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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ragnarok Monk Guide

THanks to Calx Zinra for this free Ragnarok guide!

                     R A G N A R O K   O N L I N E
Ragnarok Online Monk Character Guide
For PC (DOS/Windows)
FAQs/Guide created by Calx Zinra
Copyright 2004 by Calx Zinra
Created: March 25, 2004 (3.25.04)

This Guide is also dedicated to all my friends and classmates
both players and non-players of RO.
(IV-St. Paul S.Y. 2004-2005 Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School)

"For me, to guide means to inspire people to play more worth while,
to learn to begin with anew as they find it and make it better."  

To all pRO players:
Marami na ang nag iimpersonate sa akin.
Ako po'y naglalaro lamang sa Iris server at wala ng iba pa.
lahat na makikita nyo na Xcelsion o XceIsion o Calx Zinra sa ibang servers
ay JOLOGS na impersonator, WAG MAKINIG SA MGA ADVICE NILA lalo na kung
i-claim nila na si CALX ZINRA ay sila. UNGAS sila.


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- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------

1.    Version History
2.    Introduction
3.    Ragnarok Online
4.    Acolyte: Soldier of Hope
5.    Essential Stats for Battle-Acolytes
6.    How to get there
7.    Acolyte Skills
8.    Monk Skills
9.    Skill Builds
10.    Stat Builds
11.    Possible Equipments
12.    MVP'ing as a Monk
13.    WoE Monk
14.    Leveling Spots
15.    FAQ's & Tips
16.    Contact Me
17.    Thank You to all
18.    Unlegal

- I. Version History -----------------------------------------------------

Version 1.0 March 25, 2004 (03/25/04)
This is the very first version of my new guide.
This is as well the prototype, expect lots of typos.
This guide is dedicated to the Monk Job and the battle-Acolytes.

Version 1.2 March 30, 2004 (03/30/04)
Posted the guide in all sites I can. I finished the whole guide
in this version, also corrected some parts of this. but errors cannot be
avoided. Please e-mail me if you find some and if you want to add some
information. BTW, Monk class only ranked 2 in iRO's Survey. No.1 being
Crusaders and No.3 the Rogues. I am planning to make a Rogue guide.

Version 1.3 April 9, 2004 (04/09/04)
Checked all the builds using the AndzRO (Private Server) since this
is the closest to the real thing. (I don’t play in iRO and any other
servers that has 2-2 Jobs.) But sadly the Monk's skills won't work in
the said private server. ASPD Potions don't work either. If you're
asking why my job bonuses is different from rodatazone's data well,
I got my bonuses from the private server. The server is a copy of
KRO and is already patched with JUNO. Sorry to say but I don't quite
trust all the data that rodatazone gives (as for 2-2 Jobs) so have a habit
of checking other sites as well because as of now not all data is
100% accurate so mistakes will happen. ^_^ peace!
Another guide update will be due next week. So watch out.

Version 1.4 April 10, 2004 (04/10/04)
Added the 2 new builds submitted in.

Version 1.5 April 11, 2004 (04/11/04)
Easter Sunday! just added another Stat and skill build by
Ky Kiske.

Version 1.6 April 14, 2004 (04/14/04)
Added the Acolyte builds section. Sorry for not posting it!
Thanks Ong Teck Jim <>

Version 1.7 April 15, 2004 (04/15/04)
Added some new builds.

Version 1.8 April 18, 2004 (04/18/04)
Fixed correction.

Version 1.9 April 26, 2004 (04/26/04)
Added submitted builds, both skill and stat builds.
In other news... Nowadays, in Byalan I see many BA there
leveling. In the past you "Rarely" see one in the dungeon
but now I see many BA's. Before, I see almost no BA's in
the dungeon bit now I see 3 BA's everyday!
I removed the stats distribution section of the stats

Version 2.0 April 29, 2004 (04/29/04)
Added some builds and corrected corrections
Special thanks to:
Ricardo Elder Segovia Inostroza" <>
For correcting on Gunardi's build and also mods it a little.
There something wrong with gamefaqs nowadays, if you can't
access this guide through gamefaqs, just e-mail me and I'll forward you
the latest version of this guide.

Version 2.1 May 4, 2004 (05/04/04)
Updated the Flee chart. (Thanks to Kula)
As of now I will not update much until all data about 2-2 stabilizes
because as of now there's not much correct data. I'm taking my words
back. rodatazone is still the best site if you want one stop
RO facts. They still have the most data than other RO sites.
Just keep on checking their site on new infos about 2-2 Jobs.
I will change the Jbonuses by next month, maybe by that time
data about 2-2 jobs will be stable.
I added some new parts of the guide to make this more in-depth.

Version 2.2 May 4, 2004 (05/07/04)
Added a build by Adi Soegiarto (
His build is WoE Oriented and maybe will be the one
of the "in-demand" soon. His build can act as a recon
character since it can stand alone (can neutralize almost all
2-1 Jobs and maybe 2-2 also).

Version 2.3 May 12, 2004 (05/12/04)
I added the WoE and MVP guide.
Well those parts is not as good as the MVP and WoE here
in gamefaqs but I think somehow those infos will help
you in your game play.

Version 2.4 May 15, 2004 (05/15/04)
Modified the guide and added some info from RO~Universe.
Purged the Asura Stat Build. Developed a Combo-Asura Monk
Skills build.
Added new builds and a How to be a monk section submitted by
"Louise Stevens Cabarles" <>

Version 2.5 May 23, 2004 (05/23/04)
Modified the MVP weapons due.
Well not actually modified but I put some notes because of the Fist.
Corrected some "Submissions" but he took it from someone's Monk Guide.
I Credited the OWNER of the said data and can be purged from this guide
anytime soon. (If the owner wants to delete it from this guide.)

Version 2.6 May 25, 2004 (05/25/04)
I purged the PvP/GvG Monk Guide that was submitted in.
I'll just put a link to that site.
Modified some of the WoE Monk part.
I added a little guide on buying equips since most people ignore these
things (many is in pRO and I hate those people especially the - † Ninja † -
Or the "JERKS Guild".)

Version 2.7 May 27, 2004 (05/27/04)
Added a submission by "Carlo Mendez" <>
On VIT and PvP/WoE Monk.

Version 2.8 May 31, 2004 (05/27/04)
I forgot what I updated.. GRR
because I updated this guide about 2 days ago and because life's
busy. I forgot what I updated... Sorry X_X

Version 2.9 June 7, 2004 (06/07/04)
Minor update since there are no submissions.
And no new data regarding monks.

Version 3.0 July 21, 2004 (07/21/04)
Major Update! (wala lang!)
I will be implementing a new policy for submissions,
if your submission is not posted then... maybe I rejected it.
Sorry for not correcting/updating this guide due to some
personal problems.

Version 3.1 October 27, 2004 (10/27/04)
After what it seems like forever, finally I have updated the monk guide
First up, I have put in the submitted builds etc. Sorry for not
replying your e-mails to me. Sorry sorry.
Since it seems like admira's out maybe I'll fill in his shoes for a moment.
Juno has arrived at our shores (pRO) as a Pioneer monk and as I see
may people is still misguided by rumor. Damn why don't they use guides.

Version 3.2 October 28, 2004 (10/28/04)
Minor Update. Nothing New.

Version 3.3 November 4, 2004 (11/04/04)
Birthday update! It's my birthday oooo yeah!!!!!!!!
Added the decimal equivalent of the attack bonuses given by the skills
for easy understanding.

Version 3.4 November 14, 2004 (11/14/04)
Added some indepth info on stats.
Taken from

Version 3.5 November 19, 2004 (11/19/04)
Added skill trees (I know it's a little too late.)
Ctrl+F: Acolyte Skill Tree
        Monk Skill Tree

Version 3.6 November 27, 2004 (11/27/04)
Updated the Card Collection Section.

Version 3.7 December 7, 2004 (12/7/04)
Modded the Monk Build by separating the Basic Builds:
Combo-Asura, Spirit-Asura and Dasher Build from the other custom builds
for easy reference and understanding... echos!
And deleted some builds.

Version 3.8 December 14, 2004 (12/14/04)
Added a new subsection in the FAQs section.
Someone somehow had copied my build and posted it in his
guide in one of the forums I saw.
it smells like plagiarism to me.

Version 3.9 January 2, 2005 (1/02/05)
Added a little TIP on starting as an acolyte.

Version 4.0 March 18, 2005 (3/18/05)
Added some notes for faster Blvl99 or to reach Lv99 faster
so you can change to Champion.

Version 4.1 April 6, 2005 (4/06/05)
Added the REAL STR-DEX Build, not my original of course, I also added some
new tips for WoE Monk. I also added the Champion skills, just wait for the
1st set of Monk to Champion Skill Builds.

Version 4.2 April 15, 2005 (4/15/05)
Fixed Snap build mistake.

Version 4.3 April 21, 2005 (4/21/05)
Removed the CHampion skill, I'll be putting up a separate guide for it.

Version 4.4 May 4, 2005 (5/05/05)
Added some new notes on the skill sections.

Version 4.5 May 11, 2005 (5/11/05)
Added some new datas and creditation.

Version 4.6 June 11, 2005 (6/25/05)
Froze the guide. the next update would be by the time of Rebirth Sys.
err.. when it arrives in our shores. (september) till then, no updates.
I would be still be accepting corrections.

Version 4.7 July 16, 2005 (7/16/05)
1st Frozen update. Skills description updated.
but some calculation (cast time and damage calcualtion formulas)
looks awkward and the results are err.. is not that accurate. still to be

Version 4.8 July 28, 2005 (7/28/05)
REVISED edition, I removed some of the proven to be useless builds.
and other not so important things. Added some new stuffs.

Version 4.9 August 25, 2005 (8/25/05)
Added and removed builds and comments added some new info
on pvp.

Version 5.0 November 4, 2005 (11/04/05)
But still there might be an update. hehe
refined some parts of the guide prior to finalization.

- II. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------

The following information found in this guide is mostly based on my
experience in playing in pRO (Philippines) version of Ragnarok Online,
playing in private servers (ya, I know it's illegal and all...)
and reading other FAQs/guides on gamefaqs, forums and some of my theories &
- III. Ragnarok Online ---------------------------------------------------

Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
made by Gravity and was inspired by Lee-Myoungin's Manhwa "Ragnarok".
The game is highly addictive due to its many factors (too many to mention)
and lets you interact with many other players in your country or
all over the world.

People would say, "Once you come in... You'll never get out"
Well that's how addictive RO is. (For us gamers)

- IV. Battle - Acolyte: Soldiers of Hope ---------------------------------

Battle-Acolytes are some of the most ignored type of builds. Some people
even don't know how strong Acolytes can be. They only see Acolytes as the
Support Class and just watch battles and does not participate in the
frontline battle. But the Battle-Acolytes can, yes we're selfish of our
abilities because we need them to support ourselves to be true
Battle-Acolytes. Being A Battle-Acolyte is really hard in the beginning
but as soon as you get your stats high you can feel the ease.
I strongly recommend that you make a Battle-Acolyte after you have raised
enough funds to support them. In my case I bought myself a
+6 VVS Wind Chain to support my Avatar to level. I sticked to one place
and that is Byalan, that's why I bought a Wind elem. Weapon.

I will only be focusing on a pre-Monk Acolyte. If you got tired of waiting
for the 2-2 Jobs to come and switched into a Battle-Priest I strongly
recommend that you use Mad Monarch Gyl's Guide for stats build and admira's
Priest guide for the skills.

- V. Stats essential for Battle-Acolytes ---------------------------------
From: http://rodatazone.simgaming.net_____________________________________

This part shows the different stats in Ragnarok. There are 6 stats that
affect the Battle-Acolyte (B.A. from here on) in big ways. Be careful in
fixing your stats since once you put them they are unchangeable.

Strength (STR)============================================================

1)+1 base damage per point for melee weapons.
2)A bonus of (Str/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Str, 25 points total) for melee
  weapons where Str/10 is rounded down.
3)+1 base damage per 5 points for missile weapons.
4)+30 carrying capacity per point of Base Str (the left hand part of Str only).

One of the most important stat for the B.A. since it affects how
much damage you can dish out. It affects your minimum and maximum damage
too. It also affects your weight capacity so you can carry all that
equipments (Support equips, battle equips and some rations too.)
Strength is very vital if your'e going for Guillontine/Asura Strike.
But remember SP > STR in the Asura calculation, meaning even with high STR,
having low SP will still make your Asura weak.

10 STR: +1 Min/Max Damage
20 STR: +4 Min/Max Damage
30 STR: +5 Min/Max Damage
40 STR: +8 Min/Max Damage
50 STR: +10 Min/Max Damage
60 STR: +12 Min/Max Damage
70 STR: +13 Min/Max Damage
80 STR: +15 Min/Max Damage
90 STR: +17 Min/Max Damage
100 STR: +19 Min/Max Damage

The bonus add up in such a way that once you reach that certain amount of
strength the pluses add to your Min/Max damage. It means that when you
have 60 STR you have a +41 Min/Max damage bonus.

This is how it works (STR + Weapon Attack + Bonus + Weapon upgrade)

Agility (AGI)=============================================================

1)+1 flee per point.
2)Increased attack speed per point
(complicated, but based on the atk speed of the weapon you are using in the
class you are in).

The partner of Vitality in making a defensive character.
But Agility is more than that, 1 Agi is equivalent to +1 Flee and
also adds to your ASPD. Higher ASPD means Faster Killing time.
Agility is very Vital to B.A.'s and Monks. Changed my PoV.
You don't need to actually "MAX" your AGI out since as Akemi said,
"Flee cannot be your defense." Now I know why Sins sucks.
(Rogue may face this too.)

Too much AGI and no VIT can make your avatar frail like onion paper.
Too much VIT and no AGI can make your avatar slow (ASPD wise).
Well this applies to Monk.

Vitality (VIT)============================================================

1)+1% to MaxHP per point.
2)+0.8 weapon damage reduction (defensive) per point.
3)Healing items effect increased by +2% per point.
4)Every 5 full points of VIT increases HP Recovery Power by 1
5)For monsters, there is a bonus to damage reduction of
6)For players, there is a bonus to damage reduction of
  [VIT*0.5] + rnd([VIT*0.3], max([VIT*0.3],[VIT^2/150]-1)).
7)There is a hidden bonus of +1 Int style MDEF per 2 points.
8)Increasing VIT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the
  negative status affects of Poison, Silence and Stun.

Vital Monks will be great due they will be a WoE class but it is better
that you put a little AGI in your build. And is not ment to be maxed to 99.
90 is good enough. BUT! Monks should prioritize their STR-VIT so they would
sum up to 100 (base+bonuses). so some VIT monks could only raise up to
60-70 VIT and that is the average VIT of VIT monks.

Intelligence (INT)========================================================

1)+1 Base MAtk per point.
2)+1% to MaxSP per point.
3)SP Recovery items effect increased by +2% per point.
4)Every 6 full points of INT increases SP Recovery Power by 1 and
  past 120 INT, every 2 INT gives a bonus to SP Recovery Power of 1.
5)A bonus to MinMAtk of (Int/7)^2 total where (Int/7) is rounded down.
6)A bonus to MaxMatk of (Int/5)^2 total where (Int/5) is rounded down.
7)+1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point.
8)Increasing INT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the negative
  status affects of Blind, Sleep and Stone Curse.

Being a B.A., you do not need much INT in your stat. I put about 25 INT in
my build because Monks will have a +5 INT bonus at Jlvl50.
INT will take part in your healing skill, MSP and your SP's regen rate.
Asura monks will be needing more than 25 INT.
I'm against those people who thinks 1 INT is enough for B.A. they rely
too much on support. For me that's TRASH!
I know SP > STR but that does not mean that you will need to raise your SP.
Monks have very low SP modifier. SO pumping your INT is not a good idea, the
good way to raise your SP would be "to use SP gears" aka the Asura Gears.

Dexterity (DEX)===========================================================

1)+1 to hit per point.
2)Increased attack speed per point.
3)+1 base damage per point for missile weapons.
4)Bonus of (Dex/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Dex, 25 points total)
  for missile weapons where dex/10 is rounded down.
5)+1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons.
6)+1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If Dex exceeds the
  Atk value of the melee weapon, use the Atk of the melee weapon for
  the min value (ie. max and min values become the same).
7)Reduces spell casting time by a percentage calculated as Dex/1.5
  (ie. 30 Dex = 20% casting time reduction).
8)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths.

TOTAL DEX   =  CAST TIME (in percentage of the original cast time.)
60             60%
70             53.4%
80             46.7%
90             40%
100            33.3%
110            26.7%
120            20%
130            13.3%
140            6.7
150            INSTANT CAST

This stat raises your accuracy and your maximum/minimum damage.
+1 Dex means +1 Hit same as the Agi-Flee but this stat
counteracts that. The standard DEX is 40.
Dex also has a small influence in ASPD.

Luck (LUK)================================================================
1)+1 base damage per 5 points of Luk for missile and melee weapons.
2)+1 crit chance per 3 points of Luk.
3)+1 "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your flee value)
  per 10 points of Luk.
4)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths per point.
5)Increasing LUK also decreases the chance of being afflicted by any
  negative status affect.

This stat is very useful for those who are going for the Crit Monk.
Luck affects your avatar by:
Crit Chance: every 3 LUK = +1 Critical
Perfect Dodge: Every 10 LUK = +1 Dodge (that's the +x in your flee.)
If you want a real Crit Character, I recommend that you raise your
LUK to 60+ and equip a Triple/Quad Crit Waghnak or so..
But really.. Crits are only for assassin because Katar Class weapons
have double Crit rating. As for Monks, Critical Explosion/Fury will help us.
Note: 100% Crit char will have a weaker crit damage output but higher
crit rating.

- VI. How to get there ---------------------------------------------------

You start out as a Novice (of course!) I require you to go through the test
in the Midgard Academy and take the hell out of those annoying Fabres.
In the Fabre Forest take the time to level. Level up there until you are
satisfied of your Blvl, then take the exam. Much better if they will
recommend the Acolyte job for you (like what happend to me) there's a
little plus in this, but I prefer that they require you the swordie job so
you can get yourself a red potion for free.

As you step in the world of Midgard try to level up as soon as you can.
Much better if someone will tank you. After you reached the Jlvl 10 of
Novice. Proceed to the Prontera Sanctuary, it's in the 2 o'clock position.
Go inside and proceed to the first room at your right, register and take the
painstaking walk. There are 3 NPC which will be randomly selected for you.

Father Rubalkara: Prontera ->E->N->E (Yoyo Forest, North eastern corner)
Father Yosuke: Prontera W->N->W
(He is staying in an island between two small bridges)
Mother Mathilda: Morroc ->N (She's in a small ruin in the extreme NW corner)

After talking to those NPC you will be saved in their position so you got to
walk again (Bad Luck for you if you're in Morroc and have no Zeny XD)

Congratulations! You're an Acolyte! Now go and level up!

These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach
that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job
level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up.

ACOLYTE JOB BONUSES:======================================================
Job Level 2 : +1 LUK
Job Level 6 : +1 VIT
Job Level 10: +1 INT
Job Level 14: +1 DEX
Job Level 18: +2 LUK
Job Level 22: +1 AGI
Job Level 26: +1 STR
Job Level 30: +2 VIT
Job Level 33: +2 INT
Job Level 36: +2 DEX
Job Level 38: +2 LUK
Job Level 40: +2 AGI
Job Level 42: +2 STR
Job Level 44: +3 VIT
Job Level 46: +3 INT
Job Level 47: +3 DEX
Job Level 49: +3 STR
Job Level 50: +3 LUK

How to change into a Monk: (

The place to change your job to the Monk Class is located in the
NE Prontera fields (Yoyo Forest, it's the ruins or St. Capitolina Pt.
aka as the Monk Monastery). If you report information of yourself to
the old man, job class change is possible. The monk job change test
consists of a memory and physical test which is to be taken at the
specified location. One will be able to change the job class into Monk,
once the testing is finished.
You must be at least Job Level 40 to change jobs.

In-Depth: How to change to a Monk.

[The Acolyte Life]
Please do not be lazy and train till level 50 Job. It will be hell to
train if you change at Job 40. Job 50 grants a free 50 Atk, 3Slotted Knuckle
which currently cannot be bought or dropped by normal monsters currently.
Currently most cookie builds have 10 Agility and 10 Bless.
Do NOT max Heal. Please do NOT max that's nonsense, you will NOT have
enough skill points to distribute to your other skills.
Leave heal at last prority. (In his PoV, but I recommend that you get atleast
Lv1-3 Heal to support your leveling.)

Other than the 10 Agi/10 Bless Cookie build, there are those that are more
adventurous going the pneuma way because of Agility Up and Bless
can be provided by a Full-Support Priest.
(I go solo so I need those AGI/BLESS, It is important also because some
support priest are biased and sometimes will not Buff you.)

[Changing into a Monk:]
(From Akemi's iRO Monk Guide at RO-world)
(you guys should really see her guide.)
Upon reaching 50 Job, head into the monk temple which
can be found at Prontera's One East, One North, Two East or Yoyo Forest.

1) There's an old guy near the entrance (guarding monk, can't miss him),
   talk to him and request to be a monk.

2) Go to the bottom right and into the temple. Inside the temple,
   the elder will ask you to find certain items to bring back to him.
   His name should be Sensei Moohae. (Pastor)
  *Update* You DO have to take this quest if you are job 50.
   There's 7 different sets of items each set with 3 items each.
Here's the list:

Set 1 : 5 Sticky Mucus, 10 Earthworm Peelings, 20 Green Herbs
Set 2 : 20 Yoyo Tails, 5 Iron Ores, 3 Blue Herbs
Set 3 : 30 Stems, 5 Jellopies, 10 Worm Peelings
Set 4 : 5 Solid Shells, 20 Shells, 5 Zargons
Set 5 : 5 Cyfars, 10 White Herbs, 10 Yellow Herbs
Set 6 : 10 Teeth of Bat, 5 Bear's Footskins, 20 Poison Spores
Set 7 : 20 Cobwebs, 5 Porcupine Quills, 10 Bug Legs

3) After obtaining the requested items, exchange the items with Sensei Moohae.
   Exit the temple and head directly north from the temple. A female monk there
   will give you some text to recite. I recommend that you take  down notes on
   whatever she will be telling to you.

4) After completing the text recitation portion of the quest,
   head to the south-west area of your map and a monk NPC there will give you
   two quests to choose from.

   a) A mushroom quest very simular to the thief's quest,
      except 70-80 points are needed.
      (Orange Net Mushroom = 3pts, Orange Gooey Mushroom = 1pt)
   b) A marathon quest in which you run 10 laps around a map filled with holes.

Based on people who have taken the test already, most monks suggest you take
the mushroom quest over the marathon quest. But it's really up to you which
quest you do.

You can switch to either quest by talking to the NPC again if you've already
started on the other. After completing the quest, talk to the same NPC again
and he'll give you a green potion.

5) Now go to the building in the center of the map, there's a female monk
   near the entrance so you can't miss it. Now go to the depths of the
   building and talk to the huge NPC Monk. take the test. The test's
   objective is to cross the room. Easy eh? but no there are many hidden
   walls that blocks the path that makes it difficult and frustrating too.

6) After doing the test get the Green potion and drink it before Sensei Moohae
   then pass the oath taking and no you're a monk!

These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach
that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job
level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up

MONK JOB BONUSES:=========================================================
Job level 1: +1 STR
Job level 3: +2 STR
Job level 4: +1 DEX
Job level 6: +1 AGI
Job level 7: +1 VIT
Job level 10: +2 AGI
Job level 12: +3 STR
Job level 13: +4 STR
Job level 15: +1 LUK
Job level 16: +1 INT
Job level 18: +3 AGI
Job level 20: +2 VIT
Job level 22: +2 DEX
Job level 23: +4 AGI
Job level 25: +3 VIT
Job level 26: +5 STR
Job level 27: +6 STR
Job level 30: +3 DEX
Job level 32: +2 LUK
Job level 33: +4 VIT
Job level 35: +5 AGI
Job level 38: +2 INT
Job level 40: +3 LUK
Job level 41: +5 VIT
Job level 43: +4 DEX
Job level 44: +6 AGI
Job level 46: +6 VIT
Job level 49: +7 STR
Job level 50: +8 STR

- VII. Acolyte Skills ----------------------------------------------------
From: and http://www,ragnarokonline.com___

The Acolyte's Skills are supportive, well Offensive Type of support and
some Defensive Type of supports. But as B.A.'s we will give priority to
those offensive types.

   ~                                                            ~
   ~                IT WILL BE READY FOR USE.                   ~

[SKILL TREE]==============================================================
Acolyte Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)
      ---------Lv3-->Demon Bane(10)-----Lv3-->Signum Crucis(10)
Divine Protection(10)---Lv3-->Angelus(10)
   -----------------Lv3-->Increase Agility(1)--Lv1-->Decrease Agility(10)

Aqua Benedicta(1)

Ruwach(1)------------Lv1-->Teleport(2)--------Lv2-->Warp Portal(4)

Holy Light (Quest Skill)

[Divine Protection]=======================================================
Reduces damage from Undead property and Demon family monsters by round
( ( 3 + 0.04 * BaseLv ) * SkillLv ). Damage is subtracted after DEF reductions

The new calculation is given above, to give you guys any idea on the
skill see below, the old bonus that Divine Protection gives before it got
err nerfed or improved.

Passive Skill

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
1        DEF +3           -
2        DEF +6            -
3        DEF +9           -
4        DEF +12          -
5        DEF +15           -
6        DEF +18           -
7        DEF +21           -
8        DEF +24           -
9        DEF +27           -
10        DEF +30           -

Important pre-requisite skill for Monk goers. You must max this skill
because this will open the skill tree for monks. This skill also
assist us by helping us to stay longer and reduce damages from
Undead and Demon types of monsters.
(Reduces 30% damage from Demon/Undead monsters at Lv.10)
This skill works good with MENTAL STRENGTH/STEEL BODY.
Tested it with Wander Man having 34 VIT in my build, he can only
deal 1-1 damage to me. (Mental Strength activated)

[Demon Bane]==============================================================
Increases damage against Undead property and Demon family monsters for
[ ( 3 + 0.05 * BaseLv ) * SkillLv ] damage. Damage ignores DEF reduction
from armor, but not from Vit.

The new calculation is given above, to give you guys any idea on the
skill see below, the old bonus that Demon Bane gives before it got
err nerfed or improved.

Passive Skill

Requires: Level 3 Divine Protection

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1       ATK +3            -
2       ATK +6            -
3       ATK +9            -
4       ATK +12           -
5       ATK +15           -
6       ATK +18           -
7       ATK +21           -
8       ATK +24           -
9       ATK +27           -
10       ATK +30           -

Important pre-requisite skill for Monk goers. You must max this skill
because this will open the skill tree for monks. This skill increases
our damage against Demon/Undead and makes us Monks good in GH.

[Signum Crucis]===========================================================
Lowers the defense of Demon and Undead type monsters
in your screen in time of casting.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Demon Bane

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
1  Lasts until the monsters  35
    you cast it on are dead

As a Monk we will not benefit much from this skill. Try to ignore this

Raises defense of your whole party based on their VIT

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Divine Protection

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
1  15% VIT for 30 seconds    23
2  20% VIT for 60 seconds    26
3  25% VIT for 90 seconds    29
4  30% VIT for 120 seconds   32
5  35% VIT for 150 seconds   35
6  40% VIT for 180 seconds   38
7  45% VIT for 200 seconds   41
8  50% VIT for 230 seconds   44
9  55% VIT for 260 seconds   47
10  60% VIT for 290 seconds   50

Angelus is a rather useless skill because at lv.10 it will only
give you a almost 60% more vit defence, so If you have a VIT of 60
the skill will only give you a 36 Vit defence and absolutely no HP bonus.
So  I recommend that those who ae going for VIT types that you just raise
your heal level (lv10 Heal is the best)

Raises strength, dexterity, intelligence of a player
Recovers status ailment CURSE of a player
Curses Demon and Undead type monsters(Halves their DEX, INT and STR)

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Divine Protection

[LV]       [Skill Level Effect]         [SP]
1  STR, DEX and INT +1 for 40 seconds   28
2  STR, DEX and INT +2 for 60 seconds   32
3  STR, DEX and INT +3 for 80 seconds   36
4  STR, DEX and INT +4 for 100 seconds  40
5  STR, DEX and INT +5 for 120 seconds  44
6  STR, DEX and INT +6 for 140 seconds  48
7  STR, DEX and INT +7 for 160 seconds  52
8  STR, DEX and INT +8 for 180 seconds  56
9  STR, DEX and INT +9 for 200 seconds  60
10  STR, DEX and INT +10 for 220 seconds 64

A very vital support skill, this will help you a lot when you
reach Monk Class. I recommend that you max this skill first before maxing
out Agility Up. Because we have low INT a +10 INT will surely help us.
Also effective in reducing Demon/Undead class' DEX.

Heals a target's HP for [(BLv + INT) / 8] * (4 + 8 * Skill Level).
When used against Undead property monsters, it is a holy attack that
ignores mDEF and INT, but deals only half damage
(that is, HealValue*ElementModier/2). To use against a monster, you must
shift-click it or turn on /noshift.

Active Skill

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
1   Based on Level and INT   13
2   Based on Level and INT   16
3   Based on Level and INT   19
4   Based on Level and INT   22
5   Based on Level and INT   25
6   Based on Level and INT   28
7   Based on Level and INT   31
8   Based on Level and INT   34
9   Based on Level and INT   37
10   Based on Level and INT   40

This skill will also act as your arsenal against undead while you're
an Acolyte and serve as an important Healing skill in PVP mode.
Try not to max this skill. Lv3 is sufficient enough. But for VIT Monks
raise this to Lv.10.

Removes status ailments of target player.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 2 Heal

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1      Use Cure skill     15

If you're planning to be a Monk, don't bother on taking this
skill. It's useless for you and Cure Cards are abundant.

Allows you to see hiding opponents and deals holy damage to them.

Active Skill

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1       Use Ruwach        10

Quite useful for detecting pesky Thieves, Rogues/Assassins
and all those who have hiding clips.

As Mad monarch says:
Renders all projectiles in the chosen cell useless.
Useful for avoiding Archer Skeletons, Hydras, etc, and kicking the crap
out of Archers in the arena, whenever that rolls around. Amen.

Requires: Level 4 Warp Portal

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1     Use Pneuma        10
Get this skill to neutralize projectile attacks.
Useful but limited due to it's just a chosen cell.
Combo this with Holy Light or Finger Off./Throw Spirit Sphere
to knock the crap out of those overpowered Hunters.

See skill level effect.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 1 Ruwach

[LV]        [Skill Level Effect]         [SP]
1   Teleport to random spot on the map   10
2   Teleport to last Save Point          10

This skill helps you stay out of sudden Mobs. This skill will also help
you save money from Fly Wings. This skill is now a recommended skill
for the sake of Pnuema.

[Warp Portal]=============================================================
See skill level effect.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 2 Teleportation and a Blue Gemstone

[LV]      [Skill Level Effect]       [SP]
1  Warp 7 people to last Save Point  30
2     Warp 8 people to 1 place
     (Portal open for 10 seconds)     30
3    Warp 9 people to 2 places
     (Portal open for 15 seconds)     30
4    Warp 10 people to 3 places
     (Portal open for 20 seconds)     30

With this skill you can raise fund to supply yourself with adequate
equipments and also transport yourself.
A recommended skill for the sake of Pneuma.

[Increase Agility]========================================================
Increases AGI of target by 2 + Skill Level and increases movement
speed by 25%. Casting is accompanied by the "Agi UP" message over the target.
Dispels Decrease AGI when cast. Dispelled by Decrease AGI and Quagmire.
A monster or player in the area of effect of a Quagmire spell cannot
receive the benefits of Increase AGI.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Heal

[LV]   [Skill Level Effect] [HP-SP]
1  AGI +3 for 65 seconds    15 23
2  AGI +4 for 80 seconds    15 26
3  AGI +5 for 95 seconds    15 29
4  AGI +6 for 110 seconds   15 32
5  AGI +7 for 125 seconds   15 35
6  AGI +8 for 140 seconds   15 38
7  AGI +9 for 155 seconds   15 41
8  AGI +10 for 170 seconds  15 44
9  AGI +11 for 185 seconds  15 47
10  AGI +12 for 200 seconds  15 50

Another important skill, use this to pump up your AGI, ASPD and
Walking speed, also contribute some increase in your flee rate.
Max this after maxing out Blessing (AGI Build).

[Decrease Agility]========================================================
Decreases AGI of target by 2 + Skill Level and reduces movement speed by 25%.
The skill can fail and success is indicated by the text "Agi down" on the
target at the time of casting. A successful cast will dispel Increase AGI,
Adrenaline Rush, Two Hand Quicken and Spear Quicken. This skill will not
work on Boss monsters. The effects of this skill combine with Quagmire in
the form Agi/2-2+Skill Level.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 1 Increase Agility

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
1  AGI -3 for 65 seconds    23
2  AGI -4 for 80 seconds    26
3  AGI -5 for 95 seconds    29
4  AGI -6 for 110 seconds   32
5  AGI -7 for 125 seconds   35
6  AGI -8 for 140 seconds   38
7  AGI -9 for 155 seconds   41
8  AGI -10 for 170 seconds  44
9  AGI -11 for 185 seconds  47
10  AGI -12 for 200 seconds  50

Ignore as much as possible. But if you have some extra skill points.
You may want to invest a skill point in this skill.

[Holy Light]==============================================================
Does a single hit with an MAtk modifier of 125% (modified by the Holy element)
Can be acquired after job 30

Active Skill

Quest: 1 Rosary, 1 Crystal Blue, 1 Opal
Talk to the head Priest in Prontera Church

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
1   (Cast time 1.5 seconds)  15

We won't gain much from this skill but you can use the skill to attract
"Cast Sensor" Monsters like Sohee.

[Aqua Benedicta]==========================================================
Creates 1 Holy Water. Caster must stand in water for skill to succeed.
Mapwide submersion (Undersea Tunnel lvl 4/5 or Sunken Ship) is insufficient.

Active Skill

Requires: Empty Bottle

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
  1   Creates Holy Water   10
    to use as a weapon or
          a cure.

If you're planning to be a Monk, don't bother on taking this
skill. It's useless for you because this is only for Priest goers.

- VIII. Monk Skills ------------------------------------------------------

[SKILL TREE]==============================================================
Monk Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)

Divine Protection Lv10
Demon Bane Lv10
Iron Hand(10)-Lv2-_>Call Spirits(5)-Lv5->Absorb Spirits(1)---Lv1--->Fury(5)
      |                 | |                                           |
      |                 | |                                           |
      |    --------Lv5----- Lv5                         Lv3
    Lv5 |                 |                                           |
      | |                 |                   Throw                   |
      | |          Occult Impaction(5)--Lv3-->Spirit Sphere(5)--Lv3-- |
      | |                                                           | |
      | |                                                           | |
      | |                                                           | |
  Dodge(10)---Lv5--->Blade Stop(5)--Lv2-->Spirits Recovery(5) Extremity Fist(5)
       |                                      |                      |
       |                                      |                     Lv3
       |                                      |                      |
       |                                      -----------Lv2------->Body(5)
Triple Attack(10)---Lv5--->Chain Combo(5)                        Relocation
                                |                                    |
                               Lv3                                  Lv3
                                |                                    |
                           Combo Finish(5)---------Lv3--------->Steel Body(5)

Monk skill translation for dummies:
(Since there are 3 diffrent sets of Monk skills I've posted every name that
I know as of posting.)In our WEIRD pRO they got all the 3 types mixed up!

TYPE 1 Names         TYPE 2 Names       TYPE 3 Names
Knuckle Mastery     /Iron Hand         /Iron Fist
Spirit Relaxation   /Spirits Recovery  /Spiritual Cadence
Falling Pear Petals /Dodge             /Flee
Triple Blows        /Triple Attack     /Raging Trifectla Blow
Vigor Condensation  /Call Spirits      /Summon Spirit Spheres
Inspiration         /Absorb Spirits    /Spiritual Sphere Absorbtion
Quadruple Blows     /Chain Combo       /Raging Quadruple Blow
Way of the Dragon   /Combo Finish      /Raging Thrust
Dash Like a Bullet  /Body Relocation   /Snap
Manipulate Spheres  /Finger Offensive  /Throw Spirit Sphere
Psychic Wave        /Investigate       /Occult Impaction
Dilemma             /Blade Stop        /Root
Critical Explosion  /Explosion Spirits /Fury
Physical Immune     /Steel Body        /Mental Strength
Asura Strike        /Extremity Fist    /Guillotine Fist

[Iron Hand/Palm]==========================================================
Increases the damage with knuckle weapons, and fists by 3*Skill Level.

Passive Skill

Requires: Level 10 Divine Protection and Level 10 Demon Bane

[LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
1        ATK +3            -
2        ATK +6            -
3        ATK +9            -
4        ATK +12           -
5        ATK +15           -
6        ATK +18           -
7        ATK +21           -
8        ATK +24           -
9        ATK +27           -
10       ATK +30           -

Take this important mastery skill to add some extra damage.
You may not max this skill but be sure to raise it about Lv5.
(Must not be lower than Lv5)

[Spirits Recovery/Spiritual Cadence]=======================================
Recovers HP and SP every 10 consecutive seconds while sitting.
However, you can still recover HP/SP even while Fury/Asura Strike have
been activated. Also works at 1/2 the speed when overweight.

Passive Skill

Requires: Level 1 Blade Stop

[LV]              [Skill Level Effect]              [SP]
1 [(MaxHP/500) + 4 HP] and [(MaxSP/500) + 2 SP]     -
2 [(MaxHP/250) + 8 HP] and [(MaxSP/250) + 4 SP]     -
3 [(MaxHP/166) + 12 HP] and [(MaxSP/166) + 6 SP]    -
4 [(MaxHP/125) + 16 HP] and [(MaxSP/125) + 8 SP]    -
5 [(MaxHP/100) + 20 HP] and [(MaxSP/100) + 10 SP]   -

A great skill, a fusion of SP & HP regen. But only works while you are sitting.
I don't recommend getting the skill unless you're going to be a dasher.
because at low INT and VIT, the regeneration isn't good enough.

Increases flee rate, skill level affects on the flee rate percentage.

Passive Skill

Requires: Lv5 Iron Palm/Fist + Level 5 Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Spheres

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1        +1 Flee          -
2        +3 Flee          -
3        +4 Flee          -
4        +6 Flee          -
5        +7 Flee          -
6        +9 Flee          -
7        +10 Flee         -
8        +12 Flee         -
9        +13 Flee         -
10       +15 Flee         -

This is not the same as the Thief's Inc. Dodge. This one is a little
weaker than their version @ +15 flee in Lv10 anyway, it is vital for us
in the way that it is a prerequisite. This skill must not be lower than Lv5.

[Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow]======================================
A passive blow striking the target with an ATK modifier of 100% + 20%*Skill
Level. The chance for triple combo to activate is 30%-Skill Level.
Triple Combo will chain right into Quad Combo if Quad Combo is activated
within the cast delay of Triple Blow. Works with any weapon used.

Cast delay: 1.3 - [(agi*0.004) - (dex*0.002)] seconds

Passive Skill

Requires: Level 5 Dodge

[LV]         [Skill Level Effect]        [SP]
1    29% Chance to Triple Blow 120% ATK  -  (ATK x 1.2)
2    28% Chance to Triple Blow 140% ATK  -  (ATK x 1.4)
3    27% Chance to Triple Blow 160% ATK  -  (ATK x 1.6)
4    26% Chance to Triple Blow 180% ATK  -  (ATK x 1.8)
5    25% Chance to Triple Blow 200% ATK  -  (ATK x 2)
6    24% Chance to Triple Blow 220% ATK  -  (ATK x 2.2)
7    23% Chance to Triple Blow 240% ATK  -  (ATK x 2.4)
8    22% Chance to Triple Blow 260% ATK  -  (ATK x 2.6)
9    21% Chance to Triple Blow 280% ATK  -  (ATK x 2.8)
10   20% Chance to Triple Blow 300% ATK  -  (ATK x 3)

This is the starting skill of the Combo attacks. It works like double
damage At Lv5. So to live up to it's name, you'll need to raise it to Lv.10
but that's a waste.

[Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Sphere]======================================
Summons up to 5 spiritual orbs that float around the player for up to
10 minutes. Each orb ups your weapon atk by +3, ignoring defense and
enemy flee (player will always hit for 3*(Number of Spirit Spheres)).
Also activates certain other monk skills. Damage is affected by cards,
but not by elements.

Active Skill

Consumes 8 SP.

Requires: Level 2 Iron Hand

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1    Summon up to 1 SS    8
2    Summon up to 2 SS    8
3    Summon up to 3 SS    8
4    Summon up to 4 SS    8
5    Summon up to 5 SS    8

*Spirit Spheres works like Star Crumbs!
1 Spirit Sphere adds 3 damage to ypur weapon so having 5 Spirits
will grant you 15 additional damage and that's equivalent to one
Very Very Very Strong ______ Weapon! And also works like one.
If you miss you'll have a 15 damage instead of MISS.

This one is the BASIC LIFE SUPPORT of the Monk. This skill creates spirit
sphere that are needed by some skills of the Monk's.
Without this you are pretty much worthless...

[Absorb Spirits/Spiritual Sphere Absorbtion]===============================
Uses 5 sp to absorb all available spirit spheres, 7 sp is gained for every
spirit sphere absorbed (35 sp total). You do not really gain any SP from
summoning 5 spheres as the cost to cast and absorb 5 spheres (45 sp) is
more than the amount of sp gained (35 sp).
Works in pvp as well and can be casted only againts monks to absorb
their spirit spheres if they have any.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Call Spirits

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1    Absorb all Spheres   5

Use this as a MANA burn in PVP (against monks that is.) and use to recover
precious SP. Also use this as a emergency SP reserve by absorbing unused
Spirit Spheres.


[Chain Combo/Raging Quadruple Blow]=======================================
An active blow striking the target with an ATK modifier of
150% + 50%*Skill Level. Skill needs to be chained after Raging Trifecta Blow,
so Raging Quadruple Blow needs to be activated within the cast delay of
Raging Trifecta Blow. Works with any weapon used

1.3 - [(agi*0.004) - (dex*0.002)] seconds

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1   200% ATK (ATK x 2)    17
2   250% ATK (ATK x 2.5)  19
3   300% ATK (ATK x 3)    21
4   350% ATK (ATK x 3.5)  23
5   400% ATK (ATK x 4)    25

Chain Combo/Raging Quadruple Blow is the 2nd blow of the Combo skill.
Be always ready to press the hotkey because once the triple blow
goes off and you're unable to chain it up, then the chance is gone.
This skill's damage calculation calculates INDEPENDENTLY.
Its calculation is based on your stats not on your Triple Blow.

[Combo Finish/Raging Thrust]==============================================
Only usable during the delay after Raging Quadruple Blow.
The target will take damage and be pushed 5 cells back at the same time.
Consumes 1 spirit sphere, the caster cannot move after skill use.
If "Guillotine Fist" is used, and the caster is in Fury status carrying at
least 4 spirit spheres, extra movement delay time for 'Guillotine Fist'
will occur. The delay time is affected by DEX and AGI of the caster.
Guillotine Fist can be activated without a casting delay after this skill.


An active blow striking the target with an ATK modifier of
240% + 60%*Skill Level. Skill needs to be chained after Raging Quadruple Blow,
so Raging Thrust needs to be activated within the cast delay of
Raging Quadruple Blow. Requires 1 Spirit Sphere as well.
Also knocks back the target.

Delay: 1.3 - [(agi*0.004) - (dex*0.002)] seconds

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Chain Combo/Raging Quad. Blow and a Spirit Sphere

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
  1   300% ATK (ATK x 3.0) 23
  2   360% ATK (ATK x 3.6) 26
  3   420% ATK (ATK x 4.2) 29
  4   480% ATK (ATK x 4.8) 32
  5   540% ATK (ATK x 5.4) 35

This is the Final touch of the Combo skill. If the opponent is still
standing... repeat steps 1-3 until you're satisfied. ^_^
Like Raging Quadruple Blow, this skill's calculations is independent
from Raging Quadruple Blow and Raging Trifecta Blow. It's calculation
is based on your ATK.

[Body Relocation/Snap]=====================================================
A skill allowing a monk to "teleport instantaneously" anywhere on the screen,
as long as there are no obstructions in the way (trees, walls, etc).
Pretty useful for WoE since a monk can skip over traps and defense
lines fairly easily. Requires 1 spirit sphere to cast. Only downside to Snap,
is that to it requires 47 of the 49 available job points so not much skill
diversity is available.

Under Explosion Status, you can now Snap/Body Reloc. w/o
spheres, simply, it doesn't consume spheres uder Explosion
status. (after update)

Active Skill

Requires: Level 2 Spirits Recovery/Spiritual Cadence,
          Level 3 Steel Body/Mental Strength and
          Level 3 Extremity Fist/Guillotine Fist

[LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
1    Use Body Relocation  10

Note from Acolyte Maniax!:
Snap/Body Relocation can be used in Guild Wars.
You CAN cross firewall/snares/SG/Meteor/LoV.

This is a controlled but limited teleportation.
I don't really find its worth in WoE much but in PVP? yes.
They say the skill will be able to cross even walls in the upcoming updates
but will be nerfed by you cannot cast asura strike after a 2 second delay
in using the skill. I've noticed recently that those fast-cast spells
like Jupitel Thunder (provided that the wiz is a high-dex wiz) and the monk's
Asura strike is unavoidable, meaning even though you relocated far from
the caster, you will still be damaged by the skill. I still managed to kill
a monk after he ran from me using body reloc. I could see from the edge of
my screen that he died.

[Finger Offensive/Throw Spirit Sphere]====================================
Amount of spirit spheres thrown depends on the skill level
(Skill Level = Max. Number of Spirit Spheres) and also the availability
of spirit spheres. The ATK modifier accounts for each spirit sphere thrown.
Also, this skill counts as a ranged attack so pneuma will block it.
Cards and elements do apply to Throw Spirit Sphere.

Cast delay: 0.5 seconds

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Investigate/Occult Impaction

[LV]                [Skill Level Effect]                          [SP]
1 [125% + (1*25%)] 1 Spirit Sphere
   (Casting time 1 second + [Number of Spirit Spheres x 1 second]) 10

2 [125% + (2*25%)] 2 Spirit Spheres
   (Casting time 1 second + [Number of Spirit Spheres x 1 second]) 10

3 [125% + (3*25%)] 3 Spirit Spheres
   (Casting time 1 second + [Number of Spirit Spheres x 1 second]) 10

4 [125% + (4*25%)] 4 Spirit Spheres
   (Casting time 1 second + [Number of Spirit Spheres x 1 second]) 10

5 [125% + (5*25%)] 5 Spirit Spheres
   (Casting time 1 second + [Number of Spirit Spheres x 1 second]) 10

Note from Acolyte Maniax!:
Manipulate spirit sphere takes a long cast time and can MISS.
Get high dex to reduce that penalty!

An attack that is pretty much the same with Soul Strike. Use this as a
mid-range attack or use it before you clobber an opponent. I don't think
that using this as a primary weapon is good. This requires high amount
of INT (50 is good, max INT to 50 if you will be using this as a primary
skill since this will take up huge amount of SP.)

ATK and SKILL level is used to calculate the damage NOT MATK.
INT is only raised for SP count.

This skill is only great for those who have 75+ DEX (50% Cast time)
because of its long cast time if you're low on dex you will never be able
to use much of it's power. but if you have the build like STR-DEX, yes
you can use the skill most of the time especially in PVP, you don't need
to combo them else use this skill to them. This can instant kill any
chars that have below 8k HP.

Uses one spirit sphere against the target with an ATK modifier of
100% + 75%*Skill Level. Does not miss. Also, VIT and DEF are calulated
differently with this skill as follows:
[100% + 75%*Skill Level] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%].
Occult Impactation actually does less damage that the specifed ATK modifier
when the total VIT + DEF of the target is less than 100,
but can do a lot more when it is above 100. Card modifiers do apply to this
skill, but elemental modifiers do not.

Cast time: 1 second.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Sphere and a Spirit Sphere

[LV]                [Skill Level Effect]                [SP]
1   [100% + 75%*1] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%]   10
2   [100% + 75%*2] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%]   14
3   [100% + 75%*3] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%]   17
4   [100% + 75%*4] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%]   19
5   [100% + 75%*5] * [(Target VIT + Target DEF) * 1%]   20

Use this as a first step attack vs. opponents with strong DEF or check
if the opponent has high Def. This kill works wonders againts any VIT
types, even at lv3 this skill works wonders, combo the skill with a
Bloody weapon.

[Blade Stop/Root]=========================================================
Consuming 1 spirit sphere, stops both the enemy and the caster's movement
for the skill duration. Both the enemy and caster become paralyzed
until either dies. Higher skill level allows the caster to use
certain skills for this skills duration.
This skill is not applicable for boss monsters.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 5 Flee/Dodge

[LV]     [Skill Level Effect]            [Duration][Cast Time][SP]
1            -NONE-                       20 sec     0.5s     10
2   Throw Spirit Sphere/F. Off            30 sec     0.7s     10
3   Investigate/Occult Impaction          40 sec     0.9s     10
4   Chain Combo/Raging Quad Blows         50 sec     1.1s     10
5   Guillontine/Extremity fist or
        Fury/Explosion Spirits             60 sec     1.3s     10

This skill works like Auto-Counter of the Knight Class.
Attack Skills and Normal Attack will only be affected.
The cast time is also the same with the Knight's, the attack must
be executed BEFORE the cast bar dissapears or the skill will not
activate. (Thanks to admira)

But unfortunately there is no cast bar.

[Explosion Spirits/Fury]=================================================
Increases critical attack rate for a 3 minute skill duration, consuming
5 spirit spheres. During the skill duration, SP can not be restored
automatically but can be restored through the skill, Spiritual Cadence.
Consumes 15 SP for a skill use.(Potions and other items can still be used)

Active Skill

Requires: Level 1 Absorb Spirits

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
1    Crit = 10 + (2.5* 1 )  15
2    Crit = 10 + (2.5* 2 )  15
3    Crit = 10 + (2.5* 3 )  15
4    Crit = 10 + (2.5* 4 )  15
5    Crit = 10 + (2.5* 5 )  15

This skill cannot help comboers to do more damage but can "aid"
in situations where Combo don't trigger. But I don't recommend having
this skill activated all the time because of you won't recover anything
in terms of SP.

[Steel Body/Mental Strength]=============================================
Consumes 5 spirit spheres for a skill use, during the skill duration,
the caster's DEF and MDEF are fixed at 90.
The caster cannot use any active skills during the skill
duration at the same time, the attack and moving speed are decreased 25%.
Has a 5 second casting time which cannot be interrupted,
this skill spends 200 SP for a single use.

Active Skill

Requires: Level 3 Combo Finish/Raging Thrust and 5 Spirit Spheres

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
1        30 seconds       200 SP
2        60 seconds       200 SP
3        90 seconds       200 SP
4       120 seconds       200 SP
5       150 seconds       200 SP

Good skill to have even though the penalty is your ASPD.
This will reduce Normal and Magical attacks by 90%.
Although the penalty is quite drastic (reduced ASPD)
the skill is still great due to you will be more tougher
than those VIT Knights. (For a limited time ^0^)

In conjunction with the Blacksmith's Adrenaline Rush and having a mace
as your weapon, under Steel Body Status you won't feel the penalty much
since the Adrenaline Rush neutralizes the penalty and with this combo, you
can be an Emperium Breaker in WoE.

[Asura Strike/Extremity Fist/Guillotine Fist]=============================
This is a monk's trump card. A powerful skill that ignores defense,
never misses (outside of safety wall), and does damage based on this formula:
ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 250 + (150/level). After using Asura Strike, all remaining
SP is used and can not be regenerated again naturally for another 5 minutes
(other than Spiritual Cadence). Cards do modify the maximum damage of Asura,
but elements do not. Asura can be interupted, so a phen clip might be useful.
If you're curious enough, a damage calculator can be found here:

or at Dashiva's calculator.

In order to cast Asura, Fury needs to be casted, and 5 Spirit Spheres to be
recasted. Also can be used with Root (LV5) and chained at the end of
Raging Thrust (Fury and at least 4 spheres are needed however).

Requires: Level 3 Finger Offensive/Throw Spirit Sphere and
      Level 3 Explosion Spirits/Fury

[LV]  [Skill Level Effect] [Cast time][Delay time]      [SP]
1         +400 ATK          4sec        3sec      All Remaining SP
2         +550 ATK          3.5sec      2.5sec    All Remaining SP
3         +700 ATK          3sec        2sec      All Remaining SP
4         +850 ATK          2.5sec      1.5sec    All Remaining SP
5         +1000 ATK         2sec        1sec      All Remaining SP


ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 250 + (150/level)

4.5 - (0.5*Skill Level) seconds

Cast delay: 3.5 - (0.5*Skill Level) seconds

NOTE: SP > STR (SP is `Greater Than` STR in the calculation)
SP: Higher SP means higher MAX Damage, STR: Higher STR means Higher
Use this only as a last resort or before you die especially in PVP or
if you're desperate. But as Admira says this skill is kinda "Weird"
for me yes you can have this skill but this skill cannot be your
primary skill.

Recommendation from Acolyte Maniax!:
Never max Asura Strike* for greater damage. Get higher SP
instead, you will get a much higher damage.

*Maxing asura strike is only for the sole purpose of a faster casting time
since in WoE/PVP, combo-asura is not always the 1st option, a fast cast
asura is still the best.

- IX. Skill Builds -------------------------------------------------------

[Acolyte Skill Builds]====================================================

TIP: (Regardless of your pre-monk build)
As soon as you change your job I recommend that you get atleast Lv.3 Heal
at once then Lv5 Divine Protection and then Max Blessing and
Increase Agility or Angelus if a VIT type to your planned level or
simply MAX it. This is the way I raised my acolyte. I find it easy to
train this way.

TIP 2: For those who are inspiring to make a VIT Monk, try to have Lv.10
Heal than to have Lv.10 Angelus, because Lv.10 Angelus will almost not help
you at all.

[Warpolyte Pre-Monk]------------------------------------------------------

Heal                 Lv.3
Blessing             Lv.10
Divine Protection    Lv.10
Demon Bane           Lv.10
Increase Agility     Lv.8
Ruwach               Lv.1
Teleport             Lv.2
Warp Portal          Lv.4
Pneuma               Lv.1

Heal                 Lv.10
Blessing             Lv.10
Divine Protection    Lv.10
Demon Bane           Lv.10
Ruwach               Lv.1
Teleport             Lv.2
Warp Portal          Lv.4
Pneuma               Lv.1

1 skill point remaining

[My Version]--------------------------------------------------------------
Combo-Asura AGI Based

Heal            Lv.6
Ruwach            Lv.1
Teleport        Lv.2
Divine Protection    Lv.10
Demon Bane        Lv.10
Blessing        Lv.10
Increase Agility*    Lv.10

NOTE: Notice there's no Angelus? becoz' its useless at
low skill levels. You'll only need 2 Warp portals
One as your Save-point and one to Glast Heim.
At level 55 (154 Flee) I already train on Evil Druids/Nightmares/
Ghoul/Brilights in Lower GH (Offensive Bless on Demons/Undead of course!)

Monk Skill Builds=========================================================

NOTE: I changed all the names to the TYPE 2 due to it is more known by
      players and is is the closest between the older and newer types of
      names. I DID THIS ON PURPOSE. Use the diagram for teh dummies seen
      below. (Gotta love that series of books!)

Monk skill translation for dummies:
(Since there are 3 diffrent sets of Monk skills I've posted every name that
I know as of posting.)I our WEIRD pRO they got all the types mixed up!

TYPE 1 Names         TYPE 2 Names       TYPE 3 Names
Knuckle Mastery     /Iron Hand         /Iron Fist
Spirit Relaxation   /Spirits Recovery  /Spiritual Cadence
Falling Pear Petals /Dodge             /Flee
Triple Blows        /Triple Attack     /Raging Trifectla Blow
Vigor Condensation  /Call Spirits      /Summon Spirit Spheres
Inspiration         /Absorb Spirits    /Spiritual Sphere Absorbtion
Quadruple Blows     /Chain Combo       /Raging Quadruple Blow
Way of the Dragon   /Combo Finish      /Raging Thrust
Dash Like a Bullet  /Body Relocation   /Snap
Manipulate Spheres  /Finger Offensive  /Throw Spirit Sphere
Psychic Wave        /Investigate       /Occult Impaction
Dilemma             /Blade Stop        /Root
Critical Explosion  /Explosion Spirits /Fury
Physical Immune     /Steel Body        /Mental Strength
Asura Strike        /Extremity Fist    /Guillotine Fist

[BASIC BUILDS/COMMON BUILDS]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
These builds in this section are highly recommended and mostly used by
players in my server and they proved to be good and competitive.

[Combo-Asura Monk Build]--------------------------------------------------
My personal favorite...

Iron Hand                Lv.5
Call Spirits             Lv.5
Dodge                    Lv.5
Triple Attack            Lv.5
Chain Combo              Lv.5
Combo Finish             Lv.5
Absorb Spirits           Lv.1
Explosion Spirits        Lv.3
Investigate              Lv.5
Finger Offensive         Lv.3
Extremity Fist           Lv.5
Mental Strength          Lv.2

Not so long ago the Triple Blow -> Quad Blow -> Combo Finish -> Extre Fist
Combo is nothing but a dream, but I have devised a build that will make it
possible. This build already exist but was not posted here. 'Nuff with the
intro and let me explain the build.

This build's effectiveness can only be experienced in it completeness.
That is Job50, The Iron Hand being @ Lv5 only doesn't matter. The combos
are still a pain in the ass. having 110 STR I can deal almost 3k combo
2k-2.5k Quad and 3k-3.5k Combo Finish on the Fur Seals.

This build will have a hard againts non-melee character s in PVP but can
prove useful in WoE Defense since you have 110 STR and lots of SP. but this
build will have a hard time  infriltrating a castle since you don't have
body relocation. but overall this build used with the Combo-Asura Stat Build
will surely own in terms of power.

This build will depend on your STR very much and the Guillontine fist is
only to be used in extreme conditions. And must not be used as a medium
in leveling. COMBO is your life.

Asura Strike IGNORE FLEE and DEFENSE of the target.

The Mental Strength skill will only assist you in some situations.
Like if you feel like breaking emps, have a party with a Blacksmith
and equip a mace then at the emperium room reach the emp the Steel Body
then Adrenaline Rush then whack on!

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: +10 Triple Bloody Knuckle Duster/Hora (PVP/GVG Only)
          +X VVS (Element) Fist or any elemental Knuckles
Weapon L: +X Buckler (Ambernite/Thara Frog)
U. Head: +X Wise Biretta/Mistress Crown (or any SP Hats)
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
Armor: +X Saint's Robe of Champion
Footwear: +X Soul Enchanted Shoes
Accessories: Clip 2x Mantis Card

[Spirit Strike Monk aka "the Rei-Gun Monk"]-------------------------------
Contributed by: Glenn Arienza (

Iron Hand           Lv.5
Call Spirits        Lv.5
Dodge               Lv.5
Triple Attack       Lv.5
Chain Combo         Lv.5
Combo Finish        Lv.5
Steel Body          Lv.2
Absorb Spirits      Lv.1
Investigate         Lv.3
Finger Offensive    Lv.5
Explosion Spirits   Lv.3
Extremity Fist      Lv.5
(additional note)
Lv5 FO/MSS at 100 Str is strong enough to kill a
Hunter(agi type)/Assassin/Wizard in an instant
( my build's 72 STR + 8 Job + 10 Blessing + 10 (Mighty Staff) = 100 STR )
I tried it on the iRO multi stat calculator and was surprised on the
amount of damage FO/MSS can deal

Glenn's Words:
This build is meant to be an all around offensive fighter,
both on melee and ranged and to deal continuous massive amounts of damage,
The AGI Build is recommended for this build to reduce the delay time of
the combo skills and for the Finger Offensive to follow smoothly as a
finishing move or use it as a pre-emptive strike

Triple attack=> Chain Combo=> Combo Finish=> Finger Offensive (finisher)

The Finger Offensive will substitute for the Heal bomb since the monk's
heal bomb won't be as strong as that of the priest, the difference is
that the monk has a wider choice of monsters to blast, You may choose to
take the other combo skills first before getting finger offensive.
(type in uppercase "Rei Gun!!" as you blast your enemies)

*Well, Son Goku has "Kamehameha" and Yusuke Urameshi has "Rei Gun" so
I guess the RO monk has Finger Offensive! Besides no combat fighting hero
is complete without some sort of projectile attack ^_^.

Great build for sole WoE Defend, my currently revolves around WoE.
You can save lots of Blue Pots with the Lv5 Finger Offensive since
most players will topple with it especially if partnered with
+10 Double Bloody Boned Chain.

[Dasher Monk (Body Relocation/Snap Build)]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(Many Monk Guides authors has made/posted this build and I don't know
who has the original, I AM NOT CLAIMING that this build is mine.)

Iron Hand            Lv.5
Call Spirit          Lv.5
Investigate          Lv.3
Finger Offensive     Lv.3
Dodge                Lv.5
Triple Attack        Lv.5
Chain Combo          Lv.3
Combo Finish         Lv.3
Absorb Spirits       Lv.1
Blade Stop           Lv.2
Spirits Recovery     Lv.2
Explosion Spirits    Lv.3
Extremity Fist       Lv.5
Steel Body           Lv.3
Body Relocation      Lv.1

This build rank#1 in WoE. It uses Body Relocation/Snap as it's main arse.
Has low Combo but Asura Strike is maxed so the build will be more effective.
(Direct Kill). This is the killer WoE Build due to it can CROSS SG's and LoV's.

Hard to level by combo, try using Finger Offensive as your medium especially
if you are a vit type.

- X. Stat Builds ---------------------------------------------------------

As I mentioned before, I formulated this builds on a calculator. So these
builds are 100% possible. These builds serves only as a reference for you
guys out there.

[THE Starting stats]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Like any other melee characters you can start with these, but again
your starting stat should be patterned with your final stat has 1 VIT.
then your starting stat should have 1 VIT.


[STATS BUILD-UP]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

[BASIC BUILDS/COMMON BUILDS]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
These builds in this section are highly recommended and mostly used by
players in my server and they proved to be good and competitive.

[Combo-Asura Stats Build]----------------------------------------------------

This build is a Hybrid of STR/AGI with a little of VIT and DEX.
This build is my personal favorite, in fact this Is the one that I am
using right now.

How to Distribute:
10 INT and STR then 20 VIT and 15 DEX and the rest is to AGI,
when you feel that your agi is high enough, raise your STR and
DEX to 20 and then max your AGI out.
After maxing out AGI you may start building the other stats.

[Combo-Asura Final Stats]
Job Bonus at Monk Jlvl 50
STR: 82 +8
AGI: 84 +6
VIT: 24 +6
INT: 38 +2
DEX: 36 +4
LUK: 1  +3

Having 1 VIT will make your char very fragile especially againts
Crits since you have low HP you will most likely die more sooner.

~Suggested Equipments~

Weapon R: Elem Fist/+6 Hora/+5 Fist (with ATK+ cards)
Weapon L: +X Buckler
U. Head: +X Wise Biretta/Circlet
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes
Athletic Belt x2 (if you do not have Clip of flash)
Ring/Clip of Mustle x2
Ring/Clip of Counter x2

[Spirit Monk1]------------------------------------------------------------
(This is a modded version of the original build. Idea isn't mine, I just
tweaked it so can't credit the author because I modded it already and is
not anymore a copy of his original build. I did not take the build as is.)

This is the STR-DEX Build made easy, most players use this build in my
server, that is because this build is more solo sufficient.

[Spirit Monk]***
Job Bonus at Monk Jlvl 50
STR: 81 +8 +10 (Buff) = 100 STR
AGI: 73 +6 +10 (Buff) = 90 AGI
VIT: 1  +6            = 7 VIT
INT: 18 +2 +10 (Buff) = 30 INT
DEX: 77 +4 +10 (Buff) = 100 DEX
LUK: 1  +3            = 4 LUK

Recommended Equipments:
Weapon R: Elem Fist/Elem Sword Mace/+X Double Bloody Boned Chain
Weapon L: +X Buckler <carded>
U. Head: +X Magician Hat (Dex & SP plus gear)
M. Head: ??? (Masquerade for PvP)
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
Armor: +X Extra Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (ASURA GEAR)
Accessories: 2x Nimble Glove

Weapon R: Elem Fist/Elem Sword Mace/+X Double Bloody Boned Chain
Weapon L: +X Buckler <carded>
U. Head: +X Apple of Archer
M. Head: ??? (Masquerade for PvP)
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
Armor: +X Skillful Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (ASURA GEAR)
Accessories: Nimble Clip

This build can also unleash a fast Throw Spirits
Sphere. This can be added either for Spirits-Asura and/or Spirit-Dashers.

***The effectiveness of the build will only be experienced if the
you equip the recommended equipments stated above.

[Spirit Monk2]------------------------------------------------------------
(DEX-STR, another variation) Jonathan kusnadi <>
This is not made by him, another ragnarok FAQ author made this and
I am sorry for not crediting whoever you are, That is because I simply
don't know who you are >__< sorry.

Anyway here is the stat build:

[STR-DEX Monk]
Job Bonus at Monk Jlvl 50
STR: 82 +8
AGI: 9  +6
VIT: 35 +6
INT: 35 +2
DEX: 95 +4
LUK: 1  +3

After all the Buffs and Equip bonus have been added the total STR and DEX
is: STR: 100, DEX: 120. This build can whip out a 0.4 sec, Asura Damage.

Recommended Acolyte Skill Build: ALL can be used but get Angelus not Inc. AGI
Recommended Monk Skill Build: Dasher Monk

Recommended Equipments:
Weapon R: Elem Fist/Elem Sword Mace/+X Double Bloody Boned Chain <PvP only>
Weapon L: +X Buckler <carded>
U. Head: +X Apple o Archer or any DEX + <Recommended>
         +X Wise Biretta/Circlet (ASURA GEAR)
         +X Magician Hat (Dex & SP plus gear)
M. Head: ??? (Masquerade for PvP)
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler <Immune Recommended>
Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe
       +X Extra Saint's Robe <recommended>
       +X Skillful Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (ASURA GEAR)
          +X Shoes of Witch (SP Regen)
          +X Green Shoes (Need HP Boost) <recommended>
Nimble Gloves x2 or Nimble Clip

You'll be needing a FS priest partner for 100% of your Monk life, that is
because this build is not made to be solo. You always have a hard time
leveling. This is the REAL STR-DEX Build.

[Spirit Monk3]------------------------------------------------------------
this is the much better 110 STR and 100 DEX Build. this build fills in
what the first two build lacks. Speed nad FirePower.

Build 1 is balanced but low sp and str thus not that useful. Build 2 has
the fastest cast time but too weak. not much use for speed eh?

Build 3 is more useful interms of it is pretty fast and has 110 str
and 1k of SP.

[STR-DEX Monk]
Job Bonus at Monk Jlvl 50
STR: 92 +8
AGI: 1  +6
VIT: 34 +6
INT: 48 +2
DEX: 79 +4
LUK: 1  +3

This build should follow this equipment set. if not followed accordingly
the build's effect degrades.

Recommended Equipments:
Weapon R: +X Double Bloody Boned Chain <PvP only>
Weapon L: +X Buckler <carded>
U. Head: +X Magician Hat (Dex & SP plus gear)
M. Head: Masquerade for PvP
L. Head: Gangster Mask
Garment: +X Immune Muffler <Immune Recommended>
Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (ASURA GEAR)
Accessories: Nimble Clip x2

- XI. Possible Equipments ------------------------------------------------

Here are the equipments that can be used by B.A.'s and Monks.

[11.1 Maces]==============================================================

NOTE: Monks can also equip Maces like Acolytes do, but only those maces
      that are allowed to be equipped by Acolytes.

Attack: 23
Cost: 120z
Required Lvl: 2
Weapon Lvl: 1

You should save some "Clubs" you pick up as a Novice because this is the
only weapon in the beginning that can be equip by Acolytes. You can also
get one through acquiring the Acolyte recommendation.

Attack : 54
Cost: 1,600z
Required Lvl: 2
Weapon Lvl: 1

Get this if you have some money or if find using a +X Club hard to level.
These maces are the most common mace-type weapon that are forged to become
a elemental mace (VS and VVS Elemental Maces) that are usually prized at
400K+ in pRO Economy (IRIS SERVER).

Attack: 54
Cost: 9,000z
Required Lvl: 14
Weapon Lvl: 2

I recommend that you take a Chain or a Flail rather than this weapon.

Attack: 69
Cost: 16,000z
Required Lvl: 14
Weapon Lvl: 2

if you cannot afford a Chain, this one is a good alternative.

Attack: 84
Cost: 23,000z
Required Lvl: 14
Weapon Lvl: 2

Chains are the best Lv2 weapon for the mace class.

NOTE: a Lv2 Weapon at is max safety level is much stronger compared
to a lv3 weapon that hasn't received any upgrade. It may not be
so obvious but compare the damages, both Min/Max but pay more
attention on Minimum damage. This is the best weapon to be compounded
for PvP/WoE. SO far, this weapon is the best to be carded for a direct asura.

[Morning Star]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 110
Cost: 41,000z
Required Lvl: 27
Weapon Lvl: 3

I don't recommend you to buy one unless you do not have enough money to buy
a Swordmace in Morroc.

Attack: 130
Cost: 50,000z
Required Lvl: 27
Weapon Lvl: 3

Strongest mace-type weapon that are sold by NPC's. Be sure that you will
upgrade this as soon as possible, because this one will be your weapon
for a long time.

Attack: 140
Bonus: 10% Stun Chance
Cost: 60,000z
Required Lvl: 27
Weapon Lvl: 3

The strongest mace sold by NPCs, this is the best weapon to be made as
VS or VVS elemental. Because you can stun the oppnent with the VS damage.

[11.1.1 Exceptional Maces]================================================

Attack: 85
Bonus: Crit + 40% and decreases Def by 1/3
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

Good for AGI and LUK builds of B.A. to MONK. Be sure that you have high
enough flee rate so you can't feel the reduce defense penalty due enemies
will always miss.

[Golden Mace]-------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 110
Cost: ??? Dropped by Golden Bug
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

Good for Undead infested areas, works like a Silver enchanted weapon.

[Mighty Staff]------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 130
Bonus: +15% to Matk and +10 to STR, consumes 5 sp every hit
Cost: NA Dropped by Dokebi
Weapon Class: Rod
Required Lvl: 24
Weapon Lvl: 3

Nice substitute if you don't have a +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain.

[Long Mace]---------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 135
Bonus: Range + 3 and reduced damage by 10% from projectile attacks.
Cost: ??? Dropped by Moonlight Flower
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

Works like a spear because of the little range bonus and also good
in places that have projectiles attacks.

[Grand Cross]-------------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 140, HOLY property
Bonus: Auto-spell cast Level 3 Turn Undead
       Enables you to use Level 3 Turn Undead
       Regain 1 SP for every hit to an Undead monster
       Regain 3 SP for every Undead monster kill
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

A lethal weapon once it's released in your server, much stronger than
the two mentioned above because of the Holy Property.

Attack: 145
Bonus: +15% ATK vs. Undead monsters
       5% Bonus EXP when killing Undead monsters
       Low chance of sending an Undead monster into Coma state
Cost: ???
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

A very exceptional weapon because it can raise the amount of EXP you get.
But I doubt that they will change the weapon's ability.

Attack: 165
Bonus: D+10% ATK vs. Undead, Demi-Human and Earth monsters
Cost: ??? Dropped by Dark Priest
Required Lvl: 40
Weapon Lvl: 4

Only good in PvP but not that good. Works like an elemental weapon.

Attack: 250
Bonus: DEX +40, STR +15 and Unlimited attack Haste
Cost: ??? Made through a quest
Required Lvl: 98
Weapon Lvl: 4

The "God like" Mace. A very very strong weapon to have but you need
at least Blvl98 to equip one. And impossible for a common Monk to have
since it involves a WoE Quest and is accessible to Guild Masters Only.

- 11.2 Knuckles  ---------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: Knuckle-Type weapons are only ONE-HAND, so it means that you
      can equip a shield. (A slotted Buckler is recommended.)
     -Knuckles can be also equipped by Priest.

     -Waghnak, Knuckle Duster, Hora are sold by an NPC in St.Capitolina Abbey.
     -Claw, Finger, Fist are sold in Umbala. (unknown location)
     -Slotted versions of all Knuckles are not in the game until
      the Umbala update.
     -However, Acolytes that change to Monk at j50 receive
      one 3 Slot Knuckle Duster.

Attack: 30
Cost: 8,000z
Required Lvl: 0
Weapon Lvl: 1

Equivalent of the Katana but low weapon attack.

[Knuckle Duster]----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 50
Cost: 25,000z
Required Lvl: 12
Weapon Lvl: 2

You better grab the Hora than this.

Attack: 65
Cost: 32,000z
Required Lvl: 12
Weapon Lvl: 2

I prefer having this weapon to be used on PVP's especially if you have
a Double Ancient Bloody Hora or a Double Bloody Ancient Hora. It is more
powerful and useful than a Quad bloody Waghnak even though it has only
a 2 Hydra cards. Trust me. Have this weapon and max it (to it's safety
level or how high you want.) if you do not have a Lv3 weapon that has been

This is the best choice for a Combo-Asura Monk.

Attack: 86
Bonus: +2 STR
Cost: 53,000z
Required Lvl: 24
Weapon Lvl: 3

I prefer having the Fist is much better.

Attack: 97
Cost: 58,000
Required Lvl: 24
Weapon Lvl: 3

Just wait to have that Fist than this.

Attack: 115
Cost: 53,000z
Required Lvl: 24
Weapon Lvl: 3

The strongest Knuckle-Type weapon that is available in NPC shops.
Much cheaper due to it's not slotted (In NPC shops).
The best fist to be made to elemental.

[11.2.1 Exceptional Knuckles]=============================================

[Kaiser Knuckle]----------------------------------------------------------
Attack: 110
Bonus: Attribute: Wind
       +5% ATK vs. Undead monsters
       +10% ATK vs. Wind, Water, Fire and Earth monsters
Cost: ??? Dropped by Gryphon and Dark Lord
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

Great elemental Fist, but will be expensive.

Attack: 120
Bonus: 12% APSD Bonus (Not yet implemented)
Cost: ??? Dropped by Dark Lord
Required Lvl: 36
Weapon Lvl: 4

We need this ASPD bonus, but unfortunately it's not yet implemented.

- 11.3 Others  -----------------------------------------------------------

Equipment 101=============================================================

"Practical efficiency is common, and lofty idealism not uncommon;
it is the combination which is necessary, and the combination is rare."
                                      - Theodore Roosevelt   (1858 - 1919)

Here's some reminders to keep in mind in choosing/buying your equipments.

1)Prioritize your builds's need. Don't sacrifice efficiency over
  fashion. Grand Cirlet is NO MATCH against a Wise Biretta for Asura Monks.

2)Only upgrade your slotted armors if you have an extra one.
  Try to have a +4 Mocking Muffler before attempting to make a
  +10 Mocking Muffler. AND if you're trying to over upgrade keep in mind
  that DON'T COMPOUND CARDS before upgrading it. try to achieve your goal
  before compounding.

3)Try to save things that you will be needing in the future.

4)Be knowledgeable about equips.

- XII. MVP'ing as a Monk -------------------------------------------------
This part was inspired by Captain FAI's ever great MVP FAQ and is also
one of my favorite in-depth FAQ. Well I'll pattern this part of the guide
to his Hunter MVP guide since it will be almost the same as the Hunter's,
but not how the way Hunters MVP.

Monks are not that good in MVP'ing since most Monks (IMO) is into AGI
and Monks cannot deal high and as fast damages that Hunters can deal.
Since Monks are into AGI they can't take too much damage and healing will
be compromised due to the massive SP requirements of Combo Builds.
In the other hand Asura/Extremity Fist/Guillontine Fist is quite useless
in MVP'ing... You can't afford to use all your SP in one single attack and
MISS! and since 1 hit of this skill can be out numbered by DS (Double Strafe)
massive damage (with 5+ attacks of course).

What should Monks do when hunting MVPs?
1) Bring enough rations (SP wise).
2) Like the Hunter, have Elite MVP Fists and Elem Fist.
3) BUFF yourself and ONLY yourself (Blessing and AGI up/Angelus if VIT).
4) Combo/MSS/Asura like there is no tomorrow.

[MVP Skills]==============================================================

I won't post a MVP Skill build, but I will say some Monk skills that are
essential in MVP'ing.

- BLESSING must be 10 because +10 in your stat can contribute BIG in your
  damages and character effectiveness.

- INCREASE AGI must be 10 because Increase Agility will also raise your
  ASPD and of course your AGI and Flee rate.

- SPIRITUAL SPHERE ABSORPTION this skill can help you when your out of SP
  and SP recovery items which msut happen to you. Absorb the SPs of the
  minions since the skill can now be used for recovery.

- SUMMON SPIRIT SPHERE of course! Max this skill since your combo skills
  will live by this skill.

- SNAP as admira says this skill works wonders, IMO you can use this skill
  in escaping the MVP when you suddenly encounter it. And can also be a
  searching tool. (Teleport to a specific place)

  This skill can help to neutralize the Hunter's DS and reek in some MVP points.

  This skill is meant to be triggered when the MVP's life is almost depleted
  so use your instinct on this. This will help you to reek in some MVP Points.

[Elite MVP Weapons]=======================================================
As Captain FAI says:
"Most of the players think that just use 4 of the same cards and put it
in the bow and that's the strongest.
Actually no! That's why this game has Elements and Types. The Elite MVP
Weapon is Element Card + Type Card."

Name: Golden Bug
Size: Large
Element: Fire-2
Type: Bug
Weapon: +X Double Flammable [Vadon] Titan [Minorous] Chain
        +X Flammable [Vadon] Insecticide [Caramel] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Eddga
Size: Large
Element: Fire-1
Type: Brute
Weapon: +X Flammable [Vadon] Clamorous [Goblin] Titan [Minorous] Chain
        +X Double Flammabe [Vadon] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Moonlight Flower
Size: Medium
Element: Fire-3
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Double Flammabe [Vadon] Boned [Skel Worker] Chain
        +X Flammable [Vadon] Decussate [Strouf] Boned [Skel Worker] Chain

Name: Phreeoni
Size: Large
Element: None-3
Type: Brute
Weapon: +X Double Clamorous [Goblin] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Drake
Size: Medium
Element: Water
Type: Undead
Weapon: +X Divine [Scorpion King] Saharic [Drainliar] Boned [Skel Worker] Chain
        +X Double Saharic [Drainliar] Boned [Skel Worker] Chain

Name: Doppelganger
Size: Medium
Element: Dark
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Double Decussate [Strouf] Boned [Skel Worker] Chain

Name: Garm/Hatii
Size: Large
Element: Water
Type: Brute
Weapon: +X Saharic [Drainliar] Clamorous [Goblin] Titan [Minorous] Chain
        +X Double Saharic [Drainliar] Titam [Minorous] Chain

Name: Mistress
Size: Small
Element: Wind
Type: Bug
Waepon: +X Windy [Mandragora] Gigantic [D-Wolf] Insecticide [Caramel] Chain
        +X Double Insecticide [Caramel] Gigantic [D-Wolf] Chain

Name: Orc Lord
Size: Large
Element: Earth
Type: Demi-Human
Weapont: +X Double Bloody [Hydra] Titan [Minorous] Chain
         +X Underneath [Kaho] Bloody [Hydra] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Stormy Knight
Size: Large
Element: Wind
Type: Formless
Waepon: +X Double Beholder [Pecopeco Egg] Titan [Minorous] Chain
        +X Quadruple Ancient Mace (Stormy has a very high Flee rate.)
        +X Windy [Mandragora] Beholder [Pecopeco Egg] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Orc Hero
Size: Large
Element: Earth
Type: Demi-Human
Weapon: +X Double Bloody [Hydra] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Osiris
Size: Medium
Element: Undead
Type: Undead
Fist: +X Double Divine [Scorpion King] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Dark Lord
Size: Large
Element: Undead
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Divine [Scorpion King] Decussate [Strouf] Titan [Minorous] Chain
        +X Double Decussate [Strouf] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Maya
Size: Large
Element: Earth
Type: Bug
Weapon: +X Double Insecticide [Caramel] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Baphomet
Size: Large
Element: Dark
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Double Decussate [Strouf] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Turtle General
Size: Large
Element: Earth
Type: Brute
weapon: +X Double Clamorous [Goblin] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Dracula
Size: Large
Element: Dark
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Double Decussate [Strouf] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Pharaoh
Size: Large
Element: Dark
Type: Demi-Human
Weapon: +X Double Bloody [Hydra] Titan [Minorous] Chain

Name: Lord of Death
Size: Large
Element: Dark
Type: Demon
Weapon: +X Double Decussate [Strouf] Titan [Minorous] Chain

[MVP MODE]================================================================

1) Getting ready to MVP!
Set your Hotkeys in something similar to this.

F1: White Potions
F2: Increase Agility
F3: Blessing
F4: Summon Spirit Sphere
F5: Teleport or Body reloc
F6: -----------
F7: Blue Potion
F8: Extremity Fist
F9: Explosion Spirits

Blue Potion x 50+
Center/Awakening Potion x 10
White Potions (for emergency)
Yggdrasil Leaf (for emergency)

- XIII. WoE Monk ---------------------------------------------------------

For me having Mental Strength/Steel Body is a big plus for us Monks since
most Monks goes for AGI builds. Mental Strength/Steel Body gives us
90 DEF & MDEF, because of this our character's build seems like a Hybrid
of AGi-VIT. And as we all know VIT is "THE" defensive stat for WoE.
It makes us last a little longer. I'm focusing this part on the
use of Mental Strength/Steel Body in WoE. This is the WoE skill for us.

[WOE Skills]==============================================================

I won't post a WoE Skill build, but I will say some Monk support skills that
are essential in WoE.

- BLESSING must be 10 because +10 in your stat can contribute BIG in your
  damages and character effectiveness.

- INCREASE AGI must be 10 because Increase Agility will also raise your
  ASPD and of course your AGI and Flee rate.

- RAGING TRIFECTA BLOWS this depends on you but I recommend that this one
  should not go below lvl5. You will live by this skill since this is step
  one of your Combo Skills.

- MENTAL STRENGTH must have at level 2. This skill can help you to stay
  alive a little longer. 90 DEF & MDEF is big especially when entering
  the EMERIUM room or even the room before the EMP, because Agitating or
  spamming of SGs/LoVs in the entrance is a common defence tactic.
  Those massive spells would only deal about... single to double digits
  to you when under this condition.

- SPIRITUAL SPHERE ABSORPTION this skill can help you when your out of SP
  and SP recovery items which msut happen to you. This skill also pesters
  STR-DEX Monks or any Monk for that matter. Absorbing their Spirits will
  leave them useless and cannot use Extremity Fist/Asura Strike.

- SUMMON SPIRIT SPHERE of course! Max this skill since your combo skills
  will live by this skill.

- BODY RELOCATION/SNAP use this skill to get in fast!

- THROW SPIRIT SPHERES when sieging, I recommend that use you use this
  especially if at Lv5., ASURA is only for defending the EMP.

- EXTREMITY FIST/ASURA STRIKE the EMP is my besfriend no one's going to
  take it from me!, that should be our duty! Kill the very first enemy
  that's going to whack it. VIT Knights is the No.1 Priority then
  the Crit Knights and Assassin.

[Ć’ighting Monk]===========================================================

This part is somewhat a PvP guide. I'll go with the 2-1 jobs first.

PRIESTS - Priest especially support ones are hard to take down probably
          because they have lots of SP and has a greater SP regenaration
          Try to have a Silence Fist and silence them then combo.
          Battle Priest are easy since they are almost like you.
          But as my Poring said "Stay away from those mace wielding
          Priest!" they still are strong since they have all the support
          skills for themselves. Try to silence and combo. But be more
          careful since they have Kyrie Eleison.
          VIT priest should be given priority, OCCULT IMPACTION is the thing.
          or THROW SPIRIT SPHERES and your last resort is ASURA.
          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              800 Flat SP (can be over than 800)
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a FS (Vitality) Priest.
                     400-500 SP ONLY. (add 50 Sp if in Kyrie)

KNIGHTS - Fighting a VIT knight is absolutely tough! Due to their high
          RDM and life, plus they recover HP every 10 seconds.
          If you have Occult Impaction/Investigate then use the skill
          against them. But still you'll have a problem the Lancers usually
          have a +10 Quad Bloddy Pike and a +X Crainial Buckler and that is
          not the end of it yet. They also have that Auto-Counter Skill
          that will stop you from attacking normal attacks. Just try not to
          fight 1vs1 with a VIT knight and also Hybrid ones.
          AGI Knights are somewhat easier, just be sure that you avoid their
          Auto-Counter and equip Ancient Fists.
          or again THROW SPIRIT SPHERES but be very wary about the GR VIT
          Knights that uses *Ghostring Card* thus making them VERY TOUGH.
          GR Knights well, Even asura can't kill 'em. I recommend that you
          use the anti-GR technique. Freeze them (Marina Card) so their
          element would be changed to ice-1 then asura him. simple as that.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain
              If opponent is frozen or w/o GR

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a VIT Knight
                     600+ SP.

ASSASSINS - Crit ones are your #1 problem since Crits don't miss and most
            of them are Katarsins. Try to avoid them or just Throw Spirits
            them, if you have it. Or if you're sacrificing use all your SP
            and 1 Hit KO him/her with GUILLONTINE FIST. That'll probably
            shut him/her up. But you can always use the Combo-Asura method.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a weird Vitality Sin.
                     400-500 SP ONLY.
                     SP needed to take down a standard Sin.
                     200-300 SP ONLY.

WIZARDS - Try to INCREASE AGILITY yourself up and approach him/her as fast as
          possible. If he/she attemps to cast a spell on you try to have a
          Hiding Clip or a Guard Muffler to cancel the skill out and approach
          for the kill. If not try to MENTAL STRENGTH yourself up to reduce
          the onslaught of their weapons of mass destruction. Or alternatively
          be in the EXPLOSION SPIRITS status then snap toward him then punch
          him just to stop him from casting then time your self to cast 1 sphere
          for the sphere that you used for snapping then direct asura him or
          Combo-Asura him.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a standard Wizard.
                     200 SP ONLY. (99 VIT)
                     100 fricking SP ONLY! (99 dex & 99 int types)

HUNTERS - You may Pneuma yourself and hope that they don't Arrow Charge you.
          Then FO him then if ever run away cast another Pneuma near him then
          SNAP to the spot where you Pnuema'd then try to get close then try
          to direct asura.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a Hunter
                     300 SP if 99 Vit
                     200 SP if standard, 99 AGi & DEX

BLACKSMITH - Hail the almigty Hammerfal-Mammonite. Try to avoid this combo
             and you should be fine.. well almost since they can pack-up
             500+ red pots in their Cart. Just be careful and you will be
             just fine. THROW SPIRIT SPHERES at him at a distance.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a Blacksmith
                     400-500 SP Hybrid smith
                     SP needed to take down a AGI Smith.
                     300-400 SP ONLY.

CRUSADERS - Shield Reflect shows no threat to us due to it reflects the
            "amount of the full damage taken from an enemy".
            Therefore if you can knock them down in 1 blow
            (Guillontine Fist) then it will be too late for them.
            Their Guard skill poses a little threat to your prowess
            because it perfect dodges an attack. If your gonna
            Guillontine him/her then your risking. Try to combo.
            I just simply HATE Shield Crusaders, GCs Crusaders, just keep
            away from them and you'll be fine.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain
              If opponent is frozen or w/o GR

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a Crusader
                     600 SP+
                     if Shield Crusader, full sp is recommended.

MONK - It is quite a race here due to some Monks will try to Guillontine
       you first. It's basically a race. Combo in the other hand is diffrent.
       If your a Guillontine then use it, if a Combo then go Hand to Hand
       with him/her. The most Hits and ATK STR will win. The ultimate race
       is when fighting DEX Monks, just Absorb his spheres.

          I.  Assuming that opponent has the following.
              Poo Poo Hat
              Thara Frog Card
              Raydric Card

          II. Assuming that you have these as the condition(s).
              100 STR
              +9 Double Bloody Boned Chain
              If opponent is frozen or w/o GR

          RESULTANT: SP needed to take down a Monk
                     300 SP (STR-DEX, Combo Monks)
                     Even if the STR-DEX is of VIT defence.

- XIV. Leveling Spots -----------------------------------------------------

All the things I will mention here are from my experience as a B.A.
for the 4th time. But this will also depend on your money, equipments,
patience and friends as *Edge says.

1-10: All monsters that in the map that is 1map away from cities.
I recommend that you level up in the Sograt desert and battle those
Drops, Condors, Pickies and Super Pickies.

11-20: Go to the Rocker Fields and battle them or if you're daring you
can always try the Ambernites. If you have yourself a good party or a
friend that is in a high level you can ask him to tank you in the
Byalan island (I did this).

21-30: Try the culverts if you want and also try Payon lv2. I stick to
Byalan by this level until Blevel 50. ^_^ the place is good up to level 2
that is. the aggressiveness is low and you can get yourself to rest.

31-40: Stick to one place. I recommend Byalan or Orc Dungeon.

41-50: By this time you'll feel the hard time leveling days. If you can
try GH or still stick to the Swordie leveling places.
Because usually places that swordies use to level are also good
for BA's. If you have Mocking Muffler try training with Sohees just
offensive bless 'em.

51-60: Haaayy..... This is the semi-boring years I would say. If your AGI
is high enough you could always try the Sohees. (Bonguns are a pain in the
neck!) Again if you have Mocking Muffler you can try out the Nightmares
in St.Abbey, Glast Heim. Just off. Bless Nightmare and Evil Druid, run
away from Joker and bring your self a elem weapon atleast a Very Strong
Elemental weapon.

61-70: You can have your Job Change by these level if your going for the
Jlvl50 Change. Stick to Sohees or Mummies if your daring.

71-80: By this level, Try the GH or Alde Baran Dungeon and by the way...
Your by yourself by now... It's up to you to find yourself a good leveling

81+: 80+!? High Orcs, Turtle Islands or the every Combo Monks best friend
the Seals at the Kokomo Beach.

- XV. FAQ's & Tips -------------------------------------------------------

          "He who errs should be taught and not ridiculed."

                                                      - Anonymous  
                                                        Philippine proverb.

Q:My Extremity Fist won't connect with my Combo Finish, How do I?
  Activate Critical Explosions first.
  Explosion Spirits->Triple Blows->Quadruple Blows->Extremity Fist

Q:Is over upgrading recommended?
A:Of course yes! but if you're going for the MENTAL STRENGTH you
   may not prioritize over upgrading but still a +6 Equips is good enough.

Q:Some basic equips for Monks?
A: (From RO-Universe, Hellsing.Laine)

For the monks, they have two options to choose from – a mace or a fist.

- Higher reusability from acolyte/battle priests
- More damage
- Safer to upgrade. As its possible to get more than 1 chain.
- More suitable for Manual Cast Asura/ Manipulate Spirit Sphere/Psychic Wave
- Better slot for cards
- Slower attack speed but still works with combos. (for now)

- Only usable for monks
- Dangerous to upgrade. Only 1-3 slotted 50ATK claw is of actual use.
- Lower damage
- Faster attack speed
- Easier to achieve combo mode as faster attack rate denotes more chances to
  activate triple blows
- Currently, only the 3 slotted knuckles from monk is
  actually of usability. (Knuckle Duster, Those servers w/o Amatsu Update)
- The proper slotted knuckles(efficient ones not those nonsense NPC sold ones)
  come in Amatsu update.

- Pecopeco: 10% more HP is good for VIT Monks.
- Pupa: 700 More life. More suitable for those that have low or no vitality.
  (But YOU must have atleast 34+ Vit in your Build!)
- Roda Frog: Adds less Hit Points than both pecopeco/pupa but gives a slight
  SP boost for Asura Strike. (Asura Gear)
- Marc Card, for anti freeze, but made to be switched with Roda Frog.
  utilize Marc only in infiltrating a castle.

- Raydric against hunter/assassin/blacksmith
- Whisper against low dex (Very rare to have low dex in PvP scenarios…)
- Dustiness against wizards. Allows higher survivability against Freeze/JT

- Verit: Very versatile. Adds a total of 8% to HP/SP (Corrected)
- Martyr: Adds a total of 10% HP and 1 agility. (Good only for VITs)
- Sohee: An asura strike gear, very rare to use this as HP is more favored
  than SP. (Great to have due it will have a +3% SP regen bonus)

- Buckler with Thara Frog -30% from Demi-Human type is non-negotiable.
- Ambernite Card. (Adds defense, good for normal leveling.)

Dependent on the build that you have chosen. The
masquerade which adds 3% damage against human-types
and the Poo Poo hat which reduces damage by 10% are
some good options. Here some good ones.

- Biretta or any Headgear with Willow card (Asura Gear)
- Magician Hat
- Mistress Crown is owning!

Q: Can you give me some ideas on Monk Equips?
A: See below.


Weapon R: +X Elem Fist (leveling only)
          +X Slotted Mace Class Weapon. (MSS and Asura)
Weapon L: +X Cranial Buckler (PvP/GvG purposes.)
          +X Buckler of Athena (Normal leveling purposes)
U. Head: +X Wise Biretta/Mistress Crown
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking Muffler (This is where you get +flee due to
         AGI is not recommended to be maxed out.)
         +X Immune Muffler (For VIT Monks.)
Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe (Asura Gear, +HP and +SP.)
Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (Asura Gear)
          +X Fledged Shoes (Asura Gear, +8% to HP & SP)
Clip of Mustle x2 (Good in the latter part of your Monk life.)

~AGI Monk~
Weapon R: Elem Fist/+X Hora/+X Finger (with ATK+ cards)
Weapon L: +X Cranial Buckler (PvP/GvG purposes.)
          +X Buckler of Athena (Normal leveling purposes)
U. Head: +X Ghost Bandana
M. Head: ???
L. Head: ???
Garment: +X Mocking Muffler
Armor: +X Speedy Saint's Robe
Footwear: +X Shoes of Hermes
Athletic Belt x2
Brooch/Clip of Flash

[Common Misconceptions Made by Players]-----------------------------------

A) Monks are best at PURE AGI builds.
The most common error EVER!! Monks aren't made to have 99 AGI.
You might ask why did I post one? Well that's a standard. But as a
recommendation, I recommend that you must not max your AGI out.
a 90 total (84+6 for Joblevel) is good enough or if possible try to
have a total of 80 only then try to put the rest to the strength.
Monks that are AGI based are extremely good at PvM.
Just remember, No VIT, too much AGI and you're like a tissue likewise
too much VIT and ~NO~ AGI and you're like a snail. Just find the
perfect chemisrty and you'll be good.

b) Power overpowered! (Skill Wise)
Monks do have that INCREDIBLE mass of damage but those were neutralize by
the HORRIBLE consequences it has. Extremity Fist has 5 mins of
NO NATURAL RECOVERY and even Spirits Relaxation is nothing.
Throw Spirits have that LONG casting time and a awkward stat build and that
is considered as the perfect WoE Monk Build.
Combo isn't that great either until you have HIGH STR. Start with
elemental maces to cover the small damages you can deal of.
FIST are great in ASPD but to only that.
FIST has a 100% Small, 75% Medium and 50% Large damage modifier.
that's why it sucks without any elems.

MAXING heal is only  good for those VIT MONKS but being a agi monk.

Yeah it's fun to combo.. BOOM! but combo really isn't that great.
But if you really how to use the cool skill than everything would be well.
Combo as of now is just for PvM. it can be more useful at WoE due there's
no ONE on ONE battle (well rarely because people tend to get inside as a
crowd.) Combo sucks in PvP IF you don't know how to use it effectively and
that is for you gusy to know. Just remember SMART thinking is better in
WoE than INTELLIGENT thinking. SMART people tends to make something good
out of his/her incapabilities and others mishaps.

Best maybe PERFECT? N-O NO!
Best stat can be possible for some Monk builds but RO has this unique
stat system and having a BEST stat build is impossible.
Having a great build then you know that someone has a far more better
build than yours. Where's the best there? SUperior may be. (Confusing eh?)


   If you aim to be a Champion, there is a little faster way to achieve
that level, that is to use a PvM build such as the Combo-Asura which is
more easy to use than of a STR-DEX Monk that has low VIT & AGI.
VIT & AGI are now really important for solo goers. Monsters have really
grown so strong these recent patches. so PvM builds of course are better
than of the PvP monk build which is in its majority uses the STR-DEX Monk.
STR-DEX Monk's build looks like the Spirits build.

- XVI. Contact Me --------------------------------------------------------

I Accept emails especially if you want to contribute to this guide.

If you happen to be online in pRO you can whisper me.
I'm in the Iris Server my character names are:

Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Priest)
Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Battle-Alchemist/Brewer/Pitcher)
Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Champion)

I will be glad to answer your questions.
Basta hindi ako busy...

                         * E-Mail/Contacts Policy -
   Why'd I suddenly summon a E-Mail/Contacts Policy section? Simply to
categorize every mail that I've been receiving from those that are possibly
either a Virus or something bad. I would suggest you follow the following
things below so as to quickly get a reply off the day or two after you
mailed me. Yes! I'm that quick on replying mails as I don't want my Inbox
to be so filled and to make my browser go faster when checking things out.
Anyway here are the list of Do's and Don'ts doing something that is on
either the Do's/Don'ts list will seriously affect the odds of you getting
a reply so I suggest you follow them as simple rules are applied.

Before everything else, please try to read the comments before mailing
because your inquiry maybe already answered. Please read with understanding.

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Do’s and Don’ts
1.  Only send me questions that can't be found on my guide. I will be more
    happy to help you in this case.

2.  Try to be specific in defining something or when stating what had
    So I won't be e-mailing you back for some questions that'll simply
    consume our precious time.


4.  Check the latest version of the guide before sending in any questions,
    chances are that your question might be answered in the newest version of
    the guide.

5.  If I happen to not reply after three or so days than e-mail me again
    nicely and I'll reply ASAP.


7.  Don't be persistent, don't e-mail me the very same question that I've
    already answered.

8.  Don't send me nonsense e-mails like "How much is..." "Can you buy me

9.  Be nice! Don't use bad words in your mail.

10. No Chain Mails!
    Doing anything that isn't allowed will automatically make your address be
    blocked from any future mail you might possibly send.

As noted by Weggy:
- DON'T OPEN E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS... EVER!  Unless you talk to someone who says
  "I'm going to send you a file called blahblah.jpg", never ever open them,
  even if they are from someone you know.  This is the #1 way virii and other
  nasty things are spread.

  Some Virus E-Mails sends by themselves through the people in your
  address book. Just don't open Attachments especially if it is a .zip/.exe
  they are likely to be a virus.

- XVII. Thank You to all -------------------------------------------------

----------- FRIENDSSSSS ONLINE ----------------

    My former guild. Broken I know but the spirit still remains.

MESF Boot Camp
    This guild molded my Battle-Acolyte and myself to what I am to day.
    I love my new guild! If I can make it to Job50, of course you guys
    can too!

l Elites l
    My current and my only guild, I love the people so I won't leave it.

Sammy (Merchant?, IRIS)
    The only merchant we trust.   

Ikamuni? (Crusader)
    Super Swordie Ver. 1.0 of MESF: The Brood
        My Bro Online.
    Currently a Shield Crusader, and I hate to PvP with his Sader, /pif

Carsomyr (Monk)
    One of the Pioneer Monks, he has been with me since the MESF time.

Asmodeous & astralis (Incubus: Hunter, astralis: FS Priestess)
    my Mom and Dad in RO! (They run the main guild)

Akira Seijuro & Marshy_Jr. (Akira: Hybrid Knight; Marshy: Wizard)
    Former MESF Head officers, they also help in managaing the guild.

Hiruma (Monk)
    Another Pioneer Monk, he uses the 100 STR-DEX variation of the
    STR-DEX Build.

Jagigi (VIT Knight)
    The one man EMP breaker, I don't know how he does it. /hmm
    Just like Solid-Snake in WoE, a one man army!

Rapid-Fire (PvM Hunter)
    Hunts Foes as if they were beasts.

----------- SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION -------------

Glenn Arienza (
    He gave us light to the Mid-Melee Monk.
    Thanks to his build with the Finger Offensive

------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS ---------------------------------

Mad Monarch Gyl (
    -For his great guide that really helps Battle Acolytes alot!
    Thanks also for displaying my name on your  guide.
    Most of the build that I got was from him. One of his build up
    led me to produce the  pre-Monk Stats build. THANK YOU PARE!!! =p

Edge*    (
    -For letting me copy and use his format for my guide.
    Thanx! a Lotz!

    For having his most updated Flee chart.

Darien Low
    For pointing my error on the Spirits Absorption Tecnique.
    well there's no technique, thanks for pointing my error.

    -Thank You for helping us (RO Players) by the means of your
    ever great FAQ/Guide. Maybe I should call you "The Oracle".

Level Up (
    -For getting the game into the Philippines.

    -For developing and making the game.

Lee Myoung-Jin
     -Because of her Manga, Ragnarok Online was born.
    Lee's manhwa is very amusing to read and the drawings are sooo
    great! How I wish I have all the Volumes...

Gamefaqs (
    -For hosting this guide and all the other guides also.
    This site is my primary source of gaming knowledge.

    -For Running that AWESOME site the world calls "Gamefaqs".
    -For all the Alt. 2nd Job skill list
    -Thanks for all the wonderful things we can see in your
     wonderful site!!!
    -Ya I know Ricky.. WE LOVE YOUR SITE!
    -Too many to mention.
    -if you REAL indepth info regarding calculation and RO databases
     just give em a visit and you'll know how much they can offer.
    -I got the additional Infos for the 2-2 Jobs here.
    -One of the updated RO fansites in the world.
    All the Skill Description is owned by the following.
    Gravity Interactive LLC.
    Gravity Corp.& Lee Myoungjin.

    For the additional skill infos and descriptions.

GuNNeR Leonhart <>
    For showing me the error in NO-HEAL build thanx!

Ricardo Elder Segovia Inostroza <>
    For correcting Gunardi's build and moding it.

Ted Lackman

    One of the writer of the only TWO* FAQS/Walkthrough of the Monk Class
    in Gamefaqs. He also made the best Priest guide which ruled them all.
        Thanks for correcting and sharing your PoVs.
    *Me(Calx Zinra) and admira (as of update).

- XVIII. Unlegal ---------------------------------------------------------

This FAQ was originated on  You will always find the most
up-to-date version there. Please post this on your website.
If you are going to use any information in this guide, please do credit me or
the contributer (if it was contributed, THEN YOU MUST CREDIT THE CONTRIBUTER.
and you can forget about me.) Although it isn't necessary to Email me,
I would like to check out your site if your going to put it there ^_^. 
I only have 2 conditions: You do not sell this FAQ for personal profit,
or post it on websites condoning or providing RO hacks, bots, scams, or
anything else evil in the world.

Thank you for reading our FAQ/GUIDE.
This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided.
Thank you.

-Calx Zinra

Online Contact:

Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Champion) <main char>
Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Priest, temporarily retired)
Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Battle-Alchemist/Brewer/Pitcher)

ALL IN IRIS SERVER pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online)

(Too many characters, so little time.)