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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ragnarok Thief Guide

Azndragon2000's Guide to the Thief in Ragnarok Online
Version 1.1- May 29th, 2002

Table of Contents

I.     Version History
II.    Introduction to Ragnarok Online
III.   Rules of RO
IV.    About me and my characters
V.     Introduction to the Thief
VI.    Different types of Thieves
VII.   Becoming a Thief
VIII.  Weapons
IX.    Armor
X.     Accessories
XI.    Stat Distribution and Analysis
XII.   Skills
XIII.  Levelling Guide
XIV.   Misc. Info
XV.    Contact Info
XVI.   Thanks To
XVII.  Legal Info

I. Version History

Version 1.0 (May 26th, 2002) - Yay! Started typing. First version

Version 1.1 (May 28th, 2002) - Added authorized web sites. Added new
people to Thanks to section. Added street value of Rosary and Necklace.
Added prerequisites for Detoxify.

Many bugs, errors, and typos are guaranteed.

II. Introduction to Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is known as a MMORPG, also known as a Massively
Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It was made by a Korean company
called Gravity on the Ragnarok Manga by Lee-Myon Jin. It is an
excellent game and I highly recommend it to any RPG fans out there. It
is in beta stages, free and can be downloaded at the official web site
at I must warn you, however that it is a
rather hefty download; about 200 MB plus over 100 patches to download
and will take a very long time for all you dial-up users out there,
not the mention the lag that you will no doubt receive. For all you
broadband users, you're in luck. This game is excellent lag-wise if you
have broadband as there will be a lot less lag.

III. Rules of RO

Okay, there are no actual rules to follow, but there are many manners
that is generally accepted throughout the RO community.

1. NO LOOTING! This means do not pick up any items from monsters that
you have not killed.

2. NO KILL STEALING! This is similar to looting, but this is stealing a
monster that someone else is trying to kill. Only help a player
attacking a monster if they specifically ask for it.

3. NO BOTS! A bot is an automated program that is programmed to behave
like a real play and fight for them, pick up loot, etc. These are the
main causes of lag on the RO server because there are more players on
than they should be. Avoid these like the plague.

4. DO NOT HACK! Meaning that you will never make any attempt to alter
the way that the server works and/or how the game dynamics work (i.e.
changing spell casting range, etc.)

5. DO NOT SCAM! This means that you will never attempt to trick any
other player into giving zeny to you. Some examples of scams are:
upfront zenny on discounts, and trying to sell worthless items like
Clovers and Worm Peelings for high-priced items like Four-leaf Clovers
and Brooches.

6. DO NOT BEG! Yes, being poor is not good. But, until around level 20
or you have a rich friend, you will be poor. The best way to gain money
is to fight and sell any items you have to NPCs or other players and
you will also gain valuable EXP for the fighting. Begging will not get
you far, or at all and other players will look down on you.

7. When you have agreed to buy an item from a discount merchant, you
must buy that item, or else they will have wasted their money and will
no longer help you in the future. In some cases, this will be very
frustrating for you if there is only one DC (discount) merchant in the

IV. About Me and my characters

I am Azndragon2000, and I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This is my
very first guide ever and I think this game is very good. My email
address is I have a 35/23 thief on the
Chaos server. I am currently working on my thief, but I also have a
mage-to-be in the works. He is still a novice and I hope to work on him
later on. I don't think there is much left to say so I'll continue on
with the rest of the guide.

V. Introduction to the Thief

The thief is a character who was designed to hit fast and to dodge all
incoming attacks. The thief is a very powerful character at high levels
and will be able to deliver massive damage without getting hit much.
However, if you ARE hit, you will take serious damage, especially in
the later dungeons because you have next to no vitality. But, they have
some of the best skills because they focus on their strengths:
attacking and dodge. These skills are Double Slash and Dodge Increase.
These skills are passive, which means that they are always active and
NEVER use up SP. These skills allow thieves to attack twice in one
swing more, and give them up to a 30% dodge bonus against enemies.
However, the thief has a couple of disadvantages. Firstly, the knife is
weak against medium monsters and even more weak against large monsters,
getting a 25% and 50% damage penalty respectively. This means that you
should avoid medium and large monsters especially for quite some time
until your strength is a lot higher. Also, a thief can be hard to train
depending on what stat you increase first. For AGI thieves, you will
start off with a high flee rate, but you will take longer to level up
because you will not be able to do as much damage as a STR thief. For
STR thieves, you will be able to kill monsters more quickly than the
AGI thief, but your Double Slash will take some time to be more
effective so you will be taking lots of damage while killing the
monster. This means you will have to buy many Red Potions. This is the
expensive way, but when you master Double Slash and start working on
AGI and Dodge Increase, this will be a lot faster.

Another note, your early levels at a thief will be harder than most
because the thief's main stat is flee, which is (Your Level+AGI). This
means that in your early levels, your flee will be low, so it will be a
while before you start to notice the differences. You will not be
dodging enemies consistently until you are around level 20, unless you
have started with 9 AGI and concentrating on that stat and/or having
access to higher level equipment via your other characters, or your

VI. Different Types of Thieves

Although thieves mostly concentrate on AGI and STR, there are some who
will concentrate on DEX, or even VIT. This section will discuss the
pros and cons of each thief and will give a guideline on which stats to

1. AGI Thief

THE strongest thief when it comes to melee weapons. This thief is pure,
raw power. This thief will attack extremely fast and will dodge
everything that comes their way. Even the lowered flee from mobs will
have little to no effect because of the attack speed of this thief.
This thief will pump STR/DEX depending on what that thief uses, a bow
or dagger, and AGI. This thief can decide to pump STR first, but will
use many pots, or AGI, resulting in slower levelling. However, this
thief has little or no vitality so will take serious damage if he/she
is mobbed.

Pros: Strongest thief at higher levels. Able to deliver massive damage
in a short time without getting hit much, if at all. This thief will
kill enemies in the shortest amount of time, meaning faster levelling
at higher levels.

Cons: Due to low VIT, this thief will take heavy damage in the
beginning when the flee is low and will die in mobs because flee is
reduced as there are more monsters attacking. This means using many
pots in lower levels until flee become sufficient, or slow levelling
depending on if STR or AGI is the primary stat pumped.

Recommended Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 DEX

2. VIT Thief

This thief is designed to hit with medium attack power and will take
every hit coming at them, but the damage will be minimal. Very little
AGI will be increased, but the base level and the Dodge Increase skill
will still give you some dodge. This thief will also put points into
STR, resulting in a thief that is similar to a swordsman/woman. But, it
takes a lot of VIT to minimize the damage of higher-level monsters so
your STR will be considerably lower that a similar-level AGI thief. The
low STR also means slower levelling.

Pros: Highest HP of the other thieves. Will not die in a mob. Able to
tank for bosses or lower level players.

Cons: Slow to level due to slow attack speed and low attack damage.
This thief will spend many levels increasing VIT, so STR and DEX will
not be increased to much later. Lowest damage potential in the higher

Recommended Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5-7 VIT

3. VIT/AGI Thief

This thief is a combination of the two thieves so they will dodge a
lot, and if they get hit, they will take considerably lower damage.
This thief will increase VIT and AGI in equal increments, so will have
lower AGI than AGI thieves and lower VIT than VIT thieves.

Pros: Will dodge and take lower damage. Higher HP than AGI thieves, and
will dodge better than VIT thieves. Will survive better is mobs than
the AGI thief.

Cons: Lower HP than VIT thief, lower flee than AGI thief, will not do
as much damage as the AGI thief either.

Recommended Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 VIT

VII. Becoming a Thief

When you have decided on your type of thief, create your character and
distribute your stats to fit the represented type of thief. Before you
can become a thief however, you must first become a novice. Yes, this
is a very hard stage, but it will get you used to fighting easy, non-
aggressive enemies. This stage is very tedious and will take you a
couple of hours, depending on how much equipment you have. When you
have reached Job level 9, it is time to become a thief. There only
other requirement to become a thief is to navigate the pyramids. This
may seem easy, but it might take you a couple of tries to complete
successfully. Why, you ask? Two main reasons: The Pyramid is a maze, so
it will take you a while to find the Thief Guild. The second reason is
more dangerous. The Pyramid is full of Farmiliars: an aggressive
monster that will attack you on sight. This means that it will attack
you without it being provoked and will most likely kill you. To
overcome this, you should either get someone else to guide you and kill
any Farmiliars around you, or to log off anytime you are attacked and
log back in a minute later. Whichever path you choose is up to you, but
eventually you will arrive at the Thief Guild. When you enter, take the
left exit (assuming you didn't change the camera angle), and talk to
the NPC there. Answer yes to his questions and you will be a thief! Re-
equip all of your equipment and you are ready to start your Thief!

VIII. Weapons

There are a variety of weapons in RO for you to choose from, but this
depends on your weapon of choice. This will most likely be a dagger,
sword, or bow.


1. Dagger

The only weapon capable of delivering Double Slash because Double Slash
is ineffective with other types of weapons. These thieves will have
high STR and AGI to do massive damage in a short amount of time. Even
with the 50% damage penalty, this will be cancelled out with Double
Slash which will be the same as a normal hit, but with faster attack
speed. All thieves should have a dagger, even as backup because you
never know when you need that faster attack speed.


Weapon of Choice: Gladius

Description: A very strong, long-handled knife crafted by artisans of
the old world.

Attack Power: 102
Weight: 60

The Gladius is the strongest buyable dagger in the game. It is sold in
the shops of Morroc for 14500z, but is 11600z after the 20% DC. This is
your weapon throughout the entire game and you should get this weapon
as soon as possible preferably before you become a thief. I had this
weapon before I was even a thief and I had no help from my friends or
my other character so this is possible.


Ideal Weapon: Damascus

Description: A very deadly knife made of an extremely rare and special
metal that cuts straight to the heart of enemy.

Attack Power: 115
Weight: 60

THE ultimate dagger of thieves. It is a rare MVP drop from Mistress.
Although it is very rare, you should strive to get this dagger. It's
attack power is not that much better than the Gladius, but this will
maximize your damage once you reach 99 STR. Street Value: 15+ million
(not too sure about this)


2. Swords

I have yet to see a sword thief, but I think that this is very
possible. This thief will focus on medium monsters, because there is no
damage penalty, and because they are the most common types of monsters
in the game. Because the sword is slower to swing, and does not gain
the benefits of Double Slash, this type weapon should be used by AGI
thieves so that the slow attack speed will be increased with the high
AGI of the thief.


Weapon of Choice: Tsurugi

Description: One-Handed/The most powerful one-handed sword. Useful to
slay many a foe. The favourite sword of an ancient Japanese knight

Attack Power: 130
Weight: 100

The preferred weapon for sword thieves. This costs 21000z at the shops
of Prontera and Izude, but its 16800z after the 20% DC. This is the
strongest buyable sword in the game. Not much more to say about this.


Ideal Weapon: Balmung

Description: Two-Handed/A sword for the Gravity administrator only.

Attack Power: 250
Weight: 100
Special: INT +20, LUK +20

I do not even know if this is even possible to get, but if you're lucky
enough to know someone working at Gravity, you might be able to get
your hands on THE strongest weapon in the game. If you are lucky enough
to get this, ditch the Gladius or even the Damascus! This sword is more
than twice as strong as the Damascus and will do full damage against
medium monsters! If you are an AGI thief, then you will have fast
attacking speed with the strongest weapon in the game. The LUK bonus
really helps here since LUK affect critical, which will negate the
effects of Double Slash. Because the sword doesn't use double slash,
the LUK will actually help you more than it hurts you!


3. Bow

The bow thief will have high DEX instead of STR and thus, have a high
steal rate. This thief will hit their enemies with their bow, and if
the enemies manage to survive to attack them, their high flee will
allow them to dodge until the enemy dies. However, if you really want
to use bows, you might want to consider making an archer, which I will
not help with because this is a thief guide. This thief will start with
9 STR for an easy novice experience, but will increase DEX thoroughout
the game and switch to the bow once he/she becomes a thief.


Weapon of Choice: Arbalest

Description: An exceptional battle-bow, so wieldy that it allows its
user to be more dexterous.

Attack Power: 90
Weight: 70
Special: DEX +2

A note about the DEX bonus, in the game it states +2 to DEX, but it is
actually +5 to DEX. Although the Kakkung has 10 more attack power, the
+5 DEX reduces the attack power difference by 5. So, after the DEX
bonus, the Arbalest has an attack power of 95 and will get extra range
due to the DEX bonus. So, if your DEX is low, that means that your
range is low so this should this weapon. Sold in Payon for 25000z but
is 20000z after DC.


Another Weapon of Choice: Kakkung

Description: The ancient Korean battle-bow. A potent bow of great
strength, able to fell the greatest enemies.

Attack Power: 100
Weight: 80

When your DEX reaches a point when you are satisfied with the range of
your bow, it's time to get that extra power. Although the Kakkung
doesn't get the DEX bonus, your range should be sufficient enough to
attack the enemy from a distance. This should be your bow of choice in
the later levels because DEX isn't a primary stat for most thieves and
they don't get Owl's Eye which adds a DEX bonus. Sold in Payon for
26500z but is 22100z after DC.


So, which bow should you use, Arbalest or Kakkung? It depends on your
DEX. If you notice, every 10 DEX will give you a damage and range
bonus. That means that at 10 DEX, 20 DEX, etc. you will get a bonus to
the damage and range of the bow. If you equip the Arbalest and the DEX
bonus brings you above the 10 DEX increment, then the +5 to DEX plus
the attack bonus will make up for the lost attack power. If the +5 DEX
bonus doesn't bring your DEX above the increments of 10, then the
Kakkung will give you more attack power since there is no DEX bonus.
However, if your dex is below 20, you should stick with the Arbalest no
matter what, since the damage is slightly less but you need the +5 DEX
bonus to increase your range.

|                      |                 |
|     Dex Value        |  Weapon to Use  |
| (Before Arb Bonus)   |                 |
|       01-19          |    Arbalest     |
|       20-24          |    Kakkung      |
|       25-29          |    Arbalest     |
|       30-34          |    Kakkung      |
|       35-39          |    Arbalest     |
|       40-44          |    Kakkung      |
|       45-49          |    Arbalest     |
|       50-54          |    Kakkung      |
|       55-59          |    Arbalest     |
|       60-64          |    Kakkung      |
|       65-69          |    Arbalest     |
|       70-74          |    Kakkung      |
|       75-79          |    Arbalest     |
|       80-84          |    Kakkung      |
|       85-89          |    Arbalest     |
|       90-94          |    Kakkung      |
|       95-99          |    Arbalest     |

IX. Armor

Well, if you're an AGI thief, armor shouldn't be too big of a priority
because you should be dodging everything, but for VIT thieves, the VIT
doesn't really help until you have an insane amount of VIT so the armor
will suffice for a while. I do not think I really need to explain what
armor does since it's self-explanatory.


1. Helmet

Helmet of Choice: Helm

Description: A sturdy helmet made from nearly un-pierceable iron

Defense: 5
Weight: 50

This is the preferred helmet for thieves. It costs 10000z in Prontera
and Izude, but with the 20% DC, it is 8000z. This is the best buyable
helmet in the game. Scorpions also drop these.


Another Helmet of Choice: Bunny Band

Description: A Hairband with simulated rabbit ears attached

Defense: 1
Weight: 10
Special: LUK +2

I'm not too sure about the luck bonus, so if anyone can tell me what
the real LUK bonus is, I will add your name to the Thanks To section.
This helmet is gotten after you complete the Bunny Band Quest. You need
to get 100 feathers (dropped by Fabres and Lunatics), 1 Pink Jewel
(rare drop from Hornet and Mistress, Sold in Morroc Jewel Shop #1), a
Cat Hairband (rare drop from Smokies in Yoyo Forest), and the Four-leaf
clover (dropped by Mandragora but no longer exists). You give these
items to the Bunny Band NPC in each town (also gone) to receive the
Bunny Band. The bunny band looks good on players and it is a symbol of
wealth, especially now, when the Mandagoras are gone. Defence isn't
that important to a thief, so the luck bonus makes up for the lack of
defence. Luck gives better chances of critical and perfect dodge.
Street Value: 10+ million (not too sure about that, though)


Another Helmet of Choice: Crown

Description: A golden Crown worn by the ancient kings of Rune-
Midgard.It is rumored to make its wearer more intelligent.

Defence: 4
Weight: 30
Special: INT +2

Again, I'm not too sure about the INT bonus of the Crown. If you tell
me, I will add you to the Thanks To section of this guide. Personally,
I think that this is useless to a thief, but I've heard that some rich
thieves like to wear this so I added this to the helmet section. I
don't know why it's so good, probably because it offers a good defence
and other people can stare at you in awe because you managed to get a
hold on one. You can get this by MVPing Osiris in the Pyramids. THE
helmet for male mages and its female counterpart is the Tiara, an MVP
drop from Mistress. Street Value: 20+ million (not too sure about this)


So which helmet should you use? It depends, Helm for defence, Bunny
Band for LUK and it looks cute, Crown for its high defence and it makes
you look rich.


2. Body

This is the main armor for any character. This is the armor which
covers the body and makes up the most defence.


Armor of Choice: Tights

Description: Cloth which fits tightly with the body and is easy to move
around in.

Defence: 5
Weight: 50
Special: DEX +2

These will be the armor that you will be wearing until you become a lot
richer. The DEX +2 bonus really helps if you are using a bow, and if
you miss a lot. Some people prefer this armor over the Ninja Suit. Sold
in Payon for 25000z or 20000z with DC. Best buyable body armor.


Ideal Armor: Ninja Suit

Description:  A very light cloth which is so uniquely made it allows
the wearer to move faster that they normally could. Japanese ancient
assassin costume

Defence: 7
Weight: 150
Special: AGI +2

This is the best armor for thieves. The name says it all, it is THE
armor for thieves and only thieves can equip it, obviously. This armor
was designed to increase the thief's most important stat, AGI. The
defence of 7 also makes this armor the ideal armor for the entire game.
Dropped rarely by Munaks. Street Value: 130-140k.


Which armor should you use? Again, it depends. The Tights are good if
you use a bow or miss a lot, but the Ninja Suit gives you +2 to AGI and
gives you +2 DEF vs. the Tights. But, it's unbuyable in stores, and it
carries a steep price so the best, but hardest way is to kill a lot of
Munaks and hopefully they'll drop one.


3. Shield

This is what you carry beside your weapon. You cannot actually see this
in the game though.

Shield of Choice: Buckler

Description: A round shield made from hardy materials

Defence: 4
Weight: 60

This is the best shield for thieves. Sold in Prontera for 2500z or
2000z with DC.


4. Coat

No, this is not the same as the body. This armor goes over the body.
How it protects you, I do not know, but the extra defence can really
help in some situations.


Ideal Coat: Manteau

Description: A long cape of heavy cloth, providing protection from
enemies and nature's worst.

Defence: 3
Weight: 50

This is the best cape, no questions asked. There is no better cape in
the game. Sold in Prontera and Izude for 8000z, or 6400z with DC.


5. Shoes

If you need to know what these are, then you shouldn't be playing this


Ideal Shoes: Boots

Description: Boots made from several layers of hardened leather,and
worn by soldier

Defence: 3
Weight: 30

Best shoes, enough said. Sold in Prontera and Izude (why aren't they
sold in Morroc cause there's a lot of stuff they sell that thieves can
and should equip?) for 5000z or 4000z after DC.

X. Accessories

Accessories are simple things that you wear that can be used to raise
stats, or do nothing at all. There is no BEST accessory, but there are
some that you should definitely consider. Be warned that they are all
rare drop and can cost anywhere from 100k to more than 1 million! All
accessories give 0 defence and their weight is 5. There is a bug in the
game that says some classes cannot wear certain accessories, but the
truth is that every class except novice can equip accessories.
Remember, up to 2 accessories can be equipped at one time.


Accessory of Choice: Brooch

Description: A magical gem that is attached to clothing. It is rumored
to increase the wearer's agility.

Special: AGI +2

This is the preferred accessory because, what is a thief without high
AGI? This is also the most expensive accessory because it is in such a
high demand. Rare drop from Obeaunes. Street Value: 1.3 million.


Accessory of Choice: Glove

Description: A leather glove designed to improve grip. It can make the
wearer more dexterous.

Special: DEX +2

This accessory is also among the favourite because it focuses on one of
the thief's most important stats. This is also much more affordable
because not many thieves use this. The extra DEX will make your bow
range much larger. Rare drop from Mummies. Street Value: 100-130k


Accessory of Choice: Necklace

Description: An ancient necklace which holds a large gem. It is rumored
to increase the wearer's vitality.

Special: VIT +2

Not too popular with the thieves, but VIT thieves might want to
consider this, along with brooches. Rare drop from Munaks. Street
Value: 220k-300k


Accessory of Choice: Ring

Description: A circular band, worn on the finger

Special: STR +2

I'm not even sure if this is in the game yet, but for all those who
want to do some extra damage, this is the accessory for you. If this
becomes available in the game, please email me.


Accessory of Choice: Rosary

Description: A necklace consisting of beads and a cross. An item
blessed by the Church, it symbolizes the wearer's faith.

Special: LUK +2, MDEF +3

I think this is a worthless accessory because MDEF is useless because
no enemies can cast magic yet, and LUK is not compatible with Double
Slash because a critical cancels out Double Slash. Rare drop from
Nightmares. Bought in the church of Prontera. If someone could please
confirm, that would be helpful. Street value: 11k-15k


Accessory of Choice: Safety Ring

Description: A magical ring that helps protect the wearer from harm.

Special: DEF +5, MDEF +3

I think that this accessory is useful if you are comfortable with your
AGI and DEX because this accessory is like armor. 2 of these will
increase your defence by 10, which will definitely reduce the damage
you take. Rare MVP drop from Doppelganger. Street Value: 50+ million


Which accessory is best? It depends on your style. Some like AGI,
others like DEX, VIT thieves might want VIT. It's all up to you. I
personally prefer Brooches, because who wouldn't like extra AGI?

XI. Stat Distribution and Analysis

Stats are the backbone of a character. Wrong distribution of a stat
could severely alter your character and limit your character's
potential. First I will discuss the importance of each stat. Remember,
there is a stat bonus of STR +4, AGI +4, VIT +2, INT +1, DEX +4, LUK +3
at job level 50, so take that into consideration when you decide how to
build your thief.


STR- Strength

This affects the damage you do with all weapons, except for bows. This
is the most important stat for AGI thieves. This is also important
because of the 25% and 50% damage penalty vs. medium and large
monsters. Every 10 STR gives a damage bonus.

STR          Min/Max Damage
10           +1
20           +4
30           +5
40           +8
50           +10
60           +12
70           +13
80           +15
90           +17
100          +19

Recommended STR: 96 if you use a sword or dagger, 9 if you use a Bow


AGI- Agility

This affects your attack speed, and your ability to dodge when combined
with your base level. Very important but is sometimes overrated.

Recommended AGI: 90+ for bow thieves, 60+ for AGI thieves, 50+ for
AGI/VIT thieves, 35+ for VIT thieves.


VIT- Vitality

This is the most important stat for VIT thieves because it increases HP
and decreases the amount of damage you take. This should be increased
as soon as possible because it takes a lot of VIT to make a
considerable difference in damage.

Recommended VIT: 90+ for VIT thieves, 50+ for AGI/VIT thieves, 20+ for
AGI thieves


INT- Intelligence

This increases spell damage and magic resistance. For the former,
thieves do not have spells. For the latter, no monsters cast magic. So
in other words, INT is useless.

Recommended INT: 1


DEX- Dexterity

Dexterity increases the range and the damage of a bow and increases the
hit rate of all other weapons. It also increases the minimum damage so
that your damage will be more consistent. Every 10 DEX gives a damage
for all weapons and range bonus for the bow.

DEX          Min/Max Damage
20           +3
30           +4
40           +5
50           +6
60           +8
70           +10
80           +12
90           +13
100          +14

Recommended DEX: 25+ for AGI/VIT thieves, 50 for sword/dagger thieves,
90+ for bow thieves


LUK- Luck

This increases the chance of critical, which will cancel Double Slash,
and the chance of perfect dodge. Every 10 LUK gives you +1 to flee.

Recommended LUK: 20 or 25 if you wear Bunny HB for sword/bow thieves,
10 or 5 if you wear Bunny HB for dagger thieves.


At job level 50, you will receive STR +4, AGI +4, VIT +2, INT +1, DEX
+4, LUK +3. The breakdown of the bonuses is as follows:

Job Level        Bonus

   2             AGI +1
   6             STR +1
   10            DEX +1
   14            VIT +1
   18            INT +1
   22            DEX +1
   26            LUK +1
   30            STR +1
   33            AGI +1
   36            AGI +1
   38            STR +1
   40            LUK +1
   42            DEX +1
   44            VIT +1
   46            LUK +1
   47            STR +1
   49            DEX +1
   50            AGI +1

XII. Skills

Unlike the other classes, thieves have very little choice in what
skills to choose. This can be an advantage however, because it is very
straightforward. The only choice to make is which skill will be left at
level 9. Every time you get a job level, you can use it to add extra
points into your skills. The thief's skills are Double Slash, Dodge
Increase, Steal, Hide, Envenom and Detoxify. The following section will
list the skills, their description, and the recommended level to


Double Attack

Description: Strike twice per attack.
Prerequisites: None

A MUST have skill. This allows you to attack twice in one swing. The
more skill points, the more chances you have of doing a Double Attack.
This attack is passive, meaning that it is SP-free and is always
activated. You need this skill to attack quickly and kill enemies fast.

Recommended Level: 10


Dodge Increase

Description: Increase probability of dodging enemy attacks.
Prerequisites: None

Another MUST have skill. This is what separates the thieves from the
other classes, the ability to dodge. This gives the thief an up 30%
bonus to their original flee. This obviously makes you harder to hit.
Each skill point gives you a 3% bonus to flee, so when it is mastered,
the total bonus will be 30%.

Recommended Level: 10



Description: Allows character to steal from a monster without attacking
Prerequisites: None

SP Cost: 20 SP

This is one of the thief's skills that requires SP to use. This skill
will steal a random item from the enemy, and it might not work each
time. The level of Steal affects the steal rate and it is rumoured that
DEX may also affect is as well.

Recommended Level: 9-10



Description: Allows character to hide from the view of monsters or
other players. Does not work against certain monsters and can be
defeated by the "Sight" spell casted by the Magician Job Class.
Prerequisites: Level 5 Steal

SP Cost: 20 SP

This skill allows you to hide from enemies for a period of time. The
time duration is affected by the skill level of Hide. However, there
are some enemies that will still be able to see you, such as Isis and
the bosses. You cannot move when you are using this skill, and you
cannot regenerate SP either. This can also be used if a low level
character or a novice is kill stealing you. Simply Hide, then reappear
while the monster attacks the kill stealer.

Recommended Level: 9-10



Description: Deals non-elemental damage and can poison the enemy.
Prerequisites: None

SP Cost: 15 SP

This skill is similar to a Swordsman's Bash, but does less damage and
poisons the enemy. The poison feature doesn't currently work, so it's
only used for the extra damage.

Recommended Level: 9-10



Description: Cures Poison status ailment.
Prerequisites: Level 3 Hide

SP Cost: ???? (Please email me for info)

This is supposed to cure poison but it is not implemented yet. When it
is, just use Green Herbs which are common drops from most enemies.

Recommended Level: 0


Although there are 50 job levels, you only get 49 skills points to
distribute. You should definitely spend 20 on Double Slash and Dodge
Increase. This leaves 29 skill points to distribute among Steal, Hide,
and Envenom. This means that you will master two of them, and the other
will be at level 9. I recommend mastering Double Slash first because it
makes levelling faster, and Dodge Increase works on percentages so when
you're at a low level, Dodge Increase won't be very effective. Then,
master Dodge Increase, and then do whatever you feel like.

XIII. Levelling Guide

Remember, this is only a guide. It all depends on your distribution of
stats and your equipment.

Level              Reccomended Areas

01-10              Desert Field, Prontera Field
11-20              Hornet Haven, Rocker Coast, Culvert 2-3, Pyramids 1
21-30              Pyramids 1, Culvert 4, Yoyo Forest, Payon Caves 1,
                   Biblan Dungeon 1
31-40              Biblan Dungeon 2, Yoyo Forest, Geffen Dungeon 1
41-50              Pyramids 2, Sunken Ship, Payon Caves 2-3
51-60              Pyramids 2-3, Biblan Dungeon 3
61-70              Pyramids 2-3, Geffen Dungeon 2
71-80              Pyramids 3-4, Hidden Temple
81-90              Pyramids 3-4, Hidden Temple
91-99              Pyramids 3-4, Hidden Temple

Sometimes killing 2 weaker monsters gives the same EXP as one stronger
monster but you take less damage. Remember to consider that before
deciding who to fight.

XIV. Misc. Info

Flee and Hit Rate Chart

Monster              Flee Required        Hit Required

Poring                   56                  21
Fabre                    58                  23
Lunatic                  58                  23
Chonchon                 60                  25
Pupa                     --                  27
Pecopeco Egg             --                  29
Willow                   63                  29
Picky                    64                  31
Thief Bug Egg            --                  31
Roda Frog                66                  33
Condor                   67                  35
Thief Bug                67                  35
Hornet                   69                  37
Rocker                   69                  37
Spore                    69                  37
Familiar                 71                  39
Skeleton                 71                  39
Wolf                     71                  39
Mandragora               74                  43
Pecopeco                 74                  43
Thief Bug (Big)          74                  43
Creamy                   75                  46
Wormtail                 75                  46
Green Thief Bug          77                  47
Snake                    79                  51
Zombie                   79                  51
Smokie                   80                  53
Poison Spore             82                  55
Poporing                 82                  55
Steel Chonchon           82                  55
Vadon                    82                  55
Yoyo                     84                  58
Elder Willow             85                  59
Cornutus                 86                  61
Metaller                 86                  61
Golem                    88                  63
Orc Warrior              88                  63
Anacondaq                91                  65
Megalodan                91                  65
Pirate Skeleton          91                  65
Big Foot                 91                  67
Scorpion                 91                  67
Thara Frog               93                  70
Soldier Skeleton         94                  72
Munak                    96                  73
Obeaune                  96                  73
Archer Skeleton          97                  75
Marc                     97                  75
Mummy                    99                  79
Isis                     100                 91
Verit                    102                 89
Ghoul                    105                 87
Hunter Fly               112                 95
Sidewinder               115                 99
Nightmare                124                 105

Boss                 Flee Required        Hit Required

Gold Thief Bug           100                 79
Mistress                 108                 89
Doppelganger             129                 119
Orc Hero                 129                 119
Osiris                   135                 127
Baphomet                 141                 135

XV. Contact Info

If you see anything that I should fix or add, please feel free to
contact me at my email address Please do
not beg me for anything in the game like items, zenny, etc. Also,
please do not ask "Where should I level?" or any topics similar to
that. If you do any of the above, I will block you and you will be
unable to contact me in the future. Questions and comments about this
guide are also welcome.

XVI. Thanks To

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Weggy- It has come to my attention that I have forgot to include him. I
will add him now. He has tons of info and I think I may have rushed
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Node- Also thanks to your help, this guide has been made possible. For most of the item descriptions.

Yoan's multi-calculator

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Hoochie- For putting together the hit rate and flee chart.

Thesus- For info on Necklace and Rosary's street value. Telling me the
prerequisite for Detoxify.

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XVII. Legal Info

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And so this is the end of my Thief guide. I hope you enjoyed this and
that this guide will make your thief experience better.