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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ragnarok AGI Spear Paladin/ AGI Crusader Guide

               AGI spear crusader/paladin faq and guide
                 Writen by Matrixdragon(ragnaroknike)
                       Series II version 1.5(final)
                          Copyright 12/05
PS: Before I start my faq, I deeply apolagize to gamefaqs as they do not wish
me to write about bots and pivrate servers here but I will still use the
pivrate server stats as an example in compair with the normal servers stats. I
have write a section of bots here but thats only for refence only, I deaply
apolagize to gameflier to this

Version histroy
- Spear crusader and paladin FAQ posted and deleted due to pivrate and bot

- Rewritten Spear crusader and paladin faq V 1.1

- Correct some spelling mistakes and add some new more tips and a new section.

- Added new sections, new item korean rice cake added.

- Noob section added, correct 185 max speed to 186 and 188 with agi and bless.

- Bots infomanation section added, this is to answer some questions asked my
some people, but there will be no botting maps and how to operate and all this
mentioned, this is just for refence only.

- Added more WOE and pvp tips and new card weapons added
1: Introduction
2: Introduction to spear type crusader/paladin and cons/pros
3: The path to crusader and reborn
4: Stats of spear crusader/paladin and skills(include other stats)
5: Weapons(two handed spears)/equipments needed/recomanded cards
6: Level up sports
7: Spear crusaders and paladins in WOE
8: Tips
9: GTB hunting tips
10: Party/tanker for spear paladins(added with tips)
11: Noobs of RO?
12: Infomation on bots(for refence only this is not a guide or faq, a brand new
13: Thanks and credits

Ever since the faq is deleted from gamefaqs, I have realise that the previous
faq I wrote have too many mistakes to correct and it is a waste of time, so I
have rewritten the whole thing. The stats of the spear crusader and paladin
have been tested both in original servers and low rated pivrate servers. There
are a total of two to three types
of spear paladins and crusaders don't have much skill points. I also have found
out that spear paladins are considered so called noobs of RO, this is also
discuss in this faq on section 11, so lets begin the faq.

Introduction to spear type crusader/paladin and cons/pros
Spear crusaders and paladins are one of the fastest charecters in RO. Their
speed reach a maximum amount of 186 with no AGI and bless and 188 with AGI and
bless. The most good thing is they can reach to the AGI lord knight's speed of
190 with doppleganger card. With the gospel skill they too can reach a high
speed of 190. Their main purpose is speed and no defense is
needed as it is a waste of stats. This is why they are called the weekest
charecters in RO because they are week agasint MVPs and in PVPs. Infact they are
wrong, a spear crusader may be common but not a spear paladin because the
bounus stats are mostly invested in VIT. Spear paladins are mostly look down
because of their so called "waste of points", but a spear paladin can be strong
if it is built correctly, they should be strong enough to survife in monster
fight, WOE and pvp

Pros and cons
OK, the pros and cons are.

They can go very fast using the spear quicken skill same as knight except that
knight use two hand quicken. A max speed of 190 can be reached if a
doppleganger card is used, or gospel skill.

Quite good in breaking cast including asura strike.

Have high dodge(not better than assassin cross's dodging rate)

Can survife asura strike by breaking the cast.

Can hit almost any high flee charecters with this kind of dex

Many people prefer VIT and INT type because of the shield skills and high
defence and heal skills etc.

Have a quite low attack power because you have to up some of the dex too, the
max atk for you is about 300 to 400+ thats all I know.

Weak in MVPs(accept golden bug)

Cannot have sacrifice skill due to low HP

Do a very very low damage in pvp and WOE, even with the hydra cards, the max
damage you give is 100+ to high vit characters

The path to crusader and reborn
The path to crusaders is very easy I believe all of you know how to do it. You
will only ned to change at job 40 since you don't need so much skills.

At job lv 40 or 50 you can change job at the prontera castle and talk to the
captain of crusader here to acept a quest of collecting items. If you don want
it you must have the itens scared marks and patriotism marks with you in order
to skip this test.

Collect this items:

Set 1:

10 Decayed Nails
10 Rotten Scales
10 Worn-out Prison Uniforms
10 Daenggies

Set 2:

10 Horrendous Mouths
10 Rotten Bandages
10 Lanterns
10 Pumpkin Heads

Set 3:

10 Skulls
10 Nail of Orcs
10 Mancacles
10 Short Danggies

After that, they will ask you to find the suffering man at the underground
dungen of the castle. He will sent you to a place where there are alot of
monsters and you must pass through them, you
must not attack them or you will fail. Bring 200 red potions if you don't have
money of 100 white potions with you to prevent from death.
After you pass, look for the crusader at the church beside the king and
answer the questions by him, you must be 9/10 correct or you will fail. After
that find an acolye to give you a holy water or a priest also can and look for
the knight of gurdian at the castle then go to the waiting room and kill all
the monsters to pass, you have only 4 minutes to do that so be wise and bring
some white potions.

Room 1:
Zombies X6

Room 2:
Soilder SKeltions X3

Room 3:
Mummy X1, Archer Skeltion X1

Room 4:
Ghoul X1

After you done all this, go back to the leader of crusaders to change job. You
will recieve 12 white potions as gift. If you want a pecopeco get the peco ride
skill and go to the church outside and look for peco trainer and pay him 2500z
to get a grand pecopeco.

PS: There are some players in RO who hate the sprite of the grand pecos as they
are very BIG.

This path is called the reborn process, lets see what you have to do.

Requirement for Crusader before Reincarnation:

Character must reach base level 99.
Character's Job level must reach job level 50. (All skill points must
aready be assigned)

Clear everything in the inventory slot. Rings should be taken off first
if you have, also unequip your peco.

Location for Reincarnation:
Juno Castle Procedure.

Find and talk to Metavis Seith (yuno_in02 88 164) and pay 1,285,000
zenny to proceed to read the incantation in the Book of Ymir (yuno_in02
93 205). After you have completed the reading, go downstairs (yuno_in02
86 14) through labyrinth to look for the NPC Heart of Ymir (yuno_in05
49 43). Ps: Clear everything you're taking such as item and money. (Put
the rings to the inventory). Proceed to the Temple of Valkyrie (Hall of
the Great Warriors (valkyrie 48 8)) after you have entered the Heart of
Ymir. Talk to the Valkyrie (valkyrie 48 86) at the Temple.
Reincarnation is successful after the dialogue (You will be turned into
High novice and you will receive Knife and Cotton Shirt).

Reincarnated Novice will be able to learn skills of Novice no matter
player has learned it before. After you reach Job lv10, change job to
High swordman (you will not need to do the test). Reincarnated 1st level
profession will be able to learn skills of 1st level profession
no matter he/she has learn it before. That means that after you change to high
swordman, you will automatic learn fatal blow etc.

Stats of spear crusader/paladin and skills(include other stats)
The stats of the spear crusaders and paladins are very interesting and the most
surprising ones

Crusader stats(final stats)


The Total amount of STR depends on the left over stats. If there are still left
over stats after you put it in STR, move it to VIT for higher HP, the max HP
you can get is 8500-9000.

Paladin stats(final stats)


Compair to crusader, you have a more higher DEX now for the casting skills and
hit rate, There will be left over points and if there are, it will go to VIT,
or LUK for some reasons
The max HP for spear paladin is 10k+ due to the 30% hp increasment.

Other types of builts:
This are other builts by my friend and some of them are never seen before, well
you can try it out.

Pure devotion built:
STR 81
VIT 99
DEX 52

Tips: Remaining points either add to STR(86), DEX(59) or INT(21),I would
recommend you add it to STR(for potions) or int(for sp).

Comands: A built recomanded for WOE use you can devote the wizards and
champions by taking the full damage and pump potions this is also the one who
stand by one side and do notting.

Sacrifice Devotion Build:
STR 51
AGI 62
DEX 52
VIT 99

Comands: This is a hybrid build between Devotion and sacrifice, you will able
to cast devotion in proper speed, having STR that just enough to carry potions,
while having AGI for sacrifice to work. It's a combo where you devote partner
such as wizards and assist them with sacrifice.

Pure Sacrifice Build

STR 71
AGI 63
DEX 22
VIT 99

Comands: This build will focus majority on offensive attack which is Sacrifice,
you will attack most of the time and only devote your party member when there's
no enemy or any interruption. You will be able to fight while having enough
potions to recover your hp and sp due with the extra STR.

Mach Speed Sacrifice Build

STR 31
AGI 92
DEX 22
VIT 99

Comands: This build will focus on Sacrifice too but the speed will be decent,
player will need to use mastela as a replacement to white potions with such a
low weight limitation. It function about the same with pure sacrifice build but
will be more agressive toward it's enemy. Consume only mastela because your STR
is pathetically low for white potions.

Spear Quicken Sacrifice Build

STR 31
AGI 89
VIT 99
DEX 22

Comands: Weaker than the pure AGI spear paladin built I made due to its low str
and speed but this deals 2k-3k+ damage with sacrifice but low hit rate. There
is also a pros and cons on this

Pro: You sacrifice with fair damage and high speed, for now it's roughly
200-1000 damage per sacrifice if you using trident and 700-2000 damage if u
using 3 hydra 1 skel main gauche. When new sacrifice formula implement, with 3
hydra trident you can deal at least 2k-4.3k damage depends on enemy equipments
and 2.7k-5k when using 3 hydra 1 skel.

Con: Can't kill GR, less shield skill, not really suitable for current patch,
consume only mastela because your str is pathetically low for white pots.

High Dex Grand Cross Build

STR 31
INT 99
DEX 84
VIT 40

Comands: This build must tag with Angeling Armor due to the lack of VIT. The
build allows player to cast GC at 0.8seconds with zerom glove and cast GC at
1seconds without zerom glove. Players are able to choose either 120 INT or 125
INT build by replacing the accesories. The main point of the build is to cast
fast and don't allow enemy to escape from the GC thus able to cast 2nd wave
fast to finish off the opponent.

High Vit Grand Cross Build

STR 41
INT 99
DEX 64
VIT 60

Comands: This is a build where you will cast GC at the speed of 1.2seconds, you
able to cast better damage and also having higher VIT. The build are for those
who cant afford an angeling, or wish to have more HP even they using angeling
card. It can be a very handy expecially for killing enemy around emperium
during WOE, but performance in pvp might not be as good compare to high DEX GC
paladin as it might let enemy to run off before the cast is complete. It's
advised to cast the GC when your partner is parrying with enemy so you will
able to assist in the killing.

LUK scythe death built

STR 50+
AGI 99
DEX 60
LUK 50

Coments: Focus in using cresent scythe, but this is simmilar to the AGI knights
who are playing muramasa ctrical built. This built is similar to assasins
because it has LUK to deal ctrical damage. It can function just like an
emperium breaker becasue ctrical damage ignore defense. But do remember that
cresent scythe is hard to get and once it is broken by a Whitesmith, you will
not have backup.


I will start from swordman skills and slowly to paladin skills.

Swordsman Skills
One-Handed Sword Mastery

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : ATK +4
Level 2 : ATK +8
Level 3 : ATK +12
Level 4 : ATK +16
Level 5 : ATK +20
Level 6 : ATK +24
Level 7 : ATK +28
Level 8 : ATK +32
Level 9 : ATK +36
Level 10: ATK +40

Comments: Essential for any 1-handed Swordsman. Very important when you are
training to become a crusader.

Two-Handed Sword Mastery

Pre-requisites: Level 1 One-Handed Sword Mastery
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : ATK +4
Level 2 : ATK +8
Level 3 : ATK +12
Level 4 : ATK +16
Level 5 : ATK +20
Level 6 : ATK +24
Level 7 : ATK +28
Level 8 : ATK +32
Level 9 : ATK +36
Level 10: ATK +40

Comments: Useless, max it if you want to become knight, or dual type mastery.

Fast HP Recovery

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 5 + (Max HP*0.2%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 10% from healing items
Level 2 : 10 + (Max HP*0.4%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 20% from healing items
Level 3 : 15 + (Max HP*0.6%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 30% from healing items
Level 4 : 20 + (Max HP*0.8%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 40% from healing items
Level 5 : 25 + (Max HP*0.10%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 50% from healing items
Level 6 : 30 + (Max HP*0.12%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 60% from healing items
Level 7 : 35 + (Max HP*0.14%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 70% from healing items
Level 8 : 40 + (Max HP*0.16%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 80% from healing items
Level 9 : 45 + (Max HP*0.18%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 90% from healing items
Level 10: 50 + (Max HP*0.20%) HP every 10 seconds, extra 100% from healing items

Comments: This is a fantastic skill, since it really reduces your reliance on
potions. Also note, you get the HP bonus only while standing still or sitting.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 8 SP up until level 5, 15 SP from 6 up

Level 1 : 130% Damage, +5 HIT
Level 2 : 160% Damage, +10 HIT
Level 3 : 190% Damage, +15 HIT
Level 4 : 220% Damage, +20 HIT
Level 5 : 250% Damage, +25 HIT
Level 6 : 280% Damage, +30 HIT
Level 7 : 310% Damage, +35 HIT
Level 8 : 340% Damage, +40 HIT
Level 9 : 370% Damage, +45 HIT
Level 10: 400% Damage, +50 HIT

Comments: A very very good skill, you should lead off every attack with this
skill if you have the SP.

Magnum Break

Pre-requisites: Level 5 Bash
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 SP

Level 1 : 20 Hp used, 115% Damage
Level 2 : 20 Hp used, 130% Damage
Level 3 : 19 Hp used, 145% Damage
Level 4 : 19 Hp used, 160% Damage
Level 5 : 18 Hp used, 175% Damage
Level 6 : 18 Hp used, 190% Damage
Level 7 : 17 Hp used, 205% Damage
Level 8 : 17 Hp used, 220% Damage
Level 9 : 16 Hp used, 235% Damage
Level 10: 16 Hp used, 250% Damage

Comments: Magnum Break has the fire attribute, so against some enemies it will
hurt more, while others less. It also has the ability to push enemies back, so
is handy when you are getting mobbed. Can use it to kill wisper too.


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : ATK +2%, DEF -6%, 4 SP used, 53% chance of success
Level 2 : ATK +4%, DEF -12%, 5 SP used, 56% chance of success
Level 3 : ATK +6%, DEF -18%, 6 SP used, 59% chance of success
Level 4 : ATK +8%, DEF -24%, 7 SP used, 62% chance of success
Level 5 : ATK +10%, DEF -30%, 8 SP used, 65% chance of success
Level 6 : ATK +12%, DEF -36%, 9 SP used, 68% chance of success
Level 7 : ATK +14%, DEF -42%, 10 SP used, 71% chance of success
Level 8 : ATK +16%, DEF -48%, 11 SP used, 74% chance of success
Level 9 : ATK +18%, DEF -54%, 12 SP used, 77% chance of success
Level 10: ATK +20%, DEF -60%, 13 SP used, 80% chance of success

Comments: Not very useful. Though it does reduce the defense of an enemy a good
amount at higher levels, and works on percentages, it also increases attack.


Pre-requisites: Level 5 Provoke
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15 SP

Level 1 : 10 Seconds
Level 2 : 13 Seconds
Level 3 : 16 Seconds
Level 4 : 19 Seconds
Level 5 : 22 Seconds
Level 6 : 25 Seconds
Level 7 : 28 Seconds
Level 8 : 31 Seconds
Level 9 : 34 Seconds
Level 10: 37 Seconds

Comments: A somehow useful skill, it prevents you from flinching when hit. It
can be nice for fast hitting enemies. But to me it is just a useless skill just
for a VIT type.

Auto Berserk

Pre-requisites: Job Level 30
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Uses Level 10 Provoke on self when HP is 25% or less

Instructions: Acquire 35 Powder of Butterfly, 10 Honey, 10 Horrendous Mouths,
and 10 Decayed Nails

Comments: Lowers your defense, which is something that can be very fatal when
your HP is so low. It does raise your ATK a teeny bit, but overall, I don't
like it. I say skip it, as its more of a burden than a blessing. But because
you have AGI, it is best to have this skill on all the time becasue you can
dodge from enermys while giving them high damage.

Fatal Blow

Pre-requisites: Job Level 30
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Adds stun effect to bash. if the level of bash in level 5 and higher

Instructions: First get 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Silver Arrows, 10 Banana Juice, 30
Tentacles, and 5 Royal Jelly. Then go into one of the side rooms at the
Prontera Upgrade NPC and talk to the NPC there.

Comments: A nice skill to have, as pretty much any Swordman or higher class
uses Bash, and Bash lvl 10. A 30% chance to stun is pretty nice.  Royal Jellies
can be hard to get though.

Walking HP Recovery

Pre-requisites: Job Level 35
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Recover HP while moving, though only at 25% of your standing rate

Instructions: This one is a pain. You need a whopping 500 Empty Bottles, 1
Padded Armor, and a Rocker Doll. Go to Izlude, and enter a building in the
northeast. Talk to the NPC there to get it(the items had change due to update).

Comments: It is a pretty nifty skill, as it will reduce your reliance on
potions and what not by a small amount. Its a real pain in the ass to get
though, so you may wanna get it much later.

Crusader Skills


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : +200 HP, +5% Resistance to Holy
Level 2 : +400 HP, +10% Resistance to Holy
Level 3 : +600 HP, +15% Resistance to Holy
Level 4 : +800 HP, +20% Resistance to Holy
Level 5 : +1000 HP, +25% Resistance to Holy
Level 6 : +1200 HP, +30% Resistance to Holy
Level 7 : +1400 HP, +35% Resistance to Holy
Level 8 : +1600 HP, +40% Resistance to Holy
Level 9 : +1800 HP, +45% Resistance to Holy
Level 10: +2000 HP, +50% Resistance to Holy

Comments: Compusary, a crusader cannot have this am I right?


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 15

Level 1 : Cures Silence, Chaos, Blind

Comments: Darkness status is a pain as it reduces flee rate, you will need this
for a spear crusader.

Divine Protection

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Cure
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : -3 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 2 : -6 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 3 : -9 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 4 : -12 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 5 : -15 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 6 : -18 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 7 : -21 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 8 : -24 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 9 : -27 Damage from Undead/Demon
Level 10: -30 Damage from Undead/Demon

Comments: Useless skill unless you need it for some skills.

Demon Bane

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Divine Protection
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : +3 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 2 : +6 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 3 : +9 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 4 : +12 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 5 : +15 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 6 : +18 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 7 : +21 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 8 : +24 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 9 : +27 Damage to Undead/Demon
Level 10: +30 Damage to Undead/Demon

Comments: Also pretty much useless. if you want other skills, up this.


Pre-requisites: Level 5 Demon Bane
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : Uses 13 SP
Level 2 : Uses 16 SP
Level 3 : Uses 19 SP
Level 4 : Uses 22 SP
Level 5 : Uses 25 SP
Level 6 : Uses 28 SP
Level 7 : Uses 31 SP
Level 8 : Uses 34 SP
Level 9 : Uses 37 SP
Level 10: Uses 40 SP

Comments: This is a useless skill but you can have it for backup, do remember
that you don't have so much skill points even for a paladin, it is normaly use
for GC types.

Holy Cross

Pre-requisites: Level 7 Faith
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 135% Damage, 3% Chance to Blind, 11 SP used
Level 2 : 170% Damage, 6% Chance to Blind, 12 SP used
Level 3 : 205% Damage, 9% Chance to Blind, 13 SP used
Level 4 : 240% Damage, 12% Chance to Blind, 14 SP used
Level 5 : 275% Damage, 15% Chance to Blind, 15 SP used
Level 6 : 310% Damage, 18% Chance to Blind, 16 SP used
Level 7 : 345% Damage, 21% Chance to Blind, 17 SP used
Level 8 : 380% Damage, 24% Chance to Blind, 18 SP used
Level 9 : 415% Damage, 27% Chance to Blind, 19 SP used
Level 10: 450% Damage, 30% Chance to Blind, 20 SP used

Comments: This will be the most important skill you need to up, holy cross
decrease the flee rate by blinding the enermy, and gives holy damage, in pvp
and WOE, this skill helps your guildmates by decreasing the flee rate of some
high flee rate characters.

Grand Cross

Pre-requisites: Level 10 Faith, Level 6 Holy Cross
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 140% Damage, 37 SP used
Level 2 : 180% Damage, 44 SP used
Level 3 : 220% Damage, 51 SP used
Level 4 : 260% Damage, 58 SP used
Level 5 : 300% Damage, 65 SP used
Level 6 : 340% Damage, 72 SP used
Level 7 : 380% Damage, 79 SP used
Level 8 : 420% Damage, 86 SP used
Level 9 : 460% Damage, 93 SP used
Level 10: 500% Damage, 100 SP used

Comments: Wow, What a skill. A lot to say about this. First of all, the
damage is determined by both your physical ATK and MATK. It has a casting
delay, but you cannot be interrupted during the casting. It makes a cross
formation around you, and damages each enemy in it 3 times with a Holy attack.
A special caveat to this skill though - it also damages you for half that
amount. Heal is definently required if you want to use Grand Cross. Because of
this, you need to go full GC or not at all. You may consider using this skill
when you are under attacked by many monsters


Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 5% Chance to Guard, 12 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 2 : 10% Chance to Guard, 14 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 3 : 14% Chance to Guard, 16 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 4 : 18% Chance to Guard, 18 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 5 : 21% Chance to Guard, 20 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 6 : 24% Chance to Guard, 22 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 7 : 26% Chance to Guard, 24 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 8 : 28% Chance to Guard, 26 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 9 : 29% Chance to Guard, 28 SP Use, 300 second duration
Level 10: 30% Chance to Guard, 30 SP Use, 300 second duration

Note: This skill requires a shield.

Comments: A fantastic skill, as it more or less reduces the damage you take by
30% when maxed. It has diminishing returns though, something rare in RO. So you
can actually afford not to max this. I wouldn't recommend it though, its a
great skill. This is also the best skill to block asura strike.


Pre-requisites: Level 5 Guard
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 10 SP

Level 1 : 120% Damage, 20% chance to stun, 5 cell knockback
Level 2 : 140% Damage, 25% chance to stun, 6 cell knockback
Level 3 : 160% Damage, 30% chance to stun, 7 cell knockback
Level 4 : 180% Damage, 35% chance to stun, 8 cell knockback
Level 5 : 200% Damage, 40% chance to stun, 9 cell knockback

Note: This skill requires a shield.

Comments: A high chance to stun and knockback, but crappy damage. It is funny
to see though. Still, I wouldn't max it.

Shield Boomerang

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Smite
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 12 SP

Level 1 : 130% Damage, 3 Cell Range
Level 2 : 160% Damage, 5 Cell Range
Level 3 : 190% Damage, 7 Cell Range
Level 4 : 220% Damage, 9 Cell Range
Level 5 : 250% Damage, 11 Cell Range

Note: This skill requires a shield.

Comments: A great skill. It works just like spear Boomerang. Weight of the
shield and how upgraded it does improves damage. Use it to attack enemies from
range for a lot, then switch to a melee attack when they get in range.

Shield Reflect

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Shield Boomerang
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : 13% Damage returned, 35 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 2 : 16% Damage returned, 40 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 3 : 19% Damage returned, 45 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 4 : 22% Damage returned, 50 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 5 : 25% Damage returned, 55 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 6 : 28% Damage returned, 60 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 7 : 31% Damage returned, 65 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 8 : 34% Damage returned, 70 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 9 : 37% Damage returned, 75 SP used, 300 second duration
Level 10: 40% Damage returned, 80 SP used, 300 second duration

Note: This skill requires a shield

Comments: Another fantastic Crusader skill. This skill reflects the damage the
enemy does back at him. This should be maxed if you can afford the skill
points. But if the damage done to you is low, the person will get a low damage
back, so if a spear crusader attacks you, this is useless aready.


Pre-requisites: Level 4 Grand Cross, Level 5 Shield Reflect
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 25 SP

Level 1 : Can be used on 1 person, 30 second duration, 7 cell range
Level 2 : Can be used on 2 persons, 45 second duration, 8 cell range
Level 3 : Can be used on 3 persons, 60 second duration, 9 cell range
Level 4 : Can be used on 4 persons, 75 second duration, 10 cell range
Level 5 : Can be used on 5 persons, 90 second duration, 11 cell range

Comments: Takes the full damage the target receives. You can use guard and
shield reflect in combination with this skill. Its high pre-requisites makes it
pretty much out of reach for most however, you may
die because of talking too much hp.

Defending Aura

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Shield Boomerang
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 30 SP

Level 1 : +20% DEF against ranged attacks
Level 2 : +35% DEF against ranged attacks
Level 3 : +50% DEF against ranged attacks
Level 4 : +65% DEF against ranged attacks
Level 5 : +80% DEF against ranged attacks

Note: This skill requires a shield

Comments: A great "in addition" skill, as it really reduces the damage of
ranged attacks. Your movement is slightly slowed when using this.

Resistant Souls

Pre-requisites: Level 5 Divine Protection, Level 5 Heal
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: 30 SP

Level 1 : +5% Resistance versus Dark, +5% Resistance versus Holy
Level 2 : +10% Resistance versus Dark, +10% Resistance versus Holy
Level 3 : +15% Resistance versus Dark, +15% Resistance versus Holy
Level 4 : +20% Resistance versus Dark, +20% Resistance versus Holy
Level 5 : +25% Resistance versus Dark, +25% Resistance versus Holy

Comments: Another great "in addition" skill, as extra resistance is always
nice. But due to the skilll points, I will suggest not to use this.

Spear Mastery

Pre-requisites: None
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : ATK +4 (+5 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 2 : ATK +8 (+10 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 3 : ATK +12 (+15 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 4 : ATK +16 (+20 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 5 : ATK +20 (+25 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 6 : ATK +24 (+30 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 7 : ATK +28 (+35 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 8 : ATK +32 (+40 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 9 : ATK +36 (+45 When Riding PecoPeco)
Level 10: ATK +40 (+50 When Riding PecoPeco)

Comments: Exactly the same as the Knight skill. Works very well if you are
riding peco as it deals addtional damage when riding pecos.

Spear Quicken

Pre-requisites: Level 10 Spear Mastery
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: Varying SP Use

Level 1 : +21% Attack Speed, 30 Second Duration, 24 SP used
Level 2 : +22% Attack Speed, 60 Second Duration, 28 SP used
Level 3 : +23% Attack Speed, 90 Second Duration, 32 SP used
Level 4 : +24% Attack Speed, 120 Second Duration, 36 SP used
Level 5 : +25% Attack Speed, 150 Second Duration, 40 SP used
Level 6 : +26% Attack Speed, 180 Second Duration, 44 SP used
Level 7 : +27% Attack Speed, 210 Second Duration, 48 SP used
Level 8 : +28% Attack Speed, 240 Second Duration, 52 SP used
Level 9 : +29% Attack Speed, 270 Second Duration, 56 SP used
Level 10: +30% Attack Speed, 300 Second Duration, 60 SP used

Note: This only works with two hand Spears

Comments: Great skill if you're going to use a spear. Same as knight except
that this is a spear skill. This is the most important skill you need.


Pre-requisites: Level 1 Endure
Active or Passive?: Active
SP Use: None

Level 1 : Allows you to rent a grand peco

Comments: Exactly like the Knight's skill. Spears do 100% to mediums with a
peco, and your attack speed is reduced to 50%. You get a Grand Peco as a
crusader though, which IMO is much uglier but never mind. This is a compusury
skill for you as spear do more damage on pecos.

Cavalier Mastery

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Riding
Active or Passive?: Passive
SP Use: None

Level 1 : 60% Attack Speed when Riding a Pecopeco
Level 2 : 70% Attack Speed when Riding a Pecopeco
Level 3 : 80% Attack Speed when Riding a Pecopeco
Level 4 : 90% Attack Speed when Riding a Pecopeco
Level 5 : 100% Attack Speed when Riding a Pecopeco

Comments: Essential if you get a Pecopeco.

Paladin skills
- Pressure (Active Skill), LV 5
Requirement: Endure LV 5, Trust LV 5, Shield Charge LV 2

* (Monty Python reference) Calls upon a huge feet from the sky, and crush your
enemy. Enemies that has been attacked by this giant foot will either be stunned
for a bit, or have their life sapped out as time passed for a bit and also will
lose slight bit of their SP. This is a one-person area attack, and Magic Rod
skill will not be able to cancel out this skill. Reflect Shield also won't
protect against this skill. This skill is an attack by the holy God himself,
therefore it ignores all enemy defense. It does not work for boss type monsters.

LV | Damage | Cast / After-Cast Delay | SP Used
1      800          2s / 2s               60
2      900        2.5s / 3s               70
3      1000         3s / 4s               80
4      1100       3.5s / 5s               90
5      1200         4s / 6s               100

Comands: This acts as a surport skill which a spear paladin and dual paladin
must have, thats why you have 70 DEX.


- Sacrifice (Active Skill), LV 5
Requirement: Endure LV 1, Trust LV 5, Devotion LV 3

* Sacrifice some of your HP to cause massive damage against an enemy. You will
sacrifice up to 3% of your max HP, and can cause up to x1.65 damage of
sacrificed HP. However, this skill will NOT consider your current HP state.
Continued usage of this skill WILL eventually lead you to your death if you
don't pay close attention to your HP gauge! This skill has no effect against
boss monsters. SP usage is fixed to 32 for all levels.

LV | Your HP Used | Damage %
1         1%          105%
2         1.5%        120%
3         2%          135%
4         2.5%        150%
5         3%          165%

This is for sacrifice only that this skill neds VIT for high hp, AGI also can
use but you will die faster I don recomand this skill.

- Gospel (Active Skill), LV 10
Requirement: Trust LV 8, Divine Protection LV 3, Demonbane LV 5

* Through gospel, you deal damage to enemies while at the same time, give
your allies special attribute bonus. When a Paladin uses this skill, it
will affect all enemies/allies within 7x7 cell around you. Even if you
take damage, this skill will continue to work.

Note by using this skill, people within can't use potions; but you
can receive healing type magic (Heal and Sanctuary). If an enemy uses
Lex Divina against Paladin who's using this skill, Gospel will cancel.

You cannot overlap this skill with other skills. For example, if you
were using Devotion, using Gospel will cancel it out. It also cancels
out Auto-Guard and Reflect Shield, and doesn't work under Gospel area.
Worse, all enchanting magic (commonly referred as buffs, such as Blessing, AGI
Up) will cancel out too! However, it also kills off all negative status
ailments such as Dark, Poison, etc. But, obviously, if you were Silenced, you
can't use skills anyway in the first place.

That thing above, only affects the Paladin doing this skill. Rest
will be left fine.

While using Gospel, it will periodically take some of the Paladin's HP
and SP.

This skill affects only party members, not guild members.

LV | Chance Happening | HP Used / Per Sec | SP Used / Per Sec | SP Used
1          55%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80
2          60%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80
3          65%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80
4          70%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80
5          75%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80
6          80%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100
7          85%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100
8          90%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100
9          95%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100
10        100%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100

Comands: Spear paladins can have this skill as this can surport your party
members. Also this is also one of the skill you will need to max if you decided
to have it. But the thing is, you will lose HP and SP once you cast it but the
best is, it removes the strip status of the rouges and you can use this to
remove it.

PS: There is a way of deativate gospel which I also discovered, the method is
to use gospel another time within the 8 mins duration but it may cost you
another 100 sp or 80 sp.

Skills needed
Swordman stage:

Sword master lvl 10
Bash lvl 10
Provoke lvl 5
Endure lvl 1
Magnum break lvl 5(max to lvl 10 of you want to change at job 50)
Fast recover lvl? (extra skill points goes to fast recover at most lvl 5)

Crusader stage:

Riding lvl 1
Cavilar lvl 5
Spear master lvl 10
Spear quicken lvl 10
Faith lvl 10
Holy cross lvl 10
Cure lvl 1

Extra points can go to any skills you want.

High swordman stage:

Sword master lvl 10
Bash lvl 10
Provoke lvl 5
Endure lvl 5
Magnum break lvl 5(max to lvl 10 of you want to change at job 50)
Fast recover lvl? (extra skill points goes to fast recover at most lvl 5)

Paladin stage:

Type 1:

Riding lvl 1
Cavilar lvl 5
Spear master lvl 10
Spear quicken lvl 10
Faith lvl 10
Holy cross lvl 10
Cure lvl 1
Auto guard lvl 5
Sheld charge lvl 3
Presure lvl 5

Other skill points can go to anywhere.

Type 2:

Riding lvl 1
Cavilar lvl 5
Spear master lvl 10
Spear quicken lvl 10
Faith lvl 10
Holy cross lvl 10
Cure lvl 1
Divine protect lvl 3
Demonbane lvl 5
Gospel lvl 10

Extra points goes to anywhere you like.

Dual type master skills:

Crusader do not have enough skill points for the dual type master

Dual one hand skills:

High swordman stage:

Sword master lvl10
Bash lvl10
Magnum lvl 5(lvl 10 if job 50)
provoke lvl 5
Endure lvl5

Paladin stage:

Spear master lvl10
Spear quicken lvl10
Faith lvl10
Riding lvl1
Cavilar master lvl5
Holy cross lvl10
Auto guard lvl 10
Sheld charge lvl 3
Sheld boomberang lvl 5
Pressure lvl 5

Note: This is the complete dual sword and spear skills with a complete sheld
skills inside very nice built. If there are any extra points go for cure it
helps you cure darkness you cannot affort to lose any flee rate.

Dual two hand skills:

High sword man stage:

Bash lvl10
Magnum break lvl5
One hand master lvl1
Two hand master lvl10
Provoke lvl5
Endure lvl 5

Paladin stage:

Spear master lvl10
Spear quicken lvl10
Faith lvl10
Holly cross lvl10
Riding lvl1
Cavilar master lvl5
Auto guard lvl5
Sheld charge lvl2
Pressure lvl 5
Cure lvl1

Note: there are many skill points left over max up your magnum to lvl10 and
your one hand so that you can be both one hand and two hand. If you have
addtional points, left over after max up all of that max sheld charge to lvl3
and get sheld boomberang.

Weapons(two handed spears)/equipments needed/recomanded cards
The spears that you use have many types, when you buy a spear with slots and
put a card inside, everything will be change so I will tell you what spears are
the best. Note that spear qucken only works on two hand spears so I will only
mention two hand spears here.

The most lousy two hand spear even with three slots, it is best not to have it.

A sword or spear?, not a quite good spear. If you read the ragnarok comics you
many notice it looks like the curse sword talasu.

Quite a good spear because of its high atk but most only two slots.

The trident that king trident use in the movie the little mermaid.The most
welcome spear by most knights and have 3 slots the most, The most recomanded
spear you will have to use.

Not a quite good spear but you can put slidewider card because it is very hard
to get two sloted one unlike a Parzilan. Harbert had 165 atk power and does
800+ atk power if you put slidewider card. I also use this spear when I use
spear paladin and put slidewider card inside, and it do alot damage. This is
the spear you use as it can reduce the tridents you carry, but take note that
your STR must be higher than 65 in order to use it.

A spear that have 185 atk power. The most powerful spear you can buy in shops
but no slots, I recomand you not to use this spear but a +5 hybld harbert or a
+5 hybld hurricane harbert will do the job. If you want it, get an element one.

Rare spears:
Rare two hand spears are hard to find but I got some info on some of them.

I haven seen it before but it is a strong spear best for killing water element
monsters because it is wind element. You can get it from stomy knight.

Longinus's spear
A dark element spear that does 180 atk power, I don't know kill what monster
can get it but it is quite strong.

Crecent scythe
The scythe that baphamot use, one swing can kill an enermy easily. It
is also one of my favourate spear. Use it to kill lord of death because
it does critical atk more easily and to break emperium because ctrical damage
ignore defense.

Bill guisarme
The brother of the spear guisarme, does 183 atk that's high but hard to get. If
I am right you can get from guild treasure box or old blue box.

A strong holy element spear that does 190 atk, you can get bonus skill when you
use it. Where to get it I also don't know.

Hell fire
The most strongest spear ever had,.does 200 atk and it is fire element you can
cast fire ball or some fire skills. Where to get it I also don't know but I
think you can get it from guild treasure box or old blue box.

Equipments needed
Almost same as any other AGI charecters, the equipments are almost the same.

Head(upper): +4 ghost bandana
Head(middle): Any headgear(recomand sloted sun glass with ether deviruchi or
madrik card)
Head(lower): Any headgear

Amour: +4 Plate amour(1) with theif bug card

Robe: +4 Manteau(1) with wisper(nine tails with a +9 manteau or muffer)
Shoes: +4 boots(1) with theif bug male card

Accessary: Brooch(1) with kurle card X2

Spear paladins have low STR so you will need alot of weapons

Genaral use: +5 trident(3) with injustice,slidewider and golem or
             +5 halbert(2) with injustice and slidewider

Other use: +5 trident(3) with desert wolf(small)
           +5 trident(3) with skel worker(medium)
           +5 trident(3) with minirous(large)
+5 trident(3) with mummy(for high flee monsters and some
+5 trident(3) with orc skeliton(emperium breaking if you cannot
affort a cresent scythe)
+5 trident(3) with hydra X2 and skel worker X1(for low flee charecters in
+5 full set element lance for MVP uses
+5 trident(3) with injustice and any status card X2

+5 trident(3) with injustice,lord of death and slidewider(or golem)
+4 cresent scythe(emperium break)
+5 harbert(2) with slidewider and doppleganger(same as the harbert above will
use it to reduce the tridents you carry)
+4 GTB shield(for dual type master, GTB can save you some potions)
+4 muramasa(dual type master use)

PS: New updates, since you will not deal much damage to people in pvp, it is
best to make use of your speed now, using the status trident above, slot in
ether curse or confuse card to give enermy status to torture them while your
guildmates handle them, if you can affort a lord of death card, you can torture
your enermies bt giving them many status at once.

Recomanded cards
deviruchi: darkness status can be a pain or you don't like to use the cure skill

mardrk: this card prevents you from falling into slience, like devilruchi, for
gospel it helps alot since it prevents you from slience.

skel worker: increase damage to medium size

minorous: increase damage to big size

desert wolf: increase damage to small size

slidewider: double attack works best with speed, if stun cards are used, it
gives a high chance to give status

injustice: the new card injustice gives auto cast sonic blow lvl 1 when during
normal hits, the good thing is it increase the damage and no sp is needed and
the bad thing is it is considered as 1 hit and you may lost your target after
the sonic blow is casted

wisper: increase flee rate by 20

nine tails: increase flee rate by 20 if refine rate is +9 above, and additional
AGI +2

theif bug male: AGI +2

kurle: slotted with borch(1) and gives AGI+2 so if used, together you get a

golem: prevent weapon from breaking

theif bug: AGI+1

marc: prevents you from being froze, must be used with ninetail cards since
without your theif bug, your speed cannot reach 188

status card: There are alot of status cards like mognolia that gives curse and
requiem that gives confuse, each are usefull in WOE and pvp

Rare cards usefull for spear paladins
This is for refence, if you manage to get it, you can be as strong as a high
vit character

golden theif bug(GTB): I don't recomand this card since you are using a two
hand weapon, but for those who wants to switch weapons at WOE when you are near
the emprium, you can use this.

orc lord: Low VIT characters die easy in WOE and pvp: this server like a
reflect shield to you, if you hav the nine tails card you can avoid losing any
speed, a champion normaly deals 100k asura to you, so you reflect back 30k
damage and both of you will be dead, quite usefull for dealing with phem card

lord of death: This card covers your status card, it gives almost every status
in the game accept froze, but getting this is harder than imagine than any
other mvp cards.

orc hero, Stun is another weakness since you hav very very low VIT, after you
get stuned you cannot dodge any more, using this, you may consider of slotting
into your sun glasses

doppleganger: speed increase to 190,very hard to get.

Level up sports

Lvl 1-12: Anywhere novice friendly, the most fastest is by tank on poporings.

Lvl 12-20: Continute on the monsters you are killing from lvl 1-12 and slowly
to theif bugs and tarous.

LV 20 to 40: Continute on theif bugs but slowly to females and males, pecos and
poporings also can.

LV 40 to job change probelly lvl 60: Orc ladies and orc dungen.

LV 60 to 70: Spnix lvl 2 and onwards.

LV 70 to 99 : Coal mine lvl 3, spnix lvl 3 and 4, GH prison lvl 1, turtle
dungen lvl 1 and 2.

Note: some of the monsters at this places, you will need your mummy trident.

Spear crusaders and paladins in WOE
War of empreium is the worse place for a spear paladin to go, spear crusaders
don't do much there other than surport. But here is what you can do.

1: Surport your teamates in fighting like a spear crusader, this time you have
presure and gospel so you won't have to worry.

2: Heal the emperium, you can use your gospel to heal it or you can use gospel
to surport your teamates while healing the emperium.

3: Breaking the cast of the wizards and champions or any other charecters who
can cast magic and spells. Always kill them first before killing other class.

4: Break the emperium with your orc skeltion trident and a darkness water. If
you have a cresent scythe it will be better of you combine it with darkness

5: Soloing empty castles and break it for fun, same thing, use the spears above
to break it.

6: Helping members to get rid of high flee rate charecters by using the holy
cross combo.
Tips for spear paladins in WOE
1: If you wana help your guildmates by killing enermies, you can bring your
hydra and skel worker trident and a mummy trident for high flee characters, if
you feel that your damage is very low, you can consider using the status
trident to give out status to enermies

2: Survifing asura by hitting the champions or monks first before they hit you,
and follow by the holy cross combo

3: Holy cross combo, how to do it. First you HC your enermy by using it until
you hear a sound that signal the darkness status, or you can hit two times with
your HC. Then hit it with normal
attacks or bash, if using agasint high flee characters, use your mummy trident
and HC it until you hear the darkness status sound and follow by bash.

4: Always keep 10 bersek potions and 100 white potions until your run out of it.

5: Change your amour to a +4 plate amour(1) or +4 slik robe(1) with marc card
to avoid freeze.

6: Stay at the emperium room unless you are confident to take on the frontline.

7: When using a gang bang, always go in last, you cannot dodge many attacks as
some people will be using mummy weapons and you cannot dodge.

8: If you have enough money for mastela or korean rice cakes, you can consider
using them as they are much lighter
This section will give you tips when you are fighting monsters and mvps.

1: Always bring the size tridents and mummy trident with you during your
training and an element lance for mind type monsters. When your STR hits 65,
you can consider on bring your injustice slidewider harbert or trident and a
mummy trident and an element

2: Solo mini bosses with element lances and not the tridents. You can solo any
mini boss like mutant dragonoid or even maya purple and knight of albyss. The
mini boss dex must not
be over 100 or else you cannot dodge them or kill then easily like bloody
knight. Also to bring a mummy trident at all times.

3: Kill mvps with element lances also because the tridents do not do much
damage, for mvps with high flee rate like Lord of death or Dark lord, you will
need a mummy trident. You can solo golden bug(with heal) and maya( if the
aclouse are get
rid of) and mitress(if the giant hornets are get rid of).

4: Bring about 50 white potions and 5 bersek potions and 3 wing of butterflies
at all times just in case of overweight. Also to switch one of your kurle
brooch with a clip with creamy for teleporting when danger comes.

Note: Your DEX must reach 70 and AGI 99 in order to solo any mvps or mini
bosses to play safe, never solo when you don't have the above stats completed.

5: Korean rice cakes, can be odtained from spring rabbits and some monsters, it
heals 10% of hp and it is far more lighter than white potions. you can carry
400 of them without getting overweight. Try using this item to take over white

6: Mastela frult, you can consider getting this too, light and effective.

GTB hunting tips
Golden theif bug also known as GTB, it is the weakest MVP in RO. But due to the
updates, it has become a strong MVP that an AGI even VIT charecters have a hard
time to solo it. Thus i have tried this method in offical servers and it works.

Weapons to use: +5 ice lance(deals roughly 200+)

Party: A priest or you can go solo on your own.

Items: 5 bersek potions and 250 white potions or 500 rice cakes and mastela,
try to make it 300 if your
weight never reach 90%

1: Hit the GTB with your ice lance and banish the theif bug males with magnum
break. Around two magnum breaks should work.

2: Do not use any skills like bash and anything, save it for the next spawn of
theif bug males.

3: Keep your HP above 8k to 10k, once you are lower than 8k, GTB's magnum break
will kill you.

4: Once GTB goes into hiding, means its death is near, if you have a priest
near you, get it out from hiding as it will heal and finish it as fast as you

5: Do not think great of yourself, once your potions reach 10 and below, faster
go back and resupply. Thats why a priest is needed.

6: GTB itself is a pure dodge to you unless it uses magnum brak or mammonite,
the reflect damage by GTB is also not very deadly and you will recieve about
100+ damage.

7: You can even tank a GTB without much damage recieve but do remember to kill
the theif bug males.
Party/tanker for spear paladins(NEW, added with tips)
Tanking for spear paladins is possible as there are two great bosses you can
tank, knight of albyss and maya purple. And when you join a party, you become a
great charecter with fast attack speed that clears mobs.

Mini boss killing methods
Items to bring:

Pure AGI full equips and one teleport clip

Korean rice cakes if possible or not 200 white potions.

Maya purple
Weapons: +5 fire lance(very very strong lance also can)

Method: Magnum break arclouse if there are any of them near you, maya purple is
far more easy to solo than knight of albyss as you can dodge it more. Bash it
when nessasary or use holy cross, or you can kill it like a normal monster but
do aware you will recieve more damage if you delay the time.

Tanking method: Magnum break the arclouse and kill it, then allow your party
members to kill it. Pump potions if you ever get hit once especialy when it
uses the trademark than can make you HP as low as 30%.

Mutant dragon
Weapons: Any weapons best +5 triple titan trident or +5 hybid harbert(hybid
bersek opt)

Method: Kill it like normal monster, it is the easiest mini boss you can kill,
any one can kill it, it also have no mintons.

Tanking method: Stand there don't move, just let your party members hit, just
don't let it switch target.

Knight of albyss
Weapons: +5 triple titan trident or +5 triple anicent trident if you want more

Method: To kill this is a very hard job to do. With anicent trident, you can
also see miss from you, so best is to hit it with titan trident for more
damage(around 200-300+). When you see it, bash and holy cross it until your sp
left 100+ for your spear quicken. Then finish it off with normal attacks. Don't
magnum or touch the kazlis, they won hit you much as knight of albyss itself.
Since its hp is lower than maya purple, you can kill it more faster and save
some hits.

Tanking method: It is quite hard to tank it with no korean rice cakes. If you
plan to use white potion, bring 300 of them if possible to get you overweight
as long as you don't get pass 90%. Kill the kazlis and let your party members
to finish the boss itself.

Party tanking/surporting
When you reach lvl 99, you can take the job of surporting the weaker ones in
party training. All you have to do is to stand there do notting and tank the
monsters. Hit the monsters when there is an uncontrolable situation of mobs.
Gospel if you have full sp, if not don't use it.

Most common surporting places
GH prison lvl 1: The great amount of spawming is very big, almost all the
monsters are hard to tank and it is also a pain to priest if there are many
rybios. If you happen to be at this party, all you have to do is to hit the
monsters until they are attack you, you won't be worry of getting hit unless
there are 3 rybios or injustices attack you. Sonic blow is your greatest worry
but there is a priest there so why worry. If there are many monsters attack you
and your party members, kill all of them and try to clear the mobs. GH prison
is like a playground to you when your lvl reaches 98 to 99.

Turtle dungen lvl 1 and 2: Turtle dungen is another place with a great amount
of spawns. Dragon tails and pest are also anoying. If possible, follow the
above method to surport your party members. For lvl 2, you can tank turtles
instead of surporting. They won't hit you anyway unless 3 freezers attack you.

Noobs in RO?
This is a brand new section created by most feetbacks.

Why spear paladins are call noobs
There is a reason why it is call a noob charecter it is because of its so
called crazy stats with no VIT(3 VIT is considered low). But if you wana go
AGI? Why don't make a assassin cross or lord knight instead. Well all this
answers can be answered. Spear paladins are the same as AGI lord knights accept
that they have the bersek skill. If AGI lord knights can be made, why not spear
paladins? As for assassin cross, it is an out of th question because they are
the fastest in speed and dodge compair to AGI spear paladins and lord knights.

Noob means a noob forever?
Noob means someone who don't knows anything about the game or anyhow up their
charecters or don't even know how to play. Spear paladins are called noobs just
because they have crazy status or they are only good in mvp(monster VS
player,excluding MVP boss) and week in pvp. The reason is spear paladins are
just make for monster fighting and not PVP. But why spear sacrifice types are
not called noobs? Because of the little bit of VIT?, jus because VIT means not
a noob? A person has its own autority on their charecters and no one will stop
you, so a sac type of pure spear type is still the same.

Noobs better than Pros?
This so called silly question is sometime asked.

Good things of pros:
- very understanding in the game and everything else

- expert in PVP and GVG(so called)

- offen knows where he/she is going

- normaly they are rich in equipments and they play VIT and has customised
stats(imagine a spear paladin stats above is modifed by a pro, the stats will
contain more VIT than this)

Bad things of pros:
- they thought they are very good and know where he is going but in the end
he/she is killed by the monster/player

PS: Pros in WOE are always making the same mistakes where they thought they can
go through everything but infact they always die but very few survife.

Good things about noobs:
- they are very carefull of what they are doing, even welther they are fighting
monsters of higher levels, they will second toughts welther they can win them.

- very careful in WOE, normaly they follow the pros in their guild wherever
they go.

Bad things about noobs:
PS: not all noobs don't understand the game

- their equipments are sometimes +4 or do not dare to "bang" till their refine
level are high.(very careful in this)

- normaly do not have much money.

- their charecter stats are sometimes crazy stats like the above mentioned.

All this are the cos and cons. Noobs are no better than pros, but pros do lose
to noobs. So the only way is to understand each other. Pros and Noobs all have
their own ways of playing. But noobs are better than pros in WOE and this is
proven true.

There is no pros in RO, all begin as noobs and all the way noob. Means that in
RO there is no such things as pros, even pros make mistakes so everyone is

PS: He who who thinks he is the best will fall in the end

Infomation on bots
Note: this is for your refence only, so there will be no informanation on how
to operate and all the stuffs.

Bots, like hackers are illegal programes use for RO, basicly bots are
functioning like training programes and has notting else but because they have
a programe known as teleport programe inside and thus they are illegal. Any
person who caught botting will result to ban of account by the GM(offical only)

Note: Bots are only use for offical servers and not pivrate or illegal servers.

Why I mention bots here, well I completed my spear paladin by this programe
too, but why I was not captured, the reasons are bellow.

1: Offical servers have to pay in order to play, this leads to the rising of
illegal servers and more people botting

2: Since the payment system starts(around 2003 or 2004), more people start
botting compaired to the beta version. As the GMs of offical server bans more
than 1000 people a day, many people quit RO, KRO, international RO, and some
other servers recieve this problem also.

3: As less and less people playing, Gravity found it hard to maintain it
themself and decided to let the people bot and even use hacks(item hacks are
not spared). As more and more people are back to bots, the number of players
increase again as a result, Gravity make big bucks again.

4: The very main reason why Gravity allow bots and hacks is because they wants
to earn money, as bots also save the players money on the cards. EG: A daily
card can pla for 12 hours, but with a bot, the 12 hours can be use for the bots
to run all day.

Well this are the reasons, but currenly in ERO(singapore server), there are 90%
of people botting while 10 % on hand train unless on guild wars.

Botting is saving time but it also takes some fun out of you, below are the

1: Botting takes away your friends who are active, RO is not only a game that
fights monsters but also for you to make friends and chat. Thus bots will take
away your time to chat and you will feel boring.

2: Botting takes away MVP time also, this also makes you boring or no time to
talk to your friends.

3: Become less experience in hand train, althrough bots will help you make your
money increase but it won't do much help in hand train, having a character with
so much money is as useless as a novice who don't know how to fight.

This are the reasons, normaly people who bot are between lvl 70 to 99. So far
no one in the world cannot complete a character by hand train, even if they
can, it will take very long or the person itself is rich to buy the payment
cards(1 year for a rich person who can complete a character). But normaly
people like us don't have much money on this and usually play by bots, normaly
it take us 4 months max to complete depending on how they control their
computer time and not getting it overheat(I myself complete spear paladin
within 2 months). So welther you have chosen the botting path or the hand train
path is your choice. Remember, botting maybe a good programe to train your
character but it may alsao takes the fun out of you.

I have come to the end of the guide, hope you all enjoy.
Thanks and credits
Gravity for creating the game.

weggy's faq on the crusader skills.

Luna__'s faq on the paladin skills. on the information on weapons

my friend who give me the paladin builts

my guild EDC who give me a guild and allow me to complete the WOE section.

and finaly, gamefaqs for posting it