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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ragnarok Beta 2 Archer Guide/ Hunter Guide

Thanks to giga bahamut! Tried to contact you but you left no contact info on this walkthrough :(

Ragnarok Online Beta 2 Archer/Hunter FAQ
By:  Giga Bahamut
Version:  Final
Table of Contents:
1.      Update History
2.      Introduction
3.      Types of Archers/Hunters
4.      Becoming an Archer
5.      Where to Level (Archer)
6.      Archer Skills
7.      Becoming a Hunter
8.      Where to Level (Hunter)
9.      Hunter Skills
10.     Archer/Hunter Equipment
11.     Updated Flee Chart
12.     End Credits

1.  Update History

09/26/02 - First started the faq.  Began with table of contents and intro.
10/02/02 - Finished sections 2 and 3.  Began on section 4.
10/09/02 - Finished sections 4 and 5.  Began on section 6.
10/14/02 - Finished sections 6, 7, and 8.  Began on 9 and 10.
10/20/02 - Finished the guide finally!  Version 1.1 now up
10/26/02 - Added Powerhouse build.  Future updates possible...
11/15/02 - Fixed some stats and level spots.  Equipment section coming soon...
11/23/02 - Equipment section up!  Fixed some small errors as well.
12/21/02 - Finally updated again.  A lot of minor updates including a flee chart.
02/22/03 - Big update mainly with hunter skills and level areas.  Minor typos fixed.
05/10/03 - Fixed a lot of typos, updated flee chart, updated builds, etc.
08/11/03 - Added a couple of things here and there, uploaded final version of guide.

2.  Introduction

My name is Giga Bahamut or RaginCajun, whatever you want to
call me is fine by me.  I played Ragnarok Online since the beginning of
Beta 1 and played all the way through to the pay 2 play days.  I have
played with every first job character.  I am writing this guide on
archers/hunters because, well, there aren't any guides on Archers/Hunters
except for Weggy's.  With that said, I hope my guide helps you with your
future archer/hunter in any way possible.  Also, if you find anything wrong
with my guide or if something is missing, please im me on AIM at RaginCajun123
or e-mail me at  Have a nice day and enjoy Ragnarok Online
as much as I use to!

*NOTICE:*  I do not play Ragnarok Online anymore due to problems with Gravity.
Therefore, I will not be updating this guide any further, so I am sorry to say that this
is the last of the updates.  I hope you guys continue to use my faq as a guideline, and
if you cannot find your answer in my guide, on the message boards, or on any site, then
you may e-mail me with your question.  Thank you and have a good day.

3.  Types of Archers/Hunters

So you might want to be an archer eh?  Well, I just want to say that
archers are one powerful class.  They have great attack power and
can strike from far distances, and they also have high flee and attack
speed keeping them safe in times of trouble.  This is why I would
recommend you making an archer as one of your characters.  I also
want to point out that there are many different types of builds, these
are the main and most effective ones that I have come across in my
playing time.

The effects of each status category are different for archers just like
they are different for other classes.  Here is what they do:

strength  -     increases attack strength (as a novice), raises your maximum
                  weight carrying capacity.

agility  -     increases your flee rate, also increases your attack speed.

vitality -     increases your defense rate, increases healing items
                  potential, also increases hp regain speed.

intelligence - increases your maximum amount of sp, increases
                  your sp regain speed, also increases falcon attack power
                  and certain traps damage.
                  (for hunter)

dexterity -    increases your attack power with arrows, also increases
                  your hit rate.  Increases min/max damage to a small degree.

luck -         effects everything in a small way, increases critical attack
                  rate and perfect dodge rate, increases falcon chance to use
                  auto-blitz as well.

Starting as a novice:

No matter what kind of archer/hunter you are planning to make, I would always
start as a novice with 9 agi, 9 dex, and 9 int.  Archers do not need any str
or vit, and you can get luk later.  9 int is better than 9 str because of more
sp, and increased trap/falcon damage.

AGI&DEX Archer/Hunter:

The agi&dex archer/hunter is pretty good in my opinion.  They have high dex, thus
allowing for a good hit rate and powerful attacks.  They also have high agi,
allowing for faster attacks and the ability to flee from monsters without taking
damage.  The bad thing about AGI archer is low damage to high def monsters, and low
chance at auto-blitz.  The following starting build for the AGI Archer is:

10 agi
40 dex
30 agi
50 dex
40 agi
70 dex
60 agi
99 dex
99 agi

Final Stats:

1 str
99 agi
1 vit
9 int
99 dex
1 luk

Crit&Falcon Archer/Hunter:

The Crit&Falcon archer/hunter pumps mainly luk having a good bit of int and agi as well.
This is my new favorite build, because auto-blitz is so powerful and your falcon will be
attacking a lot with maxed luk.  Also you will have a high crit rate, dealing deadly hits
to your enemies.  The cons of crit&falcon is lower flee, slower attack speed, and weaker against
spiritual enemies because they are immune to falcon attacks.  This build is recommened for the
more experienced players:

10 agi
10 int
20 dex
50 agi
50 luk
30 int
99 luk

Final Stats:

1 str
?? agi
1 vit
?? int
?? dex
99 luk

After getting the 99 luk, you can finish out your build in many ways.  You can add your
remaining points to either agi, int, or dex, depending what you like to have more of.  I
would get maybe 30 dex and then the rest agi since int doesn't increase damage a whole lot.

Powerhouse Archer/Hunter:

As the name suggests, this build relies on sheer power.  This build relies on maxed dex/luk
to provide ultimate damage against enemies.  This build is a killing machine and can kill
monsters quickly.  The cons with this build is really low flee and horrible attack speed.
This can be a great build if you have a system based around ankle snares, crits, and your falcon.
This is also the only build where the starting stats as a novice are different:

1 str
1 agi
1 vit
9 int
9 dex
9 luk

Build your powerhouse with this setup:

50 dex
70 luk
70 dex
99 luk
99 dex

Final Stats:

1 str
1 agi
1 vit
9 int
99 dex
99 luk

As you can see, this build only relies on dex/luk.  Of course this build would be very
hard to level in the earlier stages, that's why I only recommend it for the advanced
RO players.  Also make sure you get 2 yoyo cards to help improve your perfect dodge
because your real dodge is going to be bad.

Now that you have your starting build figured out, it's time to start playing RO!  You
start out in newbie land, with only a knife and a cotton shirt to aid you.  Go through
the castle and talk to all of the NPC's there and you will eventually get to the last
NPC where he will ask you where you want to be teleported to.  Select Payon, and
you arrive at the home of the archers.  The first thing you should do here is go to the
weapon shop and buy a sword for 100z.  (Do not worry, you will be given some zeny
in the newbie castle and also some healing items.)  After you buy a sword, equip it and
leave the town through the southern portal.  This is where you will spend your training
days as a newbie.  At first, level up off of porings, fabres, and pupas.  Once you get to
base level 3, you can start fighting lunatics as well.  And once you reach base level 6,
start fighting willows.  You should level up here all the way up to job level 10, and you
will probably be around base level 12 or so.  Once you reach job level 10, its time to
change into an archer!

*(Note: You might want to carry around a dagger of some sort to kill weaker monsters or in case
you run out of arrows for some reason.)

4.  Becoming an Archer

Now that your job level 10, its time to go to the archer village.  Go back to Payon,
and the archer village is the portal in the north-east section of Payon.  Once your
on the archer village map, go to the north-east side and you will find the archer
building.  Obviously, this is where you will become an archer at.  Talk to the NPC
here and he will send you on a quest to find trunks.  Just find 25 trunks of any kind
dropped by willows.  You have to get up to 25 points to becomean archer.  If you get more
than 25 pts, you get some free arrows as well as the bow you get.  Not too shabby, I must
say myself.  Anyways, it shouldn't take too long togather enough trunks and to reach 25+ pts.
When you finally get enough trunks, return to the Archer NPC.  Talk to him and he will
transform you.  Congratulations, you are now an archer!  Now it's time to level up your newly
acquired archer.  But where?

5.  Where to Level (Archer)

I am aware that there are new areas in the world of RO, and Gravity will continue to add
even more areas to level in future updates.  As I am not updating my guide anymore, this
section may become outdated.  Please use this section only on the basis to guide you, there
are always more locations for you to level.

Level (Base) ---> Location:

10-15          condors, pickies, savage babes, small thief bugs

15-20          rockers, hornets, culvert level 1,2(beware of bug mobs)

20-25          mandragoras, big thief bugs, spores, poporings, culvert 3

25-30          ambernites, wolfs, boas, pecos, poporings, wormtails, culvert 3, bibiland 1,2, payon 1

30-35          cocos, horns, stainers, payon 2

35-40          coal mines 1, yoyo forest, elder willow forest, ant hell, payon 2

40-45          orc village, ant hell, golem desert, payon 2, hodes (hit and run)

45-50+         hode desert, payon 2,3, savage map, sandman map (fire arrows), eventually you will get job 40

Cliff Sniping Areas: (For Power Leveling)

20-30          mandragoras, yoyo forest, stainer map

30-40          HT savage rooms, desert wolf map, golem desert, hode map, kobold map, argiope map

40+            mids 3, comodo, glast heim and clock tower snipe spots (If you can make it)

Cliff sniping will allow you to level a lot quicker, but you have to spend a lot of money because
you usually don't get your loot and you go through arrows quickly.  I would definitely recommend
cliff sniping if you have a rich friend or another character with lots of zeny.  If not, stick with the
basic level up areas and that way you actually make money and you also level up at a decent
speed.  Also, cliff sniping can be dangerous so make sure to watch your back ;).

6.  Archer Skills

The best thing I like about archers is that they don't have many skills.  Most people may tend to
disagree with me, but I think if you have more skills, the more points you have to waste in useless
skills and the less points you have to put in the useful skills.  With that said, archers have some fine
skills with a couple of average skills.  Here are the skills for the archer class:

Owl's Eye   (passive)
Prereq:  None
Level 1   -  Dex + 1
Level 2   -  Dex + 2
Level 3   -  Dex + 3
Level 4   -  Dex + 4
Level 5   -  Dex + 5
Level 6   -  Dex + 6
Level 7   -  Dex + 7
Level 8   -  Dex + 8
Level 9   -  Dex + 9
Level 10  -  Dex + 10

Owl's Eye is a VERY useful skill.  In fact, it is the only skill in Ragnarok that actually adds to your
status points.  This skill increases your dexterity.  I would put 3 points in this skill first, then I would
max out Vulture's Eye.

Vulture's Eye   (passive)
Prereq:  Owl's Eye level 3
Level 1   -  Range + 1
Level 2   -  Range + 2
Level 3   -  Range + 3
Level 4   -  Range + 4
Level 5   -  Range + 5
Level 6   -  Range + 6
Level 7   -  Range + 7
Level 8   -  Range + 8
Level 9   -  Range + 9
Level 10  -  Range + 10

Vulture's Eye is just as important as Owl's Eye.  Max this skill out as soon as you can.  It increases
your attack range and accuracy, which allows you to stay alive longer and also opens the door to allow
you to cliff snipe.  Once you max this skill out, go back and max out Owl's Eye, then your gonna work
on Double Strafe.
*(Note: Only level up vulture's eye so that you can shoot across the screen. This depends on what resolution
you play on, like window mode you don't have to level it up as much as you would on full screen mode.)

Double Strafing   (active)
Prereq:  None
Levels 1-10  -  uses 15 sp

Double Strafing is another cool skill that is quite useful.  It allows you to hit a monster twice very quickly
with double the attack power, and it only uses one arrow.  I would max this skill out after Owl's Eye, but
if you want to get Attention Concentrate into the mix early, I would put 5 points into Double Strafe, then
5 in Attention Concentrate, then max both of them out.  It doesn't really matter which way you do it, as
you won't use these skills too much anyways.

Attention Concentrate   (active)
Prereq:  Vulture's Eye level 1
Level 1   -   +12% agi & dex for 35 sec/sp: 25
Level 2   -   +14% agi & dex for 45 sec/sp: 30
Level 3   -   +16% agi & dex for 55 sec/sp: 35
Level 4   -   +18% agi & dex for 65 sec/sp: 40
Level 5   -   +20% agi & dex for 75 sec/sp: 45
Level 6   -   +22% agi & dex for 85 sec/sp: 50
Level 7   -   +24% agi & dex for 95 sec/sp: 55
Level 8   -   +26% agi & dex for 105 sec/sp: 60
Level 9   -   +28% agi & dex for 115 sec/sp: 65
Level 10  -   +30% agi & dex for 125 sec/sp: 70

Attention Concentrate is the skill that most people look past and do not think it is too useful.  I believe
at lower levels its not that useful, but a maxed out attention concentrate is very useful.  This skill does
suck up your sp, but it does temporarily increase your agi and dex and it works by percentages.  I
would get double strafing maxed first, but if you want this skill early on, by all means get it.

Arrow Shower   (active)
Prereq:  Double Strafing level 5
Levels 1-10  -  uses 15 sp

Arrow Shower shoots 9 arrows at one time and spreads within a cell area.  Nice for mobs, consumes a good bit
of sp and it's not too powerful.  Don't put too much points in this skill.

7.  Becoming a Hunter

When you finally reach job level 40, trust me it will take a while, you are finally ready to change into a
hunter!  Also, there is really no reason to go past job level 40, as all of your skills will be maxed out
except one will be at 9, (8 if you put 1 point into arrow shower).  The first thing you need to do is to
return to Payon again.  This time, go through the portal at the bottom right of your screen.  Now go
through the right portal again, and finally the south portal.  (From Payon, right, right, south.)  Once
your on this map, go left until you find yourself going up a hill.  Here you should find the hunter NPC.
When you talk to him, he will send you to the hunter guild.  Talk to the NPC here and he will transform
you.  Congratulations, you are now a hunter!  Take note, that you can buy your falcon from the NPC
to the right of the guild for 2500z, but you must first get beast bane level 1 and falcon mastery level 1.
Now that your a hunter, its time to go level up.  And I will tell you some spots that you might want to
go to.

Stat Bonuses: (Hunter)

str +4, agi +6, vit +2, int +4, dex +10, luk +4

Note:  The hunter bonuses will replace your archer bonuses; they don't add to them.

8.  Where to Level (Hunter)

Level (Base) ---> Location:

50-60          hode desert, sunken ship, payon 3, kobold map, coal mine 3, toy factory, argiope map

60-70          payon 3,4,5, geffen 2, sphinx 2,3,4, hidden temple, mids basement 1, kobold map

70-80          geffen 3, mids 3, mids basement 2, petit map, hidden temple, glast heim, comodo

80+            petit map, glast heim, clockwork tower, MVP bosses

At levels 50-60, you can snipe at pyramids and GH/CT if you would like, but now you have some
great trap skills so you don't really need to snipe.  Also once you get 70's+, you might want to get with
your guild and go MVP some bosses.  All I can say is it is better to travel in numbers, especially in aggr
dungeons.  Have fun with your hunter, it's a great class!

9.  Hunter Skills

Skid Trap   (visible trap)
Prereq:  None
(Uses 1 trap)
(Uses 5 sp)

Level 1  -  slide 1 cell / 300sec lasting time
Level 2  -  slide 2 cell / 240sec lasting time
Level 3  -  slide 3 cell / 180sec lasting time
Level 4  -  slide 4 cell / 120sec lasting time
Level 5  -  slide 5 cell /  60sec lasting time

The skid trap creates a trap that slides, or it follows the monster who steps on it.

My take:  Well, this trap sucks.  It's not useful at all and you should only invest 1 point
in order to get ankle snare.

Land Mine   (visible trap)
Prereq:  None
(Uses 1 trap)
(Uses 20 sp)

Level 1  -  attack str 50% / 65sec lasting time
Level 2  -  attack str 75% / 50sec lasting time
Level 3  -  attack str 100% / 35sec lasting time
Level 4  -  attack str 125% / 20sec lasting time
Level 5  -  attack str 150% / 5sec lasting time

The land mine is only detected by you and your party.  It deals splash damage when monsters step
on the trap.  Deals earth property damage.  Int increases it's damage.

My take:  Since it deals earth property damage, you can hit those pesky spirit enemies.  Put at least
one point into this skill to unlock the blastmine trap if you want it.  It's up to you if you prefer
this trap or blastmine, as I prefer blastmine myself.

Ankle Snare   (visible trap)
Prereq:  Skid Trap level 1
(Uses 1 trap)
(Uses 15 sp)

Level 1  -  250sec lasting time / traps for 5sec
Level 2  -  200sec lasting time / traps for 10sec
Level 3  -  150sec lasting time / traps for 15sec
Level 4  -  100sec lasting time / traps for 20sec
Level 5  -   50sec lasting time / traps for 25sec

The ankle snare is one of the best traps a hunter can use.  It slows/stops a monster for a duration on
time once it is stepped on.  Boss monsters are only effected by 1/5 of the skill.

My take:  The best trap IMO.  You can kill almost anything with well placed ankle snares.  Definitely
get this skill to level 5.

Flasher   (hidden trap)
Prereq:  Skid Trap level 1
(Uses 2 traps)
(Uses 20 sp)

Level 1  -  150sec lasting time
Level 2  -  120sec lasting time
Level 3  -   90sec lasting time
Level 4  -   60sec lasting time
Level 5  -   30sec lasting time

The flasher releases a bright flash of light that causes blindness when stepped on.  Boss and plant
monsters are not effected.

My take:  Ohh what a pretty effect.  Well, that's about all it's good for.  Blindness is not the best
effect and you should invest your skill points in other traps.  Might be decent in PvP zones.

Shockwave Trap   (hidden trap)
Prereq:  Ankle Snare level 1
(Uses 2 traps)
(Uses 45 sp)

Level 1  -  20% of enemy sp consumed / 200sec lasting time
Level 2  -  35% of enemy sp consumed / 160sec lasting time
Level 3  -  50% of enemy sp consumed / 120sec lasting time
Level 4  -  65% of enemy sp consumed / 80sec lasting time
Level 5  -  80% of enemy sp consumed / 40sec lasting time

The shockwave trap reduces sp level bases depending on the skills' level.

My take:  Cool looking trap but not much use now since monster's don't use magic.  However this trap
is devastating to mages/wizards in future PvP.  If you like it, get it.  Uses a lot of sp though.

Sandman   (hidden trap)
Prereq:  Flasher level 1
(Uses 2 traps)
(Uses 25 sp)

Level 1  -  150sec lasting time
Level 2  -  120sec lasting time
Level 3  -   90sec lasting time
Level 4  -   60sec lasting time
Level 5  -   30sec lasting time

Sandman causes monsters to fall asleep.  Boss monsters are not effected.  Enemies will awaken when hit.

My take:  The only real use for this trap is to immobilize the mobs that spawn with boss monsters.  If
you plan on getting this or freezing trap, get sandman.

Freezing Trap   (hidden trap)
Prereq:  Flasher level 1
(Uses 2 traps)
(Uses 20 sp)

Level 1  -  150sec lasting time
Level 2  -  120sec lasting time
Level 3  -  90sec lasting time
Level 4  -  60sec lasting time
Level 5  -  30sec lasting time

Freezing trap causes monsters to freeze at a chance and damage is also dealt when stepped on.
Boss monsters are not effected.

My take:  You might have fun freezing somebody in a PvP zone, but it's not too useful since the enemy
will break free once you hit them again.

Blastmine   (visible trap)
Prereq:  Sandman level 1, Landmine level 1,
         Freezing trap level 1
(Uses 1 trap)
(Uses 10 sp)

Level 1  -  explodes after 10sec
Level 2  -  explodes after  8sec
Level 3  -  explodes after  6sec
Level 4  -  explodes after  4sec
Level 5  -  explodes after  2sec

Blastmine is a grenade type of mine, it has a given time period and it explodes when time expires, also
damages surrounding monsters within 9 cells.  Deals fire property damage.

My take:  Fire element is one of the better elements and this trap deals a good amount of damage as well.
I would prefer this trap over landmine because I don't like earth property, but it's your choice.

Claymore Trap   (visible trap)
Prereq:  Blastmine level 1, Shockwave level 1
(Uses 2 traps)
(Uses 15 sp)

Level 1  -  20sec lasting time
Level 2  -  40sec lasting time
Level 3  -  60sec lasting time
Level 4  -  80sec lasting time
Level 5  -  100sec lasting time

Deals fire property damage in a blast radius of 25 cells.  Int increases it's damage.

My take:  25 cell radius is amazing and it might save you from huge mobs.  Since it deals
fire damage, it's even more effective against undead monsters and you can also hit spirit
monsters as well.  With a good bit of int, this trap can deal out a good amount of damage.
I would recommend getting this trap for sticky situations.

Remove Trap   (supportive)
Prereq:  Landmine level 1
(Uses 5 sp)

Level 1  -  recieve 1 trap instantly

Remove trap, well, removes traps.

My take:  You don't need this skill because any unused trap will be able to be picked
up after it's lasting time has depleted.  A waste of a skill point IMO.

Talkiebox   (hidden trap)
Prereq:  Remove trap level 1, Shockwave level 1
(Uses 1 trap)

Level 1  -  ???

Talkiebox displays a message to any players that step on it.  It has a duration of 600 seconds.

My take:  If your bored or like to waste skill points, then put a point into this trap.  Who knows,
somebody might get a laugh out of it.  Overall, I would say to avoid wasting a skill point on this trap.

Spring Trap     (supportive)
Prereq:  Falcon Mastery, Remove Trap
(Uses 10 sp)

Level 1  -  range 4 cells
Level 2  -  range 5 cells
Level 3  -  range 6 cells
Level 4  -  range 7 cells
Level 5  -  range 8 cells

Manage your falcon to destroy a trap from a long distance.

My take:  Two words:  Not good.

Beastbane   (passive)
Prereq:  None
Level 1   -  attack str + 3
Level 2   -  attack str + 6
Level 3   -  attack str + 9
Level 4   -  attack str + 12
Level 5   -  attack str + 15
Level 6   -  attack str + 18
Level 7   -  attack str + 21
Level 8   -  attack str + 24
Level 9   -  attack str + 27
Level 10  -  attack str + 30

Beastbane increases your attack strength against brute monsters.

My take:  I would recommend just getting one skill point here because you should save your
points for more useful skills as the extra attack is not that much here.

Steel Crow     (passive)
Prereq:  Blitz Beat level 5
Level 1   -  attack str + 3
Level 2   -  attack str + 6
Level 3   -  attack str + 9
Level 4   -  attack str + 12
Level 5   -  attack str + 15
Level 6   -  attack str + 18
Level 7   -  attack str + 21
Level 8   -  attack str + 24
Level 9   -  attack str + 27
Level 10  -  attack str + 30

Steel Crow increases the attack strength of your falcon.

My take:  If you plan on using a falcon, then max this skill asap.  One of the better hunter
skills, your falcon will deal more damage.  Don't forget you can get even more attack power
with your falcon by pumping some int.

Falcon Mastery     (passive)
Prereq:  Beastbane level 1
Level 1  -  enables use of a falcon

Falcon Mastery allows you to buy a falcon from the NPC in the hunter's guild for 2,500 zeny.

My take:  Put the point here and get your falcon already.  Even if you don't want to use a
falcon, it is cool to look at.  You need this skill to use any of the falcon skills.

Detecting     (supportive)
Prereq:  Falcon Mastery
         Improve Concentration level 1
(Uses 8 sp)

Level 1  -  detects within 3 cells
Level 2  -  detects within 5 cells
Level 3  -  detects within 7 cells
Level 4  -  detects within 9 cells

Detecting allows your falcon to detect hidden enemies and traps from a distance.

My take:  This has to be another skill that serves you no purpose.  Please don't waste your
valuable skill points here.

Blitz Beat     (active)
Prereq:  Falcon Mastery
Level 1 - deals 1 blows - uses 10 sp
Level 2 - deals 2 blows - uses 13 sp
Level 3 - deals 3 blows - uses 16 sp
Level 4 - deals 4 blows - uses 19 sp
Level 5 - deals 5 blows - uses 22 sp

Blitz Beat allows you to attack with your falcon upon a selected enemy. It
also gives + 3 to your vulture's eye range.
*New Info:  Blitz Beat can be activated for an auto-blitz by the chance of (LUK/1000).
When this happens, you lose no sp and the falcon's hit rate depends solely on your job level:

Job levels 01-10 - level 1 blitz beat
Job levels 11-20 - level 2 blitz beat
Job levels 21-30 - level 3 blitz beat
Job levels 31-40 - level 4 blitz beat
Job levels 41-50 - level 5 blitz beat

My take:  My second favorite hunter skill next to ankle snare.  The falcon attacks repeatedly for
nice ignore defense damage.  Not to mention the falcon attacks on its own more and more as your
job level and luck increases.  Get this skill now.
10.  Archer/Hunter Equipment

There are many types of bows and other equipment available for archers and hunters.  Im going to list each
one and give a personal rating on each one as well.  Here is how my rating system works:

Rating Levels:

1  -  very bad
2  -  bad
3  -  average
4  -  good
5  -  very good


RL  -  rating level
Atk -  attack power
Wgt -  weight
Wpl -  weapon level
Lvl -  required level
Def -  defense

Name | RL | Atk | Wgt | Wpl | Lvl |

Bow  | 1 | 15 | 50 | 1 | 4 |

description:  common place bow.
my comments:  don't waste your money on this bow.

Comp Bow | 3 | 29 | 60 | 1 | 4 |

description:  average bow, used mostly in hunting small game.
my comments:  good starting bow, very cheap as well.

Great Bow | 2 | 50 | 100 | 2 | 18 |

description:  well-balanced bow, simple of use.
my comments:  not that great, cross bow is better.

Cross Bow | 5 | 65 | 90 | 2 | 18 |

description:  cross bow gun for big battle.
my comments:  best bow until level 33.

Arbalest | 4 | 90 | 100 | 3 | 33 |

description:  exceptional bow gun which allows its owner to
              be more dexterous.  (Dex +2)
my comments:  use this bow or gakkung at lvl 33.

Gakkung | 4 | 100 | 110 | 3 | 33 |

description:  potent bow used by Goongsoo, the Korean ancient
              archer, of great strength and able to knock down
              the greatest enemy.
my comments:  a lot of power, good choice at lvl 33.

Hunter Bow | 4 | 100 | 110 | 3 | 33 |

description:  exclusive bow for hunter class.
my comments:  use this bow once you become hunter.
[Optimal Armor]

*Tights | armor | 6 def | 50 wgt | 45 lvl |

description:  clothes which fit very tightly and is easy to move
              around in.  (Dex +1)
my comments:  nice defense and dex bonus helps.

*Boots | foot gear | 4 def | 60 wgt | 0 lvl |

description:  covering of leather, for the foot and all part of leg.
              trimmed a upper parts with white fur from lunatic.
              quite heavy so only warrior can put on.
my comments:  expensive but worth the price.

*Muffler | garment | 2 def | 40 wgt | 0 lvl |

description:  scarf worn around the neck for warmth.
my comments:  pretty cheap and ok defense.

Apple o' Archer | head gear | 0 def | 20 wgt | 30 lvl |

description:  apple-like, legendary ornament.  once upon a time, an
              expert archer hit this apple with only one shot from a
              long distance.  helps its wearer be more dexterous.  (Dex +3)
my comments:  0 def, but dex +3 is awesome and also looks cool as well.

Antlers | head gear | 4 def | 50 wgt | 0 lvl |

description:  stuffed antlers of a deer.
my comments:  very cool looking, 4 def is among the best for archer/hunter.

Cap | head gear | 4 def | 40 wgt | 0 lvl |

description:  close-fitting covering for the head, and having no brim.  simple,
              but exceptional defense.
my comments:  4 def is good, can buy easily and for a good price.

*Glove | accessory | 0 def | 10 wgt | 20 lvl |

description:  magical covering of the hand to improve grip.  can make the wearer
              more dexterous.  (Dex +2)
my comments:  best accessory for archer/hunter, quite expensive though.

*Rosary | accessory | 0 def | 10 wgt | 20 lvl |

description:  a string of beads used in counting prayers during their recitation.
my comments:  good price, nice for critical archer/hunter as it increases luck.
              (Luk +2, Mdef +5)

*Brooch | accessory | 0 def | 10 wgt | 20 lvl |

descrption:  magical ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing.
             increases the wearer's agility.  (Agi +2)
my comments: more agility is always better.  very high price though.

Matyr's Leash | accessory | 1 def | 10 wgt | 0 lvl |

description:  leash of matyr.  (Agi +1)
my comments:  gives more defense and agility.  cool accessory, but expensive and
              hard to find.

* These items can be found from certain enemies and contain one slot.  The slot is used
to put a card into to give added effects/abilities to your archer/hunter.  I highly recommend
finding slotted items and make sure you check out weggy's faq to see what cards you need or want.

*NOTICE:*  Please check sites like ragnamart and ro cards for even more in-depth information regarding
suitable equipment for archers/hunters.  They update quite frequently, and are a good source for all RO

11.  Updated Flee Chart

Here is the new updated chart showing how much flee you need to dodge the monsters in iRO beta 2.  The chart
will tell you how much flee you need to dodge monsters 95% of the time.  This chart is not 100% accurate, but
you won't find a better chart out there.  Thieves and assassins will love this chart, but it's also quite useful
for all those agi archer/hunters out there:  (Thanks to Prak's Big Bad Flee List)

95% > Monster Name
87  Poring
89  Fabre
91  Lunatic
93  Picky
93  Willow
95  Drops
95  Roda Frog
95  Santa Poring
96  ChonChon
97  Condor
97  Eclipse (Miniboss)
99  Savage Babe
99  Mastering (Miniboss)
100 Toada (Miniboss)
103 Rocker
103 Spore
105 Hornet
105 Plankton
105 Dragonfly (Miniboss)
107 Kukre
110 Desert Wolf Puppy
110 Zombie
111 Ambermite
112 Creamy
113 Martin
113 Poporing
115 Muka
115 Marin
115 Tarou
116 Familiar
120 Steel Chonchon
121 Coco
122 Wolf
123 Andre
123 Deniro
123 Pecopeco
123 Poison Spore
124 Smokie
125 Bigfoot
125 Golem
125 Pierre
126 Stainer
128 Mandragora
128 Goblin (Axe)
128 Orc Zombie
130 Boa
130 Megalodon
130 Pirate Skeleton
131 Yoyo
134 Goblin (Mace)
134 Hydra
135 Vadon
136 Eggyra
136 Thara Frog
137 Argos
137 Marina
138 Elder Willow
138 Orc Skeleton
138 Orc Warrior
139 Anacondaq
139 Dustiness
139 Goblin (Hammer)
140 Vitata
140 Wormtail
141 Caramel
143 Giearth
143 Goblin (Knife)
143 Santa Goblin
143 Savage
145 Horn
145 Magnolia
145 Zerom
147 Kobold (Hammer)
148 Kaho
148 Skeleton Worker
149 Flora
149 Soldier Skeleton
150 Vocal (Miniboss)
151 Mantis
151 Metaller
152 Bongun
152 Ghoul
152 Swordfish
154 Vagabond Wolf (Miniboss)
155 Hode
156 Munak
156 Scorpion
156 Verit
160 Cornutus
160 Cookie
160 Sasquatch
161 Sohee
163 Desert Wolf
163 Frilldora
163 Marse
163 Strouf
166 Angeling (Miniboss)
168 Kobold (Axe)
170 Goblin (Chain)
170 Myst Case
170 Ghostring (Miniboss)
171 Mist
172 Marc
173 Horong
174 Whisper
175 Matyr
175 Requiem
176 Brilight
177 Argiope
181 Hunter Fly
182 Drainliar
182 Dokkaebi
185 Obeaune
185 Golden Thief Bug (MVP)
188 Choco (Miniboss)
188 Punk
189 Deviace
190 Marionette
190 Sandman
192 Mummy
192 Edgga (MVP)
193 Jakk
193 Nightmare
194 Phen
194 Skeleton Prisoner
195 Isis
195 Zenorc
196 Reydric
198 Sky Petit
198 Marduk
198 Minorous
200 Cruiser
201 Cramp
203 Earth Petit
205 Chepet
205 Zombie Prisoner
206 Evil Druid
206 Khalitzburg
206 Mimic
206 Moonlight Flower (MVP)
207 Pasana
208 Bathory
208 Iron Fist
209 Kobold (Mace)
210 Stemworm
211 Wraith
214 Arclouse
214 High Orc
215 Maya (MVP)
220 Ninetails
221 Dark Priest
221 Mistress (MVP)
223 Alarm
223 Baphomet Jr.
223 Deviruchi
225 Orc Hero (MVP)
230 Anubis
232 Joker
234 Sidewinder
236 Archer Skeleton
240 Anolian
250 Executioner
256 Sting
263 Baphomet (MVP)
265 Orc Archer
270 Drake (MVP)
270 Osiris (MVP)
273 Penomena
283 Wanderman
284 Rideword
285 Orc Lord (MVP)
286 Abyss Knight
305 Doppleganger (MVP)
317 Mysteltainn
322 Phreeoni (MVP)

12.  End Credits

Well this is the end to my archer/hunter guide.  I hope my guide helped you in any way on your path to
becoming an archer/hunter.  Remember, you don't have to go by the ways I have set in this guide, it is
here for you to use it as reference.  So please, make your archer/hunter by your standards and no one elses.
Before I go, I would like to thank/recognize the following people and websites for helping me in my guide making:

Myself     -  because I took the time to actually make it
Wayne      -  for being my best friend in real life
Gowcaiza   -  for being...Gow  XD
Torotora   -  for giving me info and being "the coolest archer"
Weggy      -  for being the RO faq master and reading my faq
Killgen    -  for the notion of a powerhouse build
ZidaneJ    -  for some hunter info
NeoGil.    -  for the vulture's eye note
MoonGurl   -  for a reference note
Prak       -  for the best flee chart around
Christy    -  for being our main GM
Gravity    -  for making this addicting game
CJayC      -  for hosting this great site

Here are some websites where I got some of my information from:

Pak0    - (Down)
Nitro   -
RO      -
EvO     -
Haven   -
ROCards -

Big thanks to everyone and you can use my guide on your website/forums/PC if you'd like, but PLEASE get
my permission first.  Thanks for reading my guide. (Copyrighted to Giga Bahamut)