibby server, and summoning
stuff all the time.
Um... there were more people I was gonna thank, but I forgot why :s
if I forgot you, shout something at me and I'll put you in :p

Thanks to all for reading this FAQ! Hope it helps!!